Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Life is a mystery. View life with positive attitude, some say life is bore. No, explore life. See its beauty. Every coin has two sides. Forgive and accept all as it is designed by god. Love all parts of your life and you will accept and forgive all others as they are. You cannot change others. You have to change your outlook. The more you  improve your internal relationship, i.e. your thoughts or your belief system and intentions, the more you love others unconditionally and the more you will radiate love-the essence of life. Loving unconditionally is not easy but we can develop this habit. The more we interact with others the more we will know about ourselves as the relation with others is also projection of relationship we have with ourselves. Our external relationship is actually internal, as all  exists in our thoughts. our relationship with  other person is whatever we imagine and whatever you think of yourself and  as you are. This is where we still need to grow.  Little things tell us more about life. Today what happened is not a new thing, we are in the process of learning more and more about relationships and life.
Till today the earth belongs to everyone,To make use of it and attached ti it are two different things.Unity and diversity flow together,one can not exist without the other.oneness and connectedness is found in unique way. The life is balance of opposites,conflicts and hatred is not natural,love is natural,co-operation is natural, mutual existence  rules over individuality.

Beauty of Venice, Italy