Sunday, 31 March 2013


We as human beings want to lead a purposeful life, sharing,caring and loving each other. But with passage of
time we tend to forget our original form,forget where to draw a line for smooth run in life.With confusions,ifs and buts drive an unwise choice so decide whether would you stand up against them or allow them to bulldoze their way past your doubts and reservations.Actually we take pride in being helpful to others as it is our true nature.


When big things upset us, we often over-respond to little things. It is as if we transfer our exasperation over some issue that lies beyond our control on to a more minor set of circumstances. There is no point in getting upset about the weather, for example, so we might as well get cross about the way that the neighbours behave. At least there is some chance that we might influence this. But unless you want to waste a lot of energy in an irrelevant argument this time, you need to be clear about what you truly feel and why to your own people who are ignoring the fact-how you truly feel and why in recent times because the world started changing so fast and none of us felt comfortably able to draw a clear dividing line any more between what was real or unreal. All of which brings us neatly round to your current astrological outlook. What are you supposed to make of what seems to be going on in your world this time? Take it both lightly and seriously at once.
They say, 'When one door closes, another door opens.' That's not always true. In certain rooms, where both doors have been left ajar, air pressure can change upon the sudden shutting of one door, so as to cause the other to shut too. But even when opportunities seemingly evaporate before our very eyes, we can rightly assume that it won't be long before new opportunities emerge to take the place of the old ones. No matter what is closing off for you now, what's opening up counts for so much more.
Often, the people who accuse one another of having hidden agendas or questionable intentions, are the ones who are secretly most capable of carrying out those transgressions. Some such individuals have long since learned that attack is the best form of defence. Where there is now suspicion or mistrust in your world, look more carefully at the person who is most vocally expressing the greatest concern and insecurity. What really lies behind that? Be sensitive and you may yet gain a most valuable insight.
What's the difference between a happy film and a sad film? Often, it is the final scene. If we feel we have been watching a story that has left loose ends for all the key characters, then we will have mixed memories of the movie. If it all came to a cheerful conclusion where everybody seemed to end up with something good, we will tell our friends it was a feelgood film. What goes into the story doesn't matter half as much as what comes out of it. Be assured that you are on course for a happy outcome now.
What's the worst that can happen? I venture to suggest that the worst thing that can happen involves you worrying uncomfortably, for ages, about what's the worst thing that could ever possibly happen. That 'worst thing' would have to have a beginning and an end. There would be consequences and you would have to deal with those consequences but then, at least there would be a great chance to move on. Yet imagination can be as relentless as it is merciless. Don't let yours torture you.
Some companies give their would-be employees an intelligence test when they apply for a job. That's not very clever of them! Mental processing power may be a useful thing to have but it is no guarantee of emotional sensitivity or common sense. History is full of examples of extremely bright people who have made incredibly stupid decisions. If you are now looking for a logical way to resolve a current problem, you are looking for the wrong thing. You really need to pay more heed to what you feel in your heart..A lot of things in life are just not fair.
Some people have too much, others don't get enough. Some are seemingly rewarded for bad behaviour while others, it would appear, are punished for doing their very best. So, what can be done about any of this? Will some politician, one day, propose a solution? And will everybody vote for it, even if they do? One of the hardest things about making any situation fair, is deciding what 'fair' actually is. But this time will yet bring you into a position that feels much fairer.
People in groups, often reach conclusions that they might never come to as individuals. Often, committees and boards make the most dreadful collective mistakes. It is as if all the members unconsciously bring out the worst in each other. Together, they vote for the most unsustainable, ill-advised ideas. If in doubt, they bring in a consultant whose findings they have to accept, else why did they pay for that advice? But in your life now, the pressing question is not, 'What does everybody think?' It is, 'What do you think?

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Sometimes, when you hear a recording of your voice, you realise that you do not come across quite as you think. Now imagine watching a video of recent events. Where would you least like to press 'pause'? What is the one event that you would feel disinclined to subject to serious scrutiny? Let's take a close look at this! It is never comfortable to be self-conscious. Sometimes, though, it is profitable to acknowledge, then alter, an old habit. Life now brings you that potentially most rewarding opportunity SOMETIMES your emotional life has taken so many dramatic twists and turns. It is as if you have become obliged to re-invent yourself. Now things are settling, but you are not sure you like the look of the resting place. It is as if you have been on a stressful fairground ride, praying for it to be over soon. 
The motion has stopped and that's a relief but when you open your eyes, you realise you are dangling precariously in space.There is a seemingly easy way to sort out your current source of emotional stress. All you need is one specific resource. The only trouble is, it is not a resource that you seem to have access to. So, you feel frustrated. You can see no further than your need - and your desire to meet it by hook or by crook. You really must, though, see further than that. There's another, less obvious way to get round your problem. It calls for more effort and ingenuity but it offers one great advantage. It is a lot more feasible.
There is a seemingly easy way to sort out your current source of emotional stress. All you need is one specific resource. The only trouble is, it is not a resource that you seem to have access to. So, you feel frustrated. You can see no further than your need - and your desire to meet it by hook or by crook. You really must, though, see further than that. There's another, less obvious way to get round your problem. It calls for more effort and ingenuity but it offers one great advantage. It is a lot more feasible.
Want some advice? Actually, I bet you don't. I bet you have had it up to here with well-intentioned individuals steering you this way and that. You can't, though, be entirely sick of suggestions or you wouldn't be seeking mine. So here is my advice. Don't listen to any advice. Not mine, not anyone else's. Indeed, while we are on the topic, don't feel obliged to come up with answers or replace all doubt with certainty. Sometimes, a quandary is a healthy thing to be in! And your emotional doubts will soon clear themselves up!
You can't just do what you want, when you want, wherever you want to. Well, you can, but you may encounter regrettable consequences. Now, you are probably thinking, 'Why tell me this? It's not as if I don't already know.' In one key area of life, though, you have been able to take liberties and run things your way and it is here, for the next little while, that you must adapt. It is time for a radical rethink, followed by an inspiring new way forward. A powerful awakening in your head may be about to change your life. Enjoy whatever comes to you be it favourable or not.
There are some things that we are simply not meant to know. The future hides itself from us. Whilst sometimes, it can be coaxed into revealing a glimpse of what it has in store, it may remain coy despite the best efforts of the experts. Hence your current situation. Could you not have predicted this? Should I not have alerted you to it? Well, actually, I tried. But you needed to make a discovery in your own way, in your own time. Now you have done so, naturally, you will soon see it is not bad but wonderful in its own way!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Who needs advice? We all do. Have you ever wandered why there are seven days in a week with different names? This is because everyday is not a Sunday...happy and full of fun. It is sometimes a Monday- a day which motivates us to do something new, a Tuesday- a day to implement our ideas. A Wednesday which brings us closer to reality, a Thursday where we are rejuvenated because the weekend is near, We thank god for It's Friday and Saturday is a day to rest and smile. There is time when we get the things done without any fuss totally commanding surroundings and there is time when nothing mature. 
We need self-expressions so explore innovative ways to express our creativity and abilities and want self-worth.Time may be favourable or unfavourable but our sole purpose of life is to get all out of these uncertainties,these are real tests of life. Getting inspiration and acting in beautiful ways is our inner power. So first visualize minds projects and creatively go through even the hardest phase of your life with inner strength.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


We all subscribe to superstitions of one kind or another. Even the supposedly scientific thinkers uphold the somewhat unreasonable belief that it is somehow possible to be rational and detached about everything. You can't be entirely unbiased as you now appraise a situation. You are being influenced, in more ways than you know, by expectations and experiences. Even if you can't see clearly, you can at least try to see what is colouring your judgement. This may then bring you a real 'eureka' moment.
Some people believe that we are all 'going to Hell in a handcart'. If so, what should be done? Handcarts are neither very efficient nor comfortable modes of transport. Can't we replace them with limos? Better yet, perhaps we should think, not about the nature of the vehicle but about the direction of travel? If Hell is the opposite of Heaven and we feel that we know where Hell is, then surely, logically, we also know where Heaven is? A few, brave, simple choices could make such a difference to your life. 
 Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong! If you've seen it, you will know what I mean. If not, you are probably thinking, 'That doesn't sound very amusing.' That's the thing about humour. It has to be experienced, not described. Much the same can be said about the inspiration that you are due to feel. You can see so many sources of stress and strain. Every time you try to fix a particular problem, matters seem to get worse. Yet the story of your life now has the potential to echo the message of Easter itself. From something seemingly hopeless, something truly wonderful can yet arise.
 Guilt and innocence. Easy to establish? People don't always know what they are doing. What if, for example, someone is following a philosophy that has been instilled in them so strongly, from such an early age, that they can no longer even question it? Then whose fault is it when the questionable moral code leads them astray? Keen though you may be to reach a cut-and-dried conclusion about a sensitive matter, it is only fair to give at least a little consideration to a grey area. 
 With unanswerable questions and issues that refuse to resolve themselves. If you do this, you may have problems with that. If you attend to that, will it come at the expense of this? Yet it is somehow right and natural for you now to feel so perplexed. You can't find the one true most relevant and appropriate way to proceed, until you have first fully acknowledged the intricacies and challenges of your current situation.
 Is an enterprise doomed to failure? Will a delicate arrangement eventually unravel? Perhaps, but it will happen all the more surely and swiftly if you keep dwelling on a cause for concern. The more you guard against trouble, the more you have to end up thinking about where trouble could come from. The next thing you know, you are seeing signs of potential trouble everywhere. You deserve something brighter and happier thoughts which are supported by experiences that inspire comfort and reassurance.
Usually, when we hear the word 'miracle' we think of some kind of stunning illusion or mind-blowing conjuring trick. Even if we don't hunt for a rational explanation with which to devalue the otherwise awe-inspiring event, we still tend to feel that miracles (if they exist at all) are major. Yet what is each breath that comes in and out of your body? What is the very fact that you exist? Recognise the real miracle now unfolding before your very eyes, and you will yet start to see where other miracles can come from.
'Home is where the heart is.' Apparently, it was Pliny the Elder who said this first. Although he is also attributed with the statement, 'The only certainty is that nothing is certain.' So perhaps we shouldn't be so sure about that! And anyway that doesn't make him wrong about everything. Nor should you, consider all your choices and decisions to be potentially flawed, just because it is now beginning to look as if you may have made one mistake.
When is the darkest hour? Just before the dawn! So, how can you tell if the dawn is nearly here? Look to see how dark it is! If you can't see much, that's probably because it is so dark! And thus, there can only be one conclusion to draw! I'm sorry if I seem to be labouring the point. But then, this is a point that really deserves to be laboured. You are so aware of a problem that you can hardly imagine a time when the problem may be pleasingly and successfully solved. But such a time is coming.
 Relax.These days, if we want to know something, we just type a few words into a search engine. Back come more answers than we could ever wish for. What we require is the ability to tell which of these deserve to be trusted and which merely reiterate commonly held assumptions and popular but unproven myths. We have information coming out of our ears but do we have discrimination to match it?
 Be wary of the difference in your life, between indisputable fact and tempting supposition.Were you put on this earth to help others? Absolutely! Is this the only reason why you came here? Absolutely not! Whilst doing all that you can to support someone with love, understanding, tolerance and sympathy, you must also retain the right (and the ability) to draw a line. While you are so busy helping someone else, who is helping you? Give what you can but don't feel obliged to give more than you can possibly spare. Somehow, other forces in the universe will pick up where you have to leave off.......................jonathan

BE BRAVE TO REBEL-(interaction)

People who are long-suffering often end up regretting some of the sacrifices they have made in life. They start to wish that they had been braver and rebelled earlier. But we can't conclude from this that all gestures of selflessness and stoicism will lead to regret and recrimination. There is also such a thing as deferred gratification. You put up with a lot of what you don't like, so that you can be rewarded in the end with a lot of what pleases you greatly. This is very upsetting.
Are you familiar with Murphy's Law? It states that if anything can go wrong, it will. Murphy's Law, is in itself, 'a thing that can go wrong'. And when Murphy's Law goes wrong, then the things that could go wrong don't go wrong! So it's not really a law to be relied on. You can now afford to be similarly dismissive of various other seemingly logical reasons to guard against adversity. The more precautions you take, the more you may compensate an otherwise simple route to success.
 You have to show wisdom and discretion, even in the face of a contentious matter.We could do away completely with judges and just employ the services of several well-known daytime TV show hosts. And why let judges hand out punishments? Just call in an audience and get them to vote. The modern world, for all its faults and failings, is at least somewhat more civilised than that. And in a sensitive situation now- you have  to show wisdom and discretion, even in the face of a contentious matter.
Thank you. That's just what I've always wanted.' That's what polite people say when someone gives them a present. Many a good parent encourages their child to do this. Aunty Y's ghastly sweater? Uncle X's boring book? You must not respond with the words, 'No thanks. That looks horrible.' Even if this is true. Some kids get a bit confused by this, 'But Mummy, I thought I was supposed to always tell the truth?' So then, we grow up feeling we should accept what we might prefer to reject. But sometime we have to put discretion above diplomacy.
There is never any shame in saying, 'I can't do this.' Or, 'That's too hard.' Well, I say never.
There is great shame in saying such a thing before you have given the task in hand a genuine, heartfelt, try. If you have really done your best, if you have made every possible effort, if you have exhausted every alternative, then fair enough, you can give up and you probably should.
Otherwise, you are simply succumbing to the prejudice of pessimism and nobody ever benefits from that. 'No', is a word of last resort.
When you look on the bright side, even the dark side lightens up. That is invariably true. But an extreme example of the dire circumstances under which it might still apply. A few  had difficulty with this. They suspected that I was trying to steel them for some very bad news. But in a way, that's my very point. Look long enough into the shadows and it becomes almost impossible to see the light. If you want to be happier today, you can be. Just don't allow quite so much room for sadness in your heart, he tried several Christians by torturing them till they confessed. This technique is still successfully employed today, even by officials of some of the world's most supposedly sophisticated governments. 
Most of us, when we hear this, exhibit the very behaviour that Pliny the Elder attributed to the ostrich. But today, there is something that you cannot and must not ignore.. He didn't exist, of course, but they thought he did and the thought was enough. So where is the bogey man now? What killed him off? What robbed him of his power? At least partially, it must have been his silly name. Laughter is a wonderful cure for anxiety. So too, is faith. You have much to trust and smile about now.know where anything is, then in the process of hunting for it, you may make all kinds of other interesting discoveries. Similarly, if you know what is supposed to be right, you will instantly notice if something is wrong. If you are not so sure, you may make a few mistakes but you may also come to see that some things are better as they actually are, than as they are 'supposed' to be.
 Remember an open mind is a valuable thing .Heath Robinson was an early 20th century cartoonist. He drew the most marvellously impossible machines; devices that used string, clothes pegs and bits of clockwork, to perform delicate functions that could have been much more easily carried out by hand. But then, he wasn't designing them to be implemented. He was drawing them to raise a smile. As you now consider a set of arrangements in your life, it is clear that they are unnecessarily complicated and precariously balanced. But if they are working, that's fine  God is a magician who plays with his audiences emotions perfectly. If only you could now see the funny side of your own situation. Perhaps, you may become able to do this sooner than you think - for you are actually safer than you think. How truly relevant are our family ties? It is now time for you to look at how close someone truly is to you!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


To sort out solutions first we have to identify what our problems are? Pliny the Elder's fine book on natural history contained one unfortunate misunderstanding about ostriches. This spawned the myth that such creatures think they can hide from the world, just by hiding their own heads. The speed at which this fable took root, cannot be entirely blamed on the ancient Roman author. People liked it because they identified with it. We would all rather like to feel that if we can't see a problem, perhaps the problem can't see us.
 But  you need to look a difficulty square in the face,What inhibits you? What makes you feel nervous? Under which circumstances do you feel most inclined to retreat from the world? I ask only because, well, I know that you have gone to some lengths to keep yourself at bay from such psychological triggers. As long as you can put them out of your mind, they have less of an impact on you. But in a way, this just gives them more power.  
Cosmic influence often suggest that you need no longer be troubled, ever again, by an idea or a situation that once unnerved you.Why look at your zodiac forecast in order to find out what is due to happen today? Why not just look at your diary? If you have made enough plans, scheduled enough activities and generally accounted for the way in which you intend to spend your time, don't you already know how things are going to turn out? We often tend to imagine that we can somehow control our destiny just by being well organised. But even if it's partially true, the price we pay is a reduced ability to benefit from the magic of the moment. Don't miss out today.
They say, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Quite right too. That's good advice. But why? There are, of course, several good reasons. Not least, the possibility that if you start fiddling with a mechanism or questioning a process, you will stop it from working - or 'break it'. Often, the best thing to do when faced with an apparently precarious arrangement is just to cross your fingers and hope that it holds together. If it is really, seriously, showing signs of imminent collapse, that's different. Otherwise, go easy  and let me help you determine how much attention to apply.


It's more just a way to acknowledge how you don't know whether to laugh or cry about an intense situation. It will yet have a good outcome as bestowing an enhanced ability to accept what might previously have seemed unacceptable, and even to recognise the hidden reward in such stoic behaviour. It is not so much liberation that awaits you soon, as vindication.
Monster will inspire many people to start walking away from situations that they have been striving to tolerate whilst secretly yearning to escape.  You might think that the folk who took the trouble to track him down should get the choice. But then, that's what happens when secrets come to light. Everyone has an opinion. Today you must ask, who truly has a vested interest in the outcome of a process?
 What about the person who bought an expensive burglar alarm and then was so worried about having it stolen that he bought another alarm to protect his alarm! There comes a point when we simply have to decide that we are just not going to let ourselves worry any more. There is always something to be on the lookout for, always a hidden potential problem. But not everything that might one day manifest actually does. You really need to proceed with more confidence.
 Imagine if every maternity ward had a resident astrologer. Whilst many of may enjoy such a post, we wouldn't like being asked to cast the chart of each new-born child and assess the likelihood of them growing up to break the law one day. The naughty ones could be sent straight to prison as soon as they were old enough, thus saving a fortune in future legal fees. But you can't punish someone just because they have the potential to do something - or we would all be in jail. 
Try not to jump to premature conclusions  Just be appreciative.' Much the same can be said about the advice you need to follow. Don't settle for what you once wanted, just because it is at long last on offer, but nor need you feel that you are thus obliged to turn it down. Today, governments assure us that their policies can only benefit the nation. Tomorrow? The politicians concerned look sheepish and say, 'Well, we knew we were taking a gamble but we felt we had to act as if we had to display confidence.' It's the same with authority figures, from teachers to company directors and the heads of respected institutions, who all refuse to concede the very possibility that they could be in error.
 In allowing for this now, you are showing nothing but courage and can yet expect to be well rewarded.Always look on the bright side of life...' We all remember that song from the closing moments of The Life Of Brian. Now, here is a philosophical question. Is it a musical homage to the merits of optimism or a wry, ironic, dig at the pointlessness of being a Pollyanna? I mean, there was Brian and he could hardly have been in a poorer position. What on earth did he really have to sing so cheerfully about? What else was he supposed to do? Collapse in despair and self-pity? Keep smiling , and you will yet see a reason to smile.

We like to think that things always happen for a wise and benign reason. We want to think that the forces that govern the universe have only our best interests at heart. Even if we don't like some of the things that are happening, it suits us to imagine that somehow, they are the result of a vital plan, envisaged by a supreme intelligence. The most obvious alternative view is very depressing. What if it's all just random? But it isn't just random! There really is a higher force at work in your life now, and you are safe to trust it. 
We all knew that sooner or later, the pretence was bound to collapse. But that's always the case when we attempt to keep up false appearances. Play it a little straighter  as we think purely by accident of birth, some people should be entitled to have power over others. I take their point. I even half agree. But then even doesn't astrology appear to support the idea that accident of birth is everything? There's more to it than that, just as there is more to the idea that relatives should always matter more than friends. Don't be inhibited by a redundant tradition. 
The secret of a success in life, involves learning to make the most of things. If we find ourselves in a bad situation, we should try to extract something good from it. As soon as we even see a cloud on the horizon, we should start looking out for the silver lining. Yet we shouldn't do this at the expense of our discrimination and nor should we let it inhibit us from fighting to get the very best that life may have to offer. You are entitled to set high standards now and to expect some surprising success in attaining these. 

Monday, 25 March 2013


Everybody is busy in re-inventing life for good, but a change in mind would bring much needed change in our life. Focussing on inner growth and conscious living,change in food intakes from fast foods to natural and simple food that is fruit and salads can enhance total personality because as we eat and think so we will be. We are what we eat and think!
Body responds to food and your thoughts,nature care can reduce your stress level and body pains how acute or chronic they may be.Chilly and fried food upset our stomach and body inflammation make us disturbed.SIMPLE FOOD,SIMPLE LIFE AND PURE HEART can bring sea change in  life conditions. DO GOOD,THINK GOOD.  STILL THERE IS LOVE, STILL THERE IS BEAUTY AND COMPASSION  IN ABUNDANCE . AND STILL EARTH PLANET IS WORTH LIVING.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


The moment you try hard at fancy opportunities you will realize that they will lead to dead end or worse come worse,  reap a humble harvest. In life sometimes you are under control of life's events and sometime you can fully control your life. Nobody can derail you once you have made up your mind about something as at that time your decision making power is exceptional but time is never the same for ever. Sometimes we make good decisions,sometimes we prone to making mistakes which can harm us greater but never endanger your existing relationships.
Ideals and solutions to problems are driving force in life.Explore new avenues always to make life interested and worth living  Valuing relations and down to earth approach is good but only to the extent where you are not taken for granted. Weigh pros and cons before any decision. Our main concern is always the same to gain social recognition,name fame or power game. We love to be called upon to lead,thrilled to know others have noticed. 
Domestic life is not hassle free,iron our the wrinkles first.You have to buy time to maintain relationships,status,work or even peace for self.


Do not expect too much from anybody,the truth is that once you have finished your job,rewards are not in your hands! Doing your duties or job is in your hand,after hard work you think you are entitled to cool off a little bit,leave all in the hands of destiny.
After a little rest shed your laziness or it may take a great deal of efforts to swing back into action,when you see trouble in your little paradise settle it at once,sort it out by giving attention. If you indulge in being moody it will upset your near and dears,they will perplexed by your behaviour because they may not be able to figure out what to expect and when?
Clear all misunderstandings,strains by explaining well your emotions and actions as well as intentions.Sometimes luck is such that unexpected things  are likely to happen,work harder so that you may at night. Whenever you feel somewhat dazed by the roller coaster ride,establish connection with your intuition.
Confusion or conflicts arise only when we want to do things in our own way,at any cast. This attitude alienate  your near and dears.It's all our mood sometime we do not mind to do hardwork,which may leave a little extra time for work in other fields but worse than  hard work is when superiors won't voice their appreciation,though later on they will realize your value so wait for suitable tide of time. Resolve the delicate issues first so that you may not feel emotionally fatigued.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

You want to reach a goal but in order to do so you will have to trust a Master or guide who will help you overcome obstacles Initially, you will have the innocence of a child but then, thanks to experience, you will finally reach self-awarenessIn darkness, light is  hidden as every dark night has bright morning. For now, you are not advised to confide all your thoughts in those around you. Keep your integrity in silence.


What do we come to this planet for? Why have nearly seven billion of us given up our place in the world beyond and taken up temporary residence in human form? Why have we have swapped eternal peace and infinite knowledge for this strange, troubled existence? We have even allowed our memories to be wiped on arrival, so that we can no longer recall our true origin. But despite the craziness and chaos in your emotional life something soon puts you in touch with a profound experience of life's magic.
 And they all lived happily ever after...' or so the story goes. Much though you dream of hearing those words in connection to your own saga, you know that real life never carries that kind of guarantee. I can't promise you a happy-ever-after, but I can predict a distinct improvement in your situation. You will, for a while to come at least, start living more happily than you were living before. Here, in your emotional life at least, comes the end of something awkward and the start of something good.
 Are you lucky? No, you are much more than lucky. You are blessed. The cosmos has a special place for you in its heart. It doesn't so much look out for your best interests, as look out for everyone else in case they inadvertently compromise your best interests! You are not aware of this? That's as it should be. You don't need to fawn with obsequious gratitude in order to earn this heavenly boon. It comes naturally. Just trust that help is there and reach for it. A minor miracle may yet occur in your emotional life, soon Some adventure stories need to be carefully planned and plotted. Others write themselves. If the quest is worthwhile, if the characters are colourful and if the places they have to pass through are interesting, you have the makings of a good novel... or, more relevantly now, the makings of a good decision; one you can take with confidence. You don't now need to know every detail yet. It's enough to trust that you are embarking on a new emotional adventure, the details of which will take care of themselves... delightfully.
There is a task now that you are reluctant to delegate. You fear that nobody else understands quite how to fulfil a particular need. It seems easier to do a job right yourself, than to go through the painstaking process of explaining the various details to someone else. But unless you want to be a prisoner for all time to your own sense of duty - you at least need to try letting someone else in on the great secret of how to make sure that things are done right. Find someone you think you can trust... and trust them!Have the courage of your convictions. That may seem like strange advice - but, in one crucial area, you are not being as assertive, or dynamic as you ought to be. 
You are clinging to a spurious assumption whilst doubting a fact that is staring you in the face. This may be because you find it slightly unpalatable. It is more comforting to tell yourself that you can't be sure and had better sit on the fence. The fence, though, is sharp. It is time to come off it. You will not just feel better; you'll make essential progress.They say that hope springs eternal. Pessimism, though, is perennial too. We think we have solved our problems. Suddenly, there they are, back again. Does something within us secretly thrive on disappointment? Do we unwittingly create obstacles for ourselves? Or do they just find a way into our lives, whether we invite them or not? You now fear that if you take a brave step towards a heart's desire, it will backfire. You suspect it may be wiser to set your sights lower. But you may yet get a brilliant opportunity. Is the universe unfair?
 Is the cosmos unjust? Absolutely not! It can, though, seem this way at times, not least because the ethereal forces operate upon lines that we earthbound beings perceive as anything but straight! But then, you don't have to journey into another dimension to encounter a difference of opinion. You now seem to be dealing with a rule, a policy or a procedure that you cannot easily accept. But what's in your heart, all on its own, is your promise of imminent justice and success.Unanswered questions. Unresolved issues. Unsolved mysteries. Where would we be without them? What kind of a planet would this be? What fun would anyone have? Oh, spare us all from the eternal tedium of perpetual certainty. Unless, that is, the doubts are our own. We love it when other people cannot see their way forward. Your emotional confusion now may be uncomfortable but it is potentially most beneficial. Live with it. Don't try to force it to a false end. Then there will be a real revelation.  Why cast pearls before swine? Why sow seeds on stony ground? Why bang your head against a brick wall? These are rhetorical questions. They cannot be answered. Whenever we find ourselves doing such things, we never have a satisfactory reason. We just find ourselves doing them nonetheless. Then, suddenly, we realise why that activity is pointless.
 We learn what we need to and instantly, our lives improve. You fear, in your emotional life, you have been pursuing a lost cause. It may not be lost after all!You mustn't underestimate your importance, your power, your luck or your wisdom. Normally, you're very confident. When one thing, though, doesn't work out quite the way you feel it ought to, you start to doubt everything else. You know that nobody's perfect - but you forget that this includes you. Then, when faced with nothing more than natural evidence of a healthy truth, you feel bad. Don't. Feel good instead. And feel sure of what you're capable of. Because your heart can now make some truly amazing things happen.We all attend The University Of Life, but we do not all graduate with a distinction. Some of us learn our lessons swiftly. Others doze through the lectures and lose the course notes. Yet, sooner or later, even the sleepier students wake up to great discoveries. Life is about exploration, experimentation, trial and error, adventure and understanding. Above all else, it is about happiness. That's what you want more than any sense of superiority or even equality. You've got a chance now to start feeling it, too! 


You are, no doubt, wondering how you are going to rid your life of the negative effects of this evil event? By Rediscovering good morale, a new level of fitness and drive  and Succeeding in all that you do, in all walks of life, with astonishing ease. You will suddenly feel much better and more self-confident, just as if a big heavy burden had been lifted from your shoulders.Then, LUCK will almost immediately start to enter your life. The first good thing is that Fantastic Opportunity to change your life: I know it will be shining so intensely, removing barriers that were in your life. People will start seeing you in a different light, they will pay more attention to you and will even seek your company, whereas yesterday they still seemed to be avoiding you. Finally, thousands of events, each more surprising than the other, will happen to you at an incredible pace, you go through this pleasant stage in your life, there really is a new life ahead of you and it will become reality as soon as  god will rid you of the malevolent spell which has been spoiling your life for so many years now. Life is duty,do it. 

Friday, 22 March 2013


Actions have consequences. Plans have implications. It's a shame really. If only they didn't, we could get an awful lot more done, a whole lot faster. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the complicated nature of reality. Such links and connections have to be understood, you bored yet? Falling asleep? I know I'm not saying anything that you don't already know. You are naturally practical, there's not much point in thinking everything through sensibly. You've simply got to follow your heart.
 Perhaps because this world is so wide and overwhelming, we subconsciously strive to do whatever we can to shrink it for ourselves. We fall into reassuring patterns of behaviour. We move in the same old circles, we travel to and from the same places. We play out familiar roles, eat familiar foods, even dream familiar dreams. Yet you are now looking at a new horizon. It's inspiring in one way, worrying in another when You could be doing something very, very different.
 Some people love to take machines to pieces to find out how they work. That's fine until they try to put them back together again. Some people take a similar approach towards relationships. Some processes are best left mysterious. Some arrangements thrive as long as they are not de constructed  There's an old saying, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'. But that doesn't apply now, because something is definitely not working. You have to fix it, but you need not make it the sole focus of your thoughts. Just give it more of your heart to be able to trust self in better way! 


You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. Well, you can try, perhaps. Many of us do. We make a special fuss of some relatives and do our best to keep others at bay. But still, we must accept that particular individuals are connected to us, regardless of how much we may or may not like this or even accept the importance of genetic and hereditary lineage.If Something in your home or family life has been making you unhappy  later these events will help you to feel somewhat happier as you have gained experience from present for future.The world is full of solutions to problems which do not yet exist. Insurance companies thrive on such things. 'Ah, yes,' the salespeople say, 'but what if this happens... or that?' Lawyers make similar points when advising their clients to guard against unspeakably depressing developments in a hypothetical future. What are you worrying about? How likely is it? Use your imagination more creatively. Find an answer,to a question that's relevant right here and now. And then let inspiration drive away fear.


Whenever we decide that we want things to be different from now on, we have to do something about 'now'. If we take care of the 'now', the 'on' becomes far more likely to take care of itself. Just waiting for tomorrow to arrive won't make the difference. Another good way to change the future is to rewrite the story of the past. Our memories of history shapes our expectations and choices. If we can forgive and move on from a tough yesterday, we become much more able to create a happier life. Much will inspire you.There is nothing to nervous you.We have been talking  about excuses, explanations and justifications. I have been pointing out how we are much more likely to accept the ones we give ourselves and more suspicious of those others give to us. So, when we, in turn, want others to understand our reasons, we may be hoping for a lot. Few and far between are the folk who are wise and patient enough to give careful, objective, consideration to all they are told. If you want to be properly heard, try to be a good listener!
Even a tiny ray of sunshine can illuminate a vast dark cavern. The smallest drop of perfume can permeate an entire theatre. A little pebble tossed upon the surface of a lake, can create ripples that extend to far distant shores. And what can one small gesture of trust, faith and loyalty accomplish? You will find that out for yourself. But here is a both a clue and a piece of encouragement. It can counteract and neutralise an almost overwhelming amount of ill will and unnecessary negativity.
 Whatever our wisdom teeth give us, it isn't wisdom! There simply is no practical purpose for these additional molars. They were once a form of dental insurance for our cave and tree dwelling ancestors. In the days before processed food, the ability to chew was vital. So mouths were designed with replacement parts to cover loss or injury. Now what is the reason for the human capacity to worry endlessly and needlessly? Even if there was one once, there isn't one now. And there certainly isn't one for you.
Guardian angels, we are told never rest, they toil tirelessly to protect their charges. Though there may be some trials and tribulations that they are unable to avert, we can rest assured that they will always do everything within their power to help us - and that their powers are fairly extensive! So, if all that is true, where is your angel's contract of employment? Indeed, where is your angel? Both are invisible but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
Some people don't like mirrors. They are critical of their own appearance. Others, even without any more aesthetically pleasing features, take pleasure in their reflection. Much the same can be said about how we start to feel when we reflect on the decisions that we have made in the past. Some are full of regret but many find a way to convince themselves that they did the best thing at every turn and can thus expect to keep making excellent decisions. Don't let vanity be your only informant.
The illusionist bows to the audience. Then he walks over to the large wooden box and opens the door. His sequined assistant steps inside. He proceeds to plunge some extremely sharp knives through the container. The audience is horrified. Are they not watching a most brutal murder take place? Oblivious to their horror, he continues with other tricks, until eventually, the assistant manifests. Don't attempt that particular trick . But do look for a triumph where you had been led to expect a disaster. While it may be always wise to put something aside for a rainy day, you don't need to fill a warehouse full of umbrellas - even if you plan to sell them the next time it rains. You would do better if, instead of speculating on the weather, you banked on the certainty of uncertainty. You could sell lots of umbrella storage spaces in that warehouse and be confident that you would never run short of folk who felt they needed to be better prepared. No matter who may feel insecure, there's no need for you to feel that way. 
'Singing a song in the morning, Singing it again at night, I don't even know what I'm singing' about but it makes me feel I feel all right...' This ditty by Kevin Ayers may appear trite but like so many of his compositions they have an edge of poignant irony. Isn't that what we all do to keep the blues at bay? And is it not true too, that even if we don't know why we are doing it, we somehow benefit from undergoing the exercise? Just keep doing what you normally do this weekend. You won't just feel all right, things will be all right. 
There always two sides to every story and there are two sides to every coin. To every situation there is an upside and a downside and the two are inextricably linked. It's hard to have one without the other. That means, if you are seeing the advantage, you need to be gently aware of where the potential disadvantage is hiding. And if you are dealing with the drawback, you just need to start looking for the circumstances under which this can be turned into a valuable asset. You can turn a situation right round,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, was perfectly willing to believe in fairies. He once wrote about them for a magazine and illustrated this with a photograph taken by two young ladies from Cottingley. It was the subject of controversy and many years later, the girls (now old ladies) confessed that they had faked them. Does that prove that every fairy is a fake? Many take refuge in scepticism but it provides them with the bleakest form of psychological shelter. Let a little more colour into your life, do the right things and live a peaceful life.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


YOU  had huge untouched sources of inner potential which were completely unused and was also struggling with a number of obstacles which prevented certain important opportunities to be fully exploited. I have come to realize today is that it is possible to free you from these constraints and to liberate you from this past trauma and to help you lead the life you truly deserve to live. You will finally be able to be serene and in harmony with yourself. 

Far too often we blindly believe in what we have been taught without using our own faculties to examine the world around us and to come to our own conclusions. The concept of reincarnation and of Karma has existed since the dawn of time and it forms the foundation of a number of the great religions of the East: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. The similarities between two peoples are sometimes striking By investigating this deja-vu and Karma and by regressing into past lives we made some startling discoveries. We were able to make some good advances together and we were able to understand more about this person's capacities and why certain problems kept cropping up. We were able to find some good solid solutions to this person's pre-occupations,It is clear to me that you have been living through the same series of problems throughout all of your past lives. This is in fact damaging to you as it stops you from liberating yourself completely from a few of the problems which have been haunting you for some time now in this lifetime and which you really want to get rid have lived through some fairly traumatic events in a number of your Past Lives and that you now have a difficulty bringing out all of your talents. These difficulties are indirectly linked to certain events in your past (events which took place hundreds of years ago) and their roots are deeply set in your unconsciousness

Today many experiments have sought to prove re-incarnation and these experiments have been greatly supported by the reports of spontaneous past life regressions which have occurred to people in various states of altered consciousness. These regressions occur whether or not the individual previously 'believed' in past lives. In a number of these cases, the regression can be objectively assessed.The many seances I have performed and the research I have undertaken into regression and past lives have shown me exactly how I can help my patients to explore their past lives and then solve the problems and dilemmas of the present. This exploration is also therapeutic as my patients are able to throw off the weight of the traumatic events they have lived through in the past and discover the power and beauty of hidden talents. A few months ago for example I performed a past live regression for a 12 year old boy and I discovered that he had an innate skill for music which came from a life he had lived through 130 years previously as a musician in Italy. The boy himself had never taken up music, either through a lack of time or simply because the opportunity to do so had never came up. I advised his parents to enroll him in music classes, which they did, and the boy naturally chose the violin. His teacher was amazed by the speed at which this boy acquired his new musical skill and he is now generally regarded as a young genius with an unsettling musical ability. Despite the short time he has been learning the violin he gives the impression that he has been playing for years and years, which is indirectly true! 
As I have already told you it would be good to work on your past lives. A regression would be very revealing. I don't want to begin this regression without your full consent but I must admit that I have already start to look a little bit further and I can tell you now that I have come across a great deal of information which will be extremely useful for understanding exactly what kind of person you are today. I have also come to realize that a complete past life regression will allow you to come to terms with the concern which you have at this time. This regression will help you to avoid re-living certain of the trauma you have experienced in the past and which stem from an unresolved interior conflict which began in one of your past lives. Above all this regression will serve as an efficient tool, armed with the personal knowledge which this regression will bring you will understand yourself even better, you will find answers to all the questions you ask yourself about your personality, your relationships with other people and you will reveal hidden talents which you acquired during past lives.
You will then understand your aim in life and where exactly your destiny is taking you and you will find out what your objectives and challenges should be and which lessons you should work on to satisfy the thirst of your soul. This regression is probably the most useful tool you can get hold of to discover exactly what your goals are in life and where the direction of your life is going to take you. You will be beginning a fascinating voyage in time and space and you marvel at your previous lives, how you lived these lives, where and who with. You will discover who you have been before and why you have chosen to be yourself. These were some suggestions from my friend Zenna who have spoken to me about the importance of past lives regressions to break out the current cycle that I have been living through for a long time,now is the right time to think over the matter to start a life of my own choice once again!.



You take the little silver ball and you put it on the table. Then you cover it with the cup. Then you line it up with two other cups and you start to shuffle them. Now, which cup is the ball under? It is never the one you think it's going to be. The stage magician distracts your attention and practises sleight of hand. But even if you can identify the right cup, what's so exciting about the silver ball? It serves as a metaphor for life's ability to surprise us all in the sweetest possible way.We love magic and magical games, the real magic in life is love itself!
People who eat too much often do so because of some deep-seated fear that there may not always be enough to eat. Indeed, an inability to say 'no' to anything is often related to some fear or memory of rejection, denial or shortage. With this in mind, we might just ask what it is that you have a tendency to agree to and accept just a little too readily. If the only way to draw a line is to make yourself feel more comfortable and reassured, start looking for other sources of comfort and reassurance. You may soon find plenty.
Who wants to shake with a snake? Who will help a simple adder to be happy, to be gladder...' So asked the late Kevin Ayers in one of his most poignant yet deceptively jolly compositions. We are all a little reticent about reaching out to be helpful when we fear that this action could backfire on us. It is always hard to help someone else if you suspect that you may harm yourself in the process. That's why a true act of kindness is also an act of courage.
'The very thing that makes you rich can make you poor.' So the old saying goes. Love and hate are also surprisingly closely connected. And philosophers have long pondered the idea that the relationship between happiness and sadness is much closer than many of us realise. The source of today's joy can become the reason for tomorrow's misery - and vice versa.I'm really not saying any of this in an attempt to make you feel uncomfortable. I just need you to know that even if a bad thing seems unchangeable, it can change.
Have you ever seen a fairy or met an angel? Can you be sure? By this I don't mean can you trust that you weren't just imagining the whole thing? I mean, perhaps you thought you saw an angel but it was really a fairy - or vice versa! Fortunately, neither the angels nor the fairies care very much about such matters. They may or may not be one and the same thing but they certainly share an ability to be oblivious to the petty distinctions that we earthly beings tend to make. Rise above such issues yourself now and you can join their ranks.


The latest news from the International Convention of Guardian Angels is that strike action may well be imminent. It isn't that the angels aren't unhappy about their remuneration package or their hours and conditions of employment. Nor do they feel that they should be granted additional powers to help them compete with modern technology. They simply feel aggrieved because the beneficiaries of their generosity fail to notice the opportunities they have created for them. Help avert a heavenly picket line; show them some appreciation!A desire to 'do the right thing' is a strong, natural urge that motivates every human. It only ever leads to trouble - because sometimes our idea of what the 'right thing' is clashes and contrasts with someone else's definition. Trouble can also come when we prioritise 'being seen to do what most people would think of as right', over doing what we truly know to be right. Worst of all is 'wanting so badly to believe that we are right', that we somehow justify what can only be wrong. You don't know anyone who's doing any of that.We ourselves indulge in something s we never guess how dangerous are they for our mental peace and happiness. Love and compassion are necessities and humanity and can not survive without them. Honour and spread love and compassion the world around you!
When we get cold or when we feel a little threatened, we get 'goose bumps'. Experts think they come from a time in our evolutionary history when the human race, as a whole, was significantly more hirsute. Those bumps would cause our hairs to stand on end, thus providing greater insulation and should we come across an enemy, we would look bigger and more impressive. These are about as useless to us now as the reactive mechanisms that cause us to worry and fret - i.e. not very! Don't indulge such feeling.
Some legal representatives are more willing to 'lead' their clients than others. They may say, 'The judge will look more kindly on you, if you can tell your story this way instead of that way'. They may even say, 'Listen, if you really are as guilty as I suspect, don't try to deny it, admit it. It will work out better for you.' All I'm really trying to point out here is that excuses rarely 'excuse' anyone from anything. Even explanation will only bring mitigation, if it is a good one. If something won't stand up on its own today, don't try to prop it up.If you haven't got a contract written down, how can you be sure that someone else will honour their agreement with you? Then again, even if you have a legal document drawn up by the world's most eminent and reputable practitioner, how can you be sure that a judge will decide that it is worth the paper that it is printed on? There isn't much money to be made from advising people to trust one another. Indeed there is a lot of profit to be reaped from mistrust. But trust always leads to more trust.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Angels, according to some experts on the etheric, live amongst the stars. Whereas fairies, as even the most junior mythologists will confirm, frolic in fields and forests. Lately, as part of our continued quest for an esoteric understanding that might help improve your quality of life, we've been discussing whether there really are any significant differences between these two types of winged spirit beings. Whose help should you call for now? It is a moot point. Both the angels and the fairies will respond to your request. 
We all try to change the world but change has to come from ourselves.' So sang Kevin Ayers in a very poignant song he called, Hymn. This wasn't an original thought. Mahatma Gandhi had said something very similar, several decades previously. But Ayers, in the 1970s, was doing his best to share that concept with a new generation, just as others are still trying to communicate it now.
 The world around us is not something over which we have no power. Believe in yourself and you will start to prove that point. We have talked about how trouble likes to disguise itself as opportunity, and opportunity frequently turns up in our lives wearing the garb of a trouble-maker. I think, given the celestial circumstances  might be inclined to expand on that analogy and suggest that, to all intents and purposes, they are two sides of one coin. If you have ever got the one, all you have to do is give it a flip and it will show you the other face. There is no coin, in your life now, that you don't have the power to turn over..

 For human it is all about recognising just what kind of a difference you can make, seeing how important you are and observing how, for all that your situation may have its drawbacks, you are deeply blessed.
As part of your own process of moving on, you are having to ask yourself how many of your biggest choices and decisions in life so far have been made on the basis of a fear? What might have happened if you hadn't let fear lead you? What has stopped you from being as creative, inspired, successful and as happy as you have deserved to be? Even though you are naturally dynamic and assertive, you are not entirely immune to the desire to play it safe, about overcoming the uncertainties and doubts that render you vulnerable to such compromises, you get to replace these with certainties and allow yourself to become more of the person you always knew you could be, as  calculated risks leads to substantial rewards. 

Think about what happens when you get really hungry. For a while, all you can focus on is the need to eat. You postpone all sorts of other plans. You prioritise your appetite. Then, just a few moments after you have taken care of that need, you feel fine again. You can't even really remember what all the fuss was about. Do you then begin to think, 'I shouldn't have bothered, what a lot of silly fuss I made?' Of course not. You did what you did because it had to be done. Stop looking back. It is time to look forward now.with the image of a beached boat. Sometimes, you see such vessels on the sea shore. They look a bit strange and pointless as they lie with their hulls exposed. But when the tide comes rolling back in, it's a different story. Once it gets past a certain depth, they rapidly start to float and right themselves. Suddenly, these craft that were going nowhere, are ready to go anywhere. Indeed, woe betide anyone who tries to stop them. Just such a sea change is coming to you soon.eyebrows and think, 'Oh, that it's always being funny.'
 You wouldn't rob a bank, no matter who told you to do it. Unless, perhaps, you met a bank robber. What if he (or she) put a gun to your head and said, 'If you don't rob this bank, I'll shoot'? Then you would take them seriously. But can it ever be right to use pressure, no matter how extreme, as an excuse for bad behaviour? Question today's apparently compelling reason to act.You are aware of the fact that something is not good enough. But is that a fact? What exactly now fails to live up to your expectation? And might it be those expectations themselves that are somehow inadequate? It is particularly important to ask yourself questions of this nature if you are inclined to believe that there is little or nothing you can do to improve a situation. Perhaps it simply doesn't need as much improving as you are inclined to think.
A little acceptance and adjustment might go a very long way.
The experts now say that Neanderthal Men (and Woman) died out because they weren't very good at making provisions for the long-term future. Our ancestors, back down the evolutionary chain of homo sapiens, were more inclined to think, 'Oh, what am I going to do if this happens or that goes wrong?' They refined the art of strategy. And in the process, they ended up with a wildly over-developed capacity to worry. What do you need your appendix for? You don't need your anxiety either, today, for the same reason.If you are wondering where your guardian angel has gone, allow me to enlighten you. There has been a union meeting. Angels from all over the world have gathered to debate the many problematic issues that they face and to see what steps can be taken to rectify these. They are not concerned about working fewer hours for better pay. They simply want greater recognition. They feel they are being taken for granted. Yours in particular does. Show some gratitude this time. You will be amazed by how much help you get.
 Now, let me help you to feel that gratitude and get the assistance you need.How do you tell the difference between the voice of fear and the voice of intuition?' I remember raising this question in my daily introduction some while ago and it gave rise to a lot of letters. I still think the easiest way to make a distinction is to ask yourself whether that voice is fearful. If it is, then it simply isn't the voice of intuition! Even when we intuitively sense something of which we ought to be fearful, the tone of the message takes the form of strong concern; never worry or anxiety. Ignore whatever is unnerving you today.have vivid memories too, of them bringing forth doves from silk handkerchiefs. Indeed, when I was really small, I rather imagined that this was where such birds actually came from. I think many of my peers and contemporaries did, too. Imagine applying for a job at an aviary. 'Okay, you can go and work with the doves.' 'Great, where are the handkerchiefs?' The magic that's possible for you today, is more subtle - but no less powerfully.
When our lives are too empty, we are bored and listless. We strongly need to feel we've got something to do and somewhere to go. But if our agenda gets a little too full, we become stressed and restless. 'I need to be here, then there, then somewhere else and I must do this, that and the other on the way. How am I going to manage that?' So there. There you have it. One more reason why the middle path is best. What have you got too much of and what is there not enough of in your life? A simple balancing act may be required.
Does the wisdom of your heart, show you how to play your part?' So asked the late great Kevin Ayers in his song, All This Crazy Gift of Time. Though he had fewer fans and followers than he deserved, those who came across his work, were appreciative. To them, there was nobody else quite like him. I've chosen to share some of his words with you this week because I can see that you are going through a phase during which you are feeling inclined to doubt some of your own dearest dreams. Don't do that. But do let me help you to realise your dream -When trouble comes knocking, which door does it knock on? The very same one that opportunity uses. Does it knock in a different rhythm? Does it even hammer more heavily? Alas not. There is really no way to tell whether you've got trouble or opportunity, until you open the door and take a good look at what's standing on the other side of it. What's more, trouble and opportunity are a notorious pair of cross-dressers. They often disguise themselves as each other. Be cautious when heeding today's call but heed it anyhow.When theologians gather together to confer, it is often suggested that they spend their time discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I mention this now because I think it sheds light on the conversation we were having yesterday about the relative size of angels and fairies. If any angels at all can dance on a pin then, unless the pin is enormous, those angels must be pretty small. Indulge as many dreams as you wish today, but don't get lost in theoretical conversations that actually lead nowhere.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
― Aristotle

    “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”― William Shakespeare


Beauty of Venice, Italy