Saturday, 30 November 2013

Gratitude can make our life easier as we count our blessings and be thankful to god for all what we have.Gratitude can be a shortcut  for positive and happy life. It helps to take control of body and mind. Women are more stressed because they have to handle office and house simultaneously. As a women and mother who shares struggles,when they think of giving up-gratitude will help and you don't have to wait for things to improve.
We are busy,we are cynical or overwhelmed when our lifestyles can create pressure and we are worrying about everything all the time. Worried not to cope up life's pressures and not spending quality time with loved ones.
we  cannot pull it all off everyday,we feel bad,disappointed in our capacities to do all. Gratitude is antidote to complaining and bad attitude. Because when it is hard to make good choices,we feel bad,stressed and frustrated. We feel sad or agitated And on the other hand doing same thing is effortless when we feel good.
So gratitude is best to feel good and staying positive!image of gratitude  - Law of attraction in word collage - JPG

Friday, 29 November 2013

The right thing to do is rarely the easy thing. We can't automatically conclude that there's virtue in difficulty, but we probably ought to be suspicious of solutions that seem surprisingly simple. Somewhere in your world now, a convenient assumption is being made. It sounds persuasive but it fails to take an important factor into account. You are right to be cautious and to insist on checking facts that others seem happy to accept without question. In the long run, there will be a dividend for all your diligence.
 How broad are your shoulders? How much of someone else's emotional baggage can you take responsibility for? We all want to be sympathetic to others, to forgive them their shortcomings. Or at least, we all say we want to. Some of us are far too quick to judge and some (I think you know what I mean here) are too slow. We put up with more than we should. There is now something or someone that you need to put down. Develop a fresh perspective. Then, if you really still want to, you can pick it all back up again
Most things in life happen for a reason. Few, though, happen for exactly the reason that we initially feel inclined to attribute. This may sound like an odd thing for someone like me to say but we have to be careful about what we read into omens and portents. We tend to use them as an excuse to support a prejudice. We can be too quick to let them buoy up our hopes or feed our fears. The absence of a useful asset should not be a reason to give up on a key idea. What's needed  is not pessimism but perseverance.
It's funny really. You have to hear a criticism only once and you will remember it for all time. Yet people can praise you until the cows come home and you will still feel inclined to wonder whether they really mean it. You already know that a recent choice has been wise. Yet a part of you remains unsure. You continue to fear that you have been foolish - not least because the words of a judgemental individual still ring in your ears. Yet it is your time to be strengthened and to be supported. Be your own best friend. 

 Are you ready to go white-water rafting, bungee jumping or streaking in a public place? Well, indeed, I rather suspected that this might be your answer. And that's fine. There is, in any event, a big and significant difference between being courageous and being foolhardy. But sometimes, acts of great wisdom require vast amounts of inner strength and resolve, you have such precious abilities available to you in abundance now.

Comic books frequently explore the idea of a person with the power to suddenly shrink or grow. The hero (or heroine) may become as tiny as a microbe or taller than a mountain. Physically, we all know that such abilities are impossible but psychologically, the idea resonates relevance. By thinking different thoughts, by prioritising various emotions, we can adjust our size to suit the need of our situation. All you need to remember is that you are bigger than whatever now seems to be bigger than you.
Are there some experiences that we don't have to have in full? You might as well ask whether there are some sentences that you don't need to read to the end because you know what the last word will hippopotamus! There! You see? We don't always know. We must always allow for the unexpected. So if you are now making a decision on the basis of an experience, you ought to make sure that you really had it and didn't just 'nearly' have it.
 According to the classic old pop song, 'there are more questions than answers.' But, in all probability, there are more answers than questions because most questions in life tend to lead to more than one answer. Hence your dilemma this weekend. Various choices present themselves and it isn't as simple as deciding which of these is best. They all have their pros and their cons. You will do better to accept as much gracefully, than to strive for some theoretical and ultimately unattainable 'perfect' can have an argumentative streak too, when you want to - and even when you don't want to!
you can have an argumentative streak too, when you want to - and even when you don't want to!
We are all a little too quick to judge and label other people's ideas, opinions or actions. We dismiss them as pathetic or ill-informed and imagine that our own views are far more sensible. There is irony in the suggestion that any of us ever know whether we are being wise. Often, we do the dumbest things, fired by a sense of certainty - and often, too, we discover that the moves we thought would prove the most futile or fruitless, have had the greatest benefit. Whilst avoiding judgement.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Something isn't always better than nothing. Under some circumstances, it can be far better to have the right kind of nothing than the wrong kind of something. When, for example, we find ourselves putting up with entirely unsatisfactory situations, we tell ourselves 'well, this is my only option, I had best make the most of it.' That may be so if it is our only option but what if it isn't? What if we might be inadvertently preventing a far preferable alternative from entering our life? Don't be afraid of tough choice
They say, 'if you put an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters, you will eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare.' When we hear statements like this, we have to question the intelligence of the people who make them. It shows such a woeful failure to understand the meaning of typewriters, monkeys, Shakespeare.... and 'infinite'. Some things just won't ever happen, no matter how long you wait for them. But other things are far less impossible than you fear - as you will see .
Think of some trick or technique that you got the knack of long ago. When you first tried to execute a particular manoeuvre, you found it to be hard work. You had to try, try and try again. But eventually, you got good at it and to this day, others are impressed by your skill. Now, keeping this in mind, let us think about the challenge that is starting to arise for you. Do you have the time for this? You certainly have the potential for success. There is no reason why you can't do what's required of you.
Problems are like microbial organisms. They hardly need a conducive climate in order to keep on growing. Give them just the smallest opportunity and they will replicate. Plus, of course, they feed on themselves. All you have to do is have one and somehow, it starts magnetically attracting others to it. Or so it seems. That has been your experience of late. But it need not be the way that things continue this week. A change in the cosmic climate implies a new understanding about how to tackle an old difficulty.
Are people fundamentally wonderful? Are they loving, kind and happy? Or do they secretly harbour grudges and selfish plans to impede one another's progress? Our answers to questions like these depend on the mood that we happen to find ourselves in. When things look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, we see the good in those around us. Whenever you have formed a negative impression of someone, it may be partly because you were both under pressure the last time you interacted. Things may be better next time. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tough choices require courage. We all prefer to avoid them and it doesn't always follow that avoidance, is an act of cowardice. It can take inner-strength and deep faith to allow options to remain open when we are under pressure to close them off. So, what kind of a decision do we need to reach now? Whether we decide to draw a line or to leave a situation in a state of flux, try to be clear and conscious. And if you intend to leave things up to fate, be aware that fate is often reluctant to take specific instructions.
Is there someone, somewhere, who is better than you? How about someone who deserves more? Is there a real reason for you to have to settle for second-best? I'm asking these questions only in an attempt to provoke a reaction. You may not have all the wealth in the world or all the power but that's just due to a temporary quirk in the cosmic distribution system. Whilst you can't just go out and claim what has not yet been delivered to you, you can at least hold your head high and trust that it will only be a matter of time.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Countries are full of universities. Universities are full of professors. Professors are full of learning. Surely, in this highly educated world, there can be very little that we do not know. The big questions have all been answered. Most important processes have long since been understood. So if, for example, we were to ask 'how does luck work?' We would soon get back an answer that was both enlightening and useful. 
You don't have to be a mechanic to know how to drive a car. Nor is it a prerequisite for any great artist to be an expert in the chemical composition of paint. There may be many forces and factors that are difficult to understand in our lives, but that doesn't mean that we can't cope admirably and gracefully with them. We just have to make the most of what we've got. And when life gives us an opportunity to understand a little more, we should seize it, of course. The discoveries that  can only help. 
Something isn't always better than nothing. Under some circumstances, it can be far better to have the right kind of nothing than the wrong kind of something. When, for example, we find ourselves putting up with entirely unsatisfactory situations, we tell ourselves 'well, this is my only option, I had best make the most of it.' That may be so if it is our only option but what if it isn't? What if we might be inadvertently preventing a far preferable alternative from entering our life? Don't be afraid of tough choices .

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Everything becomes difficult when an atmosphere is tense, strained or anxious. Even the simplest thought processes start to seem complicated and problematic. We begin to doubt ourselves. We think, 'how have I got myself into this undesirable situation?' Then we think, 'it must be due to something that I did, said or decided.' Then we figure, 'if I got that wrong, without realising that I was getting it wrong, how much can I trust whatever I think or feel now?' Yet all that can turn around surprisingly fast.'The darkest hour,' we are informed, 'is always just before the dawn.' It's true. Reassuring too. But how do you tell whether you've arrived at the darkest hour? Aren't all 'dark hours' pretty much as dark as each other? And even if there is a distinction, what do they mean when they say 'just' before the dawn? How soon is soon going to be? The very fact that 'soon' for you can't come soon enough, tells you something about the kind of time you have reached. Now, hold your hand up to your face. Can you see your fingers?If you don't want to jump from the top of a diving board, you can beat a retreat at any moment. You can drop to your knees, crawl back towards the ladder and then descend. You have free choice. Nobody can force you. And none of us should ever feel that there is any shame in changing your mind. The reason for carrying on should only ever be positive. We should proceed when we believe that we are doing the right thing, even if it isn't a particularly easy thing to do. Determination will yet help you greatly.

We all like to feel as if we are in control. We can't help it. We are made that way. So, you may wish to ask, what about the people who seem to act as if they really don't care what happens because they are so easy-going and happy-go-lucky, that whatever happens is fine with them? Well, it is not that they are only pretending, or even that they are kidding themselves but somehow, they have taken control of their own fear of losing control! That gives them all the power they need. That's something to think about this week. Now, I'm really excited to announce the launch of a brand new personal chart. It's called the 7 Year Life Map and it contains some amazing revelations about your life. Once you read it, you'll be able to truly fulfil your potential. And to celebrate the launch there's a 20% discount. Get yours here!OFFER ENDS TOD

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