Monday, 30 June 2014

The truth.' they say, 'will set us free.' 'Lies,' we are also told, though not quite so succinctly, 'imprison us in a web of artificial fears and restrictions.' That may all be accurate and appropriate but what about the half-truths? And the gentle deceptions? And the little twists and spins that we all sometimes apply when describing reality in order to protect people from their sensitivities?
Things happen and they keep on happening. Do they really happen for a reason? Well, yes, if by that, you mean when we trace back the factors that led to the event, we can see what choices were made and which motives took control.
 But if, by that, you mean some supremely intelligent force was carrying out a grand cosmic plan? Well, maybe none of us are intelligent enough to truly know! In our emotional life, though, placing some trust in a higher intelligence has to be the smartest thing you can do!
When our hearts are full, our lives have meaning. And when we're caught up in tense exchanges, it gets so much harder to recognise and celebrate all that's good! How are we supposed to keep the blues at bay? Are we destined for an experience of misery if we don't strive to find the best level of relationship with those who matter most?
 Right now, that's actually not the solution. Give yourself to the most worthy endeavour We can. And much of what's tense in our emotional life will naturally, surprisingly resolve itself.

'Just because you have forgiven someone does not mean that you have to participate in their continued madness. Forgive them, then keep them at a distance.' 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

We use the terms 'temporary' and 'permanent' to distinguish the passing from the prolonged. In reality, nothing lasts forever. All is ephemeral. That is worth keeping in mind this, as you assess the importance of an offer or invitation. What matters so enormously now, may prove to be of little or no consequence, sooner than you think. Likewise, something you find hard to justify because of its seemingly fleeting nature may yet turn out to be of great worth due to the enduring memory it creates.
Beauty is from spirit not the outside ..
Do you love to ignore the case,
you need to have in my life,
so the flower is very beautiful,
but also beautiful flowers for me is you.
Despite your Tghaful sought thee;
A life you will never miss us!
Everyone has their own way disturbed;
scorching Dhunp this is not a tree;
do not have any bread to eat;
And no one has time to eat bread ..
 imagine you are trying to solve a puzzle.There is a prize if you get it right or a punishment if you fail. 'Any old solution' won't do. The object of the exercise is not just to fill space. You are better off with a hole in your grid than you are with a misleading answer. You may not know, what you can accept but you know what you can reject. That's a fine start. Be fussy and be ready to succeed.
Imagine sitting in a cinema so bored by a movie that you start looking at the Exit sign and wondering who designed it and why it is that colour? Why would you do that? Well, maybe you are with someone who loves that film and will feel upset or abandoned if you depart. Or maybe... well, whatever the reason, there is an analogy here with something that is happening (or not happening) in your life. You are 'failing to engage' with a key situation, you either need to get into it... or get out of it!

Beauty of Venice, Italy