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Friday, 22 September 2017


The doctor has given me a year to live with cancer because mine is aggressive cancer which has occurred within six months of treatment.
But I do believe in god HE may extend my life. God alone has power. Who rely on their faith or spirituality tend to experience increased hope and optimism.I believe I have full control of my emotions till now. Though pain and the feeling what next...after every test never gone.
I read spiritual books which helped me to decrease my feeling of anxiety, depression, and anger, why god you have given me this big C.
Children have their own life while my husband died after hearing cancer has come back. Now it's six months I am alone, fighting with cancer. My daughter is married. Son got married recently but no one can fill a gap.
Sometimes blood count is low sometimes platelets and red cells are also too low. Spirituality helped me to be more compliant with treatment and live a healthier ifestyle.  Better control of pain, anger or feeling of isolation. I try to adjust to the physical and emotional effects of cancer treatment.
Nobody including doctor knows what to expect from cancer treatment, it is always challenging. I want to know the meaning of my existence,
why why and why this is happening to me?
Sometimes ai try to enjoy whatever left with positive feelings and satisfaction with life and inner peace.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I have known people who will throw it on your face of how kind, generous, charitable they are, how often they meditate and pray, in order to gain self-glorification and also in a way to put the other person down.
Things changed with when you have less time on this earth.
I have cancer,aggressive one and living with it for the last one and half year. My fears how my end will be- painful or peaceful. Now I am living in moment,have known power of now automatically,without any external force.

My life is now enjoying each moment,falling asleep and expect to wake up each day focusing on possibilities- preparing to die but expecting to live. Strange?  But when you wake up,you have to find your place in this world in spite of your pains and sufferings and that's the spirit of a winner!

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Sunday, 13 August 2017




One can stand erect only if there is an ideal in life.All life forms struggle for food, shelter, and progeny.  But we have much more to do as a human being. Rarest thing is genuine hummiity,integrity and a true sense of love. Where there is true love there is god.



Saturday, 6 May 2017


Everything is a complete package in life. If someone has some weaknesses, he/she would have good qualities too. If life has some challenges then life would have some gifts too. So if your life has challenges, then it would have good parts too.repeat those things all day and the be grateful for them.Photo
This is your path.The problem is not that there are innumerable roads leading to The One but in reality the mess up is that most people are certain that their pathway is the only true approach to liberation, heaven, God-Goddess-Guru.