Saturday, 31 May 2014

 You are never going to lose the magic that makes you special. You've always had what it takes and you've still got it now.Will you need to go beyond wherever you have been before? Quite possibly. But if you treat the challenge arising before you as an opportunity to shine, your inner star won't let you down.Any victory will be hollow (and temporary) if it leaves someone else suffering the agony of defeat.You must not force yourself to love a situation you find difficult. But there must be some kind of compromise. The common enemy to unite against is 'the danger to all sides that a continued dispute will bring.' Don't be callous. Problem on the side of kindness. But do be strong when you need to be. All will be well.

Friday, 30 May 2014

The price of gold goes up and down like a cork bobbing along on the ocean of collective consciousness. The more the millions feel insecure about their future, the higher it rises. How odd that we give such a high value to rocks and metals, yet we fail to appreciate the preciousness of more elusive ethereal resources like hope, inspiration, enthusiasm or compassion. Who could possibly put a price on those?You will find a real opportunity to express and explore a priceless feeling. Show it the respect it deserves. What do genies do whilst waiting in their lamp for someone to make a wish?
Some people, it seems, are motivated only by money. They know 'the price of everything and the value of nothing.' There are, after all, exceptions to every rule.You may be amongst the most idealistic and altruistic. People often tell you that you do yourself no favours when you fail to acknowledge your full financial worth.  Before you decide what you need to look more carefully at what you've already got.  

Life doesn't always have to be tough. We don't earn our place on this planet by suffering and struggling. Pain may sometimes lead to gain but it is perfectly possible to have plenty of one without any of the other.

 'have you earned a break from stress and strife?' It is, 'are you able to see that you deserve this, regardless of what you have or haven't done?'  Have the grace to accept these gifts of god with gratitude.Some very pleasing developments are always possible by god's grace!
When toddlers first learn to ask the question, 'why?' they drive their parents to exasperation. No matter how carefully the adults attempt to explain, the question just bounces back. 'But why this?' And, 'Why that?' The children only really ever stop asking because eventually they realise that the question 'why' simply never elicits a satisfactory response. There is no answer to the biggest 'why' in your life, but as you begin to become happier about a situation, it won't bother you anywhere near so much. 
Sometimes you have to forget what's gone;
Appreciate what still remains;
and look forward to what's coming next...

Beauty of Venice, Italy