Monday, 31 December 2012

The lord of universe do exists who has created all including us,when matter and things are there ,there should be a creator and we named it as God.God is not a property of any religion,God is our faith and above all the humanity and creation.Religion is different,religion is a path to reach god. So there should be no confusion or fights. God is one but we call HIM with different names as in humans a person may have different names as mother may call her son with different name,father with another loving name friends may call with different names so we have different names for one God. That's all. But the question is this the way things are supposed to be? When God is perfect and never does bad,never touches bad.Then why there are so  many problem which humanity is facing,greed,hatred,ego or terrorism.
We are told that God is: Omnipotent, but he's not, he's better than that, he only uses his power for Good.
We are told that God is:Omniscient, but he's not, he's better than that, he lets us choose. (Free-Will)
We are told that God is:Omnipresent, but he's not, he's better than that.
 Medicine tries to repair and prevent, Law tries to control and correct, Religion and Philosophy try to explain, and much of Science tries to repair, but still there are evils,who spread terror and common man suffer.
 No. this is not the way things are supposed to be. Please consider this: For a law to be a law it can have no exceptions, in fact, that is what makes it a law. Similarly, for a complete explanation to be truly complete it must cover all possible aspects, or it is in fact not a complete explanation.  To say that God permits wickedness so as to allow persons to choose to serve him might satisfy some. But frankly, many have chosen to serve God and still suffer and experience wickedness.While some never believe in existence of  God and yet sometimes prosper greatly. And when a two-week old infant suffers horribly and dies of cancer, please, tell me how that child benefits from suffering. In fact, wickedness is not here for anyone's benefit. It is a horrible thing that God is forced to deal with, and HE will deal with it well. But it is not something he chose.

We know god from different sources,our understanding of facts or truths which are based on experiences called methodology and knowledge from introspection,axioms or self evidence, So our knowledge is in psychophysical state. Confusions or disagreements are not on the existence of god but on the proofs,truth or knowledge which is variable from one experience to another and from one person to another,different person have different thoughts and perceptions. Introspection or enlightenment experiences are also different. So logic,evidences subjective experiences concerning the quality of existence or evidence for subjective reality are yet to decide. Whether an object of mind is accepted for existence or whether it can ne accepted or justified?

The truth about God should elevate your view of him. Do you think that:1. God is limited (in a good way) Or 2. God is a victim or 3. God is on trial. Actually  God does not permit wickedness,but it is forced on him against his will.The truth about God should elevate your view of him.
The concept of Aum, may suit scientific minds better. For, it conforms to the three postulates of physics: Beginning from a singularity, Spontaneity and Chaos. The Vedantic concept acknowledges the existence of one and only primordial source — the boundary-less singularity, with no beginning or end — which remains the efficient and material cause of creation. In unmanifest state, it is perceived as being without form or perceptible attribute, but not without content. Evidently, such a state could be possible within the energy 
framework alone, so the primordial source is something of an energy-whole
The laws of physics may be able to partly explain the cosmos. But, so far, physics has not been able to establish a correlation between the primal source and man. Science fails to establish a continuum between the source and the manifest in practical terms. Arguments for and against the existence of God have been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others for thousands of years. In philosophical terms, such arguments involve primarily the disciplines of epistemology (the nature and scope of knowledge) and ontology(study of the nature of being,reality and  existence and  also the theory of value, since concepts of perfection are connected to notions of God. A wide variety of arguments exist which can be categorized as metaphysical,logical,empirical or subjective. The existence of God is subject to lively debate in philosophy, the philosophy of religion and popular culture.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

According to the laws of Physics, what we consider cold, in fact is the absence of heat. Anything is able to be studied as long as it transmits energy (heat). Absolute Zero is the total absence of heat, but cold does not exist. What we have done is create a term to describe how we feel if we don't have body heat or we are not hot."Darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in fact simply the absence of light. Light can be studied, darkness can not. Darkness cannot be broken down. A simple ray of light tears the darkness and illuminates the surface where the light beam finishes. Dark is a term that we humans have created to describe what happens when there's lack of light."Darkness does not exist either. "we see violations, crimes and violence anywhere in the world, and those things are evil. Evil is a term which man has created to describe the result of the absence of God's presence in the hearts of man."--these were Einstein words proving god's presence. 
As the absence of heat is the cold and absence of light is darkness and absence of god's presence is called Evil. These are well known facts but pointed by someone at right time clicks. It is our faith and where we put our faith that thing exists.Absence of faith and love is Evil where one do whatever he like without a second thought.Cheating,theft,rape or murder are result of negative thoughts are evil.

Monday, 24 December 2012


 By trusting god and doing that your life demands, you can finally take that decision which puts an end to your hostile and unfavourable situation. Remember that it'll be enough for you to make the first step, the rest will come AUTOMATICALLY by grace of god . Take the opportunity available to you and correct once and for all everything which is not right around you.Make the most of this moment to grow and evolve and then you can work on spiritual elevation and reach important goals. Remember you will grow more quickly if you help people who need you.  Use useful opportunities - created for you- by you  to achieve what you want that is:  A  transitional phase which can move you from a negative problematic phase to a positive serene phase.
Peace is followed when you do everything honestly,hard work is translated into satisfaction and happiness which is not borrowed from outside sources. All is inward and not outside where we search and indulge self in irrelevant tasks which are in fact time wasters and create frustrations. So meet self in the sanctuary of  silence and find all answers.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


We knew that this world is full of sorrows ,pains and discontentment still do not want to lose it. We love our mortal body and all of our possessions ,we are attached to our family, and boast of our material achievements.  We love  and wanted to be loved . In fact we get in return the sufferings,through sufferings   god wants to show imperfections of this world,God wanted to show us how delusive our dream is.
Love is a universal need. When love is unconditional we can find someone as our companion to whom we can love and regard-respect as an expression of divinity. Then love is a godly protection. We would leave this planet unsatisfied if we sacrificed love at the altar of selfishness, abuse or lack of respect as love is forever an expression of God and perfection of soul. Love is divine when do not expect anything in return-even love for the sake of love.
Love God because he is our own,God’s love is protective like a father and forgive like a mother,mother would forgive her children unmindful of his wickedness. God is providing us all what we need. God is forever loving us and HIS love is forever for the perfection of soul.Such is divine love- no expectations in return. When we love god,there would be no difference between one human being and the other,god is our own and its creation is our own family. God is omnipresent.  Seek HIM with a burning desire and the more you would feel love in your heart- for love is joy and joy is love and love is god!
Death is the means by which dreams,matter changes back into the conscious of god to enjoy freedom which we never knew during earthly life,Soul can not be drowned  and no fire can burn. But after death soul wants to get back body desperately to enjoy earthly comforts and possessions which one has acquired during lifetime. Knowingly that this body is subjected to diseases and troubles, one will come back to earth again and again until desires are alive.
Birth and death are two doors through which one dream passes to another. Sometime we born as Hindu sometimes as a Frenchman or American – will you like to go through such delusions again and again? Each of us think our nation is great or our custom is great and fight. So how long we should like to go through life and deaths play?  AWAKEN IN GOD.
Awaken from its nightmare’s and want of comforts change your mind. Adopt simplicity which is best for all of us, Trained your mind not to be dependent on externals for good health and contentment. Trained mind as we are in habit of thinking that we cannot live without comforts or the things we are attached to. Or life experiences will teach you for the right thinking in its own way. So start right living do not cater to bodily desires why to enslave self in delusions.simple life leads to inner peace and happiness so cultivate good habits.  DO NOT BOUND BY ANYTHING.
As our attachments deepens delusions. We will be rudely awakened one day to find that nothing belongs to us,things were to use. You cannot possess things,you can use it for some time. A housekeeper who lives in her master’s house, looks after, devotedly, loyal and faithful, looks after the house knowingly her own house is elsewhere. Likewise this earthly possessions are not ours however we can enjoy  for sometime. This is way to lead a peaceful simple life.


When we are caught in mind-heart battle,it is impossible to keep cool. At that time instead of thinking about grievous experiences,find someone who loves you and have soft feeling for you-who cares you. Release painful experiences from mind,let go the person or event which is causing pains for you. If you do not acknowledge your weaknesses in the face of problems or troubles and if you refuse to worry about your problems,you will find yourself happy.
So while trying to resolve the disturbances/problems in your life,rise above the level of disturbances and make remedies without worries. As worries create anxieties and would paralysis the mental strength. Mind you have to perform in life's drama  not less than the BEST. Gather all your potential and mental strengths to resolve the matter in hand and be stress free in a moment.
We do not feel any pain  in sleep,likewise trained mind to set at that level while we are waking,live in free conscious state.Mind is a wonderful servant but terrible master so tame your mind is has wonderful powers,so be master of self.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


No one is interested in you as everybody has his own area of interests. Creating interest is needed to attract someone's attention. Curiosity is another factor and what will happen to us when we grow old or die is prime factors- which are every body's concern. Spiritual leaders are doing this job for us,they would tell us how we should lead a purposeful life contributing humanity. Actually everybody knows all deep in his/her heart,but we are in the habit of listening same thing from others as a stamp or validity on our thoughts.
Telling your own story in your own words is not a difficult task,critics on your writing will unveil other unexpected issues even you are as author of your own story do not know the route where your story could land! Story is weaving of events in words. Words are most powerful weapon so handle with care while playing with words.


Four letter word love contain as much as endless sky and depth-less ocean have within. Divine love is so intoxicating that if you  could feel a particle of divine love,so great would be your joy-so empowering---you could not contain it.---said our revered guru Swami Yogananda Paramhansa,who stayed AMERICA for most of his life to deliver wisdom of east. In his book Divine Romance he clearly mentioned that love is not ultimate,ultimate is bliss,ever new bliss. He again describe love-love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes unites and binds together.Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings, and are attracted to blissful reunion with god.
Worldly love is mutual exchange of feelings,love expresses itself in various ways- in fact love is a thought through  which it moves.
Man is a bundle of thoughts,in thoughts he lives and will die. Negative thoughts are evils once you are entrapped in evil,it is hard to escape,to win the war of life we have to overcome evil or became insane in negativity.Negativity is enemy within,we have to destroy it with strong determination.Life is same for all of us but how we lead it is different,that is why some become great while other waste it. To become master of self we have to win the war within.God has given  power to remove ignorance and uncover our wisdom,power to move our body and do everything we like to do.
Stagnation of thoughts is very dangerous,as it is too easy to sit and waste time.Doing nothing is harming body mind and spirit.Our greatest duty is to win self and  regain our place in the kingdom of god,so do not dwell on petty issues invest your time to find HIM.
The greater the difficulties,the greater chance to show the world and the God that you are winner. Winners have same powers as we have as son of god but they utilize their powers to the fullest while we waste them in thoughts,this is the difference between a loser and a winner!
All things made clear in the light of god,so be with HIM always,to gain the wisdom and be with god is the only purpose far which we are here on the earth. Find self and god first then do whatever life demands from you-do to the best ability.
When you are soaked in godly love,you become more positive and attract positive things and situations.As human we do mistakes,we do fall but it is not a sin,rise again and walk erect this is a pleasure of using your powers and satisfaction of winning the situation.The most sinful act is to admit failures as in doing so you are ignoring godly powers.You are made in the image of God so never give up! BUT DON'T DECEIVE SELF.

Friday, 21 December 2012


Money can buy anything for you. One must have money to survive in this world. Only poor person  can explain what money is! While poor struggle hard to get it,middle income group find himself in tight corner when he has debts to clear,or need enough money for the treatment of his near and dears or for education of his children. He has money but not enough. Rich person have money in plenty so he can talk about money in a lighter way. Money is important but extravagant is unimportant.
Enough money is required to sustain our lives. Money provides security and security whether it is emotional or otherwise is needed to lead a balance life. It's all how much you have and how much you need. It also depends on what type of person you are and what is your age. As children need a little,youngsters need much to spend and enjoy .
 To maintain peace and happiness we need money.You can buy anything you want,money make everything possible to great extent. You can enjoy good food,clothes or tour to any place while you have money in your pocket. Though money is important factor for all of us but it is not everything in the world,true happiness when you have had all the luxuries and comforts inside everyone a deep yarning for something greater arise.
When we have debts  and responsibility that weigh on us-money would go a long way towards helping us fulfilled our dreams so a certain amount of money can buys peace of mind and sense of happiness. Too much of everything is not good,one time when we do not have enough to sustain our lives and other time we have plenty but no one to share ,care and love. Imagine a person have all but badly need someone to engage self,to feel lovable or important. Or a person have near and dears all along but badly needs some amount which he could not arrange,what could be his position? He may have regrets for not having enough money to save life of someone near,I knew the pain because I had suffered in my teenage the loss of my mother who died of breast cancer and we did not have money. Money has power.
The richest and most productive lives are characterized  by the ability to fully engage in the challenges at hand but also disengage periodically and seek renewal. MONEY MAKES THE MERE GO!


As long as we are in  this body everything is real. This is relative reality of all things that are happening. So while you are living do as you have wanted to do and not as you should do, feeling of something doing forcibly is not good in the long run.  But hold on please, think for a moment when you are doing what you like or what you have wanted to do- Who is going to pay you for  things you love to do?
You might have worked hard for your life and career and you talked about who you are or at least think who you are? You might have good status and earning good money-money and status would  tell who you are! But having all does not mean that you are happy.  We are much happier when we feel settled.
Life is a lesson learnt from life’s situations. Be adaptable and feel fresh not bore, boredom indicates your dissatisfaction that you are not happy. Now question is why we feel stressed? When we start comparing self with others-our lifestyle and others lifestyle. Other people may be in habit of posing,they  make you sure that their life is better than you and you start comparing,comparision is healthy when you learn from and unhealthy when you succumbed to their superiority complex. Why you feel less than someone else?Its more bad when you feel guilty.Feeling of shame or guilt can leave you in despair / tears.
Some  find it boring without comparing themselves with others.Never compare with others if you are in habit of feeling bad. YOU ARE GREAT. Think positive. Everybody has limits and own style of thoughts,everybody will do as per one’s thinking and capacity. Whenever you feel bad dig a pitch and fill it with your bad feeling and dump there all. Organized life,happy life- some seems to be happier than others but actually not,they are telling lies. We all are actors in real life so how you can judge others and others can judge you?What are the indicators of judging happiness?
Everybody wanted to lead a happy life,and they are happy to some extent like us. Every life is different and same to some extent.similarity is life’s situations are similar but how we handle is different things at different time. Relationships,marriage,having children and rearing them is similarity in every body’s lives but approaches are different so anyone can seem to be happy because he/she is doing better than you and me. So change your life for better is always good.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Man is God's deadliest creature,now man has become so inhuman that one brother keeps an eye on other with ill intentions to grab his part of bread. Why we do this? To have more and more,even each of us knew the reality that we have to leave here all our belongings one day. We have everything like good education,good opportunities to grow and enough wealth. Now law also protect the mightier one,less blessed one are on the mercy of god.Every minute there is human right violation in one or the other form. How we can defend self and protect others rights is still  not assessed. People conceive ideas to harass others and we know how well law is protecting human rights,everybody want to serve his own purpose and interests.
When we are not safe in our own houses in our own country. Everybody is carrying emotional baggage and pain in general, rate of emotional baggage is high in women's. They survive and only this makes them ULTIMATE WINNERS! Women are too human being and they want to enjoy their share of life on their own but now allowed. They are wanting to be seen,heard or noticed as special talent and personal style. Need is to breakthrough old patterns of thinking,situation and limitations,on the other hand women should play their role protectively. Their individuality should shine through in a crowd of personalities. To bring stability in life and relations she has to work out-go through dark night of soul,balance disciplined and alert.We act as per our mental conditioning.
We do all as we used to do.But we could not choose dysfunctional relationship or any negative situation in our life. Still it is fact we are compelled to think,feel and act according to the conditioning of mind or society.
The mind is conditioned by past and want to recreate what is known,unknown is always dangerous as mind has no control over it. This is the only reason for our disliking  for the unknown. And we choose unconsciously the known pattern as per our conditioning-may it be painful but we do not allow self to be in present and venture in past  and attract pain body.
Dissolve the past,throw light to dispel the darkness by being present in present.It is conditioned mind running your life, acknowledge the power of NOW and merged self in present,then you could act differently by breaking old patterns of conditioned mind,everyone is suffering from this disease-the difference is of various angles,from where one is viewing.
Our mind is conditioned from our past lives which create further sufferings burden of fear,conflicts,problems and thereby generate only pain. Free yourself from the clutches of conditioned mind and accept what is-is. Then past ceases and present blossom.
This world is said to be a dream and when we are dreaming the finite world and this physical reality of all the things that are happening -as long as we are in this body,this world is a reality. This is relative reality of all things that are happening while we are dreaming the worldly dream. When there is pain we have to take medicine ,then all is necessary to release the pain. But through practice we can get hold of underlying reality that this world is a dream and we are dreaming.
Yogic practice and meditation is necessary. But everyone is not fortunate enough to see such realities in one life-time. Great Yogi practice years together with full concentration of mind to unwind the conditioning of mind and see reality. We may try to improve the quality of life with spiritual journey.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Most people are confident that they can solve their all problems themselves and god has nothing to do with their day to day affairs.We must have open mind and open eyes,we should not believe anyone who claims to be superman or has seen god. But if we are firm believer of god,we do not need to go somewhere,just sit and meditate,come closer to your real self and view your own strengths,inner powers,gather scattered thoughts or stop there -just control their intensity because it is impossible to stop thought process for common person.Viewing god is like looking  self in a  mirror.Be a seeker,believe in self and Truth. Truth is God. Truth is one and ultimate.But which hurts others,like calling a blind man as O blind man! come here should not be uttered.Or truth like a person carrying a knife, following a person ask you where the man has gone and you knew it,you should not tell the truth as it would harm someone badly.Know the limit first but do no manipulate truth. 

External circumstances regularly change quickly. You must consider however that the most intimate essence of man is unchanged over time. Give what you have to grow. Try to help others as well as you can. Everything will sort out itself. As a human being we are in the habit of worrying about everything and waste our energies. Conserving the energy within and utilizing it in spiritual progress,is our need. Do not overwhelmed by external circumstances,focus on its hidden meaning. We are here to enjoy,so enjoy what ever situation is,keeping inner calm and balance of mind- keep going.God will take care of rest.

Actually we over-react the situation,most of time we watch and let go the time pass by instead of utilizing it.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


What Is Psychology?

Psychology is the science of the mind and behavior. The word "psychology" comes from the Greek word psyche meaning "breath, spirit, soul", and the Greek word logia meaning the study of something.
The parent-child relationship is one of the longest lasting social ties human beings establish," said Kira Birditt, lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR). "This tie is often highly positive and supportive but it also commonly includes feelings of irritation, tension and ambivalence." . According to Birditt, tensions may be more upsetting to parents than to children because parents have more invested in the relationship. Parents are also concerned with launching their children into successful adulthood.  Both mothers and fathers reported more tension in their relationships with daughters than with sons.  Daughters generally have closer relationships with parents that involve more contact which may provide more opportunities for tensions in the parent-daughter tie.Relationship problems like basic personality differences and parents providing unsolicited advice tend to cause more problems," Birditt said. "It may be that these kinds of tensions are longer-term, and reflect deep-seated conflicts that you just can't escape.Whereas other type of problems can be sorted out but deep seated conflicts remains.according to Birditt, that is bad news. Avoidance and destructive strategies are associated with poorer quality relationships overall. The good news is that both parents and children wanted to fill up the gap by sorting out the problems. "The old adage, 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all,' isn't good advice for parents and adult children," she said. "Avoidance doesn't work as a strategy for dealing with conflicts. It appears to make things worse." Source: Diane swanbrow,univeristy of michigan.
The history of attachment between child and parent influences their relationship in mid- and later life. Attachment is an enduring emotional bond between two people. According to research on attachment bonds, intimate attachments are the center of a person’s life. Attachment between parent and child begins before birth and provides comfort and security to the child.Attachment of children is primarily toward one or two people in the beginning of life. As a child develops attachments with other people, such as a spouse or other family member, he is not as dependent on the attachment to parents for comfort and security. The attachment with parents changes over time; however, it remains important throughout adulthood.The history of attachment between child and parent influences their relationship in mid- and later life. Attachment is an enduring emotional bond between two people. According to research on attachment bonds, intimate attachments are the center of a person’s life. Attachment between parent and child begins before birth and provides comfort and security to the child.
 Feelings of closeness to and affection for a parent are the most basic indicators of attachment. Feelings of attachment run high and are more intense during renewal or threat of loss. Attempts to maintain contact and communication with the attached person are called attachment behaviors and are more readily observable than feelings .Each individual has a unique relationship with his parent. This insight may account for differences in the way adult children relate to parents or help in determining realistic expectations from the relationship. Realizing when there are less feelings of closeness may prevent needless comparisons. All families do not have strong bonds of affection, identification or real liking for the other person which create emotional intimacy.
 ASSESS THE DEGREE OF CLOSENESS   How satisfying is my relationship with my mother/father? How close do I feel toward each parent? How well do I relate to my mother/father?To what extent do my mother/father and I enjoy spending time with each other? Is how comfortable I feel being with my parent time-related? For example, some children find only a few hours or days can be spent visiting a parent without tension or old conflicts erupting.What interests do my parents and I share with each other? How much do we talk with each other about our concerns? About the future? Sensitive subjects, such as death.
 ASSESS THE DEGREE OF CONFLICTS:To what extent do you now have conflicts with your mother/father?What are the areas of conflicts? To what degree are the conflicts “carry-overs” from childhood or early adulthood?Are conflicts caused by your parent’s temperaments or your personality?How would you say you have contributed to each conflict? We cannot change another person, but often there are things we can do—for example, improve the way we communicate or change the situation—that may reduce 
Answering these questions may not be easy. Old or new feelings may emerge. However, look for new insights. Write down your feelings, impressions and insights. This may help you to determine actions that will enhance your relationship. What is one step that would be realistic and constructive in giving direction to your new relationship or reducing a conflict?
When an aging parent or adult child wishes to reconcile differences, there are several suggestions for attempting to resolve the conflict:Work through feelings, being as honest and open as you can. Things that hurt you in the past may be explained or acknowledged. Often feelings can change and relationships improve through this process. However, it takes a willingness to share feelings and insights. This can be a painful process sometimes.You may wish to ask a minister or counselor to assist you in the process of reconciliation to help you move the process constructively along.Sometimes, by giving yourselves a chance to know each other as you are today, appreciation for the other person grows, feelings and situations of yesterday are put in perspective and acceptance comes more easily.
Filial maturity is another factor influencing relationships and refers to the adult child’s ability to accept her parents as individuals—recognizing their parent’s personal needs and goals, accepting imperfections and failings as well as positive qualities. It implies relating to and supporting aging parents in an adult way. To achieve filial maturity requires understanding, patience and self-acceptance.
Aging parents who are not also achieving reciprocal parental maturity limit the level of filial maturity adult children can attain. Parental maturity means parents also accept their adult children as adults, forego condescending attitudes and willingly accept help from the younger generation.
Do my parents accept me as an adult with rights to my own opinions, values, lifestyles, even if these differ from theirs? Do I accept my parents as individuals or am I judgmental of their choices and decisions? Do I interfere with and try to control their lives? Remember, filial maturity may require working through an old relationship and arriving at a new more equitable relationship.
The following quote from the Family Service Association of America emphasizes the qualities of filial maturity, “If you feel that your parent has not accepted you or loved you, stop trying to make it happen, but begin to find new ways of accepting yourself, loving yourself and validating yourself as a human being. Finish any unfinished business with your parent. If you can, say ‘I’m sorry’ and help make it easy for them to say ‘I am sorry’ to you. Accept them as human beings who happen to be your parents.”
Balance your own needs and those of your parents without feeling overwhelmed or overpowered. Learn to express your feelings and wishes to your parents. Let parents share their feelings, wishes and concerns about aging and the future. Listening is one way to support the elderly parent. This emotional support may be as important as financial or physical care. Be physically involved by touching or embracing if this seems natural to you or your parent.
Take a preventative approach, especially with active parents. Help parents find a way to stay involved with life, to learn and grow to meet their own needs. This may prolong independence. Motivate them by giving emotional support and inspiration. Encourage them to have hopes, dreams, ambitions and new goals. Provide “back up” support as they try new things—travel, a new occupation or remarriage. Make it possible for parents in poor health to keep in touch with others. Bring the stimulation of the outside world to your ill parents by providing books, magazines or conversation. Occasionally help them with refreshments for a small group of old friends in for an evening together.
In other words, encourage aging parent’s self care rather than giving direct services when possible. If you think parents need a change of scene, rather than taking them somewhere, help them plan a trip or outing that they can manage on their own. Buying a pair of comfortable walking shoes and encouraging daily walks for exercise, to the library or to the bus stop only a few blocks away, fosters a self-helping lifestyle more so than readily furnishing transportation.
Adult children can be most effective in relating to and helping parents if they understand the changes taking place in the parent’s life, how they feel about these changes, and the implication of these changes.
One of the most significant characteristics of increasing age is loss—loss of roles, health, financial security, spouse and friends. Losses may be multiple or occur in such rapid succession that the person is not able to adjust to one loss before being confronted with another.
How a parent responds to circumstances may also affect the child’s relationship with him. For example, if the parent complains excessively about losses and how little she sees her adult children, the adult child may feel overwhelmed or helpless to remedy the situation. He may stay away from the parent rather than listen to the complaints. Consequently, the parent may feel cut off from the adult child—thus adding another loss to the list of losses and further straining the relationship.
Very aged parents may withdraw from painful reality to pleasant memories of the past—especially when denial has been the lifetime pattern for dealing with losses. In this case, this withdrawal affects the extent the adult child is able to relate to the parent. On the other hand, the parent may need and want help but not permit the adult child to provide any help because he wishes to remain independent regardless of the cost. Such independence may suggest that the older person desires detachment from family members, not permitting the closeness preferred by the adult children.
You can learn about the aging process, common problems of the older adults and the effect of disease. Find out what your parent wants or needs. The adult child’s and aging parent’s perceptions of service needs sometimes differ. For example, the majority of adult children view personal care (bathing and dressing) and home health care (at-home medical or health treatments or home nursing care) needs of their parents as more important while parents view protection (guarding against crime, checks on daily health and security), bureaucratic mediation (dealing with government agencies and business) and reading materials as more important.
Such differences can have practical consequences. If children disregard their parent’s feelings about needed services or force services that a parent views as unimportant, their relationship with their parent may suffer. Both are likely to feel frustration and anger when it seems the other does not appreciate their views, efforts or needs.
Try to understand reasons for different perceptions. They may reflect different values, communication problems, long-standing conflicts or lack of sensitivity to parents’ needs. Closer contact and observation usually reveal concerns of the elderly. Remember, too, that as long as your parents are mentally competent, they have the right to make decisions affecting their own lives.
  • Learn about the developmental changes of middle age and the problems that adult children face today.
  • Cooperate with adult children when help is needed.
  • Make it as easy as possible for adult children to help. It may mean being more flexible to prevent frustration of adult children. For example, the fragile 95-year-old can permit people other than her exhausted 75-year-old daughter to do the household tasks—even if she prefers her daughter to do them rather than hire someone else.
  • Accept help graciously. Rely on others and let them rely on you. This opens the way for the adult child to help with the elderly parent. This way the aging parent permits the adult child to grow to fullest maturity.
  • Communicate openly. Build a climate where feelings can be shared and solutions can be reached together.
  • Share with adult children what it means to age. You may even help your adult children to accept their own aging.
Families that view dependence needs as normal and varying across the life span—from infancy through old age—create a climate for the development of interdependence. An intergenerational strength with the potential for supportiveness by more generations is created. In mutual dependency the old will not attempt to manipulate or control the behavior of the young nor will the younger generation attempt to take control or treat their parents as helpless. With mutual dependency, the aging parent and the adult child can each maintain self esteem.
Do not expect money from your parents once you are married,decrease your expenses or try to earn more.You know your parents better than anyone else, so if you are at the end of your rope and know they can and will help, then ask. Children are likely to rebel against their parents to a certain extent into their twenties, so don't give them ammunition.This is your children's chance to express their own sense of style, let him express himself better.Help out when you can, as well. Doing the dishes or offering to fix a meal are helpful, adult activities. If you know money is tight for your parents and your finances can handle it, take them out to dinner or buy some groceries, especially if you are staying with them for more than a few days or you bring a family with you. Having some consideration helps prevent resentment that sometimes crops up when adult children spend time at home.
Regardless of how much parents and their adult children love each other, having a good relationship can be difficult. But having some consideration for each other and reminding yourselves of how much you care can go a long way toward establishing and keeping a good relationship.Older the child greater the problems to bother.-----------------

Monday, 10 December 2012


The person who can brighten up our lives can be beloved, friends or smile of little one. All have capacity to lessen our sorrows,friends or loved one can smell something is wrong in the bottom when ever we try to hide something. Influence and influencing cause some bitterness in relationships as influence  may be of superiority complex or getting the things done in their own way which the other do not want.
Influencing is more common between children and parents or between friends when they force the other to go out for a party or movie  Children lie to their parents to please the friends or they do not want any label from friends. Parents force children to do things according to their way and not the way children want.
Why we try to influence someone,to show our concern or to show our superiority though parents are learned and experienced one - they do not want their children to suffer so they do so. Some times it becomes suffocating. Avoid such things in case it is pressurizing your children. Mind is combination of  intellect,ego and mind. Evolution is getting state of glory,to reach this state one may take many births. soul strength is as such ,as light is covered with a glass and glass is dirty so it loses its shines but actually light is shining as ever bright but due to dirty glass its light is dim- likewise soul never loses its strength but mind covered with glass of ego and other impurities  lighten its strength it seemed- but it is not a reality.One has to realize it,then realization happens.
When children grow,they also try to influence their parents as they had seen earlier,which is embarrassing for parents,as they never expect from their little ones to whom they had showered their love and affection with genuine concern as they are their own part of body. But children have hot blood and mind. They have seen it happening everywhere so they justified themselves-painful and hurting for parents.Have patience is the only way to console self.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


 You can obtain something by moving slowly and being constant. Be content with your position and in this way you'll go far. Instead of adopting laziness,it is right moment to modify some of your habits. Stagnant situations can only get worse. Life has many twist and turns and the only solution lies in watching patiently and not over-reacting. Time will open its petals one by one giving  you wonderful surprises it has in its fold. you will get the best results by being faithful to your current role, contributing to the well-being of others.

Don't give up, even if something is worrying you. Make the most of this circumstance and transform every difficulty into a stimulus so that you can go ahead. Have faith in destiny which always changes bad into good. Luck is for the bravest! In a group one must always consider different ideas and different expectations. Avoid all pretensions.Group discussions and group meditation is good as we receive collective vibrations which are positive-in group we project  self in best way. To lead a group one must have authority of action and command,must lead by example.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


We want to bring attention of people to the importance of environment and mother earth,which we tend to ignore. We are using excessively everything  without having a second thought for our children and generations to come. As we already knew that sea level is increasing and protective shield  above the sky is thinning due to pollution,still we are turning a deaf ear to all calls made by  scientists.Our existence is based on earth then we need other things like food,shelter and clothes but we are not serious,we are self centered to our own existence, ignoring interdependence that exists between all living beings, humans,animals and plants. No body could live without these.
 Trees create many chemicals, seeds and fruit of great utility to man. Trees also remove carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, from the air.
Everybody is in the race of  making extensive use of all resources consumer culture encouraged by those who turn resources into goods and services.Which we think are indispensable.
Every form on the earth uses directly or indirectly the energy from sun.Renewal of oxygen photosynthesis, plants,animals and products,water cycle and even the formation of coal and mineral oil are the outcome of sun's energy. Our life depend on SUN. SUN,SUNLIGHT,AIR WATER WIND ARE NATURAL RESOURCES. Natural resources are  renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are sunlight,wind and water. Non-renewable resources are soil,ground,water,forests,living organisms and products.
Non-renewable resources are metals oil,coal, etc. which  either can be recycled or non-recycled. All the metals can be recycled but coal.oil gases that release energy  cannot be recycled.Now we are at the verge of loosing all  natural resources due to pollution and population explosion on earth.
As the number of people increases in a certain place, the state of being industrialized is also increasing. So, it tells us that waste management is becoming a serious problem all over the world. Proper way of waste disposal is the most crucial issue to the public, especially to the health of the people and the effect of it in the environment. In order to prevent this kind of problem in our society, we must learn the proper disposal of our garbage. It helps us to have a cleaner environment and lessen the chances of spreading diseases due to the improper waste disposal and it also lessen the possibility of contamination in not only in air, land, but as well as in ground water.
Save the environment,save mother earth,trees and control the pollution not for now,for future too!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


If you want to see miracles of life,go out and watch nature,how it is working and record it in your  memory.This earth supports crores of living organisms,the variety of living organisms is designed to  fit the environment they inhibit. But  we have to explore to see nature's miracles. Plants serve as the basis of all life by fixing the energy of  chemical bonds of simple sugar molecules. This function they perform  even in the simplest form they occur in single cells of algae suspended in water.In pond or well there is organic matter,it forms a veritable green soup of algae. We can see vast variety of plants in water having a slippery green film. On land gravity pulls one down much more effectively than inside water,living organism need support. Land plants re more complected,having roots,leaves,flowers and fruits to meet their manifold needs. Leaves are more versatile. Flowers are believed to be highly modified leaves,LEAVES afford remarkable opportunity  to observe how forms of living organisms are controlled by the environment.
Plants leaves provide food by photosynthesis,they get light,water and other nutrients through various parts.As Pores of leaves  serves function of gas exchange, and  losing excess water-which the roots have drawn from the ground-given these functions- the leaves necessarily get filled with juicy tissues attractive to animals. Go around and see the miracles of nature.
Plants  serves many purpose to humans and animals ,see how leaves of different plants  works for its survival,reproduction and how they affect appropriate compromises between all these needs and take on a range of sizes shapes and colors. From tiny leave to large leaves like banana tree. This is about only leaves,what to talk of other thousands of things which are around us and how they works. Intricate layers of nature are hard to understand.Nature is working subtly.
Water is essential for survival of all forms of life. As much as water is essential for the normal functioning of plants and humans,excess water  can lead to difficulties. HOW NATURE HAS MAINTAINED BALANCE? It is  a complex matter. Nature produce and maintain it-  all happens automatically as our breath system is working,without efforts smoothly.
Whenever you get disturbed by anxieties or worries,go and watch nature.All your worries will flew away. Life should be like a lotus plant,originated in mud but its flowers have no connection with mud,its leaves floating upper surface of water without stagnation as nature has provides the provision of waxy surface,likewise nature will provide us all we need-but we must have deep faith in god.  


Origin of life is still a mystery,as no fossil records survive. Nobody has synthesized life  from non-living matter. But scientists have progressed so far  that we have begun to understand  how life began. On the basis of verified facts and probabilities, it is thought that the life originated through a process of evolution. About five billion years ago when the earth was very hot, it had hydrogen, nitrogen , oxygen and carbon in the free elemental  forms. As the earth cooled,simple compounds, of these  elements such as methane,ammonia and water vapor were produced. The molecules were held as thick as clouds,then some of water condensed and came down to the surface as continuous  rains. The great seas were formed,the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and the frequent lightening helped to form several other compounds in the  atmosphere devoid of molecular oxygen. These chemicals as well as various minerals and salts form lands and reached the seas. The molecules mixed and collided with one and another. Sometimes two or more compounds fused to form larger compounds like simple carbohydrates, proteins,fats and nucleic acids. Such  molecules slowly organised themselves and formed small aggregations. These bodies acquired the essential properties of life,growth,metabolism and multiplication. Gradually cells and simple organisms evolved. In some such way as this, the living matters seem to have come into being in primeval sea water. The earliest records of the life occurs about 3 billion years ago.
NATURE is working in small ways but the result is bigger. I think NATURE IS WILL of GOD working for HIM. Now one can see sea changes around the world and worried about these changes as we have mixed our WILL and worked on it. World is extending and extensions are destructive in some ways as it is interfering with NATURE. We are doing so as thoughts arises in our mind to know the unknown and it is human nature-keep in mind to keep balance of thoughts always to serve humanity and GOD EQUALLY.

Monday, 3 December 2012


You are here in this world to create something new,co-creating with god. You have created family and surrounded by loved ones,suddenly to find that the people you love are self-destructing right before your eyes and you have tried to help them only to find that your help is not wanted. Actually you can not force others to accept your ways of life, of peace, of balancing, of harmony , of personal reflections and self  accountability.
To heal we need solid reasoning to our all resentments. As you do not build lighthouses in safe sunny places, you put them on the edge of shore where the storms are. Souls do not believe that unconditional love exists in this world on a day to day level. You were born alone and will die alone one day. It is nature of things that you  are alone and you have to work on yourself, to heal you have to change your attitude and then becoming more enlightened to the way the game of life is played.You want to be left alone as you see the world superficial. Then you yourself want to be alone to live simple perfectly balanced beautiful life. You have to learn the art to hold on inner light while held softly away from the real world.
When you start trusting God,you are spiritually healed and you begin to know hidden truth by grace of god.This world is beautiful indeed when we put away our self interest or selfishness. Love is indeed a beautiful world to share and care but without expectations. You need to master self how to be truly beautifully balanced loving soul that you will be to spread the light. you have to interact on a deep and heart-felt level.
You must shine your light into the darkness,for those souls who are less broken, frighten and alone,prayers are for mental-physical and emotional illness,to get strength or to improve your willpower we need firmness or power of thoughts. Positive thoughts made your willpower strong and make it happen all you want as per your wishes. This world is condensation of thoughts. I can do-repeat this many times. Old age is a physical condition but at inner level you are as strong as you were before-keep your thoughts positive and feel good.Avoid what is bad and bad habits can be transformed into good ones.As you think so you are so never let you thought be negative. Repeat your affirmations to get positive answers from God! 

Sunday, 2 December 2012


If you want to unlock the tremendous potential and talent hidden deep within you what you are capable of achieving. What is the reason you are unable to get just that extra which someone else whisker away. Be your own master as your own happiness and own emotions should not be subservient to others will. Smile big and lead life full of purpose following few simple things as:-
1.Do introspection on daily basis. See what suits you ,and where it is best.
2. Focus on your strengths. See what life expects from us. Focus on positive side of things and matters.
3. Be thyself by having your own style,update yourself on daily basis or you would be left behind.
4.Catch up what is new and worth of it. Do not wait for the things to happen,made them happen.
5.Decide priorities. Act before it is too late.
6.Love and respect yourself first,as it help to create positive vibration,notice all what is happening right in front of your eyes.
7. Make your presence felt where you are,otherwise you would be left behind and nobody will care for you as the world need commanding identity. Though quiet and observant are liked by everyone but come forward where you have to.
8. Cut irrelevant s. And stick to eternal values. Values are valued everywhere,morality and values  generate genuine respect automatically,so stick to ideals.
9.Believe what you say,be firm what you say and stick to your words otherwise people will be confused.
10.Flexibility  is another thing,be flexible to not to be stagnated.

People have different approaches,opinions and thoughts still everybody is thinking He is right. Then why there is so unrest spread everywhere? Because we are right on our own way,different person have other notions-totally opposite to us. To survive we have to find out ways where can understand each other.Do not live too seriously as if life is a burden. Life is a journey,enjoy it.
Everybody has His own little world,trying to make own definitions and then forcing them onto others,this create suffocation or differences.everybody is right from his point of view. The need is to understand others point of views from the point where they are!
When two person struggling with same problem then the real communication with the depth of sincerity,authenticity with trust expand and improve relations. Then it is an experience of discovering oneself and thereby achieving a sense of fulfillment and inner peace is there.
Life is not one size for for all approach. So explore the new avenues for self and help the community to come out of stale state.This is possible only through introspection and meditating on daily basis. Meditation is not just sitting in one place,it has a long way to cover and in early stages we introspect on our problems and get solutions in meditative state by cosmic energy,when we finally settle down our thoughts and see clearly. First be selfish and sort our your own problems,then cheerfully can help others.
Spirituality is not an escape from reality.Now it is need of all of us to be spiritual as we are badly disturbed and upset by the world outside,go within and here is surety to what you are seeking.Books and other things rather than meditation may help you in primary stages but deep peace is attained through deep meditative state.
In new age enlightenment is up for grabs and comes with a hefty price tags in the form of fees for meditation classes which again create confusion.Simply own up your own responsibility for you own life,do not run hare and there and blame others is first step to have peace.
Next is no one can give you enlightenment as a gift, you have to work for yourself. Do not try to force crutches for emotional vulnerability.Know first yourself what is your expectations and demands from self,know self first.Al spiritual cures lies in it. There is no quick solution for your problems.To be spiritual think about yourself,know strengths and weaknesses and areas where you can grow and where to put full stop!

Saturday, 1 December 2012




Some people  and relations are as such that we take no precaution for our safety and the person who ACT against such expectations are guilty of breaching the trust- worthy to be punished. But we feel pain.
Pain - The first and best and often only way to break through pain to a lasting solution is to first understand the fundamental problem causing the pain, in this case much of the problem lies in behavior that flows out of an incomplete or deeply flawed paradigm or view of human  nature. One that undermines  people sense of worth straight jackets their talents and potential. You have to break with old ways and thinking then your  influence will steadily  grow from inside out.
Light is absence of darkness and you can not find light unless you enter or experienced darkness. You can't be able to know the one without knowing the other- so experience of darkness  to know about light,know pains to experience happiness.Faith is walking  the path  to reach the god. In the absence of faith in god man is fighting for survival and happiness in this material world,often become bored and frustrated with routine of life may it be career or relationship. Deep inside we have already realized that material comforts and pleasures are fake and suck us as constant hunger for more and more lead us to nowhere and we feel squeezed.
We search for greater sense of purpose ,direction and meaning of life.Then we search for truth. This point is awakening.then we become aware and tread path of traditional beliefs and lost self in another routine,forgetting that to connect to god we need faith which is still wavering,so fix all attention to one point with total faith and get deep peace only by surrendering self to god. The way to god need faith but tests leaves us to hopelessness and extraordinary loneliness that may last for months or years.This state is called spiritual dark night.we feel that god has abandoned us when this state is over we will find a light bright light and everything will fall into its place as if  by magic.

Dark night is sequences of events,That tests our stamina,if we get through it we are winners in real life.These tests are put to test our firmness or faith we we cry for help god  begins to help immediately,each new insight we discover brings on the death of old false belief we have been programmed to accept through out our lives. Which is a threat to our ego so ask self- Are you ready to face dark night-when the night is darkest can you believe in god?


Meeting with self for a moment that moment of connection varies from person to person. For some it might be a trans formative state, for others simple commune with god. When we knew self from higher prospective which is loving,healing and powerful-our higher self knows everything from up and above.We can change our relationship with  radiant joy,and past life effects on present life.Taking positive notes from past moving ahead to potential future,higher self guide us only you have to see possibilities of seeing everything clearly feeling the joy and security of knowing that your own choices are taking you towards future and your higher self.
 Views about life are as-life is not about possessing attaining or holding it in your hands  It is about using all your senses fully to take in all beautiful wonderful things that you can. When you love and appreciate someone and something fully, you  love it  regardless of whether it is in your sight or not. we can never possess anything from ashes to ashes, a child who has grown up, make its own way through life, just as it should treasure the time he had with it. let go things and relations for good.
The habit of responding to the inner desire to make a difference,to matter,to extend our influence to the people and causes we most value all begins with a mind-set or attitude a choice-  a choice-the desire to use the voice of influence.
 It is greater compliment to be trusted than to be loved. ---George MacDonald.
Just as Trust is the key to all relationships,so  trust is glue of relationships. Trust is the   fruit of  trustworthiness  of both people,it is the cement that bricks together. Trust comes from three sources:- personal- individual  and  institutionally. When one person give it to another- an act that leads you to feel your belief that YOU CAN ADD VALUE. You give me trust and I  return it. The trust is a verb and a noun,it is something shared and reciprocated between people.
Some people wonder if our inner values matter anymore? Yes 100% CHARACTER , in the long  run, is decisive factor in the life of an individual and of a nation a like, a sense of openness, optimisms,trustworthiness,trustworthiness comes from charter and competence. Developing strong character and competence is the foundation of all great and lasting achievements and trust. Integrity it means you are integrated around principles and natural laws that ultimately govern the consequences of our behavior  Honesty is the principle of telling the truth. Integrity is keeping promises made to self and/or other .
Maturity develops when a person pays the price of integrity and winning the private victory over self, allowing him or her to be simultaneously courageous and kind. The combination of courage and kindness is  both the source and the product pf integrity.
Abundance maturity means that rather than seeing life as a competition with only one winner, you see it as a cornucopia of ever enlarging opportunity,resources and wealth. When you do not compare yourself with others are genuinely happy for their success. Scarcity-minded people come out of comparison-based identity and are threatened by the success of others. Even though they might pretend and say otherwise, they know that its eating their hearts out. Those with abundance mentally see their valued and important teachers.

Friday, 30 November 2012


You must watch the world as spectators, as non-participants in the event as ego is the biggest illusion of all. But it does no imply lack of interest in work,purely unattached sincerity towards the  process of work,not the result. Usually the world and the word ego is associated and interlinked with a strong sense of self.  Ego less passion is more powerful and it helps to create and manifest things you would never ordinarily be able to do if it were coming from ego.
There is always more to be done then you have already done.Free from attachment non-egotistic endowed with vigor and firmness and unswayed by success and failure. Don't demand,trust god and see a new world is waiting for you,but first you have to give up all worldly belonging to get newer ones.
Problems would be there,our real tests are in problems-how we tackle them. If we solve one another will be replaced  by other.The only solution to all problems is to eliminate desire,free from wanting. Face each problem with clarity of mind ,we may have no choice or little choice but do not react to outer circumstances.Use your body, tongue and mind for good. We choose and decide. But put all blame on others or GOD. Be your  own guide first then direct your thoughts which are subtle and elusive. Trained your mind to love others selflessly.







New beginning might not be comfortable always,we have to put certain degree of efforts to familiarize self with new circumstances. By observing each and every aspect carefully adopt a calculative approach to new culture. It may be  after marriage,after shifting to new place or starting a new phase of life,whatever may be the situation-setting down is our necessity. No one would like to label as misfit.

You need to be cautious on how you start afresh. You need to share your interests,values and approach everyone according to their status. If you are new wedded daughter in law then take care of elders and shower your love to all to win. If you are posted to new place then win seniors groom as per requirement,brush up your personal skills to fit well in new culture by adjusting self in new environment.

Today what might looks solid might just melt into thin air tomorrow.  The concept of security has changed,till eighties man worked only to survive and people work sincerely at one place all seems secure and fulfilling, loyalty word was used very often. But now people change jobs for better salary and promotions. The word security is replaced with open ended customer care service.  The concept  job for life has  disappeared and insecurity for job  is there at every level. The concept of loyalty is eroded. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN is the clear message every where.

Marriage was too secured  in last decades but now frequent divorce happening without any hesitation. Satisfaction is clearly defined everywhere but is there any satisfaction? Because security gives us inner satisfaction whether it is emotional satisfaction or otherwise. Flexibility is something valuable but to what extent we have to decide first.Temporary or disposable relations translated into frustration and depression.Family life is too disturbed in these days because of emotional imbalances.Where we are going? May be our approach is not right,may be we are confused or we are lacking security in relations. It is said that too much of everything is not good. Be simple and see sea change in our lives.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


The real milestones are less prepossessing,they come to the door unannounced like stray dogs sniff around a bit and never never leave. Keeping records of events is not necessary as they are already recorded in our  brain and you can recall any event and see like a movie.
To know outward world is essential but knowledge of the inner self is  more important to gain wisdom. Liberating self from ignorance is our goal to attain wisdom regarding the ultimate goal. Ultimate goal is to get happiness and happiness is not an individual matter. It has matter of inter being when you make a person smile it will nourish you too!
When you find ways to peace,joy and happiness,you do it for everyone so begin with self nourishing with joyful feelings so that you can spread the same everywhere.Watch nature, nature is wonderful-stars,fresh air,sky trees. flowers etc. Watch and transform self your sufferings,sorrows and painful mental formations will automatically begin to transform when you focus on broader side of nature,brighter side of everything and get what you want-that is happiness.
When your body is invaded by harmful bacteria,your own antibodies surround the bacteria and render them harmless and when there are enough antibodies your body will neutralize the infection. Spirit will be strengthened by meditation,joy of meditation will neutralizer your body and mind and have a capacity to transform the feelings of sorrow and pain in us.

Monday, 26 November 2012


Confusion always build up stress level,stress is essence of life as stress is steam which pushes the engine of life. But excess of everything bad, unproductive and  nonconstructive can be avoided by meditation introspection. Life always present you two type of forces one is constructive and other is nonconstructive. Opt for constructive.Learn to be active,open all channels of communications to express self in transitive way. Never promise when you are too happy as you yourself do not know whether you would be able to keep it or not in future. It can damage your reputation.Likewise words NEVER and ALWAYS do not convey what is in your mind so use words wisely.

Criticism may be constructive and nonconstructive,constructive when it is for your improvement,listen what other person is saying,whether he is criticizing to tear down your confidence and self-esteem. But never react aggressively as it show you in poor light.Only when your are perfect or unapproachable,criticism  will absent. Using criticism to address your weak points is good as you can improve where you never knew the chances of improvement are.

What seems to be real today and now, forgotten as a fading dream after sometime. Then why we involve ourselves in it? This is the main cause of stress and strain despite having material or spiritual knowledge.

Detachment will solve your stress related problems.Check your negative feelings,be more receptive and flexible to avoid stress and confusions.Never wait for right time as time is always perfect for work. Do your work at time to avoid stress.Earn the right,we have to earn the right-first deserve then desire.Voice your views and opinions time to time. But remember target should not be the person who has criticized you.
Self confidence and self esteem are essential qualities apart from academic qualifications and experiences.Be honest with you,never let the fear deter you,in this way you can control your nervousness and other weaknesses.

You need not to invest a good part of your life to earn a right,research work will do the same. So research real life factors,know all or discover. Gather all information whether it is in house or official text.Selling,we are selling self by way of our work or ideas and information's,so best way should be chosen.Make sure what is in other's mind, you should know all pros and cons. Organize self in best way,click at right time to excel. Weight your words before expressing them to others. Weight age of words will give you more power. Negative role make you bold and positive so never treat negative circumstances and people with bad taste. Welcome as these are real life tests which are testing you and can make you a role model.

Friday, 16 November 2012


The best way to see clearly is to observe the situation. Everything will sort itself out.To achieve your aims, you will have to unite with virtuous people. Indeed it will be easier to reach every objective if a group of individuals( albeit of different characters), had the same common goal. However always keep your own personality and act so that you enrichen one another.An event will occur which will change the actual state of the things and the current situation. Make the most of this change by being calm. This will help you strengthen your character and make you wise and virtuous.After a dark period, the light always returns; now you can face a new phase of renewal. This is the right moment as you will be able to regenerate yourself. There will be no resistance to your way towards success.External circumstances regularly change quickly. You must consider however that the most intimate essence of man is unchanged over time. Give what you have to grow. Try to help others as well as you can.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


We can not bribe god for our petty wishes,communication with nature is enough, God is always near us, feeling HIS presence is essential,no problem is without solution,trust HIM. Learn to laugh at your troubles and you will never run out of things. But we are in habit of begging and bribing god as-please god do this for me, I will feed the poor,or I will gift you this and this or I will offer you sweets-like this,god laugh at us as he knew we are bribing him for our petty wishes.

Pay attention to any repetitive thought patterns,those old audio tapes that you have been playing in your head perhaps for many years. Listen o your inner voice be here as he witnessing presence,listen to it impartially. Realising there is god,inside there is a voice and I am listening to it.watching it .This is realisation of your presence. It arises beyond the mind.when loses its power over you,quickly subsides,because you are no longer energizing the mind through identification with it, This is beginning of the end of involuntary and compulsive thinking. We are compulsive thinker by nature.

When peace deepen,stillness and subtle emanation of joy arising from deep within the joy of being, in state of inner connectedness,you are much more alert,more awake than in mind identification state. You are fully present it also raises the vibrational frequency of energy field and gives life to the physical body. Then you can feel your presence with such intensity such joy that all thinking,all emotions,your physical body as well as the whole external world become relatively insignificant in comparison to it. And yet it is a selfless state. This happens when you are! When you have filled the gap with now,away from mind and create no-mind state. which is due to your alertness and awareness,not thinking. Be totally present,watch every activity with fullest attention.Become aware of silence,powerful sense of presence smile at the voice in your head now you no longer take the content of your mind seriously.




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