Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Death is a natural part of life. If all life is celebration,then death  too is a celebration. Death is a freedom from the gross physical,when you die,you drink the waters of silence coming up to other side,you glimpse the light and your soul bursts into a song of joy. To know the mystery of death,you must be in tune with the heartbeat of life. For life is the river that flown on it enters into the great ocean  A rose  is fragrant and smells sweet because it is going to fade soon.
Who knows where my friend is ? Who knows where my friend is hiding,who knows whether he is scared in the dark night?--Shakeel Shaan
Death is a word we fear the most,as our loved one and our all possessions will suddenly snatched by almighty.Yes! we have to leave here all our worldly collections.This stage is called transmigration of soul.At birth soul does not remembered what happened .Its like sleeping at night and getting up next morning.What happened during sleep soul does not remembered its state prior to coming into existence.Death is not end of life,its a beginning of new life.Endings are always new beginnings.
Lord Krishana says in Bhagawad Geeta:-"Nevertheless there  a time when I did not exist,nor you,nor all these kings,nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.As the embodied soul continuously passes in the body from childhood to old age,the soul similarly passes into another body at death.A wise person is not bewildered by (death) the change."
The mind is just subtle instrument of the I am or the soul.The soul uses mind to create thoughts and emotions are just products.The body is just a vehicle of the soul.You are neither body nor mind,neither you are the thoughts or emotions.Bud body is a place where soul lives,body is a living God's temple,do not dirty your body as it is sacred so keep it clean.
Death is sure to  happen,date of death was fixed at the time of our birth. Be aware that you dive in a field of energy which is a constant state of flux and you literally surrounded by death or new life. Whichever you choose to view it everything is dying or reborn.
Fear not death as every moment we are dying,every moment is dying and rebirth moments,changing forms. A child  >adult>old age> death,it is a cycle,when a child grew into adult he does not look same,entirely changed entity,likewise whole universe:existence is changing,relations are changing,quantum physics which explains how your universe pulses in out to eternity exist.Death is a new life,sun sets in the west and again rises in the east next morning. Flower turn into fruits and  seeds again turn into trees again.This cycle is running from time unknown and will continue. Dying and birth is a natural process.You are,is it not enough to smile?
Be your master and enjoy state of bliss.Nobody can overpower you,nobody can  influence your state of bliss.Your happiness is not based on conditions.You are is enough to keep you happy.Let alive yourself. Another concept of small death is-Surrender of the resistance of ego  that enables the orgasm,also because
the energies being harnessed and hoard through motion and experience of creative act,must be released to enjoy the bliss of orgasm,it is also by letting go.Once overcome the fear of death ,nobody and nothing could upset you.Nobody can harm you as you are harming yourself too much in negativity.So judge your thoughts and experience all see to  what extent what suits you and where it is best! Death is another journey from worldly sufferings and attachments to god. GARUDA PURANA HAS 880 VERSES and it is all about death and afterwards journey.

Monday, 30 July 2012

INTROSPECTION...no.1...............LIVE LIFE

We are bundle of thoughts,thoughts are based on emotions,emotions may be positive ones or negative. YOU ARE SPECIALIST OF YOUR INNER WORLD.And your inner world directly have effect on your outer world.Positive thoughts make you creative and happy whereas negative thoughts may make you depressed or gloomy. Be aware of your own thoughts,control them by keeping check- by meditation.Positive emotions may be directed towards any area,like health-spirituality or any other.ITS CALLED ENLIGHTENED LIVING.Connect inside to disconnect outside  negativity .Life is beautiful and you are beautiful too! If you are connected inside radiation of positive emotions and peace make you beautiful as now you are one with god.God resides inside and  GOD IS BEAUTIFUL.
Learn to enjoy success and failures alike.See what is in your life and enjoy that.And not what you don't have and curse god for not having what you are lacking.FREEDOM is being free of  freedom and bondage equally,so what is- enjoy  that and what is not,  keep them in your vision without torturing self. Once you have discovered then you can move on forget and forgiving process. Relationship with inner world and outer world would get better.
Praying is not just reciting few words in front of alter of god.  God does not need our praise.We get to know all about the truth ,truth is a beauty,and truth may not be pleasant all the time. Truth is unpleasant, when we do not understand it,as we always eager to judge others.We want to walk with support,  need crutches to walk on religious path-some one as our ideal. That is why we need others to support our point of view.We want protection to be encouraged or discouraged.Know truth by your own efforts,by yourself,without any mediator.Truth is love,kind ,generous and lovable to those who understand it.Truth is GOD,it is absolute,without end or beginning.
We want peace.We want liberation and we can achieve this stage of evolution at any time, by a man who understands worship and various stages of this style are not necessary,only burning desire to attain liberation is needed.Men by nature love fascination and create fascinating ideas , and in this process miss the real goal of life.Life is a web spun out of the common events of the day if you do not utilize then,you will miss the purpose of small things  out of which great things are built.
When powers are not used along the line of their strength,they may become demoralized,weakened and deteriorated.Then self respect and enthusiasm and courage ooze out.We become half hearten and success is almost seem  impossible.Man grows only when he  is developing along the lines of his individuality not when he is trying to become some body else.When we are aware and awakened,we are one with GOD.
Facing all and avoiding nothing is  a spiritual practice.It require sincerity and commitment to self.  Acting  with such  ignorance is cause of suffering to self and others around us.It need a real big heart to practice facing all without avoiding  anything.Only this simple act will unveil the truth and feel liberated self,though simple it look but hardest thing on the earth to practice this.
Holy man acts but claims not,never try to show this excellence. This is a holy  and spiritual act.Holy man never hoards anything the more he does for others,the more he owns self,his intentions are to serve others selflessly and in this way  make huge deposits in his heavenly account,He has calmness,selflessness,purity of heart and readiness to help anyone.He knows TRUTH.As all words are not truth and truth is not pleasant always,in other words all pleasant words and things may not pleasant in actual practice.
The sole purpose of love and our life is to attain SELF-REALIZATION state,liberation  and knowing the truth.It happens only when we transform ego into divine self with cosmic conciousness amidst all transient transactions of life,forgetting I AND MY.Forget MINE and enjoy the joy of becoming one with the infinite,which is most difficult for human beings to imply and merging self.


Everybody in this planet earth do pray. Prayers are our request to god to intervening and do the right thing for us.We do pray when there is no other way to go,there is darkness with no light far far away,no hope, no  respite,then we move to god.Intensity of prayers is needed to get noticed by GOD .We pray to god to interfere and somehow create/alter circumstances for us in difficulty. But we do this practice for a very small portion of time on daily basis. Say 10-20 minutes daily or one hour meditation ,rest of 23 hours we do just opposite to our prayers,so the god get confused,actually what we are demanding.
We spend 90 percent of our time in other activities.At that time thinking process is on,we create and delete many  pictures in our mind.And we are doing exactly opposite to our formal prayers. at time we want one thing on the other time we want another thing,we send wrong signals and universe does not understand our wishes exactly.Universe is ready to get us desired things or wishes,but use exact words for  prayers,appropriate words to get answered your prayers. Our words,actions and thoughts are creative,can create anything as per our wishes at any time.Be a proud personality as son of god,then ask HIM and get as a worthy son anat we can pray.d not as a beggar,For if you beg to god,you will get your share of begging not your share as a son of god.
So speak,think and act in a way that send to god our grandest thoughts and produces our highest visions, by this way we can create heaven on earth by simply purifying our thought pattern only.Your every thought ,every action and every act will become a prayer to god.A request right to heaven would change much.Prayer do not start with our birth or end with death,prayers are our actions which bring results.  Prayer is not lightening a candle or kneeling down or sitting in meditation or performing any special ritual to please god.Praying is not just  uttering few words in praise of god or traditional rituals we perform.
  God is our creator  he understand our each and every need,provide us everything unasked,then why to perform some rituals to please HIM.Our every action our every thought is a prayer,understand  it.Do not feel guilt if you do not perform any special ritual to please HIGHER AUTHORITY i.e.GOD.It is like boarding a wrong  train and keep  on just praying to reach your desired destination which is not possible in any case unless  you get down and catch right train to your destination,likewise doing wrong action and later on praying to undo that,it happens only in computer not in real life actions.you can not undo your action but rectification of errors is possible by taking a U turn, to the right direction.
Prayer is  the end and not the means.We seldom aspired for Divine,we  aspire  for comforts,wealth or power-pleasure so prayers are not  mean to reach god,But prayer or becoming prayerful is extremely beautiful and that state is reached only when we connect to our inner self.Joy and happiness indeed our true aims but we are not serious so choose misery.Praying is a beautiful phenomenon and a celebration which brings great joy, prayer is only when we seek god as a drowning  the man need oxygen.God is our need and only mean to reach heaven.

Sunday, 29 July 2012



Truth, everybody is trying to find  the truth. Truth is unable to  explain as the nature of truth is eternal and eternal things are internal ,you can feel but can  not explain.Your faith can not  cultivate ,you have to create right kind of thinking to get things happen for you.If you want to know truth your own perceptions or words of seer would not get you there.Only your own efforts to find the Truth will help you. Thousand of books are written on this subject,and reading them,listening to the great saints would not be effective to  continue your search for Truth. You yourself have to make your own efforts in this direction. First show your eagerness , then start your efforts with great devotion and intensity of your efforts will bring desired results.

Your thinking when charged with devotion,your physical powers and strong sense of energy with deep inner peace will get you at that point.Truth will one with you,a part of yourself,then no need to know anymore as you have experienced the Truth.In short your own efforts, and degree of your efforts will realize the Truth that too in silence. Silence and no mind state,you have to  create.Life is one but expressions are many.Here no one is male or female,one soul in different bodies.But all the emotions,feelings,needs are same.What we need is clean mind and loving  heart,food,shelter and cloths,simple. Truth in its ABSOLUTE SENSE HAS FREEDOM.But what we had done? We have created many labels,images,many notions,many paths and lost ourselves in its complications.Be simple,satisfied easy and smooth,instead of complications you have invited by your disturb mind.Be free.Be fresh,    Freshness is lost in stagnation.TRUTH IS LIMITLESS,WITHOUT BEGINNING  AND END.Avoid conditioning your mind,accept truth as it is.

Though Truth in one but perceptions are many. Words have limitations whereas your internal  energy is limitless.Feelings have to be felt.Your explanation might be mistaken and misled the truth.You can not see or explain it as there are different type of people and mind.Your point of view may not match with other person’s perceptions.You have to reach the top of mountain where view is same,but there are different paths to reach the top. In our external world truth is always mixed up with our own notions and thinking pattern so while explaining the things,mixing up is happened which turn truth into half truth or untruth. Complete truth can not be perceived in life time.

In our day to day life truth is what we tell and what the other person catches.And what we want to disclose to others,may be a part of truth as there is no need to tell everyone your personal perception and then giving them reasons to support your thoughts.No need to do so. Words are limited.Even entire language can give only a few aspects of expression. And who has seen the truth,still incapable to explain. Seeing, feeling touching and expressing is different.   We try to find out truth,failed partial truth can not expose entire truth and is misleading. To explore the truth we have to solve life puzzle step by step,need deep concentration. Doing this practice one day we  will be able to find Truth but constant practice of searching it inward world.Outside world is illusive,misleading. So we have to work double,inward and outward.Accepting all as it is, simplifying life as far as possible.Improving thought pattern and actions. Empty mind. Time, situation expectations and place—realization of truth. All complications are due to our own expectation from life and the world outside.
Silence gives you energy which is pure and coming direct from source energy,opening up unlimited  horizons of new visions.When we are still in thoughts.concentration happens. Then we can reflect upon our needs,reflects upon futility of our worldly attractions.In silence we are able to  recollect our internal energies those radiate into love and peace and spread everywhere,truth come forward and we experience personal and eternal realities.

Truth still vexes us with its elusiveness.Life's truth is becoming, it is universal, revered by all great men.In actual sense it is inseparable from  thoughts,actions and spoken words.

"Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the things you have to do,when it ought to e done whether you like it or not"--Thomas H.Huxely

Friday, 27 July 2012


Women is best creation of god.Men and women are equal in the eye of god,even to a mother who gave birth to them,then why our society has discriminated men and women?When a girl is born,still everybody in his/her heart  wanted a boy baby, why? It is because of every woman knows how hard her life is going to be,and she does not like her daughter to suffer in the same way.From the time unknown men and women had been busy helping god to extend the world,doing jobs,dividing according to the nature of job.Being women,she has capacity to bear hardships of nature,as she suffer lot of pain without complaint while giving birth to her child.She has to rear the child that is why she is supposed to be at home.When men force her to be at home,she get rebellious.

Its a family which teaches us about dedication,devotion and sacrifice apart from loving and caring each other.Both parents work hard for their children upbringing.Children too imbibe values of dedication,devotion and love,replicated more by example rather than teaching, these qualities are vital to the well being of family and society.We must put sincere efforts to strengthen the family relation-because we are a part of society.Every one yarns for love,appreciation and subtle and unseen things which really bring happiness in family plus society,Family values too perform miracles and renewal and leads us  towards peace and wisdom. Women being more patient and hardworking work as an binding agent to bind together family. 

It is mutual understanding,doing the job in a household by dividing the tasks according to their nature and capacity.But men from the time unknown have been exploiting women nature,they willingly allow  women to come forward and help them.And when the task is done pushed her back indoors,this habit of man upset woman. Why?  Ego problem.Now she has totally transformed her personality.She explored new avenues and successfully proved herself.A half century ago she titled man God or hero ,now zero,because she is empowered,she can earn her bread too!A century ago women had to suffer due to starvation if she lost her man,actual starvation, now it is not-she has provisions for her life..

Now situation is different.When women flatter a man as hero actually she masks his ego and it is her bank for ever.Now no need to flatter the man.And this is troubling men.Men were used to this master(head of the family) position.Women had deep in their heart, this hurt.Now she is equal position holder in the society,and no fake position-she has earned with hard work.She has better choices now,a wide range of choices in life that conditions allow.Now she declines to marry,if marry she decides to have children or not,in short she has full charge of her life in her own hands and man is a companion only,a partner with equal rights.Even men want  educated working girls as life partner.In failed marriage she is entitled to maintenance a huge share of his husband's property too !Men use their amours carefully supervised from first day of marriage and in consequences life is wholly free from scandalous,troubles and their married life would never get distraction from work,no other troubles.That is new lifestyle.

Now women have husband's devotion and respect for  them,they have earned with hard work.They  have all sorts of wisdom,broken all old belief sets which were unimportant and imposed on women.Now with equal rights at home she manage her home as well as taken care of her own interests,she visits clubs,tours alone and do everything as men do.Still such women's have less in number who are blessed ones,otherwise still there are many other struggling hard to get through hardships.Women born after  1980 or 1990 are blessed one.They were brought up as pampered children,educated,aware of their rights and ignorant of their duties. they love outdoors leisure's and pleasures which they have.Women who do not enjoy such privileges envy them and like Indian cinema or Dramas make hell for their own daughter-in laws or sister - in-laws.   all they do to get security or position at home. 

She has occupied all important positions and proved her excellence in ever area of life. They enjoy visiting clubs,listening music,writing and listening to  music,joined many  organization and reforming for women status and place in society.They do not interested in household jobs  but know everything  about cooking,cleaning,washing every job but all jobs assigned to helpers.  she does her best with means at her disposal,they have acquired expertness in other areas and intricate housekeeping left out ,bitter competition rising masculine jealously,distrust and all feeling,as now woman shakes-off duties and fighting for her rights,contrast to previous fashion of society.Now she do not want to be cuddled or caressed,protected as in earlier times,  she is a competitor in a harsh world where her position needed to be reconsidered,a general overhauling of the relations between both sexes.

Now she is at the top,as she feels and wanted to be.She has no inclination for marriage,if any she want a husband of high merits,now man do not have older common law to correct his wife with a stick,Still there are a category of women who obey their husbands,even against their will but only to manage them intelligently,not to disturb their home environment.It seemed that now man is at the mercy of woman and as helpless as woman was a century ago.Still marriage institution is going on,where sometime woman made adjustments or man made adjustment to keep going their married life,its s sort of compromise.Men lend women helping hand not out of love,but out of their interests as they want well educated wife, beautiful wife earning handsome salary,so co-operate them in all household jobs,from cooking to upbringing of children. Women who know well cooking, stitching,home arrangements well are a few.A few believes in rituals of religion,knowledge and morals,so children  do not have these. Everybody is enjoying freedom,leisure and finding pleasure,sometimes ungraceful and bad.A human being is inseparable from vanities,they genuinely and completely  want to be happy that too without any regret.

   In fact sleep is finest music in the world and dreamworld is very beautiful,better in every-bodies sight,everyone find heavenly delight in sleep.In finding delight agreeable means and exteriors and easy means are persuaded. this is in short,our life is.


In past it was considered that those who have entered in sex business due to dire need of necessities.But now it is most attractive business,and open to all sorts of women.In daily newspapers you may read that college girls of upper class doing sex business willingly.It seems now she likes it,only social reformer or who have been fallen into the hands of so called social reformers cursed this. She is free bird,free to join and free to abandon it. It is considered as a business secretly,a lavish business where so called socialites earn favors and money.It is find that she has no complaints so far as she is earning well,a good living and she is quiet content with her lot.Her complaints will be when she has earned less below her expectation,then she cry a foul play or a rape case.It is a hard fact not easy to digest,but it is doing well under covers.  A well known fact but no one discuss it.

Previously  such business may impaired their chances of marriage,now she has successful marriages afterwards,no not because she feel obliged and do her best to make marriage a success.But because her manners get polished while dealing with different people  .She has specialized professionally in masculine  weaknesses.She is harder to please now and please less.Because she is making her bread and butter herself,doing all at her own sweet will,free will. she alone makes the choices in her life and does not like any type of interference.She will never be grateful to her husband for rescuing her from social outlawry.she is shrewd and specialized in her business,know masculine weaknesses and deals  with extra  competent at her traditional business.It is difficult to deceive her logically and it is impossible to disarm her emotionally,her success as a rebel is proof of  her extra resourcefulness  and acumen  ,her intellectual enterprise and courage. a lowly prostitute is well off than a virtuosos  women .

Her sharp mind presents a menace vastly greater than acts of god.They will be more dangerous than tsunamis.They know how to show off their  beauty,ideas and charms to win men as their companions.A man can starve his wife but shower plenty of wealth to prostitutes. Sole valuable thing a woman can bring to marriage is her virginity,it was a thought in old times ,even now it holds much value.But how one can expect such thing when she is wondering here and there at her own will and doing anything to please self.To treat self equal to man woman has lost her valuable thing willingly.   So virgin is hallow thing- convention,no shame,no fear and no apologizes  for this loss. THEY SAY THAT WISDOM IS CONSISTS OF ENTIRELY A BODY OF BELIEFS AND PROPOSITIONS THAT ARE UNIMPORTANT.
 When it  comes to late marriages or no marriage,it is from woman side,having a child or no child is also her decision.Her declination to marriage is solely her own choice.If she get married ,she will have a husband of high merits and moreover now husband has no common law, as it was in older times- to use a stick to correct his wife.If there are women who obey their husbands,even against their best judgements,there are women who discreetly  at husbands departure manage all  intelligently.

And if  men are lending helping hand to his wife,it is too not out of love,it is because they themselves  wanted a well educated wife,office going wife so to run house he has to help her.And women who know how to cook, stitching and other art of home decoration etc.very less in number now as everything is ready-made available.She love to do which is less monotonous and dispiriting.And sex business is so.Again  women can settle themselves at any age say 5-10 or 20years after this business,they can either have a suitable husband or lived with dignity afterwards. These women get husband which are beyond the reaches of a virtue holder woman.  But    they married respectable men,richest men as their experiences polished and civilized.So  your all sympathies wasted.Some  considered marriage as a spiritual suicide.

What-so-ever the reasons may be marriage  had been a superiority to all conditions available.   Still women's economic Independence is full  of conditions,on the other hand they  have always been revolted against the conventions,which is result of general unrest.With many symptoms of extravagant and unintelligent revolt and even party politics fill their  mind with useless tricks,customs,knowledge and their own liberties and personalities.Though they can avail some relaxation in some areas but in the long run women themselves have understanding that to avoid home routine- intolerable healthy well fed women engage in public activities that are meaningless, now they knew it very well.To make heaven or hell all is in our own hands,so why not do the right things at right time?Men have to carefully supervised their home life from first day  of their marriage. earn respect first.Check harsh realities of men,showing off superiority to women is not good in a marriage.Or do anything out of marriage and invite hell,do not engage or boast of having a mistress.She will do the same.She will try to find more leisure and pleasures,freedom to improve their mind and quality of life.Getting rebel-enjoying and took pride in applying other tactics Life has harsh realities face them boldly..

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Women is quiet able to take care of herself.And all the women suffer from suppressed revolt against the inhibitions forced upon them by men and our artificial culture. This is men's world,women have broken many of their old chains,but still they are under some unformidable network of man made taboos.They have longing for freedom in their heart.They can do miracles by their commonsense and tackle  any complicated situation .They know how to organized  things properly and effectively. Feminine sharpness of wit and clear thinking and ability to bear any pain easily make their work get translated into success. They do believe in hard work but never happy with anything forced upon them.Women  are forced by men ,men feel that temple going somehow keeps women in order and they are assured of their piousness and seek help against their sins.

Women who enter upon religious life  are almost having some motive apart from piousness,girls may driven into by economic security or by  the hope of heaven,or failed marriage or anything similar to it.Very few are real saints.Otherwise it is only a social habit,or excuse for elderly ladies for relaxation and gossips.These women in their daily lives,are surrounded by a formidable network of daily routine jobs.,their normal desire for  ease and freedom,they get by being religious.You may see such examples everywhere.Young women visits temples to get husband of their choice,or job or anything like that ,from God so women get relieved by worshiping .  Now they have liberty to go any religious place,performing any ritual.Then they can brush their shoulders with the crowd,may speak   on any topic of their choice and stretch their spiritual legs.In deep their heart they want variety, excitement and both are possible on the pretext of visiting various temples of the lord.It offers a means of refreshment,of self expression of personal display of boasting. The attraction in their salvation  is always most purely social,a aesthetic lure,they lift themselves above the barren routine of everyday life and sentimentality to seek pleasures in spirituality.  In fact spirituality offers a means of escape,convenient an d inviting from that sordid routine of thoughts,occupation which women tend to revolt against.  Every one can see this practice everywhere.
Man is always looking for someone to boast to, and woman always looking for  a shoulder  to put her head on.She is born with half convinced that she is  really weak  and helpless and later on she pretends to be so. When in trouble she seeks his help and he always lend his hand to hold her.She can cry hysterically before any  saint to have his blessings and godly help through saint.

Religion is  highly favorable for women.If they accept renunciation it is only an effort  to flout their substance under cover of  their appearance. Their gentleness is visible only in security,the moment they find something dangerous for themselves,or for their husband or their children-or anyone who is under her protection, nothing would stop them to go to any extent, as they are clearheaded and resourceful.In fighting she  bite    they have dental reach and apply  biting in fighting.Be it home or any religious place. she will fight to have her share first in any field of life.

 Women in old times have to suffer a lot,they prefer marriage to sufferings.If by chance they lost their husband,they would prefer to go to be NUN or join any charity institution.   They had to work hard.They have no respect without husband.Now to some extent situation has changed.Now she is equal position holder in family due to her education and job.Women a century ago face actual starvation in case of her husband died or a failing marriage.

In marriage sexual relationship,companion,communion and love is invested.Without love marriage is a source of gratification of desires only,results in conflicts,fears of insecurity and pains. Women starved for child and when deprived of child,there is no love.When we seek something in return love faded away.same is in men's  case.When things become important,possessions become important,demands comes first love dies and only a cover of marriage is left.From work to worship,money,child anything materially dominate nothing left in any relationship.Craving converts into conflicts,complaints and frustration and miseries at last.This is happening in marriages these days.


   EVERYDAY BRINGS SURPRISES for things that show up off and on and that needs your attention and energy. when we do not cope up with new developments in our life,we become aggressive or rude. those are at the bottom do not  have social power or as much capacity to be aggressive and those who are at the top,have all the powers but do not need to use these powers,only middle category of person generally be aggressive.  aggression need to some extent social support,power or influence. Domestic violence is due to aggressive behavior.Too much aggression is shown in films.It has bad  influence on watcher as what we see ,we copy that unintentionally.

You can't escape rude people. children are good observer,they observe all the matter around them and when they grew up they behave in the same way as they have seen in their childhood. elders taunts breeds aggression,stress,or low self esteem.It need a lot of patience and tolerance to handle rude people.You have to the point story to tell ,to the rude people or  invite problem further.Nobody fears the consequences of authority. Everybody is struggling hard to achieve impossible.Very often children feel unworthy so they cut off from home and parents and mix with unknown crowd to get relief.Only when they need they turn to home or parents to get attention. nobody is ready to accept what is going on? It is reflection of society where we live in.
Learn to deal with rude people,you can disarm them with your confident smile and courage to face their rudeness easily,do not rude back. spirituality helps a lot to deal with such odd situations. God will answer from sky,solve all our problems.Actually when we attached to bigger power,no small interruptions will disturb us.Bring GOD in every action,every decision you make ,every task you accomplish.Say god I am doing all for you.This is a type of offering pray to god,certainly you will get answer of your all question unasked.


At present  times when aggression and violence has increased,we have realized how crucial is to hope-hope is to feel that something desired may happen.We hope this world could be a better place to live in.
Emily Dickson"Hope is the thing with feathers that preaches in the soul and sings the tune without the worlds and never stops at all."While the feeling  and desire denotes the uncertainty,so how the word hope  could inspire the confidence that would like to have  is within reach.We are here by chance and not by our choice.You  can not change the things around you but you can see the truth and change yourself as truth has power.There is reason for everything,see deeply the reason and do not regret over past,may it had been terrible,so no excuses  but to move on from past to present.
How this world could be a better place?When  leading personalities are collaborating in spreading motivated falsehood,how is the ordinary man supposed to get any clarity, trails by media are the most fashionable and overused  and their justification get used to abused.Advertisement profession is doing nothing good,only giving huge money in this business.How to spend life amidst these falsehood creation. We are living in false world where what we create has too much of  decoration,there is little assurance of originality,fake claims ,fake dramas fake god-man preachings.When compulsive shopping is forcing you to buy more without actual necessity.How can you control self when there are attractive attractions every where.
To get higher satisfaction,better choices have to be made,we are free to make choices.We have forgotten totally what is life all about,now we have lot of troubles in making pace with our lives,we have lost connectivity,which connect us collectively.Life will pass merely by watching,if you do no do something constructive.I hope this world would be better with co-operation of all of us and feel dire need of this hope to be alive in every soul. . Things were not good then and things are not good now.There are wide range of choices in life that conditions allow.In despair of finding a better game,head and  heart guide to different  directions.Sometimes we feel better genuinely,completely and regrettably happy,sleep  in finest music in the world,better in sight feel as heavenly delight in sleep-agreeable of exterior and easy means persuaded.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

HOW RICH WE ARE..............2nd

Some men are rich in health, in constant cheerfulness, in a mercurial temperament which floats them over troubles and trials enough to sink a shipload of ordinary men. Others are rich in disposition, family, and friends. There are some men so amiable that everybody loves them; some so cheerful that they carry an atmosphere of jollity about them. Some are rich in integrity and character."Who is the richest of men?" asked Socrates. "He who is content with the least, for contentment is nature's  riches'.

"Do you know, sir," said a devotee of Mammon to John Bright, "that I am worth a million sterling?" "Yes,"said the irritated but calm-spirited respondent, "I do; and I know that it is all you are worth." Do that which is assigned thee and thou canst not hope too much, or dare too much. What a man does, that he  has. In himself is his might. Don't waste life on doubts and fears. Spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the performance of this hour's duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow   A man cannot aspire if he looks down. God has not created us with aspirations and longings for    heights to which we cannot climb. Live upward. The unattained still beckons us toward the summit of life's mountains, into the atmosphere where great souls live and breathe and have their being. Even hope is but a promise of the possibility of its own fulfillment. Life should be lived in earnest. It is no idle game, no farce to amuse and be forgotten. It is a stern reality, fuller of duties than the sky of stars."    from BOOKS AND SUCCESS.

God or man? Did I ever accuse any man? Did any of you ever see me with a sorrowful countenance?"
A bankrupt merchant, returning home one night, said to his noble wife, "My dear, I am ruined; everything we have is in the hands of the sheriff." After a few moments of silence the wife looked into his face and asked, Will the sheriff sell you?" "Oh, no." "Will the sheriff sell me?" "Oh, no." "Then do not say we have lost everything. All that is most valuable remains to us--manhood, womanhood, childhood. We have lost but the results of our skill and industry. We can make another fortune if our hearts and hands are left us.

“Why should I scramble and struggle to get possession of a little portion of this earth? This is my world now.. For a few pennies for railroad fare whenever I wish I can see and possess the best of it all. It has cost me no effort, it gives me no care; yet the green grass, the shrubbery, and the statues on the lawns, the finer sculptures and paintings within, are always ready for me whenever I feel desire to look upon them. I do not wish to carry them home with me, for I could not give them half the care they now receive; besides, it would take too much of my valuable time, and I should be worrying continually lest they be spoiled or stolen. I have much of the wealth of the world now. It is all prepared for me without any pains on my part. All around me are working hard to get things that will please me, and competing to see who can give them the cheapest. The little I pay for the use of libraries, railroads, galleries, parks, is less than it would cost to care for the least of all I use. Life and landscape are mine, the stars and flowers, the sea and air, the birds and trees. What more do I want? All the ages have been working for me; all mankind are my servants. I am only required to feed and clothe myself, an easy task in this land of opportunity.

"And we say a man is 'ruined.'" Are his wife and children dead? O, no. Have they had a quarrel, and are they separated from him? O, no. Has he lost his reputation through crime? No. Is his reason gone? O, no; it is as sound as ever. Is he struck through with disease? No. He has lost his property, and he is ruined. The man ruined!  All is in our thoughts,pay attention to whatever you still have.

How rich we are we never knew,why because we never pay attention to what we already have and look at what we do not have.Is it fair? Be thankful to god  for all the gifts.


As the oldest testament says “First there was word.The word used to be with the God.The word was God”  This world is creation of tiny word so power of word is great.On word,One shock,One relevation and the individual becomes a different person. The word has great potential of the world’s treasury of wisdom.It would be right to say that the word rule the world

Any word spoken with clear realization  have deep materialization value.Loud or silent repetition of words has been found effective,similar to systems of psychotherapy.The secret lies in the stepping up of the mind's vibratory rate.

God is silent most of the time but active all the time.He will not respond when we curse him,he will respond when we love him.  Every action has reaction Thinking and doing wrong things knowingly and our inability to control this habit is root cause of our all sufferings.Is it not strange that we knew all about good and wrong doings still we are  unable to control doing wrong things.

When we control mind from running in space it is Dharna, when we control mind from running after objects it is called Dhayana ,when we control mind  and fix it in one  point with concentration it is called Dhayana/Meditation.

''We are responsible for what we are,and whatever we wish ourselves to be,we have the power to make ourselves.If what we are now has been result of our own past actions,it is certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions,so we have to know how to act." Swami Vivekananda.
  Droupadi's word's of mockery set stage for battle in MAHABHARATA when Duryodhana slipped and fell in the palace of Pandava, mistaking the floor for water.

- Power of spoken words is invisible but wounds of spoken words are severe than a cut by sword.Once Swamiji  had mentioned  that spoken words have great influence ,one person stood up and say  Swamiji give me  some example.Swamiji  at once start uttering harsh words:you are one of the bad person   I ever have seen.You foolish man ,you do not know how to talk etc.etc. That person was astonished  and say humbly sir what I have done,why are you behaving like this? SO WHAT? these are  mere some words why do you bother about my spoken words? Swamiji answered.   Words can be soothing  or severe that a cut of  sword.Your words have immense power when you talk to god i.e. praying. Yours prayers are indirect conversation between you and god.

                                                   WORDS ARE LIKE LEAVES
                                                    WHERE THESE MOST A- BOUND
                                                      MUCH OF THE FRUIT OF SENSE BENETH
                                                                 IS RARELY           FOUND!
"Let the words few,meaningful and pleasing to the ears" but seldom we use appropriate words which create a positive impact and a healthy impression on the mind of the listener.On the contrary we are inclined to chatter, gabble and gossip aimlessly to talk harsh words without any thought and restraint which benefit none and no-body.blind man's son is blind too,'' laughed draupadi, when duryodhana slipped and fell in the palace of the pandavas, mistaking the glass floor for water. draupadi's words of mockery set the stage for battle in the mahabharata .

Friday, 20 July 2012


Life is in the living once you give up,death will be no far from you.Once there was a man,who had lost his every single penny and fell seriously ill due to tension over the loss.He could not eat or sleep properly for days together.One day while walking he fell down as he could not able to walk.He was put on bed and he was expecting death anytime ,as he was growing weaker every day.Even doctors declared he has only two weeks to live.In shocked state of mind he gathered all his energy and will and auto suggested, two more weeks and all will end.So why not relax and sleep,no use to worry and struggle more, that night he managed to sleep for few hours ,with his earthly problem coming to end. He slept well and his exhausting weariness began to disappear,soon his appetite return and he gained some weight.

He gained his strength and after few weeks he was able to walk with crutches,six weeks later he was able to go to work again.Previously he had been making 30,000 dollar a year and now he was working for 30 dollars a week,. after that he has learnt his lesson well as there is no use to cry over split the milk.No more regrets,past is past so what happened in past forget and move on,or die soon due to your own created ills, what happened you can not change that but a new good start is always best after emotional  break up or business collapsed,or any accident ruined you life,give a new start there by giving a new lease of life to yourself. So always  be self aware,save your energy,time and enthusiasm.

 At such time a simple hug or holding hands or some sweet words can do miracles.Dr.Paul Brand  has described that skin and senses of touch have a lot to do, skin is like eyes,a window to the world outside as well as within.Skin also provides a window to the emotional world within,love,adore feelings soothes us.Tender loving touch dropped the mortality rate from 35 % to 10% by merely holding the babies with mother-touch.


This was the name of classes opened for women who had suffered sever pains.One woman hands were crippled with arthritis that she had lost all the use of them,other woman  had in her thoughts that she had cancer of stomach. Others were chronically tired or had vague aches and pains.No, they suffered theses pains daily,all the time but their exhaustive  medical examination showed that nothing wrong with these women in physical sense.ALL IS IN MIND.But these women suffered,these pains were so real.What may be the reason and how one can help them to get rid of their pains?.

 Dr, Pratt realized that  it was no use to tell these women patients to go home and that they have no problem when actually they are suffering from pains.He opened class for these women,they talk to women and  suggest them to write down their problem on a paper, slowly-slowly their condition began to improve, Before such classes some of them were so worried about their sickness, now they were so confident and happy and in excellent health.Some were worried to the extent that the had wished to die instead of sufferings  physically and be dependent on others.Dr.Rose Hilferding,the medical adviser of the class,said  that  she thought one of the best  remedies for lightening your problems is talking your troubles over the someone you trust.It is called catharsis,listening to patients troubles over at length,until they get them past of their minds.Brooding over problems create tension and have affected their  nervous system,Only feeling   that there is some one who is willing to listen and able to understand, can help a lot in fact..

What caused the change,in sick women was talking to someone,getting little advice and little human sympathy. what had really worked the change was the tremendous healing value that lies in--------WORDS. Psychoanalysis is based to some extent,on the healing power of words,a patient could find a relief from his/her inner problems ,by" spitting it out "or" getting it of the chests" brings almost instant relief. 

I have done it,myself writing long papers,narrating my problems and reading them again and again,until I get a solution to my problem.It helped me a lot to improve my nervous breakdown,anxieties and depression which was due to the death of my close relatives suffering from cancers,seeing their pain and trauma I felt badly,curse my fate and God too ! I had suffered depression still trying my best to cope with real life situations,I want to help many others like me through these writings.  

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Nothing in life come without strength. Nothing  worthwhile comes in life without struggle   In 1914, Thomas Edison, at age 67, lost his factory, which was worth a few million dollars, to fire. It had very little insurance. No longer a young man, Edison watched his lifetime effort go up in smoke and said, "There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we can start anew." In spite of disaster, three weeks later, he invented the phonograph. What an attitude. A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great result.

 Three people were laying bricks and a passerby asked them what they were doing. The first one replied, "Don't you see I am making a living?" The second one said, "Don't you see I am laying bricks?" The third one said, "I am building a beautiful monument." Three  people doing the same thing gave totally different replies. The question is : did they have different attitudes? And would their attitude affect their performance? 

 Wilma Rudolph was born into a poor home in Tennessee. At age four, she had double pneumonia with scarlet fever, a deadly combination which left her paralyzed with polio. She had to wear a brace and the doctor said she would never put her foot on the earth.But her mother encouraged her; she told Wilma that with God-given ability, persistence  and faith she could do anything she wanted. Wilma said, "I want to be the fastest woman on the track on this earth." At the age of nine, against the advice of the doctors, she removed the brace and took the first step the doctors had said she never would. At theage of 13, she entered her first race and came way, way last. And then she entered her  second, and third and fourth and came way, way last until a day came when she came in  first. At the age of 15 she went to Tennessee State University where she met a coach by the name of Ed Temple. She told him, "I want to be the fastest woman on the track on this earth." Temple said, "With your spirit nobody can stop you and besides, I will help you."

The day came when she was at the Olympics and at the Olympics you are matched with the best of the best. Wilma was matched against a woman named Jutta Heine who hadnever been beaten. The first event was the 100-meter race. Wilma beat Jutta Heine and won her first gold medal. The second event was the 200-meter race and Wilma beat Jutta a second time and won her second gold medal. The third event was the 400-meter  relay   race and she was racing against Jutta one more time. In the relay, the fastest person a lways runs the last lap and they both anchored their teams. The first three people ranand changed the bat on easily. When it came to Wilma's turn, she dropped the baton. But  wilma saw Jutta shoot up at the other end; she picked the baton, ran like a machine, beat Jutta a third time and won her third gold medal. It became history: That a paralysis woman became the fastest woman on this earth at the 1960 Olympics.

Every body has such inner powers and strength,need is to collect the scattered powers and put into effors to achieve impossible targets.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Women may envy her husband of his more soothing  prerogatives  and sentimentality,his masculine liberties of movement and occupation.She envy her husband for hiding  the harsh face of reality behind the clock of romanticism,his general innocence and childishness.Woman  wishes to mother a man because she sees into his helplessness,his need of amiable environment.But this is not the case of every woman.THOUGH SOME EXCEPTIONS ARE ALWAYS THERE.No men is 100% man and no woman is 100% woman,as woman have mannish tint and man have womanish tint.Both have some qualities in common.Woman is bolder than man,can  do anything  what she needed to do.If a woman hates her husband,can make his life so sour that death seem sweet by comparison.

Once empowered she ignore household chores not because she does not have time,no-no,she does not like to do petty odd jobs so  forget well-organised home.Revealing dresses,heels,make-up,kitty parties,more leisure and freedom to improve mind and get first place for themselves.Rebellious  women enjoy and took pride in avoiding home obligations.Freedom they have, they are getting what they want.Children  are at the hands of professionals.They are earning and spending lavishly on self .Putting self first and others next.
They conceal cunningly the fundamental imperfection in  well tailored clothes.It swathes those impossible masses in draperies soothingly uncertain of outline.Some special dress fitted her well but dress code of uniforms like stripping her and alleged beauty vanished.It is only rare beauty who is even tolerable.The overage woman,until art comes to her aid,has ungraceful  body structure .Even she has good torso,she is surely to have bad hairs,or bow legged or muddy eyes,or no chin. A woman who meets fair tests all rounder is  so uncommon that she become a marvel,and usually gains a livelihood by exhibiting herself as such either on stage  or as an actress or as a cheer girl so on .Now-a-days women have become most salable item.. Selling cars ,refrigerators,T.V.;milk, biscuits and what not? Participating beauty contests,beauty-beauty-beauty. Once she was forced to do all ,now she is doing all at her own sweet will.Who is to blame?Society -who want such nonsense things,or media or businessman manipulating them to boost their sale of products.

    Women is natures best creation indeed.She is superior to  average man in every respect,and this quality is not god gifted ,she has acquired this place after a long and bitter fight and in that fight she exhibited forensic and tactical talents of a truly admirable order, despite she loves to be loved and love. She adores her near and dear but when someone seems to be suspicious she instantly turn to be rebellious.Home was always her dream,and sweet kids around her,she loves to cook and fed them but does not want a status of lower designation at home.She wanted to have equal partnership in household and when she pressed hard to get the things done.She lost her interest and search outside the authority,position and leisure's. Whatever she has is god gifted,whether body or talent,she cannot do anything,still she try hard to present pleasant picture.If both men and women decide to do something positive,they can,what is the use of searching continuously the things where they do not exist? She hides her harsh curves beautifully.Most women are egg shaped or pear shaped,body lost charm after sometime.She seldom allows herself swayed by emotions,she wanted to be a master in her house,mothers a child to see him helpless and demanding her love.Men need amiable environment at home. women knew how little  such superficial values are worth in serious business of marriage and moreover beauty is an unimportant thing for men,it is a fact.Men very well know that human bodies except for a short period, is not a beautiful thing,but a hideous thing even their own bodies do not give them delight,it is their constant effort to disguise and conceal them,all is only for sensual provocation. Men knew all in their heart but whole business is women's world so they keep mum.

Everything exist in mind,there is nothing good or bad,only our view point from where we are watching the thing. different points have different views so debate will continue on such topics for ever .


ONLY CHANGE FACTOR IN LIFE IS PERMANENT:-Today where we stand,we have no idea as we are busy in chasing life goals. Our all goals is to get external luxuries,inner comfort level is almost zero.We depend upon others and seek their opinions to improve our lifestyles.Go within!

To find happiness you have to go nowhere.It is elusive,. elusive because we are searching where it does not exists.Happiness is a mental state so we have to fix our mind,mental balance, Nobel spirit and simple life  and hardwork is always translated into happiness and success.Bow to God only.Love god to get his grace and love.Never feel alone or worthless as you are unique,no other is like you.Broaden your horizon, adopt patience,be practical,flexible,use words wisely,trust god only.This is how you get peace and  solace.

If you want more you have to give more for NO LUNCH IS FREE.One thing to be take care of,when you are at the Top everybody will look up to you for help,you are supposed to help others when you are at the top.But careful for the demands, you must know when to refuse/say no,they will go to others for help.So do not feel guilty,for other need your attention but you have your own limitations,so learn when to move and when to take back seat and relax,others will surely value your honesty and insight.

Regain your energy by positive attitude,ease out restlessness and improve ill-health,Only godly powers has capacity to heal our mind, body and spirit.God faith has ultimate powers.Confusion arises only when you cannot see reality,divorce from reality adds to confusions.Pains are not to hurt you go into the roots of pain and experience it,there can be great transformation within.

So accept the change as it brings something new in your life.Sort out your wastage,mental or otherwise to keep life and surrounding clean.Stand-up for justice and fair play then encounter truths and go beyond delusions.Adjust yourself in every change,it is essence of life-though it is very hard to apply.Be centered and balance.Recall past there must be moments of total love,peaks and surrender .Life is worth lives despite all odds. Our  actions reaction is severe,we ignore all precautions,we set unrealistic goals,work under high pressure of time frame which further deteriorate our quality of life,and upset the balance in existence to the extent that GOD STOOD HELPLESS.In an environment of wealth,power and endless pleasure man is still empty.That is the main reason of unrest everywhere.Too much of everything is bad.  

   Everyone knows the artificiality of  his mode of living. When everything is artificially created then where is peace?As long as we look upon the pleasures and possessions,we cannot be free of attachment and fear of losing our loved ones or our belongings.There is always conflict between divine and undivinity.Enlightenment happen instantaneously by grace of god.Or gradually we fed up with all the mess created around us.Then we shed all artificiality at once and get peace at last.So avoid to  be self-centered or getting lost in  which is personal.This world is in dire need of truly conscious being who know why they are here and who they are?

The awakened person experience  a lighter state where there is no pain because he has no ego and have realized the absolute nature of life and universal truth.

Monday, 16 July 2012

WOMEN continue....women nature&what is to be woman

Woman is  a beautiful gift of god.Men can not do without women and women can not do without men.Then why both are engaged in making hell for each other?Both are moving onto new relationships only to discover that all is same,they perhaps forget that outer relationships are reflection of inner relationship,we have with ourselves.we are equal as human beings, as God’s children. I know that men control our planet, expect to control the universe and the majority abuse their power and control. It is obvious that women are still struggling to achieve the position that God has assigned to them and believe that all women share a basic nature. Our interior nature, or inner-self experiences, and, our exterior nature or the way we feel and interpret our world, our surroundings, culture, education, social status, and time. Our inner and external lives are related and interconnected. Our external life influences our inner Self, but does not determine who we are. Our inner life needs to be free to manifest in our external world so that we can change and transform our exterior.Women share in the way, we feel and express those feelings through our bodies. Our body manifests our femininity, which comes from within, but it usually conforms to our environment. The way we dress, act, and communicate is a reflection of our culture, educational level, and social status, and an expression of how we feel, how we see ourselves and how we think others see us. As women, we have the necessity to understand our image, our identity, our essence-our true nature .

If our beliefs and values come from what we learned, the way we perceive the world, interpret our experiences, and from what we believe to be true; then we can be certain that our fundamental values and beliefs come from a male perspective. Men taught for centuries the roots and traditions that define who women are and how we should be. Men expect women to raise their children with patriarchal values and a “male- dominant” belief system.And very idea meant to interpret the world has a standing point of view and/or a belief system. Women have to convince the men that are in power and control positions, & our point of view regarding our understanding and interpretation of the world. The war between the sexes has substituted the war against the spiritual forces that are feeding this war. This battle is “not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Being a woman has not been easy for me; I have suffered abuse and rejection from men and chauvinistic women, but I have found love and respect too. I learned that my battle is not against men, but against the belief system, against the “schemas” that involve us in wrong beliefs and emotions. Also against the lies that make you believe that women are guilty of the sins of the world, that women are: dumb, weak, silly, ignorant, emotional, incapable to lead, lacking authority, only mothers, prostitutes, a possession, an object of pleasure, house cleaners, diaper cleaners, cookers, the man rib and/or their helpers, among others. .We are here:-To share with God beauty and creativity, a greater capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness; a rational mind, but also an emotional nature that strives for relationship, marriage and family unity.

Time is always fit for a change,women have  to show their abilities to the world.not as a thing but as a human being.Women power is indeed great but still the universality of female subordination exists every where,in every type of society.We do not know the reason but it had been carry forward since  ti me unknown.  .Logically every society assumes the inferiority of women, the logic is highly persuasive this is the main reason:why people still subscribing to this notion?.In India and China women is worshiped as goddess but at home the same devaluation of women continue.Elements of cultural ideology and informants statements that explicitly devalue women according to them ,their roles,tasks,their products and their social milieux less presige than are accorded men and the male correlates,symbolic devices and social structural arrangements that exclude women from participating in or contact with some realm in which the highest powers of the society are felt to reside

Certainly, female exclusion from the most sacred rite or the highest political council is sufficient evidence. Certainly, explicit cultural ideology devaluing women (and their tasks roles, products, etc.) is sufficient evidence. Symbolic indicators such as defilement are usually sufficient, although in a few cases in which, say, men and women are equally polluting to one another, a further indicator is required-men throughout history, by arguing that women’s subordinate status is a result of the human mindset that human culture is superior to nature, that culture is man’s way of subduing nature.

 Sherry B.Ortner argues that women are largely identified with nature because they are the ones who give birth, and thus create new life. Women must devote a greater portion of their time and body than procreation than men, as they have more body parts and functions, such as breasts and menstruation, that solely exist for the purpose of having children. They are seen as being more connected to children. Therefore, society often confines women to a domestic familial role, freeing up the men to pursue more “cultural” endeavors like art or religion.  Children themselves are viewed as primitive humans, not yet civilized by the affects of culture. As women are the ones who raise children, transforming them into sophisticated adults.Nonetheless, “Women [during menstruation] formerly rode inferior horses and  evidently this loomed as a source of contamination, for they were not allowed to approach either a wounded man or men starting on a war party. A taboo still lingers against their coming near sacred objects at these time,as a result women are not only naturally subordinate but in general quite satisfied with their position,since it affords them protection and the opportunity to maximize maternal pleasures, which to them are the most satisfying experiences of  life. Without going into a detailed refutation of this position.

Not all women are under such a state,now women have gain strength and fighting for theri rights and justice.But blessed are few,they have to come forward and help others.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


You may find endless literature on one topic,hard to digest .Human nature is complex,we insist on individuality still create families.Because a false sense of security naturally creeps in  group,when there are more person,we have deceptive sense of courage.Our lack of interest in anything leads to frustration.We ourselves do not know that we want? Perhaps we fed up doing same things again and again,for whole of the life.Getting up in the morning,brushing the teeth,take a bath and get busy in daily routine tasks.

No mind state emerges when you are in deep meditative state or laugh. When you laugh whole-heartily,your thought process stops so laughing is equal to meditation,is not easy approach?Dancing and laughter are the best,natural and easily approachable doors to attaining no mind state,then existence melts into you.

Start the day with laughing and feel good.If you feel laughter in everything,you will feel god also laughing,whole world is laughing.God is in happiness.He created us and we feel gloomy in-spite of having everything,at least what we need the most i.e. two hands to work with,two feet to walk and tongue to taste   best of the best,eyes to see beauty of nature. You see god is laughing at us when we feel sad and not enjoying what we have.So connect to self to find god,revive heritage.There is no room for you if you do not create something new in this world,the new thing is finding self in Joyous state  again,fill the space with your laughter's!      

 We are rebellious,because we are not ready to accept the things as they are.By nature we want readymade solutions,mostly once for all.God want us to find our own way,to find our new approach towards truth. searching own way get us closer to god.We all knew that life is WILD.And  path is rough and unknown.But this is the mystery to be solved in our lifetime.It has a charm,for known has lost its curiosity .Awe,wonder  and  surprise are the ingredient  of charisma.A rebellious person does not bother about the world.He had realized that the world has its own way and he cannot change it so he invent his new way,decided to change the way he is.A rebellious person change himself and find the way.

I am rebellious person.I have always insisting on newer and best solutions for problems related to family,religion and relationships.When one set of notion was settled in the past,nothing bad had in those notion but with passage of time their values decreased.I am not against anybody,but I  must say "let me live the way I like".I believe humanity is the best of all religions.Today we have boundaries around us,fighting for power game.Truth has universality,same for one and all alike.And truth is:  God is one,we are inter-related by god,so why we are fighting and  for what? I appeal to all to come forward and spread humanity,love and peace every where,so that this world would be a better place to live in.Do not wait for the transformation,bring transformation by transforming self.Or wait  for the time when society will change so that  you can be fitted in it,this  is not going to happen.It is good to be revolutionary,to wait like a gentleman,revolutionaries have lived through the centuries and died.How you can be happy in an unhappy world.?

Treading you own path .But do not forget to laugh,laugh wholeheartedly to win the game of life.


Marriage is a dreamworld for most of young men and women,but soon real colors of this beautiful relationship start  revealing in, silence boredom and suffocation,all conclude that the corpse is already laid down in house,of relationship. It As for man pains are usually lightened by being disagreeable in marriage,moreover man work is already bore so he never feel anything as he is used to boredom.Perhaps boredom is a natural state for most of men.Men has capacity to sit at one place and  work for hours. Men can work as a writer,judge or clerk any job.But women may bore him badly,as men do like attachment like glue.  She tires him by variety. she is too dynamic,he is weary when he gets home and asks only the dull peace and comforts but wife gets restless by curiosity to know each and everything.Men think that under marriage contract all duties lie upon men and all privileges given to women.Women think she is a prisoner,she can not act as per her will,only to obey what is  ordered.

Men thought she is  free of tensions as she has to sit at home and work within four walls.  Women think apposite to it.Still husband is head of the family,he has authority over the purse strings,over the children,and even over his wife,and wife is his personal property- she is not a living thing.He has safeguarded his self respect and have support of public opinion, though laws have given some liberty to women but still  laws do not change anything.All of old rights have been converted into obligations, now women have their right to property,she may devote its income to the family or spend on her shopping.Though this liberty is only for self-empowered women who are less in number.Now she has equal authority in regulating or disposing of  matters related to children.There is no law compelling her to do her share of   family labour,she may spend her entire time on her own.She cannot be forced to perpetuate the family name if she does not want to. she cannot be attacked with masculine weapons,e.g. fists,and forearms,when she makes an assault with feminine weapon e.g.snuffing,sabotage or invective.Now no lawful penalty can be visited upon her if she fails to keep their home clean,children in order or preparing food at times.But two wrongs can not make one right thing. if earlier women were suffering,,now both are suffering.Main sufferer are children who deprive of their right, they are alone when they are supposed to be loved by their mothers

Now  husband is like a money making machine,once  he submit to marriage,his wife obtains a fair share of property,including all he may acquire in future.In western countries husband can not sell his property without her consent,he can not deprive of her of his property because she is taking care of  their children or doing her household jobs carelessly.Now she has all rights but no obligation.This has become a headache for many men.She may neglect her house and other jobs related to their household and children but you cannot ask her a question about what she has been doing,about her indecent dresses ,or joining any political party instead of their marriage or home.Now men has no choice but to accept all,if he want to corrects her by locks her up,or cutting off her revenues,he may get six months jail or women  activists will punish him.So dare not to do so. It is now men turn to face the world,he may face instant disgrace or punishments,she may proceed against her husband to get relief.No firm bounds.

Though she must not assault him with edged tools,leave him altogether or strip off her few remaining clothes and go naked. this is not women empowerment at all, because once she was forced to do all shameful jobs by force and now she is doing all willingly. SOME SHAMEFUL ACTS ARE REALLY  INTOLERABLE .for both sexes,if woman is doing wrong it is wrong and when man is doing wrong it is wrong and two wronds do not make one thing right!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Though there are number of problem in our day to day life but we can overcome by working on them.How?Let us play a simple game.The word attitude has greatest numbers,if we add them according to their actual number counting as A-1,b-2,so T-20 and by adding up we will get 100 numbers.So attitude is highest scored word,in our real life attitude will settle all outcome.Then hard work- 98 numbers.attitude and hardwork will decide what we will get by our luck,luck =47 number is also adding up our success rate.Love will get 54 numbers,money will get 72 numbers and knowledge will get 96 numbers,if we add up by their alphabetically numbers. So in future every one should work on with positive attitude by working hard with perfect knowledge then by good luck we get success.

So attitude is first to joyous and wonderful world.Lift your mind from lower level to higher level. so identify the problem and give proper solutions as poverty problem is solved by growing rich,illness ends only when we become healthy ,depression will be cured by proper medicines and meditation.To reach the root cause of problem,study the factors responsible for.Happiness is a mental state which is not dependent on outer  circumstances.If you are happy then you would not bother about any other developments,and if you are sad no outer state will bring your happiness back.Take your bodily plane above the clouds because clouds will always be there in sky.

A strong determination to be happy  will help,do not wait for circumstances to change,do not make unhappiness  CHRONIC HABIT,it will ruin you.If you possess happiness you possess everything.To be happy is to be in tune with god.That power comes through meditation.You have to see yourself that awakening and wound  before healing,heal yourself and move on!

Shift your attention to lighter and brighter side .Detach your mind by controlling your thoughts to get  inner peace and contentment,which is result of commune with GOD and your unconditional love for whole of the world.Darkness is absence of light,to dispel darkness we have to look within,to be enlightened. We have to realize that this world is limited to I and my .You and we come afterwards.All given solution  will create only problems for you because nobody is ready to consider you,only you and yourself are important for you at every  given time,that is the main reason for hate,conflicts and misery. truth is in your beingness .Happiness is a state of being and how happy we are!  What will happen in this world without me,nothing special. world will go on as ever only I will not be here.So it is I who will miss this world.

We are  spiritual being.When soul is attached with body we experience all physical,mental-emotional problems.Never give keys of your happiness to others.Mend your ways before nature punish you by way of disease or any other incident to teach you a lesson.We are all blessed  children of god and have potential for a perfect life,potential to achieve great things like others have.Do good and ignite hidden power to experience blissful state.So cultivate your mind body and  soul to take powerful dimensions that you never ever thought!

Friday, 13 July 2012


Mark twin has rightly quoted:-"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous,he will never bite you.This  is the  principle difference between a dog and a man."

Men is supreme of all and degraded its supremacy.Why? It is perfect time to think over it.When there is unrest in our mind and we do not know what to do?How to do? To keep this world going on as a place worth living."You must not be discouraged if the world does nor rush to you,demanding what you have.Neither must you quietly sit down to let world wonder and seek you;you must be aggressive,you must carry your truths to people and cause them to see so clearly that they must accept them." Edith Kincaid Butler.  
  Feel vibrations ,once you start feeling it,you are on a journey to self-discovery.Attaining spiritual powers is our mission and we get it with strong will power.Otherwise all practice of following rituals or reading scriptures is like donkey carrying the loads,to unload  feel internally the peace it soothes and overall  you will be experiencing happiness. You will soaked in unconditional love,smoothness of unconditional love will turn you into a better human being.

You may build a holistic- will by concentrating on good, One has to build  emotional,physical,intellectual and spiritual will.Be recipient of divine energy.Be a part of solution and not a problem,in fact problems enable us to solutions.makes us strong.To face life breakthrough problems and not suffer breakdowns.Intellectual will  will provide you goodness and show path to reach destination.  world is an oceans where all religions like river merges into one. There is nothing wrong in being in the world,we are in this world.Turn the passion away by discriminating mind,will,willpower, bondage and liberate.

Peace is developed through trust and trust is gained through compassion.Every one is concerned about world peace,under some circumstances it is possible at certain time and not always,as all are engaged in hoarding weapons and military forces at the  borders of nations,how one can think of peace amidst all such circumstances. If we use our powers in destruction,how  we will have peace? Those who have money,power,intelligence and are busy in manipulating others in any way, in the end will have to face regrets and remorse.

But life is strange,it has  many twists and turns,we may turn to god any time.There are many incidents which strengthen our faith in god, reinforces  our faith by new developments in life and one become ardent believer of god. Believing in god is an element of existence and part of self.ing too high. Actually ups and downs are testing time to test our morals and faith in HIM.God has mysterious way to teach us lessons, to bring us down to earth whenever we start fly. God is not a power to punish us,it put us on right way whenever we are out of track.By giving us directions to save us from odds,god knows what would have gone through if we go through our own set ways,Spirituality always keep a balance of emotions,cub ill feeling of jealousy,anger and helped us to be a better person.

Dalai Lama:- Family is based on affection,children life will be happier and successful if families are full of love and compassion,whereas children ruined if grow up in fear or lack of love and affection.The dominant force in human consciousness or human life is affection, ideology or religions that comes later. Human love and compassion are just not above  love or seeking pleasure.True compassion is only about feeling of closeness but a sense of responsibility as well.

Everybody want love and compassion alike.,when our feeling about person changes compassion ceases to exist than it is only a sense of attachment.Marriage is not mad love but sense of responsibility coupled with mutual love.

 What goes around comes around,.What we give ,we will get the same.So be alert while giving something to the world as you vibrations.Our Vibrations can transform many or pollute the environment by our negativity.If a man is bundle of thoughts,thoughts have vibrations,so our greatest contribution is to purify our thought pattern by keeping a close check,by way to watching our thought in meditation.And slowly there would be filtration of thoughts automatically merely by watching them.

Civilizations,like empire,fall,not so much      because of the strength of the enemy outside as through the weakness and decay within---re-marked Jawahar lal Nehru.

MEDITATE!      MEDITATE!   MEDITATE!    Meditation refine our thoughts.

Main reason for our disturbed mental state is stress and not getting proper attention from our loved ones. the fact is our loved one give us too much pain by not acknowledging our need. What we need is love and care.Its so simple. we often feel left out. rediscover your life,emotional balance will harmonize your life. For  you must know what is going on and what is actually needed at intuitive level,so come out of stale period by your own willpower.    

THERE IS SOMETHING GREATER THAN US,connect to that power Awake ,Alert and Aware of what is going on ,every moment has a purpose.Change yourself for better and you will change thousands , but make changes simpler and easierEmotional disconnection is root cause of many problems. do not influenced by what you see in the world,as it is a playground of illusions where false values,false ideas and false paths  are in abundance  view life as a dream,watch it ,enjoy it but do not involve yourself in worldly drama. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012


The fact about intellectual superiority is in genes.If Spencer ,Nietzsche had married their sons would have contributed as much to philosophy as the sons and grandsons of Veit Bach contributed to music.     Even setting aside the direct influence of heredity,there is the equally potent influence of example and tuition.The tendency to first rate men  to remain a bachelor is very strong,even the married ones revealed this tendency .For example Shakespeare was forced into marriage while  he was still a minor.tried his best to keep away from his wife as far as possible.His distaste was the cause of his residence in London.Better sort of men and women tried their best to avoid  marriage .They  want to do something else rather than marriage .But it is human nature that we want to have someone with us,and when we have-we want to get rid of

.Marriage is a compulsion for humans .On the one hand men want women, on the other hand   feel over burden soon, so the seek divorce,even ready to pay huge money  for liberty. Men play safe game of monogamy,while women  is sensible enough to choose ordinary men to have safe marriage and children.She avoid high class men because she knew well their nature.  Now a new way to have children by way of adoption,both men and women feel  free of marriage obligations.Newer way to have freedom..Ethical motives can be abandoned whenever necessary,as experiences turn against them .Civilized men and women  favor passion  and passion is most dangerous of all the surviving enemies to what we call civilization,
which is  based upon order,decorum, restraint,formality,industry,regimentation etc.

The ideal men never sacrifices the common security to his passions.He reaches perfection when he even ceases to love passionately--when he reduces the most profound of all his instinctive experiences from the levels of ecstasy to the level of a mere device for workshops of the world,even making possible to know where every citizen is at any hour of the day or night.Monogamy accomplishes this,not  by producing satiety,but by destroying appetite.It makes passion formal and uninspiring,and so gradually kills it.The moral business of safeguarding the virtue of the unmarried is still passionate.It is quite impossible to kill a passion by arguing against it ..99% ,young men and women would submit the it would be much easier to submit than to resist.Curiosity would be satisfied,nature  would get out of her cage,even romance would get an inning.But result? Disillusioned demoralizing passion.Nature is as it is!

Men women relation is complementary.   Marriage of higher class men and women take place lately because of  their  priorities,which may be higher education or good career.But at last they both get married and settle down to live together.Both need each other emotionally, though other three factors are too cover under the package of marriage

.Women have greater capacity to controlling and concealing their emotions.This capacity is so rare today,today how to mask feelings is difficult as trend is changed now .Women are always against the war this is either transparently dishonest as at home they are always known as good fighter now a days,with so called women empowerment.Women recognize the nature of  modern war instantly and accurately,they advocated no disingenuous efforts to conceal it.

The feminine talent for concealing emotion is probably largely responsible for the common masculine belief that women are devoid of passion,and men on the occasion when they give attention to he matter,are in state of conductive to exact observation.The truth is that  there is absolutely no reason to believe that the normal woman is passionless.To be sure  the peculiar vanity of men makes place a high value upon the virginal type of woman,and so this type tends to grow more common by sexual selection,but despite the fact  it has by no means  superseded the normal type,so realistically described by the theologians and publicists of Middle Ages.It would however be rash to  assert that this long-continued sexual selection has not made itself felt,even in the normal type.Its chief effect,perhaps,is to make it measurably easier for a woman to conceal emotion than it is for a man. And  this may be  the main reason for concealing true emotions. At least every one of these men suffered from some obvious and intolerable qualification. Either he had a wife already and was vague about getting rid of her,or was drunk when he was brought proposal and repudiated it or forgot it the next day,or he was a bankrupt or his relatives were impossible.But always eligible for marriage in our society,Women who  have become victim ,lose their market value in marriage.But men may be so cheap is eligible for marriage made women to conceal their truth.That is the main reason for not discussing such matters at all.It is transmitted from mother to daughter,so to speak behind the doors.But now educated women is smart enough to fight for her own rights,she can raise a voice against any such abuse may it be within four walls of house or outside.She knew now how to handle the situation.And now men are  sufferer.Lately men can dictate women easily now women dictate men.
Now relations have lost their warmth, because men and women both are out of house .Both of them are working then who will handle other domestic matters.Now male and female ego are at the same level.Now she cannot be dominated. Women are reluctant to enter into marriage.But this is applicable to average type of women.Marriage offers the best occupation which offers security emotional or as regard gained by way of getting married, economic security as wife is better half and has a fair share in her husband property. economic security is relative security,the best provider  when wife want her share of property by force to have divorce soon after marriage and this is very mush in fashion now.In western countries rich women are  due to divorce factor,getting  divorce have money and liberty to enjoy life. In marriage  she seeks a husband not sentimentally but realistically.It is common for men to marry women who bring nothing  as joint property.Many rich men marry a teacher or governess  etc. any woman that appeals him without a second thought.He want a pretty women as arm candy and feel better in society by having beautiful lady. Where as women get  secure position in that station  of  life to which she is accustomed.Marriage is a form of partnership where both parties into a contract to live together enjoying best of life.Now it is degraded as never before. Women /men make  calculations what will happen in future,if he/she marry a clerk ,will be head of the department  after few years.Man thin"I wooed and won her:" whereas wife  says"I made him run". earlier man  suppose to be a monster and wife as victim. But now things have changed a lot.

Now no one marries their first choice as first choice may be  beyond their talents.their second or third choice.Proceeds from moving picture  actor or actress to beauty ,they are carried away  by greater skills and greater attraction.This is  normal history of a marriage.they seek a wide range of choices as the condition of their life allow. the servant girl, chorus girl or vampire of pictures or t.v. serials would be the millionaires wife of next year.Both sexes roll eyes as wide as they can to get a partner in life.  And who get  their first choices are rare. An  average man or woman  is well aware of fact that  difference between man and woman is so slight  to be practically negligible if money is put aside.Thus woman is none of common masculine illusion about soul mates or  love at first sight etc.She is always ready to marry a man  who is plainly eligible,and she usually knows a good many  more such than one.Her demand is not love or romance but for comfort and security,she is thus  easier to satisfied than a man and oftener happy.One frequently hears of remarried widowers who continue to moon about their dead wives bur for a remarried widow to show any such sentimentality would be nine days wonder. But  this may be  to get new husband attention and  prove her loyalty.The bachelor capacity to avoid marriage is no more  thana proof of his relative freedom from the ordinary sentimentalism of his sex-- in other words of his greater approximation to the clear-headdedness of the enemy sex.. 

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