Friday, 31 August 2012


Time sets all,the quality of your life depends on utilisation of time,sitting idle is a sin.Because mind never stop thinking.Mind plays tricks that is why we call it monkey mind,to stop its menace we have to get busy in any work,production or creative work.With progress  we have a lot of time spared by machines,who works for us,how to utilize time depends person to person. One who is devoted to work  is root cause of prosperity,profit and welfare. Learning is a continuous process and ends with our  life itself.Moreover it is an ancient cure for modern disorder,stress, anxiety,mood swings and so on.To keep you have to learn  to keep mind active by creating something useful for whole humanity. And who has found his work is luckiest man on the earth because what to do is most difficult question.
We need to consolidate our potential,energy and inner strength to face life's  many challenges. Try to live within your limitations by realising who you are,your strength and areas of weakness. Eat less and simple food.Have proper rest. Such people who never tells     a lie and never use harsh words, who are satisfied with their work which is proper utilization of his skills and efforts.who never defame others are are on this earth.. So stay young by learning continuously better and useful things.


IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE OTHER  UNDERSTAND YOUR POINT OF VIEW UNLESS AND UNTIL THEY THEMSELVES  HAVE WALKED  YOUR PATH.In other words you may better explain as only shoe wearer knows where the shoe pinches.



 What about these quotations:Time spend together is   what everybody needs. Actually time spend together counts the depth of love,otherwise everything is formal routine of life.Sharing,caring is love,we want to give all for the loved ones.Be it  worldly love between lovers,between child and mother,between god and devotee,whatever type of relationship is togetherness is oneness  the most attracting  feeling in the world,one want to die for each other.

INTROSPECTION .................17

I   read somewhere that life always give you one chance to improve your lifestyle,to upgrade your present conditions,it does't matter how terrible sinner you are,there is always a wound before awakening.There are many stories,real life stories,which confirm this notion.Poet and saint Balmiki was one of them who was guided by saint Narada and his life was totally transformed from a dacoit to a saint. Another man known as Angulimaal, who had killed 1000 people and robbed of them,wear a garland of 1000 fingers,transformed by Goutam Budha. These men are from past history.I knew one of myself,who was not leading a happy life and abused by common people,once he determined to change his life-from a drunken man to a responsible householder and now his children are studying in higher classes,his wife is also satisfied with the improvement of her husband.
There are many who are very responsible ones,but treat badly their wives and subordinates,though they are character wise good,earning handsome money but their language is abusive. Making hell of life.They prefer to die but not admit they are doing anything wrong,what to say? Again only shoe wearer knows where the shoe pinches.There are endless examples here and there in every society and when awareness from inside happens,all will change by itself.People who always prove themselves right and all other are wrong,it is only their point of view.To make improvements rigidity has to be shunned.

Here you may get respite only by KARAMA philosophy. One will reap only what he  has  sown.  One may console self that despite all odds you are together. And life is no matter what---is worthliving and with your courage you will sail through all types of odds.

Beliefs have power to  move a mountain.All have sets of beliefs.Your belief system enable you to scale high mountains of odds, to improve relations you must take care of your dress code,how you carry yourself,second is your behaviour ,how you speak. Your patience is tested at every step.Try to understand needs of everybody and  need to move on in life,people do not care what you did elsewhere  and do not expect from you to know all.You may ask for help where you need it.Maintain  good relations all around and this can be done only hen you take a genuine interest in others,speak less and listen more,quite is better. These are tips to better lifestyle which one can had by being practical and shedding emotions,keeping your emotions in control will offer you more positive opportunities to excel in every area of your life-with god's grace and your intelligence!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Some are born great,some achieve greatness.Some have greatness thrust upon them.Be simple,pure and modest. Common sense is the most uncommon thing in this world-Swami Vivekananda . We are living in this world and still we can not force anybody to live life of another.In other words responsibility is our own for our all actions.Actually we are in the habit of blaming others, or  blaming to incidents or turn  and twist of time, for all of  our failures or unhappiness. we can not force others to think as per our own conceptions or act as we liked,even our all efforts to change others will of no use,only god has authority  and it is his job  and not ours,so never try even. Our existence depends on breathing system..The air we inhale and exhale -we have taken for-granted. Despite we  need relationships,harmony,peace and love Happiness is  based in harmony,though it is a mental state still mental state is balanced when every thing is in its place- exactly.So always bear in mind that _mind your own business and never poke your nose in others affairs, We knew very well that our existence is interdependent and look  at every one as yourself,but do not consider everyone like yourself.

Values of life are what you expect from everybody and everybody is in search of happiness.Learn  to disagree to agree.Accept difference of opinions and minimize the chances of  division, destruction and breakdowns,as it is not commonsense.
 Change what has become stale and meaningless,assess and transform attitude by clarity of mind.Clear all mental blocks and past conditioning to renew your thoughts and life. Originality has freshness.  forgetting past destruction and allowing rebirth in personal aspects.Drop all fears and emotional baggage,enlighten self with tested family ties and friendships,your own heart gives you the best answers and you intuition reveals insights within,then your actions are based on accurate calculations and good management,which you had acquired being in touch with inner power and aloofness also the space and purity within. which enable you to be total creative with whatever you do!

 We have strange mixture of  feelings,expressions and wearing different masks,for some we are honest while for some we are dishonest.  We are creative for some whereas destructive  for others.We may be calm,or chaotic at different times.Though we are one single entity.But  are you sure to reveal all to other? Would they not consider it as multiple-faces personality.Yes we are fine with the way we are but others are confused and have problem as they can not understand our behavior  Just a representation of life's aspect is multifacet. We are not disturbed because we are revealing only one aspect of life which is true,everybody has his own view points.Truthfulness and falsehood is in everything,your reality is end of the stick,you happen to latch on to.


 Though we love,our nature is loving,caring and doing the things our loved one likes,but strange enough that we still have something which we don't like to share.Every body is like this,intimacy is one thing but telling all to every one is not even possible,far various reasons.Human nature has complexities.Everybody choose to reveal himself,others know only we tell them,or choose to tell them.
It was a sin in past,near and dear claimed that they should know each and every thing and not telling them anything was not tolerated. But  now we are at liberty,definitions of sincerity have been modified.Honesty is limited to actions not effecting the partner. Psychologists say there is a hidden secret place that each of us keep locked deep within us.
The world see what you chosen to reveal.So respect secret and sacred place within .
It is almost impossible  to reveal all to everyone,there are multiple dimensions to our personality,everything changed with change of angle. It is painful too!
Earlier it was considered that there should not be any secret between two person or a family,even in friendships.But now time has changed for better that everybody is  respecting ,limits of everything in relations.
Earlier I can change my mind or notions was considered as a symbol of indecisiveness, hesitant, wavering mind or like that. But actually it can prevent you from manipulation,giving in to an undesirable outcome.And depriving yourself of freedom to change your mind will lock you into rigid mindset.In 70s and 80s people work with sincerity with an institution or firm or a person through out their life,with no complaints as it was called sincerity. And now such mentalities are totally washed out,now money works and everybody works for money. Now it is confidence,opportunities  to success to frequently changing mind and jobs for pay hikes. It is called practicality.
Changing  mind for better option is good,but now a days in T.V. or media everybody is manipulating you by saying have you done so and so or when you are replacing you refrigerator  or car or so on ,  things are many,they are selling and T.V.  is displaying for its own benefits. For this,it would be better to collect full information about the things and products.For personal choices everybody is free to change mind and it is happening everywhere,even in relationships.In old movies still you can see old servants working there through out their life,it was in older time,people were not practical like now,they have real attachment to persons and it was considered good.Now it would be foolishness to work in same place entire life without monitory gains.Now savants do murders and kidnapping for money.This change of mind is not good. But money is playing foul games.
For any change be logical.Now a days MBA DEGREE HOLDERS perusing you to invest your hard earned money in various plans or to buy something and not letting you to have a second thought,they are trained to do so ,it they let you to think over,you may not purchase or buy from some one else some other day.These were some of temptations due to advertisements.
Changing mind means you have lost your invested credibilities. What would happen to our deep rooted belief system,change your mind,think wisely or give in to your temptations.Clever salesman or advertiser may label you indecisive or wrong,are you mentally prepared for? Balance of mind will decide which is more accurate and better or superior to the existing one.Do it until the better idea sprung up in your mind.So my dear choosing better options and changing mind is not always bad.
Say to self I WAS WRONG,I AM SORRY to relieve you of the pains. Being admitting your mistakes is virtue,it does not mean you have committed a sin.So trying to search truth in this way is sky level open freedom.Accept your fault without guilt as it is very human to make mistakes,but please for god's sake never repeat and cheat somebody.
Mostly we all are wrong in our some of notions and changing the track is good,face problems with courage to accept mistakes,then yobeliefsystemu are winner.  Renovation is good,so renovate-modified your ideas, and life style.Let you drop your heavy baggage of wrong notions,thoughts,ideas and get freedom.Here everybody is a salesman selling ideas, inefficiencies,honesty, work or anything  like that.You will see the difference when you will be honest with self and in touch with real feelings.Agents are be fooling us.We trust them,trust is not a bad thing but keep yours eyes open while dealing with other person. Everything is fair in love and war,today selling is equal to war winning customers is race.First test and tried then make decision.

Monday, 27 August 2012


If you narrate your own story,it would be  an amazing think to overview your own life-like a third party.Writing a daily journal will help a lot to keep a close watch on self.If you are prepared for the worst which  would rarely happen but in this process one musters enough strength to face challenges of life coming in your way.Positive approach could prevail and one learn to live happily,but it is strange when we have all -we tend to worry a lot.And when we have nothing to lose,we lost all,even health,only then realization happen how foolish we were? That we have lost full life in futile struggles which fed away with time,now peace deep sense of peace is there.

Life was so simple and we had made it difficult. The addiction which compels a person to carry on with the menace-which is telling upon their health adversely.Our own faults need our attention and love,care and compassion which cost nothing can do miracles for self and for others who are our own person.
When so much is going on your life,hardly any energy left  in for your body.So slow down as given your tiredness you may lack patience and calmness demanding to need your attention.

The truth needs no evidence,time is great and decide all for us.In life there are many person around us,like parents,brother,sister,friends,wife husband etc. Two persons are strangers unless they met,grow and wlk together for some time.There time starts functioning silently.There are not words but deeds which play important role in helping the person to know each other.

Sometimes we meet persons from different walks- can overlapping,the results energy drained by emotional imbalance. Jealous person act as monsters, even sometime friends can also spoil reputation in jealous .At SUCH times display your inner strengths and get on with your life without getting provoked.This is anything is possible.Time is great. After sometime they would stop talking nasty things about you automatically,these are real tests of life.Avoid rigidity,apply flexibility,self-discipline and open mindedness.

Sometimes we get lost in virtual world of golden memories,we enjoy  golden moments of life with closed eyes,watching drama.We wish to bring back  those day which is not possible in any case. So set well all priorities of your life which need your full attention and influence your actions. bringing back past is not practical only you can watch video  recordings,if you have done. Get on real plane with open eyes.

Watch life carefully as when your energy level is low,you may have danger to lose your patience and ruined  name and fame which you have earned  in life. You should accept honestly that without the support and co-operation of your loved ones you could not have attained the position. It is love and support of your loved ones and well wishers  that now you are on the top,you have money,name and fame-prestige and all,you would have accomplished so much in the past and still you need them in future,no person can harm you without your permission.  It means that you have allowed the circumstance to through without   check,you can control events before and not after the things happened to you, cope up depression and stres you may turn to spirituality,religion or entrainment.

 when feeling of having arrived in life  emerges, you may feel disillusioned,and avoid feeling of not getting enough attention, non-recognition and credit. Enemies are best guides,telling us how to behave and act.         new relationships sometimes change your entire thought process.Relations are good so shunning them is not good ides.We can not survive without relations.

You should have head erect  but superiority complex is no-no.Stay  humble and see others have a point of their own,so push self to higher,be tougher expand knowledge as sky is the limit for knowledge.Stay connect to self,all knowledge will be available from cosmic net.Then intensity of this phase may inspire you to achieve your worldly or spiritual goals.

Use time to shape your life,with each passing day you  would become stronger person as challenges would not be able to scared you,you will face them boldly with same force they have arrived try to go round obstacles rather than head on,try to see brighter side of every thing.As demanding situations boost your skills.Challenges won't demoralise you,rather warm-up you for all the actions staring at your face.

Though when you are not feeling well,it may make you jilted and confused    about what to  do, you wished to go all out but it won't be.Patience tested you at such times.CHILL. When you see others as you may well be flabbergasted to see ,have  high expectations of you--check tempers or ego rides then!  Torrid time -akin to emotional roller-coaster ride where you are up for a moment then come hurling down another, Love,laughter,joy and sadness,hope and happiness-myriad streaks of life,brace yourself and yet open to enjoy life's  offerings-elated, affectionate in your interactions.To overcome stress do gardening,jogging or meditation whatever you like but for god's sake do not sit depressed.

Your faith in god and yourself is enough to kick-start life. Your hard work will be paying off, calculate risks or they will backfire,so take care. enhanced level of movement in your life.spirituality may catch your fancy always and for ever-ever.


Sunday, 26 August 2012


Even the desire for liberation is material one and we cannot stop this process-to prevent weeds from sprouting in a field after a heavy rain...we can  scorch the field or burn the seeds,it is by taking total shelter in god desire.God is not bound to fulfil,as it is not a machine where we put something  in- it to get the product soon.Only god knows better what suits us and what is good for us,HE will do according to his sweet will and not as per our desire or need.
God is not a order supplier nor  he is standing by in a call centre ready to take our calls 24X7. We have left only one option with us ,is to trust god.We must seek to become his servants,as it is pleasurable,rewarding and ethical.Accept all weaknesses and limitations graciously,accept HIS supremacy. God's will is always greater than ours.We should do right things in right ways and be better person.
Our limitations such as handicap -blindness or so,we should accept this to move on or refuse to accept to explore other possibilities to reach out,to open up new avenues in life despite  our limitations.We can not change limitation by birth but overcome poverty,illness or sour relationships with gods grace. All limitations can be due to our wrong choices or decisions made earlier.So rise above,from despair to achievements.
Our fears,guilt,pride anger,self-centeredness and embarrassment-all these are preventing us from being free and becoming out true-selves.
We act as per our choices,will and decisions. then react to unhappy give up your own will and accept God's sweet will-whether to turn to god or run away to suffer later and repent afterwards.God has made us noble but not instant nobler.Either raise self or degrade self,still the choice is ours.Rely on the god's will to avoid any risk  of mis-happenings.
"All powers are in our faith and miracles  are possible only in trust of god. God love us,teach us,instruct us and use us in variety of ways,our life become spring of joy when we believe in god.We feel secure,bold and courageous.So you can say trust is the real god.Its power take up protective shield of faith,all evils resulted  in fears and distrust.
God gave you a family so that you may learn how to love others and then give that kind of love to all so we can  all start right in our own homes"-SWAMI PARAMHANSA  YOGANANDA.
source(Betty frost)

Most people are confident that they can solve their all problems themselves and god has nothing to do with their day to day affairs. As there are god believers and people who trust their own belief system and ignore god,or don't believe that there is someone, as we knew him as super-power,GOD .But somehow  they experience some unique sets in life process,they suddenly turn to God.
We must have open mind and open eyes,we should not believe anyone who claims to be superman.It is not fault of that person who said,he has something great and you start just following him for your vested interests,then by chance some of your wishes are actualised the way you wanted and our faith firms. You share our personal experience to others,others too wanted something something,they follow as you did. In this way gets enlarged,of devotees.So spiritual business is settled.
But if we are firm believer of god,we do not need to go somewhere,just sit and meditate,come closer to your real self and view your own strengths,inner powers,gather scattered thoughts or stop their -just control their intensity because it is impossible to stop thought process for common person.Viewing god is like looking  self in a  mirror.Be a seeker,believe in self and Truth. Truth is God.


We live in society,when we became spectators- we feel uneasy as the days pass,with the knowledge that we are not part of the action,we are just audience.Due to lack of time we have lost connectivity-personal interaction limited to phone calls or video chats. We feel ill served by the person we love and let down by the friends or family.As events unfolds itself,it is becoming hard to digest the fact  that we were unable to handle the events occurred.Or the feeling that we must have done something in response to actions -reaction to express our pains.

The other way is to totally ignore what is irrelevant to others,why we bother ourselves when nobody need us,there is no need to poke our nose in other affairs.A complex matter would become easier when we cool down and see other options.
 Change what has become stale and meaningless,assess and transform attitude by clarity of mind.Clear all mental blocks and past conditioning to renew your thoughts and life. Originality has freshness.  forgetting past destruction and allowing rebirth in personal aspects.Drop all fears and emotional baggage,enlighten self with tested family ties and friendships,your own heart gives you the best answers and you intuition reveals insights within,then your actions are based on accurate calculations and good management,which you had acquired being in touch with inner power and aloofness also the space and purity within. which enable you to be total creative with whatever you do!  

Don't confuse being nervous with scared

Being nervous means we're recognizing that something of great magnitude is about happen. Maybe that change is in our control or maybe it's not, but no matter what feeling nervous is a normal reaction. Don't forget that it could just mean you're excited. I read,an inspirational  quotation in google plus. It matched with my own thoughts so I am writing  here,everything happens for a reason.If you believe in god and its subtle indicators,it is one of them.
If  nervousness become a habit,then be alert, as you are going to

Han Mei ek AAh hu,Kayro ki bujdili bahaduro ki nai rah hu,
Han mei ek AAh hu,
Jab bhi nikli ek AAh,Khul gai ek nayi rah,
Han mei ek AAh humKayro ki bujhdili bahaduro ki nai rah hu.

Yes,I AM A AAH! But I am a new way for brave people,a plea for coward ones.Whenever there is a sigh-it is a new way for the brave ones,yes I am a Aah! It means that  same situation is different for different people.Better would be to see brighter side of things and matters which really matters.   

Friday, 24 August 2012


People buy spirituality with the hope that it would be better than the older one.In older times GURU'S always gave impression that they have attained super state .They are next to god,and we normal people are sinner,have done too much and to undo we must do something special.But now everything is too easy to follow. Modern gurus says they are like us but have improved their life style and we can too!

That is why there are many paths and gurus now we can see around us,AS they never gave impression that we are not good human being,they say that they are onthe same path but little ahead.With modern techniques  to de-stress common man they have freshen lives of many.New gurus are trendy,educated and blending ancient wisdom with modern  techniques to make it easily accessible.They discourse not  on RELIGION,VEDS OR UPNISHEDS, they guide common people in every area,from spirituality to their life problems,giving practical solutions.

Now Gurus are motivational leaders.Their practical and personalised approach attracting large scale of people,both parties enjoy.One in getting new innovative ways to explore life without loosing anything.The other is getting popularity,money and status. Modern gurus are psychiatrists  who help common people to sail through sea of troubles.They are not  rigid  types gurus instead they advised people to enjoy life with ease. Enjoy without guilt.

Any one who has mastery over speech and have knowledge,what to speak or how to influence people. Meditation combine with  other arts as tarot card reading magnets,beeds, crystals,oil therapy , herbs or chanting. There is vast variety of saleable items and buyers are too many.People are earning huge money,name and fame.It is a multi crore business with  many other supportive business like spiritul  books.C.D's,tours and as there is spiritual globalisation.Because everybody in unhappy in one or the other way so such business has much capacity to bloom without any loss.

Now people are following spirituality not to get NIRVANA  in next life,but to have peace of mind,getting freshness in life by touring to religious places availing  five star facilities. Now spirituality has different meaning,finding  mind,body and spirit harmony.To find peace now and here.The aim is to combine consumerism with happiness,and nobody's loss,everybody is getting whatever he likes.If one is after peace the other is after money.Money is multiplying in this business ,here no one is looser.A trip to making you GOD.Regular people  have craving to getting attention like special one.It is every body's dream to have name fame and money,as money is biggest power-now.Who has money can have other within fix time ,less efforts and hard work,because proper planning reduced the risks.They knew if- "you don't act on life,life has a habit of acting on you".

India had been spiritually a global guru since the time unknown.If we consider spirituality as a business,according to BRIHASPATI SMIRITI- Businessman must be a person of character and integrity with self control,and be example to others for practice of ethical values." So strengthen your own spiritual foundation and practice  spirituality in your daily day to day life.Jagdeep Kapoor of Samisika marketing consultants Mumbai puts the national spiritual market at over 25000 crore with 30% annual growth.This includes core like gurus,yoga,meditation classes plus secondary support system made up of books and TV channels.

Since 1960- Gurus include Mahesh Yogi,Osho ,Sai Baba,then 1990 there were gurus like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And now there are too many gurus: having their own rituals and belief systems.Most of them are counselling  and work as a mediator choosen by higher spirits to carry out spiritual obligations.
they say they are likely any other person  except they are addicted to spirituality and SATVA of life.

"Person buy spirituality only with the hope  that new products are better than old ones,What more the hip-hop guru brigade has added logic and its own scientific explanations to the product they market.It is the age of pop gurus who thrive on pop-psychology and pseudo-science,de-stress, introspection are some marketing words  and we have forgotten what life is all about.we have lost touch with humanity.

Dr.Harish Shetty" An  emotionally malnourished society is perfect  milieu for healers to thrive". People are not satisfied with promises of religions  gains which drains their energy in fasts and other similar rituals of past times.So people are now looking for living gods who are closer and accessible,peace at a price is not bad choice.The  new masters may or may not  have the key but  providing a user friendly designer manua for modern living.
(source India Today)

Incidents like terrorist attack- like 11 sept.An attack on the world as a  whole.It was not an attack targeting twin towers,it was a message to all, all is possible for them,spreading a stream of fear among people. Such incident  put us together,pains are shared,shocks are not limited to one nation or family. It look like we are one.
we renew ties,share one bed for all family members,leave me not alone is silent message when some thing like that happened. We visits temples toget security, a sort of assurances from almighty. We are living in a razor sharp  world-living and walking with a danger to have a cut anytime or like walking through red hot flames and getting many scars/blisters . We search for men who can assure us of emotional security we need helplessly. These people are perfect professional assured us of security and tension free life without cutting anything,only to add  some,they  wear trendy designer clothes,visits clubs,live  in farmhouses or lavishly decorated big houses.
(they do not wear saffron colour dHOTI kURTA OR LIVE IN HUTS) They are stress healers,additional trainers or behavioural therapists.For such practice no formal qualification is required ,only a good commond over language and knowledge of extra ordinary fields.They work in AC Halls and course they conduct is called workshop on different topics.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Common sense is the most uncommon thing in this world-Swami Vivekananda .

    We are living in this world and still we can not force anybody to live life of another.In other words responsibility is our own for our all actions.Actually we are in the habit of blaming others, or  blaming to incidents or turn  and twist of time, for all of  our failures or unhappiness. we can not force others to think as per our own conceptions or act as we liked,even our all efforts to change others will of no use,only god has authority  and it is his job  and not ours,so never try even. Our existence depends on breathing system..The air we inhale and exhale -we have taken for-granted. Despite we  need relationships,harmony,peace and love Happiness is  based in harmony,though it is a mental state still mental state is balanced when every thing is in its place- exactly.So always bear in mind that _mind your own business and never poke your nose in others affairs, We knew very well that our existence is interdependent and look  at every one as yourself,but do not consider everyone like yourself.
Values of life are what you expect from everybody and everybody is in search of happiness.Learn  to disagree to agree.accept difference of opinions and minimise the chances of  division, destructions and breakdowns,as it is not commonsense.

Don't confuse being nervous with scared

Being nervous means we're recognizing that something of great magnitude is about happen. Maybe that change is in our control or maybe it's not, but no matter what feeling nervous is a normal reaction. Don't forget that it could just mean you're excited. I read,an inspirational  quotation in google plus. It matched with my own thoughts so I am writing  here,everything happens for a reason.If you believe in god and its subtle indicators,it is one of them.
If  nervousness become a habit,then be alert, as you are going to hell.

Han Mei ek AAh hu,Kayro ki bujdili bahaduro ki nai rah hu,
Han mei ek AAh hu,
Jab bhi nikli ek AAh,Khul gai ek nayi rah,
Han mei ek AAh humKayro ki bujhdili bahaduro ki nai rah hu.

Yes,I AM A AAH! But I am a new way for brave people,a plea for coward ones.Whenever there is a sigh-it is a new way for the brave ones,yes I am a Aah! It means that  same situation is different for different people.Better would be to see brighter side of things and matters which really matters.


When we start experiencing    love  our total transformation happens,ignorance replaced with knowledge  and we discover that we indeed are formless,hallow and empty. Only love-love -love takes various forms,hate is negativity which indicates that we have mixed self expectations with love and have invited troubles.As when expectation do not mature the way we liked relations spoiled automatically,so only selfless love can transform our lives.
Love has power.When you are you are stressed,you are not  in tune with nature.But when you are relaxed you  become natural. Then you can experience truth,then you better know how to behave-because knowledge  of truth  will come when tensions are not,peace of mind is the secret of transformation.
Sincerity  needs depth,deep we go many secrets revealed within,acceptance of ignorance is next step to self-realization.So perception of love as substance of existence helps to reveal truth within,Spirit shines .All duality disappeared and you become one with god.Without faith in god our life is like a boat in a cold and unfriendly ocean.
Any one can unite to supreme power with unwavering faith ,love and  complete surrunder .

Monday, 20 August 2012


Pranic healing is a sort of powerful healing system from India. PRANA means eternal source energy,which has direct connection with almighty.When we connect ourselves with greater power,it has  soothing and relaxing effect  on body and mind.Today we are leading mechanical life,stress is natural thing in such atmosphere.All the world is facing material- obligatory need. Reike is  similar to it,where the practioner draws energy from cosmic energy and send to any one for healing,its a Japanese word. A Japanese doctor rediscover this energy which can heal/respond better and react quicker than any other alternative. Reike is an energy and everything in this universe is energy.Great concentration and focus increase level of energy and this positive energy can be directed to any direction achieving wellness.
To de- stress one need relaxing environment.Honesty,discipline and spirituality  are base of inner peace and  keep pace with time. Our great grand mothers used to do pranic healing with a branch  of a tree.The person would sit face to face,the person who performs pranic healing would chant some mantra/ few words or say something in the ears.Then at last blessed the person who  is suffering.This is sweeping ill feelings or illness,while chanting mantra moving stick fro head to toe,It had been a part of our culture since the time unknown,you may call it fake or useless practice but it is far from superstitions.It is a belief system based on faith of super power god,we draw cosmic energy and infuse it,Pranic healing is based on principle that there is Prana - that is life energy.There is disease energy or evils.It is a process through which the person who is performing Pranic healing practice,diseased energy removed  from our body and healing energy is accelerated in body while changing holy mantras.
The blessing ,energy flow through hands goes out to the receiver,the diseased person. It is called energising body.It is complimentary to pranic healing,when practised together, can provide relief in a short period.It is  passing shakti-power to another to relieve him.Actually anyone can possess this power and transfer it to diseased person to relieve him.Every body knows that cosmic energy is in abundance everyone can have it by following and understanding spiritual powers.Anyone who practice meditation can have this energy,by meditation.Meditation with do and dont,yama-niyama's. When you attain oneness with divine powers. A living guru is to teach us,is must otherwise one can misuse, the Pranic healing is a tool totally based on your own belief system,firm belief system which has unique power,your own faith in divinity can heal you,it is an alternative support system to the diseased person.Be in tune with  nature and heal yourself,by remaining calm and undisturbed,whatever the circumstances may be.
 It is impossible to be normal all the time but to some extent it is possible through firm faith in god .Whenever someone is seriously ill all says,only god can help you,so why should we not be cured by god all the time,medicine will do wonder if taken with god's name,doing all but giving credit to god is another way to treat your ego.In modern times when material obligations and material needs  are raising too high, disturbing mental and physical health.
Both systems are based on sending energy to a person to heal mentally,physically and sender and receptor both knew how it is working. It is not a magic,it is a channelled energy.As a Chinese saying: You can feed a fish for a day or you can feed him for life by teaching them how to fishing. Reike is an initiation where  spiritual fishing rod is in your hands,something that can give you lifelong nourishment at all levels and by extension nourishing others members of society.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

INTROSPECTION...........14.....WAKE UP CALL.......

"Nature is  hard to understand and to be endure yet there lies a great wisdom behind them which appear later.All visible material events are inter-related with visible spiritual forces.The infinite  phenomena of creation are as interdependent as the links of a chain,when certain links become rusty they are broken by unseen forces, to be replaced by newer better ones. There are certain colossal event which transpire in the world of humanity which are required by the nature of time."--unknown.

New the most important thing to teach is  to share values. Now everybody want his own/her own  untouched   things-not ready to share them. When world is changing rapidly,environment and technology is having too much waste,householder have too much,do not know where  to dump irrelevant,spreading threat all over to save this planet from pollutions of waste materials. LISTEN TO WAKE-UP CALL AND RESPOND ACCORDINGLY.

To counter act negative and destructive powers, we must know the diagnose to meet the problems, to avoid sufferings by bringing desired change in world at large.Shedding emotional baggage is most important as this is too heavy to unload.In fact sufferings led to enlightenment,suffering has purifying effect within,sufferings transformed human being into a YOGI,who knows well best utilization of every material and this body.Yogi's body is a vehicle  of soul which help soul a lot, and not to poking nose into every sensual enjoyment.

Sufferings turn us into a better human being in inexplicable way, we become pure and simple as we test our relations and our body's strength  while suffering,get simultaneously all solutions to life's problems.  I change into we,isolation ceases,and in the vastness of is being,nothing has to do with purpose,so no consequences out of nothingness.  Suffering do not suffer us."Suffering is a  continuum,like  life .Its a stream where happiness,sorrow,guilt,compassion and apathy are the reflexes of the swimmer,(individual)."

Do we able to control our desires or we are controlled by our desires,our life story is framed within it.So  re-orientation in inner life will enable us to meet the daunting challenges that face us. .............Unknown.

The successful person has the habit of doing the things,failures do not like to do.They don' t like them either,necessarily,but their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.------E.M.GRAY.

Whatever we learn to do,we learn by actually doing it,Men come to be builders,for instance,by building, and harp players by playing the harp. IN the same way, by doing just cats we come to be just  by self controlled acts,we come to be self controlled, and by doing brave acts we come to be brave.-------ARISTOLLE

He that has not mastery over his inclinations,he that knows not how to resist the importunity of  present pleasure or pain,for the sake of  what reasons tells him fit to be done,wants the true principle of virtue and industry,and is in danger of never being good for anything."---LOCKE

YOU ARE ON A JOURNEY TO SELF-MASTERY,it  is perfect time to get on it.Remember that the world is created for you.,so enjoy your journey  before it get  away from you.Protect your environment and save it.Give glory to god by giving  some attention to surroundings as you  are a part of it. Our attention is limited to pleasures and possessions as the primary objective of our life.Our emotion are attached with them.We very well know that nobody has taken his possessions with him at his end,still not have learnt our lesson and very very busy in this affair.Every body is after money name and fame,but aspire to have enlightenment too.Perhaps balance of opposites will help us to get salvation.

Friday, 17 August 2012

INTROSPECTION .........13...........

World is reflection of mind's projections.Everything  in the world is coloured by your own visions.The world is as we wanted to see.Many things are same in the life of everybody,as getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day,getting busy in daily routine jobs may it be your office or the normal day for a housewife or children.But starting is same for everyone, daily routine is our must to do jobs.So soon we fed up with mechanical type of life. We want change for better life style.

Yogi perform all jobs like us but for survival of this body,minimum needs and expression of peace followed by , his daily routine is same as ours but he does without attachment so never complained. He does what has to do.His expectations are not related to outer world.

Suppose we have different types of seeds like mango seeds,Neem seeds, lemon  seeds etc. We  want Mango but sow the seed of Neem how can we get mango after it turn into a tree Same is with our deeds,for good feeling we have to do good,spreading  positive vibrations.To get mango we should have sown in seed of mango,so watching before action is good.Mind is incomprehensible and subtle,a well guard mind brings happiness.Keep a close watch on what he has to do and not what he has done,as past can not be undone.Words not practised are like flower without fragrance.So your spoken words should match your actions then others will follow you,spoken words would be more effective then-spread sweetness of words and deeds.Not well done is followed by repentance and tears.As our efforts  have cause and effects.what lies in the store for future.And one is bound by the law of cause of effect.

The power of providence is restricted by result of our past action which are like seeds so  what we will reap,what we had sown.Temptations  drifts towards evils. To control temptations and call of senses is possible by continuous introspections,closely watching actions and at last achieve separateness from physical and connected to subtle,coping  your daily needs with disinterestedness.

Learn your lessons on daily basis,taken from your actions. turn mirage of life into reality, enjoy bliss, feel security in real sense.Now nothing will upset you as you are above the clouds no need to protect self from rains.


When one is forced to do something,we develop distaste for that thing.But when we do something at our own sweet will,we enjoyed and feel liberated. Definition of liberations are many depends on the cases.  In spirituality when we develop an understanding within and outside,we are aware of everything.Then no body is forcing us to do so,we get awareness naturally.

 What we think ,we get.So our thinking about humanity and concept of god and our lives itself create the same for us. From our thoughts future emerges.Our behaviour patterns create experiences and firm our belief system,collecting its evidence.Living a life as it comes,no regrets,no tension lead us to peace and state of happiness.Happiness is a state of mind.Our conditioning of mind tell us how we will be happy,all our own self created notions,and then  we have huge collection of everything we wanted to have.But still not happy.

Spirituality is also a system by which we get relieved of our mind conditioning.Sooner we get rid of our old fears and beliefs,better it would be to get peace and solace.Our misunderstandings are result of not grasping facts,accepting half truths, truth is  within.Stop all mental chatters,all noise and hear the voice beneath  these noises,which is guiding us to truth.We have two bodies,one physical and another is subtle-formless. Realizing this simple truth we get freedom.But we all are busy in gratification of senses,though for living we have to make efforts to have all.But sense of detachment will liberate us from all mess we have created around

More often people come closer due to tragedies,feeling pains of the victims and their families,then there is no barrier when it comes to human spirit.Only fear of death gets us closer to god and near and dears.Otherwise either we are too busy in our own affairs or need not to reach them willingly.Such is human nature.Death reminds us the futility of things that matter us too much,death is an alarming bell to us to remind us to rise above the trivial and petty matters that very often upset us.

There is no second opinion in putting aside our all differences at the time of natural disaster,calamity or epidemic-death, we unite at such times. Then all of sudden we realised the factor,we need each other,even after death we need someone to carry dead body to the graveyard. All of sudden we  think about the futility of baggage we are carrying of differences on the base of nationality,caste or creed.It is sad we tend to forget all this very soon,all these sentiments are temporary.Spirituality always reminds us of these things on daily basis, courage to face challenges of life boldly and on humanitarian ground come closer. Spirituality has the ability to rise again above all,and this is real cause of hope.

At the time of war or natural disasters we saw countless acts of individual sacrifices,we come closer and act together on the face of adversity.Then why we do not come together on daily basis.Doctors, scientists technicians common men all work on projects which can completely transform the lives of all on the earth.Even when cannot understand why we are suffering,we could not explain,still the concept of god give us a sense of relief,a feeling of closeness and sense of god's protection,even when we have no better choice.It is impossible to find a reason behind the way nature's devices work.Strange enough that we forget all soon and present become past,soon old games start,The question is why these feeling come up only at hour of pains and grief,why the diversion of mind is short lived.

Are we selfish? Or it is natural.It is a natural thing.Introspection on daily basis will help anyone to overcome shortcomings.Feeling  good is doing good too,if we feel better we will act in better way.Our mistake is that we  attach  conditions to ou happiness,if such and such happen,I will be happy,this will give your momentary happiness,we would feel happy only when result of our actions is as per our desires.  

For example new car,new house,new relations the list may be endless,so is chase for finding happiness in things and relations.Positive thinking,firm belief in self and our creator, and staying busy in creation  are special ingredients of happiness- everlasting happiness,our face will glow with inner and outer happiness and peace is the outcome.Happiness is a decision to be happy,not arriving at any place or acquiring something and say:great!

Holy books like GITA or Bible  or likewise many others- guiding us to deal with turbulences of life. All holy books insisted on spreading love,humanity,feel more accepted and improving the ranges of feelings and feel good.Feeling good and looking good is inter-related As it is balance of body and mind.

Thoughts travel at the speed of light ,spread positive thoughts to balance the negative ones.Thoughts are subtle like our soul and light,though we can see light with our eyes but thought and souls are invisible.You can interpret like,you have mirrors all around you reflecting what you are,your awareness,your thought process as a whole.Whatever you may say,happiness,god,positivity anything you believe in-all inwardly projection of mind and thoughts.

You are aware or self centred depend up to you,being self centred  you are demanding more and more for yourself.Ignoring totally others needs.You may boost your ego or  use it  to help others. Grow and expand self maturely.Expanding sympathy helps the ego to be aware of its subtle identity with other people and with the universe.expanding ego is suffocating for self as well as for others.When ego discover its reality it merges self with greater power,god.Problem is that most of us do not accept or believe in this reality.Stones and pebbles be round in stream rubbing against one another.SO the pebble of ego get smoother by rubbing against ups and downs,adversities and favours of time,WHERE THERE IS RIGHT ACTION  THERE IS VICTORY.WHAT IS LEARNT MUST BE APPLIED IN PRACTICE.BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN INWARD AND OUTWARD REALITIES.

Then you will be eased to be a pebble tossed and tumbled helplesslu down the stream of life because of sheer circumstances.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

INTROSPECTION...........11.........ENJOY LIFE

When so much is going hard in life and still insisted on enjoying life,is it not look like a joke.Mourning the loss of individual or group-gives us insidious sense of guilt,so how to manage it then? Sympathy,showing sympathy will do,but inner voice which is rejoicing "Thank god it was not me,I am safe".So this voice either relieved us of the horror of death on the one side and the other side is our conscious continuously pointing us,It could be you!They lost their lives for us, so that we may live.It is guilt deep inside chilling-haunted us,every time when there is a attack or other happening like disasters or group killing etc.

The guilt inside is that  we the living beings have allowed others to die, we could be at their place,is what-enjoying life,enjoying beingness and this is a hard fact,whenever some one die,we have q deep sigh:thank god it was not me,I am still living.And this is  as natural as our breath is.We never wished their death in our heart even secretly never wished. Life and death is natural.Every one born and will die.  we have to accept death is a natural thing,people who died-had their ill fate,we were never to blame their death provided we ourselves had not done this,if so than guilt is a reality

After death we are in shocked state,but mourning is a ritual to relieve us of shocks and pains that is why there are many tradition in every communities of mournings .Pick up every broken piece of your heart and hope for the best.We are still here on the earth-celebrate it.Lunch and dinners after the death of our loved one shows that we are ready to move on,have accepted the loss.Sweets and other dishes are served on 10th day or so on depends on state or country or separate religions,but one thing is common,ritual of mournings and then celebrating the joy of living side by side.

Be it India or America or U K there are  separate rituals to eat and drink after mournings. In India Haridwar or Varansi where some Puja performed followed by feeding sweets and food to people returning from funerary rites. IS it not true that we have left someone dear behind,and now ready to move on again.There is nothing wrong as this is the way of life,we can not die with our loved ones and only to move on is choice.Life and death are natural aspects of normal life the one who is born wil ldie one day too! What is the wrong with it.Wrong is our thinking ,we cling to the things and relations.We want to have possessions and want to live for ever ever,that the reason of guilt or shock.Try to live in now,now is all we get.Enjoy  every second of this moment,then we live fully without complaing and mournings because we had lived fully enjoying gifts of almighty.


We must be retrospective, on daily basis to get in touch with self, to find out what is missing,is it. loss of  passion or lack of self motivation.Whenever we feel low or dull. What we haven't done through out our whole life is, getting rid of past.Actually getting rid of past is very difficult,we , in our thoughts always busy in making calculations either for future or past.Our mental conditioning is as such,we do what is expected of us,when we cross this boundary we feel guilty.Impression of guilt make us dull.
This is alarming bell to change lifestyle,to meet your emotional needs. All your doubts,fears and resentments show you are not in tune.For fine tuning,attach to higher most authority-GOD and detach from any type of negativity you are caught in. So drop your inner resistance,  to the noise- by allowing it to be as it is,this will lead to stillness and inner peace and stillness lead to self discovery.."The miracle is not to fly in the air or to walk on the water ,but to walk on earth:."--Chinese proverb
Life is not ordinary as it seems"It is god who moves the dew to drop,the lotus to bloom,the butterfly to  flit and the sun to rise.That is all the power,all the wisdom,all the love,all the miracle that ever was and will be ."--Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
We can value the valuable gifts of god and hence prevent misuse or wastage. The menace of wastage and pollution has covered the earth planet. and we even do not bother to observe.We have taken fargranted nature and humanity itself,be ready to face consequences. Natural resources ,nature and humanity are our basic needs. So be in tune with nature.This universe is a unique university to teach you valuable wisdom,for those who care to watch and learn.Appreciation of beauty and god's creation nourishes our inner spirit because nature is reflection of god and revering nature is to revere the creator,god reside in every atom of universe,from microcosm to macrocosm.Appreciate all gifts with gratitude.remember what a beautiful his creation is,how beautiful he himself would be,more beautiful that his creation!Supreme artist behind all!
"Safety first is safety always."----Charles M.Haja
Accidents do not happen- they are caused.---Earnest.M.Hajas.
There is no safety in numbers or in anything else.---James Thurber
Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.--Henry Tweedy.
It is better to be safe than sorry.--- American proverb.
Caution is the eldest child of wisdom.--Victor Hugo.
It is good thing to learn caution from the misfortune of others.--Pubbilius Syrus.
He is safe from danger who is on guard even when safe.--Shakespeare.
A ship in hurbour is safe but that is not what ship are built for.--John.A.Shedd.
The mode of living which is founded upon total harmlessness towards all creatures upon a minimum of such harm is highly recommended.--Mahabharata,
The wise indeed make lamentation at first,the foolish beat their  heads at the last.---Rumi.
As a mother with her own life quarrels the life of her child,let all embracing thoughts for all that lives be thine.


The soul that is without sufferings does not feel the need of knowing the ultimate cause of universe.Sickness,grief,hardships are all indispensable element in the spiritual assent.---ANANADMAYI.
GITA is a companion our energies towards a purposeful journey of life meaningfully. so focus on actions and not fruits. self contol is not self denial,it  channelising our enegries towards a purposeful end.Keep in mind that nothing is last forever.

If we cannot bear the small suffering of the moment,then why does he not put away the wrath that will bring him upon him the agonies of Hell? But this pain that wins  us the enlightenment  is  of belief terms it is like the pain of cutting out a berried arrow to heal,a physician restore health by painful courses ,then to undo much sufferings,let us bear a little.

I say next to god there is no nobler thing than suffering,God would have saved mankind therewith for we might well accuse ..of being  unfriendly to his son if he knew of something superior to suffering---- further,I maintain,no man apart from God has ever been so holy or so good as to deserve the least nobility such as smallest suffering would give-I tell you right  suffering so subdues the heart,it cannot rise to pride but perforce is lowly.-------Eckhort Tolle

Loss of passion means lack of motivation,get rod of negativity and ugly past,move on.Our social conditioning of mind is such,we should do things in pre-set mode by our society.Your fear and self doubts tell you that you are not doing as expected of you,guilt  and undue pains you suffer.Then ask  self WHO I AM AND WHY I HAVE COME HERE?

Silence has immense power,in silence you will find traces of unknown.In silence and stillness you do nothing,and paying attention to nothing is actually paying attention to everything.THE STATE OF AWAKENED is start point,then be alert and aware of minor lapse between talk,breaths and silence will discover all hidden truths,which we could never find in actions. In silence we observe stillness and in stillness we find connectedness with all.Stillness is underneath every actions and movement,from where all arises.And being aware of awareness is stillness.

So sitting alone and doing nothing only observing the outer world, controlling self and watching the voices and listening the stillness is proof of your connection with infinite.Accepting the things and circumstances as they our stillness will answer all your questions,you will have peace and contentment in inner and outer you will world.Then the formless and form -you will find both the same,this is realization, SELF-REALIZATION,finding self in form and formless.

Soul magnetism attracts us to divine blessing and all that we receive in our life,including relatives or possessions.A cheeful attitude is magnetising hope,love and faith.Every event of our life is giving a message,good or bad both has relevance,as opposites maintained the balance.

Fill  the world with passion to recreate.Spirituality build bridge between the body and mind and soul,it educate you for it tell you WHO ARE YOU?  Both  spirituality and education tells you to save the environment,reuse things to control the pollution,as  we are worst polluters on the earth, Renew your resources and thoughts. end your rivalries and divisions,end wars and killing of innocent people. Say never again this sort of things will happen.This is creating grace out of disgrace,by not repeating them again,by learning your lesson to not repeat misdeeds.How we should be think over,universe is waiting  to see you a better man or woman,extension of god as  projection of god itself.OM SHANTI.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012






Today I think above mentioned quotation have in it great hidden messages, it is not one man problem we all do-thinking all the time about what is not in our hands,for example does a one year child struggled ever to become a young man instantly,if he  or we think like that.Is it possible?The process of growth happen slowly and automatically by nature,our all hard struggles can not do any thing  in this case.Don't wait for miracles.

Our false assumptions trouble us more,as we waste our energy in thoughts and actions-which will yield no result. Like in a movie we want things to happen,the way we like.To some extent with our efforts and god;s grace realistic goals can be materialised but running the universe is not our business.We start from outside,we made mistake at the starting point.Then we seek positive results.Is it not our false imagination or expectation where god is helpless.We get what we deserve,what we have done constructively not imaginary world creations. We are addictive to dream world projections. To some extent our dreams can be translated into realities but our hardest struggles to change a kid into adult will go in vein.

So start from yourself,from your own realities,go inworld and search there,you will get all answers within.Our problem is that we try hard and not believed that it is that much easy.We all wandering here and there in search of peace or happiness which is not in outside,it is  within.But it does not mean you become self centred,you can't be,if you are in tune with cosmic power.




All the limitations or boundaries exists only in mind when you are able to move into limitless,find that there are no boundaries.Only when we grew and become socialized, believe in self created boundaries  which prevents you in reaching the highest levels of spiritual ,emotional or mental evolution. Enlightenment never happens it is always here ,you will find it when you drop your ego. Sadhana is just a way to open your eyes.Simply know how to through yourself into everything that  is around you,then 90%  of sadhana is over in one stroke. “By dropping every effort  to transform yourself yourself-just moving on moving on always is the only way of growth.Which is in some curious way,depends on being always in motion-just a little bit,one way or other”.-Norman Miler.

We must understand that we can not enjoys pleasures without pains,whether it is not liked by us but we can not have one without the other.We never find god if we search Him in books or temples,you can have god glimpse when you are as pure as a child is.We try to prove God by reasoning or logic,dry subject to get only point,we  have to go beyond complexities  and enjoy love and faith  in simplicity.Doing hard wok sincerely,having enthusiasm. All the limitations or boundaries exists only in mind when you are able to move into limitless, find that there are no boundaries. Only when we grew and become socialized, believe in self created boundaries  which prevents you in reaching the highest levels of spiritual ,emotional or mental evolution. Enlightenment never happens it is always here  and now, you will find it when you drop your ego. Sadhana is just a way to open your eyes. Simply know how to through yourself into everything that  is around you, then 90%  of sadhana is over in one stroke. “By dropping every effort  to transform yourself yourself-just moving on moving on always is the only way of growth. Which is in some curious way, depends on being always in motion-just a little bit, one way or other”.-Norman Miler.

We must understand that we can not enjoys pleasures without pains, whether it is not liked by us but we can not have one without the other. We never find god if we search Him in books or temples, you can have god glimpse when you are as pure as a child is. When We try to prove God by reasoning or logic, as it is a dry subject so  to get to the  point, we  have to go beyond complexities  and enjoy love and faith  in simplicity. Doing hard wok sincerely, having enthusiasm. Focus and  concentration go together in  actual practice. Doing work without expectation is KARMA YOGA.

Rumi:-“ If a tree could uproot itself  from  one place to another it would  never need to fear saw , or any other blow of bad luck. Neither the sun nor the moon could lavish their light if they stayed motionless as rock. I have shown you a few signs, now, learn the rest yourself, accomplish the journey beyond yourself and reach god.”

It is easier to skip things and go ahead.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Tpasaya or Tapa is a purification method in which inner heat is generated by friction between mind body and heart.Mind is steering wheel  of body. Well  begin is half better it would be to light a candle than to curse the darken.And it is said that one meets its destiny often on the road he takes,your efforts are little seeds in good soil of  life,as cows are in good grass or friends in your difficult time soothing.Begin you life by taking steering wheel in your own hand,then enjoy your journey,you can listen to music along with driving or talk to someone or enjoy view outside at the same time you are driving,it take a lot of practice.And this practice is Tap,hard work once you master the art, everything would be easy.
Mind is monkey,stop its wondering.  Erase your fears,clear your mind use your prosperity in the service of others,you will stay on vibratory harmony with the- all giving source of everything.World is like your  faith,or where you put your faith,if you seek abundance see the same every where and the world wants you to be successful and abundant, nobody can conspire against you as source is with you. Allowing things to happen and experiencing strong emotions such as bliss and passion. Energy may be low or high but you are at pace supporting your feeling good feelings.Living your life  as it comes to you without complaints is also another form of Tapa. Fasting is another form of Tapa.Cleansing your body's poisons,one may take water or juices-liquids will wash away impurities of body.
Being creative is another form of Tapa,be one with creator forgetting self while creating something-experiencing divine embrace of the creative process,your limited sense of separateness vanishes.  You allow your creative self to flow through your heart and body and intuition.When you do not worry about complexities of life,do not try to grasp everything,stop taking charge of everything. Pure love,is another form of Tapa when you love someone without expecting something in return.Love is purest form of god,since no one has seen god with naked eyes but can experience  his presence in love..You love your mother,father,your children,your friends and so on,love has many forms,but love is same.Love  is like a ladder that helps you to attain higher level of loving  conscious.
We want to be good to others, genuinely good human being,kind and caring to others, and that is a real side of each and every human being.But at the same time we would be some lazy,and would not mind if others would just try to spoil us,we let it be -why,it is other side of us. we are co-creating with nature,with guidance of spiritual power.We are born for that purpose,when we are not in tune with nature then we suffer.When we tend to  ignore- which is incredibly uplifting us and how wonderfully we are contributing to the world,then nature punish us,to get back on right way is hidden message in sufferings.
Tapa is purifying your body,mind and spirit by fasting,concentrating or following any religious ritual to satisfy inner hunger,to renew thought process ,go get new directions towards goals etc. Doing jobs to meet our day to day life needs is not bad,we have to do so to keep going our life.But rest of time should be utilized in recreation.Finding true meaning of calling,finding purpose of life why we are here! All includes in Tapasaya .
Family life is also Tapasaya as you have to forget yourself and busy in meeting the needs of your family members,sacrifice your own desires for your loved ones.Whatever you are doing, imagine you are spreading ,love and only positive energy ,others should be touched with your positive energy,calmness and poise.
If  you are a housewife serve your family members with love,pray for their health and divine blessing.While driving car imagine you are going  to a holy sanctuary where every one who rides with you is in a place of peace and will  have spiritual cleansing .In this way you can spread your love,spirituality and sacredness ,no matter how petty you job may be, there would be a spiritual text in it.Enjoying what you are doing is  also a form of Tapa,because you have conditioned your mind with spirituality and maintained a perfect balance in life.Wher you do not need to renounce the world.Renunciation is of discrimaintion while living in this world enjoying peaks and valley.

INTROSPECTION............5......BE YOU

HE IS MINE AND I AM HIS- with this profound confidence,we can take over any challenge of life without regret.We must be assured of god's protection and this world as a expression of god.Our pains and sufferings are indicator that we must change now, or time to change have come.Time to change means letting go of past and move onto new,by cultivating new attitude sand remain unaffected by present circumstances.

Sorrows are our own projection of thoughts.Getting rid of unnecessary thoughts we can turn sorrows into joy.You have to keep in your mind there is a bright day after every dark night,every cloud has a silver light within.Flowing river of life ha of mind and the intricate nature of  evernew  fresh water,stagnation of thoughts make water dirty. We must be thankful to world as we grew in nature  and world around us.

Our passions make the life go on,passions are  conceptualization and imaginary fabrication -that is in purity of human mind.Passion is :- Purpose of life
                                      Accepting yourself
                                      S-S double S is sensitive and supportive to fellow human beings.
                                       I-is inclination to discover self beyond the superficiality of life.
                                       O -Om the supernatural power in the world.
                                       N-Negativity; minimize the negativity in your life.
So keep your passions live,use time and imaginations when face challenges.Find your purpose of life,accept yourself as you are,be sensitive and supportive to all, discover yourself,chant OM when feel stress and lastly avoid negativity.Emotion  as possible. Emotions sometimes clouds your vision,check it.Learn to keep distance to lead a peaceful life.It is believed that after death according to the nature of our karma we get another body.This life is said to be a preparation for the next life.We have two types of body,one is physical body,another is subtle  and subtle body is made of mind,intelligent and ego.MOKSHA MEANS REALIZING god WITHIN and engage self in god;s service by serving humanity,doing good deeds. We can directly experience love of god by this way.When we find his love we feel ourselves as secure as a child is in his mothers lAP.I  AM HIS AND HE IS MINE is a security which every one seek deep in his heart ,as very often we feel alone in this world.This feeling is in deed our search for god.

                            ABOVE ALL,BE YOURSELF,BE BUT DON'T JUST EXIST    
                             THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN JUST BEING ANOTHER
                              EARNEST AND ELOQUENT,FREE THINKING
                              FRESH AND FUN LOVING
                              BUT ABOVE ALL BE YOU!

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Family is smaller unit of our society,and when we have forgotten what life is about and what will be life without purpose or without humanity?WE ARE TOO BUSY  to give time to our loved ones,our family,however now family is nuclear family which consists of we two our two.Still we have loads of troubles in making pace with our life.Every one is confused and really do not know how to add up all to create harmony in all spheres of life, a perfect balance is distant dream.

Decades ago family have uncles,aunts,grand parents,lot of people around us,and sociology was learn automatically.Whenever there had been any problems older one gave valuable and practical solutions learnt through course of time.Today even our own children are not with us ,we are facing empty home syndrome.Now love is expressed through three words I LOVE YOU, verbally.that too in telephone-mobile or Internet chatting.

Every body is after comfort zone,parents send their children in boarding houses and children sent their parents in old age homes. WHAT AN ARRANGEMENT ! Tolerance rate is very low so broken homes  breeds frustration.Money is in deed a real need but it is not all you have to acquired in your life,it is one thing and there are other things too. We regret in last by thinking- I'd like to be the person I could have been.Mend your ways before it is too late.
Elements in our society are not driven by money.At right age and right time, is set for everything,at home children learn loving,caring and sharing.Both parents work hard for their family,so values automatically imbibed in naturally.Values enable us to have second though and behave in purposeful way,extending help and  apology restore revival.Unwelcoming lectures should be avoided.Listen to your child without necessarily agreeing  can give you an insight into the process what is going on in their mind,discuss everyday happening, admitting your mistakes  and even apologizing will not only set example but it also raise self-esteem in your child's eyes.No matter how time changed-we will  always need to uphold values which help us to become a better  human being.

Our life real needs are very simple and in fact not cost us more,but our craze for pump and show or leaving a legacy behind- made us the person we are now,leading  disturbed and complex lives.So when you give kindness to the needy,smile to exhausted person,encouragement to dishearted person you will get in retuen the same and it is universal law-.A simple change will bring amazing result.It would be enough if you are able to bring smile on faces of your loved ones, to make you happy. Love and compassion will  improve our relations and develop harmony  in our lives.We need people to share,that is why we create family.

But problem is when we expect  others should know what we want as if others are mind-readers.The other should know our problems, our sufferings,our needs-specially from our life partner or lover.Is it not strange that even we don't know ourselves well and expecting from others. By chance we met and by chance we are together,our loneliness is truth.ACCEPT IT.Do not forget it,you have to work upon it, You had come alone and go alone,crowd is to create a sense of security.We feel safe in crowd.But in crowd you seek what is not there then you take alcohol or drugs to forget all.Face it boldly and in your aloofness seek true companion,your soul which is extension of source.

Solution to all of your problems is look within, to find space of silence and acceptance of yourself as you are! You are integration of inner and outer duality to create mystical union of opposites.One time you are under limelight other time you are out  on streets.Life is short,use it wisely,for who cares for you and not for whom-who is using you.Live your life fully.In our life it is repetitive either other is using us or we are using someone for our own it not strange we cry foul play when other use us,and relish when we use others.

Be strong to get on with your life.People on which our collective happiness in society rests.Instilling values is a difficult job,frustrating and thankless job. But once we have done it successfully-unselfishness,integrity,tolerance and self-respect,self-discipline nurture.Try to live in present,then you will come to know how you had created all your pains  venturing either in future or past . Better practice what you preach.You will find a real safe place,where peace exists.Where beyond words silence resides and in this silence and stillness we will find now.Now is all in all and there is peace,restoring your self-confidence,self-esteem and find yourself strong enough to get on with your life what ever circumstances may be.Now you do not need anyone.But gain this stage first.


.Selfish people are everywhere but there are nice people too !It is up to you where you put your attention.For richer and full life you have to improve quality of thoughts and life.You should not have a slightest burden at your heart,that hurting you  or some one else.You have to protect yourself from new type of breed of people who calmly enter in your life and spoil everything for their own interests.

.Life is a journey and learning process which end with life itself. So grasp few new things on daily basis,snatch a few moments from your busy schedule to learn and absorb something new.nobody is a know all personality as there is some one who knows more than you.Learning does not come in any shape or size,any person have something new to tell you and that might be  NEW THING TO YOU.If you have a open and receptive mind, nature can be a great teacher so cultivate habit of immediately into practice what you have learnt.

Long hours can not be translated into productive work.You have to be prepared to deal with any new situation always.Stop living in fear or weariness,sorting out confusions and conflicts.Collect energy from psychological transformation and sense of security,being honest and open minded communicate well to eliminate chances of insecurity.

Today world is facing with problem of insecurities in life.We are posing to be normal and secure when actually we are not.It is because of ever changing circumstances in day to day life.Life has changed drastically after mid eighties,when common man realizes he has to work not only to get food or shelter but to live a fulfilling rich life.Sense of security had been replaced by competition.Later there was a set amount of work to be done by the worker by now hard work and insecurity become fashion,Traditional jobs reduced and customer care services level  with new heights come into fore.The concept of job have disappeared.Now what looks solid might melt like ice. The concept of loyalty replaced by selling services concept.And now everybody is own  efforts.Worker has become a disposable item.

Insecurity leads us to follow spirituality because it guarantee  security,security of god,peace and unconditional love of almighty.But taking few steps to improve your views would be better along with following spirituality.When get going is not as easy as it sounds,it is not easy to gather your courage and self confidence when you are feeling low.Oozing self confidence and setting storms in life by accepting what you are in reality for example,you are not good at appearance,or your height is short or anything like this. Accept god given gifts without complaints as you can not change it. Turn your mistakes into milestone as opportunities to learn and grow. Most important is not to depend on others opinions,do not put high premium on other's opinions as we do.Trust your intuition,for you are the best judge of your life.

Appreciate self too! Go easy with ups and down of life.Focus on similarities rather than comparing yourself who are better than you.Every body has imperfections and shortcomings so focus on good things all complexes will disappear like morning mist.
Surround yourself with people of positive vibes.Nurture your talents,abilities.Complains and remorse are time  waster.The greater accomplishments of men have resulted from your positive ideas and attitude and enthusiasm. A clear eyed honesty shines through if you are clear at heart,working hard with positive attitude.
 WE ARE IN HABIT OF BRIBING GOD TOO! Love god as god need only our love.Offering gifts is our habit,even a child can understand our inclination and take advantage of this habit,what to tell of others.But god does not need our gifts,he loaded us with gifts.

  Feeling good,having all which is good is our birth right,But when we are experiencing low,feeling good become elusive.Then one should put his thoughts on good incidents of life so that one can uplift his mood,so that you can activate feeling good phase again.Your emotions as bliss or passion are indicating that you have successfully activated positive vibrations  and abundance has to come to you.

You have to create perfect alignment for yourself allowing the good things happen to you plainly but do but do not resist, resistance means you are not allowing things to happen ,in other words you do not like some things in your life.Then Stop thinking about what you do not like instead of thinking such and such thing should not be in my life.Aster does not know NO,so actually by thinking constantly you are inviting them.

To feel good  you should always thankful for all what god has given or has not given,this state is hard to achieve but when once you achieved this state ,in fact you have invited abundance in your life,your  gratitude is loved by god.Then the whole world would come  forward to assist you and see you get what you want.Now you really feel good and forget negative thoughts that people are conspiring against you.

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