Thursday, 28 April 2016


The rising popularity of nuclear families has plus and minus of its own. One has to settle near the workplace,it has become necessity so family which includes we two our two,has to be there. Where parents will be? When they need the most their family in old age. Every one has deep desire to live with his family.

We follow which suits us best,and not bad to follow where you have liking. The only thought that we will be old one day and same will be our state can bring some improvement in the society. Being old is enough when physical condition is not s good as was in young people,second depression of leaving status which one has been enjoying earlier.

Aged peole cannot look after themselves so they expect to be cred for as dependent on those they had card for life. Whereas children consider that property and other belongings are their own except parents. Anyway who wants a burden?

Long long ago there was a joint family tradition where parents had their signified role in old age to take care of their grand children and their family as head of the family. Now in nuclear families they had no role-only a responsibility-which children think old age home is better option,so they are now forced to shift there,leaving behind their hard earned belongings.

Separation from family,for any reason signals that aged are not integral part of family. This frees children from looking after them and in the long run they become burden. Some can manage their life with dignity but all are not fortunate so they shift to shelter running on charity.

And now parents also do not like to be a burden so they are planning for old age,one should plan for their old age. Its a better option. But what about emotional needs?As everyone needs to be cared and loved.Most of children want their parents to disappear from the home they built and family they nurtured!

Being old is enough. Pain of leaving home and family plus their suffering like eye problems,arthritis or heart problem etc. Then depression of losing family and poor condition of health. Not all blessed with good health.


Old age homes are good option, now paid old age homes are there-where one can stay with dignity. Remember god is always there to help every one,specially when everyone leaves you HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Edward de Bono, the great lateral thinker, once invented a special word, 'Ebne'. It is an acronym. It stands for 'Excellent, but not enough'.
There is a famous old saying, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' But is that really a reason to stop exploring the possibility of progress?
 If sharp words are exchanged and worrying developments occur, crucial discoveries are being made and valuable developments are taking place May be well placed to make some constructive connections. 
Sometimes, even the toughest have to let themselves be helped.  In other words, even if you resolve to take no action at all you will find yourself struggling to repress the urge to do something.Hence, your big, tough, I-can-cope-with-anything personality-----Nothing stays the same forever. We all understand this. That's why we cling so tightly to all that seems stable. It's why we make so much of the apparently permanent. It is also why we create distractions, dramas and diversions. Far better to get caught up in a fuss about nothing than to feel overwhelmed by the idea that nothing is worth making a fuss about. Or so we think. 
The more resilient the packaging, the more fragile the content can be.Faith,  can move a mountain. Indeed it can, but it can move it all the more efficiently if it happens to be equipped with a large stack of dynamite and a bulldozer. You now fervently believe that something is possible. We have high hopes - and rightly so. This does not mean, though, that we can now sit back and wait for everything to fall into place.
Other people win the Lottery. Other people have it made. Other people get to live in perfect homes with perfect families and drive perfect cars and have perfect jobs. Or do they? Actually, all that other people really do is sit around imagining the other people who are leading a better life than they are!

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Soul mates or soul call or soul----matter of inner wisdom. Soul is a spark of god making this body a temple. Some says friend is your need answered.He is your field in which you sow love and reap thanksgiving. In fact friend is to fill your emotional needs  but not your emptiness. Your soul call attract friend and soul mate.
All relations are related to souls.Soul is pure but lust for comforts murders the passion of soul. Comforts have hands of silk but heart of iron which enters your house as a guest,then becomes host and finally a Master.
Have you peace? Image result for images of soul and earth
A difficult question having simple answer, Our peace is not slave of comforts or luxuries. Contrary when you have all in abundance you lost your peace. You are busy in revealing your power.Your ego becomes  a prominent feature.
You are restless in rest. Remember life is a song in the silence of night.Inner beauty reflect outer beauty. You are an instrument of god,you deemed yourself a giver but actually you are witnessing the event.
Your work is making pace with the earth and soul of the earth. when you work you are a flute-turns to music.I  keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life so work with love.Charge your spirit with love for work. 
Your soul often turns into a battlefield upon which your reason and your judgement wage war against your passion and appetite. Be a pacemaker then!
Your pain is the breaking of shell that encloses your understanding,your pain is self chosen for heart knows in silence all the secret of your thoughts.
Still your ear thirst for the sound of your hearts knowledge and you would know all while busy in work-constructive work,helping nature and co-creating with nature is source of inner happiness.Know your thoughts,control your thoughts which is possible in god knowledge and understanding of earth. For earth is root of all creation.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


To rise above the conflicts and tensions there is dire need to rise above. But How?
Redesign your life and once it happens outer world will automatically transformed. For outer changes,inner world has to be focused. We have decisions,choices and results are based on our own choices. In fact our life is based on our choices.
We think this world is giving us sorrows and pain,have we invested on JOY?
Our own expectations are source of joy and sorrows,separate expectations and enjoy because you do not exists in expectations. Expectations exists in you.
The quality of life improved with awareness so bring awareness in your life first.
Consequences are key aspects of transformation from mindless to mindful-which is possible when awareness is there.


 Why does a river run one way, not another? The trouble with fear is that as soon as we start to allow our inner tap to turn on, we render ourselves vulnerable to a flood. A trickle turns, far too easily, to a deluge. Worse, the sink of anxiety soon begins to overflow. We can't just safely contain whatever's worrying us in a single, designated place. Others are affected, often in ways we neither wanted or intended them to be. Even that phenomenon, though, isn't always as bad as we fear it is.Photo
Naturally, you don't want to be stuck in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Who would want that? Yet sometimes, our very fear of ending up in such a position traps us in precisely the situation we would most prefer not to be in. Often, our greatest enemies are not people, organisations, arrangements or conditions, they are our own darkest thoughts. Once we recognize that, it is surprising how swiftly we can go beyond these. Freedom is something that you can now give to yourself.
Positivity. Isn't fear the new hope? Isn't gloomy-blue the new rosy-pink? Actually, some things stay forever in fashion. Some truths are timeless. The 'new black', just like the 'old black', is entirely, unnecessarily dismal and dark! The light and the bright are as right, right now, as they have ever been. Once we get a negative expectation into our head, it can be hard to shift.
The question to ask about  biggest concern is not what's new about it - but why you have fallen, once more, into such a tired old trap? You can yet spring free from it.Your heart  understands much more than your head.Sages, seers and gurus advise us all to take our thoughts away from the future and the past, so that we can focus on all the hidden magic that is contained within the present. That's jolly wise and enlightened.
 But the idea of 'being here now', can be a bit misleading. Isn't each moment like a hologram? Does it not contain, somewhere within itself, the essence of every moment that has ever been or will ever be?Photo
We imagine ourselves we could have won the game of life provided we were calm.Where will your thoughts lead you? What ideas will you entertain? What aspirations will you nurture? Which fears will take up more energy than they should?The answer-Practitioners of yoga and meditation stress the importance of slow, steady, breathing. They say we do too much, too fast. We wind ourselves up when we should relax.Some processes are natural and intrinsically right. We waste time and effort if we rail against them. Even when the cosmos obliges us to face facts that are hard to accept, we still must find a way to accept them. Frustrating though this may be, it can also be the source of such blessing. 
Summary is our own thoughts make us depressed or happy,learn to control thoughts is not as easy as said!

Sunday, 3 April 2016


All of us a negative side/shadow. We need to shed our ego and see through it. Without reforming  we cannot be whole and true. The spiritual practice also goes by the name of shadow,working as a corrective to any tendency.Sweetness and simplistic lightness- shadow balance our thinking.
Shadow is also acknowledging the bitter  reality that people do terrible things to each other,may be due to their own belief system  or in the name of religion.
Accepting our shadows and having a holistic view of reality to build foundation for personal wholeness!
Kabir- Rahim and Sant Tukaram etc, these illuminated masters knew that our enemies hold the secret of our missing dark treasure,which we need to become whole and true. Their harsh words of criticism can become boon in disguise. That's when you shed your ego,to see contrarian view, and reform yourself with cheerful humility. That's the sure fine way of transforming the soul to heal the sin or negativity,to deprive evil of its power to us-------philosopher Martin Buber's phrase.
Keen a consultant editor to Psychology Today,demolishes what he calls a  SENTIMENTAL ILLUSION  fostered by NEW AGE  AND RELIGIOUS SCIENCE MOVEMENTS being spiritual does not mean having only positive thoughts,sweetness and light or maintaining a constant state of high esteem,he asserts.
Turning around to face the darkness within the self,reclaiming our projections and repenting our self righteousness is an ongoing discipline of spiritual life.Says  noted spiritual mentor SAM KEEN in his Hymens to an unknown GOD.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


"The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises." ~ Sigmund Freud
Our own efforts to get desired goal are repeatedly same. Sometimes we have to put greater force and sometimes pulling back and watch what is happening.
We all know what is good and what is bad,all information is available at our fingertips through the internet,while a internet system is available within each of us-power of mind is enormous.
To utilize this power we have to learn how to be calm observing Inner silence.Is it not strange that we are still  suffering at physical level and mental level. It is because of our habit of clinging to habits and deny the freedom. This is what we each of us doing. We persist in doing what we had been doing for the time unknown to us.Slave of habits.
State if bliss is when we accept whatever falls in our laps,doing efforts is in our hands but result could be different from our expectations.Joy-Joy-Joy. When we go inside and not care what at physical level is happening-pains and sorrows do not upset then.
God is always offering us a chance to rise above the physical realms to experience regions of light,beauty and love more wonderful than we imagine!
We are prisoner of our thoughts.
Law of karma and law of cause and effect-you cannot deny!
Ingrained habits dye hard!
Do not stuck in the rut,rise above conflicts and clouds of illusions. These is inner light,follow it and liberate self.

Friday, 1 April 2016


The universal truth is is that we like to be liked,we love to be loved.
Relations are strong when prepose is shared. But genuine respect,courtesy accompanied by love and kindness comes from deep reservoir of spirit. Who cares about this?We were born in a time when if something was broken, we would fix it, not throw it away
Everybody .
For healthy relationship say goodbye to past and live in present. Past is most dangerous for peace of mind as we used to live either in past or future.
Relieving self from past is freeing self, a kind of honesty and self unity which we tend to ignore.
We cannot undo past actions but we have chances to ratify the errors.
A common tendency is we want to have upper hand and settle the other for less or say we want others to compromise.
A great amount of courage,abundant thinking and creativity is required to not set for compromise, agree to disagree. Smilingly saying no when it is necessary.
This is so liberating, so freeing and it requires such a combination of humility and kindness with strength and courage. When it happened we are transformed and an intense bonding takes place where only love,regard and loyalty will be there.
But how you will express your love,kindness,honesty? You may have learnt a simple truth in a laborious way so how can other value your values? Its a painful sacrificial process but honesty and loyalty pay rewards. 
The power of universal truth is timeless self evident principles which belongs to all human community and present in every nation,society and religion.They remain unchanged.

Beauty of Venice, Italy