Saturday, 30 June 2012


When we introspect on daily basis we get to know that God has given us this birth without seeking our will, but has compensated this with lot of gifts.We have wonderful relationships, parents showering their unconditional love all the time unasked. Beauty of nature, different seasons and so on as list is unending. This is brighter side of life.There is darker side too! When all the gifts seem torture.When our mood is off. As I have mentioned in my last writing that heaven or hell are not different, only our mental state or how we are looking at the changes matter . 

 It is up to us. It is our own belief system that works differently. If we have godly thinking then what may come in our way, we will never bother about the developments. Accept all without complaint, instead be thankful for all what god has given to us and what not, as HE knows better,what is good for us.This habit of thanksgiving is a kind of worship where you do not to perform any special ritual to please god. For God is our creator, seek only our love. And we do everything else except thanking GOD. Thanksgiving is gratitude which has lost its meaning in modern world. Now-a-days we are too busy to thank even God .

William James of Harvard, "compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake. We are making use of only a small part of our physical and mental resources. Stating the thing broadly, the human individual thus lives far within his limits. He possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use,"
Education," said Dr. John G. Hibben, former president of Princeton University, "is the ability to meet life's situations. What is this magic requirement? Just this: a deep, driving desire to learn, a vigorous determination to increase your ability to deal with people. How can you develop such an urge? By constantly reminding yourself how important these principles are to you. Picture to yourself how their mastery will aid you in leading a richer, fuller, happier and more fulfilling  life

 The results of   self-realization or awakening  are astonishing, its like a magic.We get to know our own mistakes by the extent of self acceptance and peace we get . we inspired by the vista of new and richer world opening before us.For example, when you are displeased, it is much easier to criticize and condemn than it is to try to understand the other person's viewpoint. It is frequently easier to find fault than to find praise. It is more natural to talk about what you want than to talk about what the other person wants. 'What mistakes did I make that time?' 'What did I do that was right.      

  Our urge to be in limelight, raising head  and shoulders above the crowd is natural as we a special children of god. For no one is inferior or superior. So stand up for your own and speak for your own rights, perhaps the most ignorant man can speak if  you hit him and knock him down,  he would get on his feet and speak with power. Ideas which are boiling and stewing in your mind can possibly make you to write or speak endlessly. You have to shed your fears of unknown and the things you fear to do- do those things gather your inner powers and shake the world to get your share.

Our complaints are common, feelings are common even thought pattern may be common for most of us. Our complaints are as such :"I have spent best years of my life giving people the help and support they need and what I get is abuse. Actually we are sailing the same boat in the waters of life. If you teach a man anything he will never learn-Bernard shaw. System of self analysis, self education and awareness is continued year after year, a never ending process till death.You will find yourself engaged in an educational process that is
both intriguing and priceless. The way to develop self-confidence, he said, is to do the thing you fear to do and get a record of successful experiences behind you. When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity. Benjamin Franklin, tactless in his youth, became so diplomatic, so adroit at handling people,that he was made American Ambassador to France. I will speak ill of no man," he said, " and speak all the good I know of everybody." 

 Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do"A great man shows his greatness," said Carlyle, "by the way he treats little men". So handling  situation or people we should be alert. One word may cost you much. The principles are simple, live active life by staying fit whether you are a kid or aged 70-age is not barrier to live richer life. enjoy each moment to revitalize your spirit and sense of playfulness. You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone else's movie.Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you.

 We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us. Happy people let themselves be happy and unhappy people continue doing those things which makes them unhappy. Soul magnetism is Godly power, all of us have this power. Even plants are tied to themselves by rays of magnetism. Human being draws like minded people due to soul magnetism. We do many activities under influence of such power without hypnotic influence. Thats why if we  meditating upon God and spirituality, we can develop spiritual vibratory magnetism which is limitless. It can be derived  from any distance by meditating upon visual images and mentalities of various person possessing different magnetism .
By visualizing God you can attract godly powers and can transform your own life and life of other people who are connected to you through any relation or soul magnetism. Thank god for all what is given and what is not given as he knows better than us, about the whole universe.

Being a member of YSS .i.e.Yogoda Satsang Society, I have learnt how to love god.We pray like"I will find ever new joy and peace in the temple of silence, let me hear your voice. I will make my environment perfect through meditation. I will tear away the veil of space and stars, melt away the magic of thoughts and shut off the diverting motion pictures of life. I will open my eyes to the joy of meditation when the darkness vanishes.' 

Friday, 29 June 2012


Appreciation vs.Depreciation. Depreciation is happening second by second automatically. May it be things or relations. Appreciation is the most valuable gem, which we found here on earth for free but never bother to take care of it. Actually we get valuable things for free from god. As for example air is free, our circulatory system works automatically, we breath, we digest food-whatever our body is doing, doing  automatically and free of cost. Whenever there is interruption, we have to be hospitalized and spend lots of money to keep body workable. Appreciate God for all the free gifts. Appreciate relations for smooth life.

   Lincoln once began a letter saying: "Everybody likes a compliment." William James said: "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." He didn't speak, mind you, of the "wish" or the "desire" or the "longing" to be appreciated. He said the "craving" to be appreciated. Imagine what miracle you and I can achieve by giving people honest appreciation who go insane and find in insanity, a feeling of importance that they were unable to achieve in the world of reality. Sincere appreciation is a wonder drug, it can cure thousands of people seeking it, demanding it in various way.

 Their heart is bleeding for love and words of appreciation which we are never ready to give. Rudeness is the cancer that devours love. Everyone knows this, yet it is notorious that we are more polite to strangers than we are to our own relatives. And it's only the members of our own family, those who are nearest and dearest to us, that we dare insult for their trivial faults."Praise is like sunlight to the warm human spirit; we cannot flower and grow without it. And yet, while most of us are too ready to apply  to others the cold wind of criticism, we are somehow reluctant to give our fellow the warm sunshine of praise." So appreciate good people, good things and all goodness around us, to make this planet worth living.

Everyone is starving far few words of appreciation,appreciation is a sort of glue which binds together  all.Appreciation
A few months ago, Josh found out that a competitor was opening a new office in the same city as his organization. He went over the implications of this, but even after he'd covered all of the bases, he still felt that he was missing something important.

Now, he has discovered that this competitor is headhunting his best managers. And he doesn't have a plan in place to do anything about it.Does this sound familiar? Sometimes we're given a piece of information that seems straightforward, only to find out later that more was going on than we thought. As a result, we're then unprepared to deal with the consequences. One way to deal with these situations is by using Appreciation. This is a simple but powerful technique for extracting the maximum amount of information possible from a simple fact or statement.--------------ILLUSTRATION  from  Mind


If you teach a man anything, he will never learn

"If you teach a man anything,he will never learn". Learning is an active process,we learn by doing. It  is continued till our death approaches.Learning process begin with our birth,and we start learning on daily basis from our activities which includes mistakes. In fact mistakes are our best teachers giving us valuable lessons. Human relations are difficult to maintain,but have to keep well.We learn from our mistakes but do not make habit of making mistakes, instead never repeat same mistake again. By practice develop courage to accept follies,then rectify them.        

  It will boost your self-confidence and you can live enthusiastically far ever. As there is no burden on your heart and soul. Do rectification of errors on daily basis by self-analyzing, introspecting and thereby self-educating yourself. Simple. Self-realization happen with realizing self,being aware of events awakening happen. And once we are aware and awake, we are one with the god.

  Now we have knowledge of self that we are extension of source energy. We have direct connection with god. It will relieve us of many worries and tensions. Being son of god we are not less important. Use your inner valuable assets constantly reminding you- How important your existence is? We get motivated by self awareness and now our attention is diverted towards bigger target i.e. leading a perfect, rich, fuller life having God as our companion. Now we are not alone. One can see radiation of godly thoughts on our face. Peace we experience, love we give and do not expect anything in return. Actually our expectations make our face expression dull. We are like beggars constantly begging for favors and love, which we seldom get.

  Crux is to grow enormously by developing deep driving desire to solve all problems. Stop condemning people. Try to understand  their circumstances and their limitations. Heaven and Hell  both are here, having same path, same route and road is joined with psychological cement made from patience and persistence. That leads us to heaven whereas on the same route when you lose patience and temper, you spill the beans and then it is Hell!

We learn by doing and mistakes are also a part of learning process,without doing how could we would know what is right and what we have done.Our actions can be modified later,next time we will perform better.Hardships are blessing in disguise,it teaches us best lesson for our upgrading our lives.When happy we chat,drink,talk and busy in amusement,but when sucked by events-do not gather  energy to pick up pieces and get back on the track,giving hope for better tomarrow.Even the people who look different from us in terms of success,money or otherwise,often aching inside,their huge bank balances or property do not give them happiness or a sigh of relief,they unable to guess who is their real friend and go to bed loner than who are poor.

Many of us do not know how to escape the prison whose walls are too thick to break through and too high to scale.If you teach a man he will not learn,he will learn by his own experiences.You may not have a friend,lack of money or status or not feeling well but you never want something lesser than life,all other you will handled easily provided you are alive.So life is precious, it is a well known fact. You just can not walked away when life is posing a question mark,you have to solve all your problems one by one,before things get worse. As you face and plug each hole, you will transform  every challenge of your life with much ease.Now you can turn tragedy into triumph and make it all a win.

You are not a victim,you are a powerful creator. Plugging one leak at a time you  can meet any challenge that will get you desired  results you ever wanted. The quest is about pealing away lies and illusions you  have been told and you tell yourself repeatedly,and that have kept you living smaller than you deserve.And when you scaled new heights you will be surprised ,how much you have settled yourself.Reclaim your right to live.

You have to keep in mind that source energy is inside and nobody wins when we want to win at others expense,when you acknowledge source energy inside out  every body will win.Learn that experiences that leaves us empty and relationships that gives us pain and thinking you small,but once you connect with god-the source energy every other relationship will without pain and experiences would not empty us-we are ware of the developments and awakened so no body can destroy our peace and state of happiness.


There are many paths up to a mountain

There are many paths up to a mountain but view is almost same from top of the mountain. Here mountain is our ultimate goal i.e. finding god. There are many religions and belief systems but God is one.When your every thought and your every action is directed to your ultimate life goals, you become unstoppable and assured of great success and happiness. When you cultivate your mind, body and character, your life takes on powerful dimensions that you never thought possible.   Take at least 10 minutes every evening and visualize yourself doing what you want to do. Picture the fun and happiness you will feel when, at the end of your life, you have done all that you wanted to do. Whatever we do, we do it to feel good. Later our habit of feeling good generate negativity in terms of spending time in dreamworld, doing  shopping endlessly to feel good or sleeping too much etc. This is  normal state of younger generation, they have energy, time, money and a deep desire to feel good. We, actually, feel good when we do good to others, extend our helping hand to the needy person. This sort of feeling good is positive and thus the happiness we get, is true..Whether you are trying to erase the worry habit or develop the discipline of a daily walk in a natural setting or trying to quit smoking, persevere for 21 days. Be flexible, but never give up your good habits if your aim is worthy.

As our ultimate goal is to find happiness, joy and peace. Any  thought becomes prominent within few seconds and automatically we desire to have that. Within 21 days it becomes our habit. So be choosy. Have a control over thought system through meditation. Meditation is a practice wherein we watch our thoughts without involvement. In meditative state we come to know our thought pattern. With daily practise of 10 minutes we get control of thoughts, and can replace good habits erasing bad ones.

There are people who have negativity to the extent that they can suck our energy, we feel drained off energy. With practice we can overcome this state. In meditation picture that  person and remove all your feelings.Use your willpower, collect energy from source energy.You will feel better and will recover.We have to bridge ourselves with inexhaustible source of  life. Man is like a wave, if the wave looks inward it will find the infinite, and if the wave goes on looking outwards it remains disconnected from its own kingdom. Kingdom of god is within, go within to find self to find god.. Nature works in fabulously wonderful ways. Once a goal is set, the mind concentrates on its achievement.

Nature exerts its powerful influence to bring about its realization.You have the potential to create a new real beginning today. This new reality can be one of superb health, abundant prosperity and absolute bliss. You too can meet with success, Work as in an avid gardener tends daily to his garden, nurturing it with all that is good, you must nurture and cultivate your mind. If you do this and zealously guard against the weeds which will attempt to take root by thinking positive, inspiring thoughts only, you will see great things blossom.

Everything is created twice - first in your mind and then in the outside world. Just as a builder first designs a building on paper before he starts to build it, you must create all that you desire in your mind’s eye. If you do this, if you dream great dreams and good thoughts, forces which you never understood will be activated to bring you to your goals.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


 We tend to forget things rapidly. It is good as well as bad too! Good because if we do not delete old, how can we feed our mind with new. Secondly if we remember each and every thing our mental balance will be disturbed because all life experiences are not good, so better to forget and move on. We need to introspect events on daily or weekly basis. Filtering the thought process and getting ready to proceed.

Looking good, doing good and having all good around us is human need which is natural as good things have attraction. The most difficult phase of our life is : How to understand and get along with people you love and you work with. Perhaps it is the most difficult job in the world. How to convince others our point of view, our way of thinking. Instead of condemning people, let's try to understand them. Let's try to figure out why they do what they do. That's a lot more intriguing and profitable too than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. "To know all is to forgive all." As Dr. Johnson said: "God himself, sir, does not propose to judge man until the end of his days."here is one longing - almost as deep, almost as imperious, as the desire for food or sleep - which is seldom gratified. It is what Freud calls "the desire to be great." It is what Dewey calls the "desire to be important." 

We usually spend about 95 percent of our time thinking about ourselves. Try leaving a friendly trail of little sparks of gratitude on your daily trips. You will be surprised how this will set small flames of friendship that will be rose beacons on your next visit. Be "hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise," and people will cherish your words and treasure them and repeat them over a lifetime - repeat them years after you have forgotten them. Why talk about what we want? That is childish. Absurd. Of course, you are interested in what you want. You are eternally interested in it. But no one else is. The rest of us are just like you: we are interested in what we want .One secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from others perspective as well as from your own." Remember that the people you are talking to are a hundred times more interested in themselves and their wants and problems than
your problems. A person's toothache means more to that person than a famine in China which kills a million
people. A boil on person's neck interests one more than forty earthquakes in Africa. Think of that the next time you start a conversation. This is law of human conduct. If we obey that law, we shall almost never get into trouble. In fact, that law, if obeyed, will bring us countless friends and constant happiness. But the very instant we break the law, we shall get into endless troubles.

Most of us are prejudiced and biased. Most of us are blighted with preconceived notions, with jealousy, suspicion, fear, envy and pride. And most people don't want to change their minds about their religion or their haircut or communism or their favorite movie star. We sometimes find ourselves changing our minds without any resistance or heavy emotion, but if we are told we are wrong, we resent the imputation and harden our hearts. The little word "my" is the most important one in human affairs, and to reckon with it is the beginning of wisdom. It has the same force whether it is "my" dinner, "my" dog, and "my" house, or "my" father, "my" country, and "my" God. We not only resent the imputation that our watch is wrong, or our car shabby, but that our conception of the canals of Mars, of the pronunciation of "Epictetus," of the medicinal value of salicin etc.We like to continue to believe what we have been accustomed to accept as true, and the resentment aroused when doubt is cast upon any of our assumptions leads us to seek every manner of excuse for clinging to it. Remember the old proverb: "By fighting you never get enough, but
by yielding you get more than you expected."

Monday, 25 June 2012


A life is worth nothing but nothing is worth a life. Life is most precious thing in this world. So when alive why you worry? And once you died nothing can harm you as all is over so what to worry? Worry is a type of cancer. To control worries watch your thought pattern,filter it, any situation has more chances of improvement- ' I could have done differently". This thought can  transform you quality of life for better.

                                            A happy person need not to pray as we pray to be happy. All  of our actions are directed toward happiness. We work,we eat,we are busy in different activities only to get happiness. Try to be in original form,as today everything is getting a touch of artificiality. Look at the truth and change become  inevitable.Have positive attitude. Never imagine imaginary worries. Grow forgiveness, learn gratitude .Perhaps new generation is new to the art of gratitude. Letting go past and concentrating on now. Hurry and worry spoils the curry. Know your areas of strength and be prepared to go any distance. Problems have solutions too!
                                             Sometimes answers lies within question itself. Keep your mind and body busy to relieve you from anxieties and worries. A graceful face and smile will always be your reward for practicing this.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Law of diminishing return applied in every sphere of life. In relations,in friendship,in fashion,in taste etc.           Thats why we get bored very often and try other options as drugs or medicines.Try to accept facts of life and lead a simple and tension free life. Life is a journey where no roadmap works. Little assurances and reliability with hope is only respite with feather and wings. God is hope, god is love, a light in darkness.You feel his presence when some body trust you unconditionaly, helps you in your need specially somebody come forward to help you when you least expected and need the most.

                                        All fears gone with thought of God and feeling of God spontaneously resolve our all tensions, fears of unknown and uncertainty. God is busy in creating. So join Him and get busy in creating. All fears will flew away with godly thoughts and your creation brings happiness. We are extension of source energy,one with god. As Osho has described that we are like floating iceberg in the sea, once iceberg melt we will become sea. Iceberg is our ego, melt it and find oneness with supreme.Om Shanti.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


We get gift of life from god. Our birth was not at our will, as it was a divine plan. Divine love is available in  all forms. Mind and heart are two great rulers of this body but we can control  the nature of mind.You will find joy only when you are ready to give joy to others. Love begets love. Life is not a journey to the grave, with intention of reaching there with a  pretty well preserved body. Or skid to broader side totally used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming-"Wow -what a ride". Use your body  in  serving others, as body will will perish one day. 

 Its only human belief system or our imaginations which we are enjoying in many forms. Enjoying good food, clothes, good shelter and balance in all areas of life  is our journey to self discovery. Self discovery is the most important  goal. Happiness is true wealth. But it is decreasing amidst increasing comforts.To get happiness is the core of our existence.When we are in the process of achieving something we feel good. We have satisfaction that at least we tried. The criteria of happiness is different for different situations and different people. But the moment you start seeing life as a game, all your burden will  disappear and even fear of death, fear of life, or fear of love -all vanished .You become light and ready to fly.

Robin S.Sharma: I call the habit of self discipline tough-love because getting  tough with yourself is actually a loving gesture.The tougher  you are with yourself the easier life will be on you.When you consistently flex your will power by making your choices that you know are the right ones--rather than the easy ones.You take control of life.

God is love.His plan for  creation can be routed only in love.Every one who has seen the reality has testified that there exist a divine plan and that is beautiful and full of joy.So how can our life be dull or doomed?

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Sometimes we feel a void in life not because we want something, but because we have everything: lot of money, big house and all comforts. Life is not an easy matter, it has many folds to be unfolded one by one. Peace and happiness is  internal and not dependent on the external. We can adjust ourselves by strong will power at any crucial time, even enemies can be the best teachers telling you who you are. So listen to your enemy for god is talking through them.

 Replace negativity with positivity and find everlasting joy within every phase of life. We have made simple things complex due to our ignorance or lack of awareness. Once we are aware there would be no troubles,  we have stabilised our mind. This is mind taming by asking some questions like-what-why-when-where –how and how much. Introspection is must. So practice it once a day whenever you have time. Appreciate all relationships and realize the fact that life is good with all its trials and troubles. If wrong things are happening, perhaps they are happening for the right reasons. Perhaps that is better than having the right things happen for your wrong reasons. Simplify your life and then you can have a view of all what  you really need and what is irrelevant at the moment. This moment of realization and revelation is the most valuable for anyone.

 Relationships with others is the projection of relationship we have with ourselves. Our internal relation ship is actually projecting  all external relationships we have with the world. All human beings, are actually a  bundle of thoughts, and all exists in our thoughts. So improving the thought pattern is called the key, watch for few minutes your thoughts without internal commentary. Be a watcher only. Then project the person in your thoughts who is troubling you. When you have controlled your thoughts, your complaints may be genuine about that person but it would not bother you anymore. You have improved your thoughts and now nothing is bothering you. All the things and persons may be same as they were. But now you are not having the same complaints. This is meditative state where one can enjoy everlasting peace and joy.  Next stage is  forget all and accept all as it is. Love self and all parts of your life and then you will accept all as it is. Love others as they are. It is called internal engineering,  improving self , the thought pattern, belief system and even our intentions. The more you love others unconditionally, the more you will get and your heart would be light, relaxed and tension free the problem outside may be a genuine one but how we deal with it is determining the result. Our complaints about others are not complaints actually about others. But those are our own problems, internal problems for not coping up with the situation and people, so faults and flaws are our own which need to be improved. A fascinating way to accelerate your own personal growth is to build relationship with others. The more we interact with others the more we come to know the areas which need our attention to improve our internal or external relationships. This is the beginning of a  journey to self realization.                       


Bear  in mind that  nothing is permanent and everything is changing event by event.  Even the water in the river is not the same, as it is flowing. In this mortal world  sooner or later one has to go, sooner you accept this fact better it would be for you and the people around you. Being alone is a blessing in disguise as you get a perfect chance to uplift your inner powers. Life is a divine blessing and you should love to live it in its entirety. Start believing in yourself that you can overcome your loneliness and you will find a difference with passage of time. Strongest man is who stands alone; being alone does not mean living in isolation. This period should be taken as a positive frame of mind and this time should be utilized in self-introspection. You will get answers of many unasked questions. You will get power to handle any situation soon-strongly than ever.
  There is a dire need to change mindset if we really want to grow. Restlessness may disturb you univitendly. Sometimes you are up sometimes feel low. You will experience mountains and valleys in dealing with real life responsibilities. Choice is always ours. We get what we choose. All is result of our own actions and thoughts. Though sometimes we are affected by our past actions, which yield results when the suitable time comes. Own up responsibility of your own actions and get out of rut.
 The current of our spiritual energy is silently transforming the lives of ordinary people even in far off places. Innumerable people who have experienced spiritual powers have strong faith. Where you put your faith you would be able to see sharp intelligence and deep understanding of life and its problems. God realization is an experience which many have experienced at different levels of grasping subtle truths within. Pure and simple mind can gain powers to see into the hearts of all human beings. All negative feelings such jealousy, desire, anger  lust, greed etc. one can control easily by killing the enemy within our mind. First we have to realize that our greatest enemy is within. So capture this to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life. Gita 3.7 says  he who restrains his senses with his mind and directs his organs of action to work, with no feeling of attachment—he is indeed superior. For this we have to keep ourselves busy with some useful work to prevent unwanted thoughts  to disturb us. To avoid this deadly devil, work work and work.
 Negativity is a natural thing. You know how to handle it; it’s a wake up call for every one. Watch every minute thing- watch and then react accordingly. Politics exists everywhere, the only difference is that when it is used by other people we become victim, and when we use it for our own issues it is good. It is life. Your decisions may be a result of compelling environment or your obsession for anything. Everything is relative. Nothing is absolute. What you think is right might be wrong for others. So why worry! Just do what your conscience allows. But for that, we need to be honest with ourselves. Above all, love yourself. Love has transformative power, only love.  

Saturday, 16 June 2012


When you sleep too much, worry too much, watch television too much or eat too much, you make withdrawals in your Personal Excellence Account. To be great you must act great. Nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped. Yet most people spend their entire lives struggling for a little happiness against a current of problems or difficulties, hoping to see a small glimpse of blue sky against the mass of dark clouds which seem to blanket their lives. These people never realize the magic secret of true happiness:
one must rise above the clouds to see the blue sky rather than constantly trying to push them aside. Clouds will always be there but anyone who conditions their mind and body to the correct degree will rise above any cloud to live with lasting bliss in the blue sky of life. Dedicate yourself to such self-enhancement each and every day of your life. A flabby mind allows weak thoughts to enter. Weak thoughts drain your energy and limit your actions. Limited, unproductive actions prevent you from being the best and attaining all of your desires. William James said: “the essence of genius is knowing what to overlook".

The body and mind are intimately linked and if your body is tense, your mind will be tense,
unfocused and agitated. Stress hampers your creativity and intellect in very serious ways. When you are under stress, you are prevented from being your best and tapping your real potential. Balance of physical and mental health is necessary. Any person who does not enjoy good mental health can never get rid of  irritation, mood swings and bad behavioural pattern.  He always has a feeling of tiredness, feeling  of worthlessness. So lack of self confidence, self acceptance is there. He tends to be eccentric, irresponsible and lazy. Depression is very common in such person. He can never get happiness, because of his negative attitude. Loss of sleep, headaches, body pains, digestion disorder, loss of appetite, nervous breakdown and phychological fatigue follows and condition becomes bad to worse. Such person tends to be socially cut off. 

To enjoy life we have to be bold enough to face stark realities of life. So move on.  Move on mantra is to be repeated in mind. Whether life is good or bad, simply it is your attitude which can transform your life.Life will end one day without our approval, such is godly plan. So whatever life span you have got, enjoy quality of life. Live life King size.  Be your master, tame your mind and balance of mind and heart will simply give you opportunities to live life king size without too much accumulation of luxuries around yourself. Luxuries cannot give you happiness because it is a mad race,which you have now will lose its charm after few days and you will be again on wanting mode. If you had a car, new modes will be there after few days and your happiness will fly away. Same is with other things such as dresses, new styles of phones, television and so on as list is endless. Healthy person has strength and mental balance so accept the challenges of life without panic, he can understand the others perspective. Be simple and  learn art of minus. Minus tension, minus irritation, minus worries etc. What will be left is tension free relexed happy life, which everybody yearns.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Someone has well said, “Success is a journey, not destination.” Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is  too late. Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all its trials and troubles and perhaps more interesting because of them. We all have the potential for a Perfect Life. We all have the potential to achieve great things and live a life filled with joy, accomplishment and pure bliss. In some of us, this potential is slumbering deep inside, waiting only to be tapped and tested. The most noble of pursuits is to ignite this fire for personal mastery and life excellence. 

The Law of Attraction is the dominant law of the mind. People with a positive expectation of super success 
will attract opportunities to allow them to arrive at this destination.  Mental pictures and verbalization play a big role in stimulating your subconscious  mind. Your mind has the capacity to hold only one thought in its focus at any one time. There is a Success Mechanism inside your mind which craves positive stimulation. It awaits your instructions.  Work on a daily basis to condition your mind to peak performance. It has been said that the mind is a terrible master but a wonderful servant. By seeking to improve your mind and condition it to upgrade thoughts, this wonderful servant will most certainly bring you all the peace, When your every thought and your every action is directed to your ultimate life goals, you become unstoppable and assured of great success and happiness. When you cultivate your mind, body and character, your life takes on powerful dimensions that you never thought possible.

Some men see things as they are and say “why”;
I dream of things that never were and say “why not.”
George Bernard Shaw

There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen. And there are people who say, “what happened?” You will learn the finest strategies and techniques available to profoundly improve your mind, body and character. You have within you incredible powers to achieve anything you have ever dreamed about. One of the most essential truths to recognize is the fact that the only limits on what we can achieve in life are those we create and place on ourselves. Circumstances are the creation of people and not the other way around. Peak performers, as opposed to the weak performers, have trained themselves to shape the events of their lives rather than being shaped by them. Think of the current limitations in your life, the obstacles preventing you from attaining your dreams and that state of   If you don’t understand this principle, you will never realize the wonderful destiny that could be made. The mind has immeasurable and vast potential that remains untapped in most people. 

It has been said that even the best conditioned thinkers use only about 25% of their minds. What happened to the remaining 75%? Indian yogis living high up in the Himalayan mountains have disciplined their minds to the point where they can control their so-called involuntary processes such as their heartbeat, digestion and nervous functioning. These wise sages of the East have been dipping their fingers into the vast pool of mental potential for over 5000 years and have refined mastery of the mind into a science. Through a combination of meditative techniques and breath control these yogis are able to withstand enormous amounts of physical pain and go for extended periods without food or sleep. Such is the power within every one of us. Mothers whose children  have fallen under cars have, in the heat of the moment, lifted the vehicle to save their little ones. Seventy-year-old men have run marathons and  climbed mountains. There are simply no limits for a person who accepts no limits. The human mind and spirit can perform miracles if properly used and conditioned for excellence. And yet most human minds remain uncultivated, unexplored and unchallenged. 

On an average day, the average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts. Even more startling is the fact that 95% of those thoughts are the same as the ones you thought the day before. Limited thinking patterns must be exploded and you must exert your tremendous mind strength to develop the habit of Limitless Thinking. Throw off the shackles of your old thinking patterns. All successful people have come to realize that your 
thoughts form your world and you truly cannot afford the luxury of even one negative thought. The first step to a life full of wonders is to see that your outside world begins with your inside world and every single thought must be one that will take you farther along the path of a perfect life. Your thoughts can create magic and every thing you have ever wanted. Today’s thoughts build tomorrow’s dreams. 

As Napoleon Hill wrote in his wonderful book, Think and Grow Rich
“whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”

So an immediate challenge for you is to weave your new habit of Limitless Thinking today. The mind is like a muscle, if it is weak it can be conditioned for strength. If you currently worry too much or live in the past, this negative habit can be erased through the exercise. the powerful habit of thinking without limitations as to what you can do, have, feel and enjoy, arrives through gradual and steady conditioning of the mind. Positive thinking is pure habit and is not easy at first if you have allowed weeds to take over the garden of your mind. But the prosperous mindset can be developed as any other habit. Habit is like building a cable: each day the action is taken, the cable becomes stronger until the point is reached where it is unbreakable.   As Emerson wrote: “what lies behind us and what lies in front of us pales in comparison to what lies within us".

Friday, 8 June 2012


Appreciate all relationships. The fact is life is good with its trails and troubles. Sometimes wrong things happening for the right things. We don't sense it, so curse everyone and everything. it is better than having the right things happening for wrong reasons. Life is oversimplified and you can clearly see what is needed and what should be done, how to supply it a moment of revelation which is most valuable for you.

Some says splits helps to grow but there is more of an exception than the rule as one has to adjust to the needs of family split could hold true in the early stages of life cycle.More often family  divisions weaken the ability of individual members,not only do they no longer find it possible to get through the set back of break.

A false sense of security naturally creeps in group or crowd,we feel good and safe when there are more person at home or outside that is why we create families and build relationships, which deceptively leads to courage.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Why we are on this earth, what is the essence of our existence? You  have to figure out  the compelling  reason for your existence. Life is much more than continuous process of pleasure and pains. Life is a silken tapestry where experiences is thread and vision is a pattern on tapestry. Your vision is your mission. So having a clear cut idea about your vision, your thought process should be directed towards your goals. Its a physical realization of your missions.

Clear thinking takes years of concentration.We all have potential to grow.LIFE IS IN GROWTH.Stagnation is death.To find god,devotion should  reach to madness,be mad in searching god,disciplined madness or fever of soul,to cure you need deep devoted concentration,go deep to reach another dimension.This state is called bliss can  be experienced through hardwork but most of us tend to give up in the mid of way and say all is fraud. Eliminate what is irrelevant.Only concentrate on relevant .Then you  would get to know cosmic nature of the world..

Beauty of Venice, Italy