Saturday, 31 August 2013

                                                                     When the going gets tough... the tough get philosophical. They say things like, 'Oh well, at least I'm learning a big lesson for the future.' Or, 'This is helping me appreciate all the things I value.' Judging by your ability to come forth with profound insights, life must get tough fairly often. As we now move into a new month, you may soon find it hard to be reflective because life looks set to be anything but. The sky intends to shower you with gifts. When our number comes up, we consider ourselves to have been blessed. When it rains on our parade, we suspect we have been cursed. Where, though, is this divine dispenser of help or hindrance? According to what criteria are we punished or rewarded? Just in case you think the question is simple to answer, consider this. Some 'lucky breaks' turn out to have unfortunate consequences. And vice versa. You may not consider yourself now to be exceptionally well taken care of. But in your emotional life at least, you are.
You have got the kind of problems that some folk would consider themselves lucky to have. Your powers may be limited but at least they exist. You have choices, options and opportunities. You have the ability to do brave and brilliant things. You may only have a little of what you need, but with ingenuity, you can turn that into a lot. Keep a sense of perspective this weekend. Make an effort to remember what really matters, and why. Then every move you make will be effective. Go for quality, not quantity.
Nobody picks up a cigarette for the first time ever and says, 'Goodness, how pleasurable'. We have to force ourselves to return to the packet time and time again, until we have somehow found a way to live with the splutter and the stench. That's why tobacco is so hard to give up. Acquired tastes always mean much more to us than the ones that have come along naturally. Now, what have you learned to like? And how good for you is it? This weekend, you are being set free. Don't cling wistfully to the prison bars.
Evil villains in movies invariably yearn to take over the world! They never, though, go on to explain why they would want to do this. Perhaps they have a pathological desire to attend dull meetings or issue edicts about the number of car parks that major cities can be allowed to build. Or perhaps they just want to be criticised. You now need neither power nor influence, nor to be burdened with some heavy responsibility. You merely need to assert yourself and this will bring you all the power.
When we let things get to us, we find it hard to let them go again. Our emotions, once awakened, refuse to go back to sleep. Our passions, and our prejudices alike, flood our lives with a light of one colour - and in the process they wash away experiences of some more subtle, varied hue. That's why we should try to be carefree about what we take seriously. A situation now seems to be sapping your strength. It means less than you think it does. Give it less energy and you will get more energy back for yourself.
There is an easy way to have 'all the answers.' Just don't ask any new questions. Dwell only on puzzles that you have already solved. Surround yourself with people who will never do anything differently. Then you can take refuge in the sham shelter of unchallenged opinions and you will remain safe and dry until, eventually, some thundercloud of progress sends a storm to swamp your palace of pretence. For true protection erect the umbrella of humility this weekend. There is no shame in saying, 'I don't know'.
We pride ourselves on having a clear sense of purpose. When we feel as if we are on a mission, we enjoy life much more. Yet none of us can be completely sure that our objectives are unimpeachable. We may be conjuring up convenient fantasies, and then supporting them with a series of carefully crafted arguments. Do you truly have divine authority for your current course of action? Is it the best thing you could possibly do? Don't answer that. You can't. You lack an objective perspective. Allow me to reply on your behalf. 'Yes!'
There may be only seven colours in a rainbow but there are 16,777,216 different possible colours in the RGB palette, used by most computer systems. Yet, so often, people seem to see things only in terms of black or white. Though E L James has recently helped to bring 'shades of grey' back into fashion, most of us, most of the time, still succumb to the temptation to label everything 'right' or 'wrong'. As you evaluate a crucial situation, it becomes important to acknowledge subtle distinctions.
Sometimes, we just don't realise how much something is bugging us until it goes away. We think we are handling a situation. In a way, we are. But in another way, it all takes its toll. An unacknowledged source of stress can have an insidious side-effect. It can cause us to lay blame elsewhere. We end up accusing innocent people of causing the annoyance we feel. We get cross about arrangements or scenarios that are merely symptomatic of a different malaise. You are about to understand what's really going on.
Whenever we get a 'funny feeling', we owe it to ourselves to investigate it. We should neither dismiss it, nor take it too seriously. There are times when our instincts are alerting us to genuine problems. There are times too, though, when we are just worrying unduly. How can we tell the difference? Here is one reliable technique. We have to learn to stop worrying. Nothing confuses our intuition quite so effectively as an unfounded fear. While Mars forms a difficult link to Neptune, you should be suspicious of your misgivings!

Be sure of yourself now. You have strength, experience and power. There is something you know how to do. There is a need to do it and there is an opportunity to do it as well. You are not subscribing to some grand notion by acknowledging the truth of the above. But you are kidding yourself if you think that you can just walk away from the challenge that lies before you. Someone has to sort out a certain mess. Who else is qualified, trust your judgement and take your chance.
You are softening, mellowing, deepening. Once, you would have been much harsher and sharper. You would have cut more corners, broken more rules, ignored more warnings. It is not that you are becoming cautious. It is more that you are growing sensitive. Your ability to empathise is increasing and you are better at keeping secrets. Sometimes, you wonder whether all of this is an indication of weakness, but it is, of course, a sign of strength. It remains important to trust your strongest feelings.
 Breathe in. Now, breathe out. Breathe in again. And breathe in again. Ha! You can't do that, can you? Two in-breaths in a row, is a physical impossibility. There must be an exhalation in-between. That's very thought provoking. It's like day following night, summer coming after winter, boom arriving after a bust or a relief being the inevitable resolution of tension. It's a natural pattern. The very thing you like least about a certain situation is the reason why soon, you will be inclined to celebrate.
People speak about civilised societies or respectable communities. Yet no society since the dawn of time has been completely civilised. Evolved, maybe. Sophisticated, perhaps. But perfect? No way. And as for respectable? Well, we all deserve respect, yet without It is almost as if you feel afraid of your own power. You know you can influence the outcome of a situation, but you are not sure whether you should. What if you make things worse instead of better? What if you make a decision you later regret? Whose fault will it be? Like it or not, though, action must be taken. Deep down, you know the right move to make. That puts you in a position of great responsibility. You are right to feel wary. Think carefully... and then have confidence in your conclusion.t exception, we could all do more to earn it,events make you aware of a flaw or an area of fallibility in an area of life that you're keen to feel proud of. Deal with that honestly yet realistically.
 Ever tried to buy popcorn at the cinema? You ask for a small packet and they give you a tub that's almost large enough to do your washing in. What kind of a world is this? People accept overblown propositions and outrageous assumptions as if they were normal and natural. No wonder we have lost our appreciation for the finer things in life. In your life lately, far too much has been made of something that's ultimately small. September brings a much-needed chance to stop pumping up a problem and start playing it down at last.
 Some people are too nice. Others are too sharp. But then it's never easy to know exactly how to please others. Even those who try really hard will annoy the folk who think they are trying too hard! And some people, anyway, are happy only when they are complaining, cosmic climate speaks now of a partner or person with whom you have a 'contract of interaction' going through major changes in their attitude and outlook. Be supportive and sympathetic as far as you can. Ultimately it will all benefit you.
 Life is a constant education. Each day we learn something new we don't always appreciate the lesson. If we can't see an immediate application for the discovery, we tend to feel that it is of no real use to us. What you're going through - may seem to be of limited value with regard to your current situation, but there will come a day in the not-so-distant future when you will feel immensely grateful for all that you have been shown. Open your eyes wide, triumphs and trials alike are all blessings.
 Magic can't easily happen where there are too many rules. It doesn't like regulations any more than it appreciates explanations. Magic needs a degree of chaos, spontaneity, laughter, excitement and inspiration. Magic moments come to those who unwind, who stop forcing issues or allowing negative emotions (like fear or anger) to overwhelm them. Magic can happen in your life this month. Be glad then, of all that's turbulent, troublesome and tumultuous. That's what's most likely to facilitate the magic.
There is an old saying, 'If things are going well, steel yourself. Sooner or later, they're going to get worse. If things are going badly, cheer up. They will improve, even if all you do is wait.' A very natural law dictates that sooner or later, everything must change. If,  you want the fun to last longer and the stress to pass faster you must identify less closely with narrow definitions of success and failure. Stand back to see your situation for what it is, not what you think it is. 
Lovely though some of your friends are, you can't always rely on them for support. It's not fair to say certain people are letting you down at the moment. Some may be, but others are doing all within their power to help. It's just that their powers are limited. In September, your power to help yourself, however, is much greater than you realise. No matter what you find worrying, be brave this month. You will find, as soon as you determine to press ahead alone with a positive plan, that you have company of the most inspiring kind. 
 Imagination is actually a very practical thing. So too is self-indulgence. And there is a very real point and purpose to a certain amount of time-wasting. Truly practical people appreciate the importance of inefficiency. When you try too hard to make every second count, or every penny... you raise an impossible expectation. There's nothing practical about that. Try to focus too hard  and you'll make the edges even more blurred. Approach goal at a steady pace and you'll soon find you are practically there. 
  People talk about 'the devil you know' and 'the devil you don't know'. The whole trouble with devils, though, is that we don't ever really know them. They are full of surprises. The moment they start acting predictably is the moment we can formulate a strategy to get the better of them. Anyway, you do not have to make such a choice. You can have both devils! You can also have some wonderful friends, old and new - as long as you don't start inadvertently demonising anyone or anything!  



Thursday, 29 August 2013

Have faith in destiny which always changes bad into good. Luck is for the bravest!

Beauty of Venice, Italy