Thursday, 28 February 2013

Imagination have no limit and we enjoy more while imagining the things and matters,our imaginations may be totally different from reality. Imagination is good as it embraces whole world and we would like to understand the world .Sometimes it is better to pull back and enjoy watching the events,situation and avoiding irrelevant people and situations as for as possible.Problems won"t bother you when you are calm. Soon the adversities will melt away and you will be come out as winner. This how you are supposed to handle day to day situations in real life.
Now everywhere we may see people with frustrating-  long sulked faces, either they are not satisfied with their financial prospects or worried about their looks. They have too much still a bag full of complaints is there. Boys and girls equally conscious about their looks. May it be due to bombardment of advertisements on T.V, magazines and hoardings displaying beautiful faces and figures. Looking beautiful is everybody's desire but is it right when you get depressed because of this?
God has made each of us AS A UNIQUE piece of his creation and when He himself has created us then we are beautiful and graceful as we are made in His image.God is beautiful and so are his creations. You might have seen people with ordinary looks have grace and aura,looks would be as we look at them.
Face filled with expression of love is lovely.And when a person is happy inside would be beautiful.
Now that everybody is dissatisfied with their appearance of bodies.\ As per survey done by magazine PSYCHOLOGICAL TODAY which conducted over the past three decades.In 1972 there were 23% women and 15% men were not satisfied with their appearance where as in 1997 this figure had risen to 56% for women and 43 % for men. Everybody want declaration of love that is why shops are full of cards and gifts,boom time for jewellers and florists always.Love-be it brotherly,sisterly love,the adoration we feel for our children or friends/loved ones.Unconditional love is found in books or dreams,we want unconditional love but not ready to give even to God our creator.Selfless love is the only kind of love that is worth having.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

There are two sides to every story. Or so we are told. If only it were true. Think how simple life would be. You are keenly aware of the daunting truth about a sensitive matter. There are not two sides, nor even twenty-two to this tale, but twenty-two to the power of twenty-two. Cubed - and then marinated in a bubbling sauce of confusion and opinion.People don't always say what they mean but sometimes they do. Yet even when they are being completely clear, they are still only saying what they think they mean. A lot of the time a lot of us don't really know what we truly feel. We hang on tight to the emotions and beliefs that seem the most reassuring or appropriate and we widely deny the existence of deeper feelings and wilder ideas, which we suspect we really ought not to have.There are so many things that you don't understand about the people around you and the situations that you are a part of. You can tell a tale and it can go into quite some detail, yet there are missing bits and pieces; statements that cry out for further explanation. Could it be that there is actually something you have still to understand about yourself? If you would like to arrive at that elusive understanding, you must be careful not to cling too tightly to the first explanation or justification that springs to mind today.Whenever we seek official permission for any plan or activity, we effectively oblige the official in question to think long and hard about what they can or can't permit. Had we never asked, they might never have given the matter a second thought and we might have got clean away with doing whatever it was that we were hoping to be allowed to do. Today's big question is: do you feel able to take responsibility for a wise, informed and conscious choice? Or do you need someone else to play the grown-up for you?Are you good or are you bad? Is there a halo hanging over your head? Or can we see a scroll poking out of your pocket on which there appear to be two signatures, one looking remarkably like yours in red ink and the other bearing more than a passing resemblance to a trident? Such questions are far too easy to ask and far too hard to answer. Of course, you are good. Perhaps you are not perfect - but then, nor are any of us! But you are certainly good enough to have a series of good things happen to you today. You really don't know how wonderful you are! I say this not in an attempt to pander to your ego but because it is simply a bald statement of truth. It is almost as if we human beings can't recognise our own true depth and significance. The very best we can manage is to become a little pig-headed about some of our most superficial and irrelevant attributes. It is not that kind of pride that I am encouraging you towards today. Recognise the depth and strength of your connection to the cosmos. Be inspired and helped by that.Is today a day like any other? Only if that is all you want it to be. Only if you have no other expectation. Only if you are unconsciously restricting the depth and breadth of the potential experience that you could be having, in order to stay within the seemingly safe framework of a mundane routine. Would you like your day to be full of magic? It can be. Do you feel that if you are not careful, it could be full of drama instead? Well, it could, but you know how to be careful! It is memorable magic that you deserve - and can have.Wells, Verne, Orwell and Huxley. These great writers foretold at least some aspects of the future in amazing detail. You could argue that they shaped the future. Those who grew up conscious of their prophecies, took them, to some extent, into account in all the choices that they made. Where they left us inspiration, we acted on it. Where they issued warnings, we tried to heed them. They were visionaries. You have got a visionary living in you! What is the best and most exciting thing that this prophet can see?.Perhaps you are saying 'no' to something that you should say 'yes' to. Perhaps, you should say, 'maybe' or 'not at the moment but I'll give it some thought.' Whilst you don't want to send out mixed messages and you shouldn't just bite back a rejection or refusal because you fear causing offence, there are times when it is legitimate and appropriate for us to keep some of our options open. As time goes by, you are finding out more about what you really feel and why. Leave room, from this journey of discovery, for more discovery!
When we have been hungry for a while and we finally eat, it can take time for our appetite to subside. We may have to consciously decide that we have had enough, even though it doesn't yet feel that way. A similar challenge can arise when we are wrestling with a problem. We find the solution; we apply it yet it can take time before we see definite evidence that this has had the desired result. Meanwhile, we carry on worrying, even though there is no longer a need, don't restart something that you have already finished.They say, 'One good turn deserves another.' That is true. Nor, claim those who believe in the laws of karma, need we expect our 'good turn' only ever to be repaid by the same people that we have helped. They suggest, that somewhere in the cosmos, there is a kind of central 'good turn banking system'. Helping out one person automatically entitles you to be helped out by another person, even if these two people have no connection. 
You will see delightful proof of the old saying, 'what goes around comes around..Are you keeping a careful eye out for random subatomic particles? Who knows when a Higgs boson might be about to sneak up on you? You could fall into a patch of dark matter at any time. Or so the scientists say. Such things concern them. The rest of us only have mundane concerns like, 'why is this member of my family behaving like that?' Or, 'when will my finances improve?' Yet the solutions for these seemingly much bigger issues, are smaller and easier to detect than a Higgs - as soon you will see! Love? Are you keeping a careful eye out for random subatomic particles? Who knows when a Higgs boson might be about to sneak up on you? You could fall into a patch of dark matter at any time. Or so the scientists say. Such things concern them. The rest of us only have mundane concerns like, 'why is this member of my family behaving like that?' Or, 'when will my finances improve?' Yet the solutions for these seemingly much bigger issues, are smaller and easier to detect than a Higgs - as soon you will see! It is always important to be thoughtful. Much damage is done because people do things because they seem, at the time, like the right things to do. Only afterwards do they say, 'Oh, I never really thought about those particular consequences for my actions.' Yet sometime, we can over-think. We can mull over a matter until we have entirely shrouded our minds in mist. So, how can you tell if you are now paying too much attention to an important matter - or not enough? Well, if you are worried or confused, it is too much. You should know the rules of game called life, you should apply rules and play well to win.

Monday, 25 February 2013

We are just souls,but how many of us have understood it? Our life is centred to the flesh  not soul as we are busy to catering the needs of this body,forgetting about soul connections. Some may have good intentions and we need to work on it otherwise what is the use of intentions not applied in practical that demonstrate our commitments. So watch what we say and what we act,do our words match our actions?
 In life we have to act,just act with sincerity never regretting anything. Yet we are supposed to learn from past but regretting creates negativity so let go past for better future-not to repeat past mistakes otherwise a terrible stream of mistakes and misdeeds would emerge and we could not ignore them in the hope that they will go away. Do not allow others to know more than they need to or they ought to,it is for their sake as well as for your own-you should  close some of the curtains of your world.
Doubts and misgivings are natural but we have to check them time to time and ask what we want to do with them? So stop for a minute and think that we should not say yes to every proposal as we have rights to stand our  and assert our independence. So at any request make little evaluation -who is asking for what? What should be our response? Saying no would be better sometimes. Calculations influence our choices,and we are not supposed to compromise every time. Sometimes it is good to make compromises still we are forced to do something against our free will. The things we do have consequences,even if we have done something unintentionally  but we will enjoy fruits of our actions. What if we choose to do nothing!  Even if we choose to not act,our mind is still busy so we are busy in doing something which is pregnant with results. Do the things we don't do. Whatever we do to win admiration or appreciation or for raising our status,either by hard work or luck or by cosmic magic!
Just give a little more time to the optimistic or pessimistic uncertainties which arise in our mind from time to time,which is result of our actions in day to day life. Should we  take them seriously and start unpicking all the stitches that we have lately worked so hard to put in place? The world  never stops changing and evolving,it's just that we never stop changing and evolving too,because we are too- part of the universe. Do we really make research  that have weighed up all the factors,to avoid confusions about our choices and capacities to reach a perfect conclusion.
Without power of imaginations we could not assume anything,but we all dream of possibilities  what you want to foresee by broadening belief in magic of thoughts. Broadening vision is one thing and knowing much to raise your anxieties is another thing. We must know what we should but knowing all may be dangerous on emotional level or psychological level. 'Knowing much may cause tensions or  worries about something uncertain relax, There are many things in cosmos which are doing favours. which may brining about a change that you don"t think you want yet you badly need!  Forgiving and forgetting is not an easy task mostly people suffering pains would  refuge to forgive giving a way to endless anger,fury and hatred is never the one who is on the receiving end of it because it is the person who do not let go and believes they would never stop feeling pain,anger or hatred. But letting go is best option for relieving pains and negativities. 


Sunday, 24 February 2013


We human-beings have similar needs, emotionally,physically and money related needs which provide us comforts and luxuries. Most important is  balance of emotional needs. All we knew well to keep schedule we needed to be organised with our persistent and constant efforts, so say no to long pause to wonder and stand still watching the events passing by.In the middle of difficulties lies the opportunities. Life is cycle,events after events encircled and move in rounds.
It is useless to suffocate nature,endings bring new beginning and to enjoy life of our dreams as we have been dreaming a great life totally different from now we have. As a human being everybody has a tendency to focus on have nots! Dreams of great life and to discover  a turning point is our fantasies. Where everything would go our ways. Turning points are not easy as we have to break set of rules and have to come out of comfort zone. We have to master the crucial events and to free ourselves from adversities we need help or guidance. In the midst of crises we lost our strengths to handle practical issues. All our capacities withered away and we lost the abilities to handle the situation. To win the people and situations,to steer through the crucial point we need help to experience the greatness of our own personality and to collect our own inner strengths. To overcome the events and situations which are overpowering us now,we need courage to come out of stale period.We need rapid and effective way to find the right way to happiness!
Understand what do your want now then make right decisions by not putting your future on risk,increase your potential,to get happiness and rewards.Choose someone to intervene on your behalf so that your life become wonderful,who can reveal your best part out of you! Otherwise most people are interested in their own area of interests and see only what they wanted to see.
How you see yourself and how others see you, think of you,what are your potential and sensitive areas? Who can make surprising  revelations about yourself what you can create around you? To know your real self and hidden potential/capacities,exact chances,skills and to rediscover yourself You need to remove psychological blocks that stop you from doing things you want,how to increase chances in everything you do,how to avoid obstacles? How to make right decisions at right time and what is right time to take action and when you need to pull yourself back to watch the events is not child's play.To fully enjoy stokes of luck and wonderful life you need to open the door onto better world and to enjoy the treasure of your future.
Again you need people to love you,to make you feel important and to not feel you alone and despaired. Everybody need closeness,friends,someone to talk to,someone to rely on. Its our emotional need.
Negativities should be purified,you have to be free from your inhibitions to enjoy fabulous period of happiness. so grasp the opportunity to bring best of best in your life and to regain inner strengths.Avoid people who used to harming you  through their acts and words to bring harmony in your life. You were not taught to identifying signs and winks,the sensitive messages, astral messages and waves around you and how you can quickly get rid of negativities.How to welcome good and bidding farewell to bad- pursuing good luck and happiness by personal positive magnetism
WHEN YOU DO THIS. Pleasant surprises would be there to welcome you in your life. You will notice many things that you were ignoring in past about yourself which are the cause of your certain failures.Learn what the future is made of,your own welfare, your  morale,how to keep high and trigger mechanism, knowing even faint winks and waves of good luck.You have to get rid of negativities which were preventing you to achieve your right tracks to follow to reach final goals. Astral fate is equal for everyone only difference is in utilisation of events. Your success and good luck  depends upon the degree of efforts you put in.


The world is full of people with good ideas. Sometimes, though, they float away over the tops of our heads like helium balloons that have broken free of their strings. The bad ideas are easier to get hold of. They hang lower in the sky. Their strings are stickier. We must look at what we are taking hold of! Right now, you need only one thing. You can get it, as long as you know what it is you are looking for. What is this precious commodity? Emotional clarity. Seek it and you'll seize only on the right answers.
 'Like sheaves of corn, love gathers you unto himself. He threshes you to make you naked. He sifts you to free you from your husks. He grinds you to whiteness. He kneads you until you are pliant; And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast.' Powerful, intimidating words from the poet, Kahlil Gibran.
 Is this the beginning? Or is it the end? It's a bit of both, in a way. There's both replacement and renewal taking place so put distance between your present and your past. This, though, involves you making some fairly brutal distinctions and blunt choices. These will seem far less sharp and harsh once you have made them - and once it has become clear to you that no harm has come from your courageous decisions.
 Grab hold of a piece of elastic and attach the other end to a fixed, strong point. Now, pull as hard as you can. What will happen? Either the elastic will break, in which case, you will go flying backwards, or you will have to let go, in which case, it will hurtle forwards, creating a dramatic impact as it does. For 'elastic' (IT IS) 'something in your emotional life that's now being stretched much further than it should be.' One way or another, tension is about to cause something to snap. But ultimately,you will win the game of life.
 To function successfully, all committees need a firm chairperson. Right now, it is as if you need to bring an unruly meeting to order. It is taking place deep in your heart, where different voices clamour for attention. Your dreams and desires say one thing; your fears say another. Yet another voice is being almost drowned out by the rest. This is the part of you that knows instinctively what's right. To be fair to yourself, fair to those your love and fair to your chances of creating a better future, you must give all voices a fair hearing. There's something that needs to be sorted out, put right, given the appropriate attention. What will this take? A little bit of time and effort! Look at what you could gain. Think about how much better you will feel once you have done the dreaded deed. Naturally, you are reluctant to focus attention on a particular issue. You rather hope it will go away. It won't, though. It will only go if you get to grips with it and take some control over the matter. You will soon find it ever easier to charm your way into (and out of) delicate situations.
 Many people have lifestyles that are structured and solid. They like everything to be ordered. They like plans and strategies, commitments and categories. They even try to imply that more flexible folk are somehow failures. But there is nothing wrong with your desire to be open and to learn. As for the powerful attraction that you now feel towards a proposition that can't possibly be sensible... well, what's sensible about life itself? Get out on your adventure. Don't talk yourself out of your dream.You don't look as if you are living through tough times. Nor is it noticeable in your attitude. Indeed, if anything, you are giving the impression of a person who has recently become a lot younger. It is as if a weight has been taken off your mind. You are less susceptible to anxiety. You can expect to feel even stronger soon. You have learned one lesson in your emotional life very well, lately. You have seen how important it is to have faith in your own entitlement to a heart full of happiness. Continue to trust this.You need changes and dramas in your emotional life to start unfolding at a slower pace. Even if tension has yet to diminish - and trouble continues to hover over your head, neither need come any closer. A stand-off is taking place. A siege, if you like. But if it is a siege, it is one for which you are well prepared. Meanwhile, Draw confidence from this. Now, imagine yourself in a better position - stronger, more secure and successful. Whatever you can envisage, you can become.
 I've got a letter here for you. Apparently, someone has been trying to get a message through to you for a long time, but they have found you unwilling to listen. Knowing that I have your ear, they have addressed it to me in the hope that I will pass it on. Tell you what, though, I'm not going to! I'm putting it straight in the trash. I figure you are a delicate enough flower. If you are not interested in what someone has to say, there is probably a very good reason. Don't be bamboozled into feeling guilty now but do try to be sensitive.Handle delicate matters wisely,how you already know.True adventurers don't keep pushing themselves ever onwards. They appreciate how important it is to stop and consolidate the gains they have made. Life now provides you with a chance to get your bearings and decide your next few moves. But you don't feel as if this is a particularly good time for that. You are in a hurry. There's a lot that's worrying you. Don't. With the right kind of new plan, you can easily get anywhere you need to be... at a pace that makes perfect sense. So heed your heart and plot your course.Beware 'the solicitor syndrome'.
 Two people go to a lawyer because they need to draw up a contract. The first thing they are told, is that they must each get a legal representative. One person cannot work for both of them. Each advisor then fills their client's head with terrifying ideas about what the future may hold. 'It's all very well now,' says the great professional, 'but what about down the line, what if your would-be partner betrays you?' Suddenly, there is no deal left to do. Don't let enthusiasm turn to fear.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Very few people tell barefaced lies. That either takes a lot of courage or a lot of self-deception. Many of us, though, are guilty of misleading by omission. We conveniently forget to mention things, especially when we know that we are likely to get an awkward reaction if we do say anything. So sometimes, we allow people to jump to conclusions that really, deep down, we know they ought not to stick with, a misunderstanding needs to be set straight.
Good musicians often find when they duet together, that their performances improve in each other's company. In the field of sport too, it is well known that participants excel when teamed up with others of a similar or higher standard. This time, life is asking you to raise your game. You must do it, even if you are not fortunate enough to have someone nearby who is providing the encouragement. Indeed, it may be that the best thing you can achieve now, is simply to help someone else to raise their game.
They say that, 'things happen for a reason.' But sometimes, too, things don't happen for a reason. Even when we want them to happen, even when we feel that they really ought to be happening, even when we are striving with all our might to make them happen, we may just have to accept that our lack of success is directly related to some greater future triumph that we will only arrive at if we first go through this particular fallow phase. A source of frustration, this weekend, may yet turn out to be a cause for celebration.Those who purport to be wise, often advise others to avoid 'short-term strategies'.
 They say we should not focus so intently on our immediate needs that we fail to make suitable provision for the likely eventual consequences of our actions. All very sensible. But life is not a long-term experience! We are all here for only a short while. Be careful, this time, not to talk yourself out of seizing the moment due to a fear of the future. Here comes your chance to make the most of a rather rare and wondrous opportunitySome of us are fiery; others are placid. None of us are immune to changing moods and all of us, under the right circumstances, can experience dramatic shifts in moments. We can go from happiness to sadness (and the other way around!) in a nanosecond. One piece of news can do it. One conversation. An issue has been eroding your sense of contentment for a long time. Understandably, you suspect that it may be an equally long time before your confidence returns. So, how was it for you? Did the earth move? Will you never forget that Valentine's Day for the rest of your life? If not, fear not. Many more wonderful romantic opportunities await you over the course of the coming months. Indeed, some of the most magical moments will arise as a direct result of recent trials and tribulations. Problems that eventually give rise to real reasons to celebrate aren't actually problems at all! And that doesn't just apply to matters of the heart.
You like surprises, but you are actually quite particular about what you will allow yourself to be surprised by. There are some positions that you just don't put yourself in. Some risks that you are careful never to take. How does that sit then with the idea of - as adventurous explorers, brings your chance to change a situation that has been stale for too long. Are you going to take it?
Purists insist that tea tastes much better when made in a pot. They complain that the invention of the tea bag was the worst thing that ever happened to this noble beverage. It also eradicated, at a stroke, a great fortune telling tradition. How can even the best clairvoyant read someone's tea leaves, if there aren't any in the bottom of a cup? Happily, you don't need such skills to ascertain what is brewing in your life. Several intriguing events are due. They will yet turn out to be just your cup of tea. Have you ever met anyone quite like you? No, neither have I! I mean yes, I know, you  have something in common with millions of other people. Yet you are different. Those traits are superficial. Deep within you are unique. So how then, can it possibly be right to waste energy, in worrying about how your situation compares to someone else's? Never mind who else has got what. Just look at what you have got. How much of it there is and how much you now have to be glad of. 
 The question is not, 'What's happening?' It is, 'What do you wish were happening?' The universe intends  to meet your every need. That doesn't mean that you can expect all your prayers to be answered and all your wishes to be fulfilled. There are some things the cosmos just can't do as swiftly and easily as you might wish. There are other things that it possibly can do but it can't really believe that this is actually what you seriously want. Trust that if something isn't happening, there is a good reason for this.   The Old Testament tells of a tribe who were trying to build a tower. They were suddenly cursed with an inability to understand each other. From that day forth, the world's different languages emerged. Maybe it is true. But human beings are perfectly capable of failing to hear what is being said to them, even when the words are very definitely being expressed in their own tongue. Just give us a stick and we will get hold of the wrong end of it. Yet this time you can clear up an old confusion.  Good morning. Sweet words from Jonathan Cainer.


Not now means never and now means sure for all.There are no excuses. Or rather, there are millions. But few count for much. We all know we could do better, no matter how well we are doing or how well we have done. We also know, or think we know, that it's too late to undo what has been done... or do what hasn't. How late is too late? Strangely, we accept excuses but we don't seem to accept that it's never too late to right a wrong. You have a chance to make peace with at least some of the past. What excuse do you have not to at least try?People don't always say what they mean but sometimes they do. Yet even when they are being completely clear, they are still only saying what they think they mean. A lot of the time a lot of us don't really know what we truly feel. We hang on tight to the emotions and beliefs that seem the most reassuring or appropriate and we widely deny the existence of deeper feelings and wilder ideas, which we suspect we really ought not to have. Before you can speak the truth, you must be sure you know the truth.   
 If hope is a balloon, doubt is a pin. All it takes is one moment of connection. The balloon can be as big as a house. The pin, some tiny protrusion of sharp metal. Doubt, what's more, is indestructible. No matter how much reassurance you get, no matter how things change, doubt can still find some reason to exist and thus to destroy whatever dream is being floated. Hope, meanwhile, will always be vulnerable to negativity. 
Scientists have to be careful about spending too long in front of a microscope. They can easily end up forgetting the true size of that miniature world. Every so often, we all have a problem with perspective. Little things start to seem enormously important to us. Worse still, at such times, truly big issues can appear irrelevant. You now need to stand back and take stock before diving too dramatically deep into a pool that is actually rather shallow. Before you leap, look through the right lens.
 By whose rules are you playing? If the rules are not your own, you ought to examine them more closely. There may be a loophole within them. If the rules are of your creation, surely you are able and entitled to redefine a few of them. You now need to break free from a set of unnecessary, irrelevant restrictions. There's a much more inspiring way to look at what's happening in your life. To see what this is, all you really have to do is stop looking at it all from what's ultimately someone else's pessimistic perspective. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for. If it is worth attaining, it is worth fighting for. If it is worth experiencing, it is worth putting aside time for. Sorry to state the obvious, but sometimes we find our attention drawn to some nuance and complication and we entirely overlook the most simple and important of life's truths. 
You have only one real problem in your life now and the moment you readjust your sense of priority, you will have no problem at all.We all have reasons why we cannot - or will not - do particular things. Usually, these are sound reasons based on promises that we have made to ourselves or to others. Sometimes, though, they are simply daft reasons. Excuses based on fear or misunderstanding. The trouble is, we cannot easily see their true quality. We can easily convince ourselves that we are putting up epic, noble resistance when, in fact, we are just being a bit unadventurous. Coming events will free you of an unnecessary limitation.Maybe you are already feeling more optimistic about the future or maybe, being a careful, you want to see more evidence before you decide to remove fully your psychological suit of armour. If so, at least lower your enormous shield and rest that heavy sword in a slightly more comfortable position. And maybe raise the visor just a touch. 
The fresh air will help you see your situation more clearly. And the more you see, the more you will realise that you have every reason to be confident about the week ahead.There are two sides to every story. Or so we are told. If only it were true. Think how simple life would be. You are keenly aware of the daunting truth about a sensitive matter. There are not two sides, nor even twenty-two to this tale, but twenty-two to the power of twenty-two. Cubed - and then marinated in a bubbling sauce of confusion and opinion. If nothing is ever black or white and shades of grey are everywhere, how can we ever reach a firm, final decision? Well actually, you can.We now move towards the end of the phase.  If your love life hasn't already begun to improve, you'll feel more loved - and more able to share the love in your heart soon. Your material situation may not alter dramatically but a far greater sense of security should arise within you. 
Your powers of invention and creativity are at a high now. You're becoming more capable of seeing solutions to problems - and despite all you fear, you'll soon find much to inspire you. You are keenly aware of what could happen if you are not careful. Is that, though, a reason to shy away from a situation? Are you going to refuse to cross a road just because there's a chance you could get run over? Should you stop chopping vegetables, just in case you pick up a knife from the wrong end? Some risks just have to be taken. The best we can do is to be aware of the dangers and compensate accordingly. It's good that you are now respectful of a potential problem. Stay that way and you'll be fine.
 It's easy to tell if you are bang on track or way off target. Your mood swings, suddenly and dramatically, at the slightest deviation from the appropriate course. Be glad that your intuition is so responsive. You may be having an intense experience, but at least you are finally becoming clear about what does and does not need to happen next. Don't resent your responsibilities, they will yet provide you with the key to freedom and success.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Life is a video, not a photograph. Yet every so often, we find ourselves starring at a freeze-frame. We think of something that has recently happened or of something else that we fear may be about to happen and we treat these as fixed points. Yet history changes, at least in so far as, with the passage of time, we often come to see things differently. And the future changes, in so far as our choices and actions can always influence it, sometimes significantly. Don't underestimate your powers.Some fairly preposterous propositions are being made. The most unlikely ideas are being put forward. You have better things to do with your time and energy than listen to nonsense like this. Or have you? Somewhere within a seemingly nonsensical suggestion, is a perfectly sensible (and serviceable) solution to a problem that has long irked you. Don't be too quick to dismiss whatever is now bubbling up from the back of your own mind - or whatever a 'thoughtless friend' gives spontaneous voice.
They say, 'a watched pot never boils'. Not so. It boils just as quickly but the process seems to take longer. Ah, but we all know what happens to a cake if you keep opening the oven to see whether it is baking. That degree of inspection and intervention is definitely, demonstrably, counter-productive. Now, I'm really not trying to suggest that you should wear blinkers. Of course, there are situations that you need to monitor and evaluate but a quick glance will provide all the reassurance you need.
 What separates the present from the future? A wall of concrete, reinforced with steel? A timber fence? Or a piece of thin fabric stretched between two poles? Often, we can't be sure about the walls and barriers in our world. As long as they look solid enough, we are inclined to respect them. We might easily be able to punch a hole in them but we would really rather not risk the pain and shame of a possible failure. The distance between where you are now and where you would like to end up is shorter than you think.
Stuff happens. And it keeps on happening. And it never stops. That's the thing about stuff. There is an endless supply. It just keeps on coming. Remember the old children's tale about the magic porridge pot that never stopped supplying fresh food? Even small children know that that's a fairytale. Nothing in the world is quite so self-replicating. Well, nothing but stuff.- actually, fortunately, there is something that has the potential to recreate itself eternally. That's hope. And that's your solution to... stuff! 
If you lend me some money, I can pay it back to you with interest. Indeed, if you do that, I can afford to lend the same sum back to you and charge even more interest! Not fair? Well, why not lend it right back to me again then? You can ramp up your interest rate and charge a little extra on top. What fun we can have. Or rather, what kind of a mess can we get ourselves into? And it's not just financial transactions that can grow a little complicated if we are not careful. Think twice about who really owes what to whom.
The more we stare into an abyss, the deeper it gets. That's why we shouldn't stare!  But if we look away, what could happen? We could forget about the abyss and then inadvertently, tumble right into it. That would be no good. So we put up a sign that points towards the greatest potential problem and says: 'Abyss that way.' Now we are safe, aren't we? Well, now the sign keeps reminding us and we feel duty-bound to go and inspect the abyss once more, just to see if things have got better. Just forget the abyss Just imagine if most people ever did even a fraction of the things that they might do, could do or are, in theory, capable of. Though mainly, we look at the world and despair of all the unfulfilled potential, we should, perhaps, be glad of it. The human race consistently fails to live up to the highest standard yet that very same inadequacy means that by and large, it also fails to do its worst. Have faith in the combined forces of inertia and mediocrity, they are working in your favour.
 Does progress seem to be grinding to a halt? Do you feel as if you are turning in ever-decreasing circles, hang on a moment.  No wonder you feel as if you are caught up in some kind of vicious cycle. Actually the suggestion that you had -one vital lesson to learn , don't suppose that has helped much either. The lesson has something to do with letting go of a fear that things may never change! The English phrase, 'wild goose chase' is used to imply a plan or activity that is likely to prove futile. But have you ever actually tried chasing a wild goose? It may prove surprisingly easy. There are probably helpful tricks and techniques that you can  finding out what wild geese eat and putting some food out for them. Don't chase, just bait and wait. That's definitely the policy that you ought to pursue.So, can you trust the truce? Is it a trick designed to lull you into a false sense of security? What if you lower your guard, only to render yourself instantly vulnerable to an attack? Wouldn't you be wiser to remain vigilant and keep all your defence mechanisms firmly in place? Actually, you wouldn't. Then, you would just end up shooting yourself in the foot. Someone else genuinely wants to put the past behind them and move on. Their desire is sincere. So is yours.Appearances can be deceptive. But people are busy. Few of us have time to stop and think and even fewer of us are blessed with enough imagination and curiosity to see beyond the obvious. Viewed from one perspective, the facts in your life now appear to point to a particular conclusion. But is that really the most appropriate way to see them? Events  bless you with a rare chance to track down an elusive, somewhat subtle truth and reveal a much more inspiring insight into a sensitive situation. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Good health is another form of happiness,so maintain it to get happiness.People have different opinions some view world and situations as miracle and other set of people believe there is nothing as a miracle only co-incidence  create illusions. Love is glue boding every relationship,only when we lose someone we get to know what we have lost?  And when we have love we do not even bother to realize it. So love for love sake not because you need them, only love can add to your value  and giving you what you need even you did not know the fact. Human relationships are of the uppermost importance and are the key to very many things in life.


 Why do others seem to live easier lives? Because they are other people! They don't have your high standards, they don't share your aspirations, they are not made of the same stuff. So they settle for less. Their idea of a satisfactory outcome is your idea of a mediocre result. So, for all your strength and presence of mind, you are vulnerable. You can more easily end up feeling disappointed, flummoxed or frustrated. And when that happens, what do you do? You rise magnificently to the challenge,What kind of people potentially become our worst enemies? The people who were once our best friends! And often the folk who we suspect of working most fervently against our most precious interests, are actually doing us the most substantial favours. And those who seem to be supporting us in our hour of need? Well, there may be times when  they are actually encouraging us to pander to our own weaknesses. It might be time to think again about how a relationship is working.
 Future is a scary word there is nothing terrifying than taking first step,most fulfilling time when we do what we wanted to do. Set yourself up to the future you want and do not wait for favourable time,time is now to start anything! Dreams do not work unless you do. Are you safe? Are you protected? Can nobody get at you? Or do you feel exposed and vulnerable? Are you only too keenly conscious of things that could go wrong at any moment? Or problems that just keep recurring? Something has to be done! But what might that 'something' be? Well, to begin with, you have got to make a firm resolution to stop worrying. Whatever else you do (or don't do) you will gain no advantage from indulging in any of that. 
Next, you need to get practical. Then stick with that plan On that strict understanding, let us proceed. You are currently feeling more defensive than you need to be. You are worrying more than you ought to about the information that others may have about you. Actually, it really is safe to relax! Does progress seem to be grinding to a halt? Do you feel as if you are turning in ever-decreasing circles? Can you hardly believe the amount of delay and impediment that you are encountering and the frustration that this is giving rise to. And do you half fear that all this is likely to get worse? Let's stop right there. However bad things may be, they are not that bad. Whatever trouble you may face, it is not that deep. 
If you are turning, it is because you are at a turning point. All you need to do is learn one simple lesson. Now is the right time for you to take an in-depth, up close and personal look at your life.Does progress seem to be grinding to a halt? Do you feel as if you are turning in ever-decreasing circles? Can you hardly believe the amount of delay and impediment that you are encountering and the frustration that this is giving rise to. And do you half fear that all this is likely to get worse? Let's stop right there. However bad things may be, they are not that bad. Whatever trouble you may face, it is not that deep. If you are turning, it is because you are at a turning point. All you need to do is learn one simple lesson. someone who thinks that you think of them as an adversary. The tone is highly conciliatory, respectful and deferential. It amounts to a heartfelt plea for peace, understanding, mutual respect and genuine co-operation. And I have to say, it sounds very sincere. I expect you will receive your own version of this missive shortly.  Everybody want to know what the destiny has in store?. Now is the right time for you to take an in-depth, up close and personal look at your life.Look over there.
 A man is dragging a woman backwards by her hair. We must race to her rescue and force the brute to unhand her. Oh, wait... She was stepping out into the traffic, just inches from an oncoming fast car. He had seen the incident and with impressive speed of response pulled her back to safety by the first thing he could catch hold of. Or was the car really speeding? Was that just his cover story? The longer you look at the details surrounding a sensitive situation now, the harder it is to know what to make of it. So go slowly.
What's that whirring noise? It seems to be coming from somewhere near the ceiling.  it's a fan! Now, what is that somewhat unpleasant odour? Are you really that close to the awkward moment in your life when push comes to shove, trouble bubbles to a head and items that ought to be processed by the plumbing are inadvertently channelled toward the ventilation unit, actually you aren't - or I would not be speaking so playfully. It is just that you think you are or fear you are.
 Let go of that concern. Excuse me one moment, have you got a licence for that body you are walking around in? Can you prove that it is yours? Are you quite sure that you are not an alien who has suddenly taken up residence in a human form, banishing the existing occupant to some far-flung corner of the cosmos and now brazenly adopting their lifestyle and mannerisms? You would deny it of course - but then, you would wouldn't you? Some suggestions  are too ridiculous to contemplate. Don't waste your time with those. 
There are always moments when we think, 'Is this worth it?' We think such thoughts, even when we do exemplary, wonderful, things. The world's highest achievers and most accomplished experts doubt themselves from time to time. It is a healthy and appropriate process, without which life lacks vital checks and balances.  But whether you should keep on constantly questioning that situation. Probably you shouldn't!The future starts here. But that's not where it ends. You can't start looking at what's right in front of you and believing that you can see within it, all that it will ever lead to. The possibilities are so much wider and more inspiring than that. While you owe it to yourself to push back the boundary, jump over the barriers and think about your tomorrow as if it were the very best friend of your greatest need today. Don't limit yourself or your imagination. Set yourself free from a fear. Wish you could fulfil more of your potential?We are here for limited days so spend each day either soaked in worries or be grateful for whatever you are gifted by god. God is beautiful and beauty is an ornament,look what is beautiful in self and others and forget rest and enjoy whatever you have!----------Jonathan 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The end is not nigh. The day of doom is not upon us. The universe is not about to come to some catastrophic close. And nor, while we are on the topic of gloomy thoughts, is there some special arrangement in the fabric of the space-time continuum that means life can go happily on for all the rest of us whilst it grows steadily more unsatisfactory for you. Cast all such thoughts from your mind. Neither are they helpful, nor are they based on anything other than fear or fiction. Something rather good will happen to you soon- Love? Money? Career? Wellbeing? Whatever your question, you'll find a helpful, accurate answer.
Library shelves may no longer creak and groan under the weight of such tomes but our Kindles and e-readers are still full of texts telling us all how to become happier. So where are the books that tell us how we can become more miserable? We don't need those, because we can manage that kind of thing quite well on our own thanks! You have lately become a little too good at feeling bad. You are about to gain good reason to feel a whole lot better. You are, after all, very special and you deserve the best.
If something is making you feel vulnerable, you should do all you can to increase your sense of protection. But be just a little careful. Sometimes, in our efforts to keep trouble at bay, we inadvertently render ourselves more accident-prone. Trust and confidence are wonderful qualities. They can encapsulate us in a bubble so safe and strong that no potential threats can intrude upon us. You don't have to be blindly optimistic today. But you should allow yourself to be optimistic whilst keeping your eyes wide open.Shall we discuss the weather? How about the state of the traffic on the local road? Have you seen any good soap operas lately? I just thought a little trivial conversation might distract us both from the... well, you know. Must we dive deep into yet another round of intense speculation and exploration? Must there be more sharing and baring of the soul? Of course there must be. Absolutely. The more profound your thoughts and words now, the more power and success you will begin to muster. Fear neither depth nor candour today.
There is always something you want, but you can't have it. There is something that you don't want, but you can't seem to get rid of it. There is something that you know to be true, but which you do not understand. There is something that you fully understand and trust but which you cannot prove to be true. Hey! Welcome to life on Planet Earth. It is not a 21st-century thing. The world has ever been this way. Right now, though, you hunger for a less perplexing set of circumstances. Be a little more philosophical today!We all like adventure stories. We don't really want to hear how someone has slowly, patiently negotiated a fair compromise with a person whose interests differ to their own. We are more excited by the idea that the two fought a pitched battle and one firmly trounced the other. There's nothing especially fascinating about reason, gentility, and gentle persistence. But the results of prioritising such policies are so well worth having. Don't worry about what sounds good today. Just do what you know is truly good. Turn the light off. It is stopping you from seeing clearly. That may sound contradictory, but there's no conflict here if what you are trying to see is a shape rather than a texture, a colour or a detail. For optimum contrast on the outline, you really want semi-darkness. Right now, in your life, you're getting too much information. It is revealing, even fascinating, but it is ultimately misleading. You need to get a little more context before you can fully understand how everything fits in to the overall picture. We have so many blessings, so many gifts, so many reasons to be thankful. Yet we spend so much time rushing around hunting for things that, actually, we already have.
 When there's a sense of uneasiness in your life-specially these days. Yet almost all of this is unnecessary. There's no real reason to rush, to hurry, to worry or to push something further than it naturally wants to go. Look at what's good; celebrate this, be inspired by it, then aim for a more relaxed yet successful journey from here to where you need to be.Is there more to life than success and popularity? There is plenty more! There is happiness (which is not always a natural by-product of success) and integrity (which doesn't invariably accompany popularity). You fully understand these distinctions. You give far more thought to such matters than most folk do. The choices that you must now make in your life, all relate, to some extent, to issues which arise from an ethical question and a matter of true personal preference. It is important to honour your deepest feelings.
Troubles are like buses; you sit around for ages, yet none come along. Then several turn up at the same time. They are like buses in another way too. They take us places. We should be glad of our difficulties and challenges. They move us on and introduce much needed change for the better. Often, when we look back, we are grateful. It is just that at the time, while everything is happening, we tend to feel threatened. You're on a journey towards highly positive progress. Passing tension is just a necessary side effect of this.Welcome to the world of tomorrow. It is a bit like the world of today, but slightly more futuristic! In tomorrow's world, today has become yesterday. Oh, hang on. I see what you mean. This isn't really tomorrow at all, is it? It is just another today! Or is it? Sometimes, every so often, little windows of possibility open up before us. They present us with choices which, if made well, really can cause us to start travelling down a very different road. And there is something about what's happening now, that definitely fits that description.

Monday, 18 February 2013


You suspect you know why a problem keeps occurring. Yet you are not so sure about the best medicine to apply. You can't just wave a magic wand and put everything right. And you rightly suspect that all other solutions will have side-effects. Yet you cannot sit around and do nothing - especially when you are so keenly aware of what's wrong. What you need is just one more insight. you won't just have a solution; you'll have a positive new direction to take.Sometimes you  understand the idea of actions having consequences but how can you reap a harvest that was sown in some previous lifetime? If you can't even remember what it is that you did or if, indeed, you even did it, how can it be appropriate to accept either a punishment or a reward?  Will thus remain forever destined to suffer frustration.We all like the things that are no good for us. We all have some unhealthy habits and our perverse preferences. We also know that once we start giving things up, we can go on forever. The glow of the halo above the renunciate's head soon starts to fade once it becomes clear that there's more to be abstained from. So, is there any point at all in seeking an improvement now? Absolutely! One small step could yet make an enormous difference. But a small step is the only kind of step you need to make now.
If there is someone you love, allow yourself to love them. If there is someone you trust, allow yourself to trust them. And if there is someone you are not sure of? Don't allow this to become the reason why you refuse to respect a word they ever say. Many things can explain an odd reaction to a particular person. It may say as much about a failing on our part, as a fault in theirs.  Be a little generous with the benefit of the doubt sometime.
There will always be trouble of one kind or another. That will never change. You can, though, have some choice over the particular kind of trouble you end up in. You can also decide how seriously you want to take it. Usually, things become toughest for us when we try to establish definitive answers to difficult questions. Complicated issues are often best left defused, but unresolved. You can stabilise your situation now and get to the point where a potential problem is no longer posing a threat. What more than that do you need?.How late is too late? You feel that something ought to have happened ages ago. You can't quite believe that you're still waiting for someone to make a commitment, or recognise an obvious truth. It has been so long since you asked the universe to help you bring about a change that you have almost forgotten why you wanted it to come about. But you do still want it and there is still plenty of time to benefit from it.
 Every body has misgivings, uncertainties and anxieties. That's natural, even healthy. But it doesn't mean you should reject a gift or an invitation.When scientists set out to test hypotheses, they seek 'statistically significant' success rates. They do not care about the odd fluke or flash in the pan. They are interested only in results that can be replicated. Yet some of the most amazing things in this world are the experiences that come and go quite randomly, without apparent explanation. Who knows whether what feels right to you now will always feel right - far less ever be proved to be right. But as you know in your heart, it's right for right now!/You suspect you know why a problem keeps occurring. Yet you are not so sure about the best medicine to apply.. Events  occurs and you won't just have a solution; you'll have a positive new direction to take. Swans appear to glide with such grace. Yet in reality, their feet are paddling like crazy just below the waterline. It is an illusion.
 The world is full of things that we can't see. Some are definitely there and others... well, seeing isn't always believing and believing isn't always seeing. But that doesn't stop you from slipping smoothly towards success with the choices you make. We all like to feel appreciated. When other people can clearly see that there is something good about us and they are not afraid to say so, it gives us a nice warm feeling. But we like it better if others admire a quality that we feel justly proud of. And we feel a little odd if it seems as if we are gaining recognition for some action that we regret or some attribute that we may even be slightly ashamed of. You may feel that the appreciation you are attracting now, is misguided.
 You know what's wrong, why can't you fix it? If you don't know, why can't you find out? What's the big problem? Where is the insurmountable obstacle? There is a difficulty, for sure. It is not imaginary, it is real. But it is not bigger than you. You are bigger than it. It cannot and will not defeat you unless, somehow, you take it so seriously that you lose your cool, and thus your sense of perspective. Stay calm and become clear. There is a way forward from here. Don't resent it when you see it, just follow it, you continue to stand on the threshold of great achievements. You are making things happen. You are pushing for change. You are summoning your willpower and wrestling with all the forces that can so often stand in the way of success. And is it working? Hey! Give it time! That's the thing about persistence; you have to carry on persisting! You are doing better than you think, even in the areas of life where you suspect that you are not doing very well at all.


One should guard against preaching to young people success in the customary form as the main aim in life. The most important motive for work in school and in life is pleasure in work, pleasure in its result and the knowledge of the value of the result to the community
Saint Valentine's Day, better known as simply Valentine's Day, is the annual commemoration of love celebrated on February 14. Valentine's Day was created by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD to honor the Christian martyrs named Valentine. The religious observance of the day was deleted by Pope Paul VI from the Roman calender of saints in 1969 but is still often permitted. Valentine's Day was first related to romantic love by Geoffrey Chaucer during the Middle Ages. Valentine's Day is often celebrated with expressions of love, Caring and to show your Affection to all your Loved ones. Love all for love sake is message. It is not specially for young people but special to all for special message of love.


 Most of us are not mind-readers. All of us are psychics. How can both statements be true? Because we are so inherently sensitive that we develop defence mechanisms at an early age. We close down, clam up, blank out and gloss over the subtle signs and signals that are all around us, just waiting to be noticed. We decide that it is hard enough dealing with our own feelings without feeling what others feel.Things could be worse. Indeed, they could be a whole lot worse. But then, they could be better. So can we conclude that the fates are not being particularly kind to you, yet nor are they conspiring to make your life a misery? Well, that's not really such a comforting view. Perhaps we should look more closely at the one factor that is giving you most cause for concern. What is really bad about it? The way things actually are? Or the way in which they could potentially turn bad?To all intents and purposes, you have now got what you need. 
There is actually only one more thing that you really require, and that is the ability to recognise what an advantage you have. For as long as you can't see this, you will keep looking for things that you have already found, unable to appreciate their true value! That will waste a lot of time and energy during a phase of your life when you really need to be as focused as possible. Begin  as you will need to go on, by taking a good look at where you already areTimes change. So too do people's attitudes and expectations. What displeases one pope may be seen as perfectly acceptable by another pontiff. We all have to get used to the process of evolution and it helps us greatly in this regard if we are not overly attached to the way things were. The more you now refer back to a previous point of reference, the more uncomfortable you become about a current situation. 
There is really nothing wrong with what's going on, other than it's not quite the way things used to be. When one door closes, another one opens.  But there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes when one door closes, another closes too. That may be for the best. There can, for example, be some great need for several doors to close. Only once you have bravely closed one door, can you see the need to close the next one. Possibly, only after all the doors are closed, will you ever know which one you need to reopen. If you really want to something to start, you must first allow something else to stop.
Opinions are like life rafts. Whenever the seas get choppy beneath the ship of daily life, we start looking anxiously in the direction of those safety vessels. We think, 'I shall take some refuge here.' But unless a life-raft is regularly tested, it may not provide much protection should an emergency occur. Perhaps, in your life now, there is an idea in which you have become overly reliant. Put more faith today in what you know to be actually true beyond all doubt and pay less to what you merely believe to be right - or wrong.We are usually reluctant to criticise successful people. We may find fault with them behind their backs but, well, if someone is clearly reaping a reward, it seems silly to waste time telling them what they are doing wrong! But the moment that same person briefly loses their foothold on the tightrope wire of life, everyone has something to say. 'Ah, yes, no wonder. You did it that way when you should have done it the other way. It is only ever wise to follow the path of least resistance if you don't much care where it leads. If you have got a particular destination in mind, if you have a strong preference about whether you want to get there, you will see the point in travelling along the trickier road, even if that turns out to be a much more demanding journey. 
Sometime easier options may seem tempting but they really may not bring you as many benefits as you might eventually wish to enjoy. It will be worth putting in a little bit more effort.Are you asking for too much? Are your sights set too high? Are your standards too demanding? I'm not asking this in an attempt to persuade you to lower your standards. I'm just attempting to articulate a fear that you may already be experiencing. You keep looking at what you want and thinking, 'I'm not entitled to this.' But why shouldn't you be? Why shouldn't you want it? Why shouldn't you get it? 
Don't create an artificially pessimistic limit to the amount of progress that you are able to make.They say, 'before you judge someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.' But what if their shoes don't fit your feet? Even if they are the same size, the other person may have a walking pattern that wears down the sole unevenly. That's still uncomfortable. There are some things that we may never fully understand about one another, even when we have a close relationship based on respect, admiration and affection. But  you can at least get a little closer to a better rapport with someone important. 
Some of the world's greatest actors have never won an Oscar. Some of the finest musicians have never had a hit. Fame, is only one measure of success. And, when we stop to think about the people who are extremely well known, even though they seem to have little talent, we can see why. Reputation is a funny thing. But if you really want to be thought well of, you surely want to earn the appreciation of those who truly recognise the depth and artistry that you bring to an activity. You may have recently been holding a discussion about how to distinguish between an intuitive inner-voice and some other expression of need, fear or desire. It's quite an art. It's also confronting. None of us like to feel that there are several iterations of our personality that do not all agree with each other. Doesn't that suggest we may be slightly mad? It does... but then, we are! All of us are! 
The ones who pretend to be sane are the craziest of the lot! You know full well what your deepest intuition is telling you now..Imagine a daffodil, proud and vibrant, blooming brightly, in a field. Does it secretly think, 'Oh, I wish I had been a rose?' Yet how often do we overlook the importance of the role that we are playing or the life that we are living, and pine instead, for some distant dream? We make false comparisons. We develop unrealistic expectations. We fail to see the magic of 'what is' because we are so busy thinking about 'what was', or 'what could be', or, 'what could have been.' You deserve so much more as you are loving child of god.


A revolution may never occur but an evolution is entirely possible. If you want things to be different, act differently. How dramatic do those changes need to be ?Why strive for something you're not even sure you believe in, or struggle to attain some highly-debatable goal? If you're going to give all you've got to anything, give it to something that stands a chance of giving you something back. A notion doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. Not only are you pinning your hopes on a false assumption, you're dedicating hours to a project that, even if it could be brought to fruition, is unlikely to offer much reward. 
In your emotional life particularly, you deserve better. And you can yet get it.How words have the power to create an illusion, and how the actions that one person takes can sometimes totally fail to have an impact on someone else. Don't believe all you are told now... and don't imagine, either, that someone else is having exactly the same experience within a sensitive situation... as you. One possibility is about to slip through your fingers when  you seems, losing a chance that you were keen to keep. 
Look, though, at what is now coming to take its place. Isn't that an infinitely superior option? You may have less power in one way. But in another you are effectively taking charge of an entire universe! It can only be a matter of time before you find a way to return to the area of life where you appear to have lost out - and redress the imbalance... if by then, you still want to do this. If I were to tell you that somewhere in your social circle is a person who can be of great help to you, what would you think? Your automatic response would be to consider your favourite relationships. The people you know best, or the ones that you may not be well acquainted with, but you like the look of. Your social circle, though, is wider than you realise and it contains folk who you feel little or no affinity to. It may well be one of these people who now holds the key to the next big move you need to make.  Recent converts to a cause always tend to be more zealous than lifelong believers. If the newly persuaded happen to have been of a directly opposite persuasion, they have an even greater incentive to bang the drum. It lets them drown out the sound of their memory. 
It is hard to feel compassion for someone who demonstrates aggression. But, for the sake of a good thing that is in danger of getting a bad reputation, you need to pursue a line based on tolerance as you now make your next moves. Agreement can only ever be reached if two individuals sincerely want to reach it. Some people, though, find conflict comforting. They enjoy having a bone to pick. There's a little part of everyone that secretly likes to hold on to a grudge. This may not be the most powerful factor in your personality, but it does need to be watched. There is a real chance, now, to put a problem behind you. 
You have far more to gain from moving on than from fighting your corner. Resist the temptation to argue. Make the peace instead. There's a lovely children's story about a magical porridge pot that would keep producing food for its owner without the need for him, or her, to put anything in. In the real world, though, there's no such thing as something for nothing. Or is there?
Take a walk through nature sometimes. Edible plants and berries grow by the side of the road. If we want a lot in life, we must strive for it, of course, but if we only want a little, we simply need to have faith and keep our eyes open. A gift is being offered to you now. Normally I encourage people not to dwell in the land of 'what might have been'. I remind them that whilst the words 'if' and 'only' are innocuous enough in isolation, they combine to make a potent and potentially devastating cocktail. Maybe now, though, I should break that rule and urge you to take a flight of fancy. 
Think of how things might have been had key events run a slightly different course. Wallow in that vapid vision then give thanks for the way it has all turned out! What's happening right now is now right.We worry so much about saving money, yet pay scant regard for the need to save time. We undervalue our own importance. We put ourselves through unnecessary experiences. Or treat ourselves to luxuries and then feel guilty about the indulgence. But you are entitled to comfort and also to a life of meaning.  You are being offered the chance to get something you really deserve. First, though, you have to overcome the fear that somehow you are not worthy. Some plans come to fruition. Others do. 
We can take a simplistic view and decide to celebrate when there's a clear connection between intention and accomplishment, and to feel miserable when there is not. But if we were truly wise and blessed with the ability to see life from a more cosmic perspective, we might not be so sure of this. Often our greatest gifts stem directly from moments of sudden chaos. Here now, in your emotional life, comes something crazy. It will yet turn out to make perfect sense.  Meanwhile You can't have winners and losers unless you have some kind of a competition going on. 
Despite the fact that we are encouraged from an early age, to see life as a race, our happiness is not dependent on point-scoring. True joy is not linked to the ability to get what you want. It stems from the ability to see that there's more to existence than material success. Don't make artificial, superficial comparisons now. If, where it counts, deep in your heart, you are definitely 'winning', victories of any other kind are hollow.

Friday, 15 February 2013


Once upon a time there was a man who was afraid of being burgled. Feeling that he could never go out and relax, knowing that he had left his house unprotected he purchased and installed the world's most extravagant, intricate system of sensors and sirens. Did this put his mind at rest? No! Now he started worrying that someone would steal his alarm! That's the nature of anxiety. You don't overcome it by pandering to it so take sensible precautions by all means but you need fear nothing and nobody. When You start seeing yourself in a new light. As you do so, you are altering your view of another person or group. 
You are understanding much more yet you are also getting more confused. Things were clearer when you subscribed to a previous point of view. Ignorance isn't really bliss. But it is, usually, attractively simple. That's why there's so much of it about. But you'll soon come to like your more enlightened view much more. Knowledge is power. And you'll soon gain precious power over a crucial situation.
Take a look in the mirror. Do you like every single part of what you see? Then look longer. Keep staring until your doubts begin to disappear and you start to grow truly enamoured by the image. Never mind how long it takes. now  try to see exceptional opportunities in life. Much is on offer to you. But in order for any of it to become real, you must find the confidence to claim your prize. You now have every reason in the world to be proud of every aspect of yourself. Allow that confidence to grow.
What if the stairway is blocked and the elevator is broken? What if the only way to reach the next floor is to go up the down-escalator. Then, if you merely proceed at a reasonably brisk pace, you will simply find that it takes all your energy just to stand still. You might well conclude that the exercise is pointless and you ought just to give up. But if you were only to persevere and try just that little bit harder, you could yet attain your goal... and achieve so much more. Going the extra mile this week will pay big dividends.
Poor and content is rich, and rich enough; But rich is as poor as winter. To him that ever fears he shall be poor.' The words come from Shakespeare's Othello. The message is as old as time. It's not what we have that makes us happy. Nor is it what we don't have that makes us sad. What harms us is what we wish we had but cannot get or, worse, what we fear we may lose so put fears aside. You have much joy to look forward to!
Most of us are not mind-readers. All of us are psychics. How can both statements be true? Because we are so inherently sensitive that we develop defence mechanisms at an early age. We close down, clam up, blank out and gloss over the subtle signs and signals that are all around us, just waiting to be noticed. We decide that it is hard enough dealing with our own feelings without feeling what others feel. If you choose to hear it,  you can receive a valuable message and be of great help to someone. Messages from Jonathan cainer.


Life has not fix set of rules,specially when we expect something it turns out unexpectedly,indifferently and sometimes amazing. Life is testing our patience,courage, faith,beliefs,confidence and moreover our grip over issues of life.Life forces us to re prioritize things making amendments,by shedding old for new whatever we have experienced new. When we do something or the first time we need someone's guidance and support and when have learnt that art we can manage all by ourselves and need not others as suddenly we find self managing all unaided as things have changed now. This happened to all of us,relying on something we do not need now and it is not there any more still we want it to be in our life!
What is life? A game or play to be played well for spectators. Life is a struggle and not a bed of roses. Explore life the way you like but you have to come out of your comfort zone,so enjoy the uniqueness of life by working hard on it. We do not want to see things afresh as we constantly worried about things and situations the past has put you through,fearing continuation of same drama. Rewrite your story with new hope. Forget old story of fears. It does not promise you success or magical powers but it does bless you with the ability  to emanate an easy and attractive air. It makes you more creative.more relaxed, more inspired and more pleasant to be with. As it will help you identify was to bring greater wealth into your world and draws your attention  and affection towards you.
Your concepts may change from time to time with new experience and you yourself will change your notions! When you expect the worst nothing would harm you,let me explain you- do your duties well without expecting it is Karmyoga. Our own expectation  hurts us. We always feel comfortable in our comfort zone and avoid nothing new to explore and when we do not expect we do not have anything to lose.Be patient with people and things around you.
Life is precious gift of god,give it reverence,admiration and love it. Risks are rewards. Gather your strengths and move on as life is just repetition  of events,learn from it and learning from life's event is experience.
In your darker moments you wonder how much the universe really loves you or care for you or supporting you? Be thankful and grateful to almighty for his gifts. 
Good health is another form of happiness,so maintain it to get happiness.People have different opinions some view world and situations as miracle and other set of people believe there is nothing as a miracle only co-incidence  create illusions. Love is glue boding every relationship,only when we lose someone we get to know what we have lost?  And when we have love we do not even bother to realize it. So love for love sake not because you need them, only love can add to your value  and giving you what you need even you did not know the fact.  

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