Thursday, 31 July 2014

 outlook implies that you are now entitled to take a leaf out of the book that I once took a leaf out of! outlook implies that you are now entitled to take a leaf out of the book that I once took a leaf out of!
These days we all have the internet. We can research the truth (or otherwise) of such ideas and adjust our attitudes accordingly.Whenever somewhere in your world, there is something that you think it is not OK to do. But it may well turn out to be perfectly acceptable when you put all your efforts in right direction and dedicate them to god.
As a general rule, if you want one thing to happen, you must make another thing happen first. There won't be a cup of tea, unless a kettle gets boiled.There won't be an arrival at a destination, unless a journey is may feel that I'm insulting your intelligence by pointing it out, but think about the process you are now reluctant to engage in. Isn't the result going to be worth the effort?

In old kids' cartoon films, there is often a chase sequence. The hero is running so fast, he steps over the edge of a cliff. But he continues to run forward with great success, until he suddenly stops and realises that there is no ground beneath him. Then we see shock on his face and he is shown plummeting like a stone. Perhaps you remember watching moments like this when you were young. Maybe you thought 'All he needs to do is keep running and not look, then he'll be fine!' In your life now, this really is all you need to do.And if not, why not? Can you really consider yourself to be experiencing the finest the world has to offer, if you are missing out on such treats and indulgences? Er... or are you just telling yourself that you wouldn't want these things, even if you could have them? Or is it, perhaps, actually true that some so-called luxuries are overrated and ultimately worthless? In the most vital, meaningful, way of all, you have now got the best of the best! Be proud of that.
 Every parent, sooner or later, must teach their child how to apologise. This is never easy - especially when the parent themselves is not particularly fond of saying 'sorry'. But it is healthy to have this ability. And the world becomes a better place, the more the people who live in it are able to overcome their own fear of 'loss of face'. If there is something in your life now that you wish could be another way - or that you regret - climb down by all means. But don't back down from anything from that you should be standing up to.   
 The fact that so much in life is cyclical. You may as well ask 'why get out of bed when you are only going to be tired again soon?' Or 'why wash the dishes when they will only need cleaning once more?' Now, is there any point in doing a good deed today? Of course, there is. You know there is. So do it.
 A powerful, creative, impulse is always there, leading you towards a good solution. Respect it and act on it. 
Fake it till you make it.' That's what young people say to one another these days, when they want to communicate the old-fashioned idea that sometimes, you have to throw yourself into a role, a task or a challenge - even if you aren't initially feeling up to it. If you give something all you've got, it will eventually give back to you all that it has to offer, and what starts out feeling difficult or unnatural will start to feel easy and right
आहीस्ता चल जिंदगी,
अभी कईं कर्ज चुकाना बाकी है।
कुछ दर्द मिटाना बाकी है, कुछ फर्ज निभाना बाकी है।

रफ्तार मे तेरे चलने से कुछ रूठ गये, कुछ छूट गये।
रूठों को मनाना , छुटे हुये को जुटाना अभी बाकी है।

कुछ हसरतें , कुछ जरूरी काम अभी बाकी है।
ख्वाईशें जो दबी रही इस दिल में उनको दफनाना अभी बाकी है।

कुछ रिश्ते बन कर टूट गये, कुछ जुडते जुडते छुट गये,
उन टुटे और छुटे रिश्तों के जख्म मिटाना अभी बाकी है।

तू आगे चल मै आता हूं, 
क्या छोड कर तुझे जी पाउंगा?
इन सांसो पर जिनका हक है उनको समझाना अभी बाकी है।

आहीस्ता चल जिंदगी,
अभी कईं कर्ज चुकाना बाकी है।

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What does it sound like when the voice of your spirit tries to attain your attention? How noisy does an ethereal being ever get, even when it jumps up and down and shouts? Ghosts don't carry megaphones. The creative meanderings of the muse never communicate themselves in anything more than the most barely distinguishable whisper. A subtle hint of an elusive idea is attempting to communicate itself to you. Pay it some heed. Give it some credence. This is a suggestion that deserves to be explored.
According to some religions we are all sinners. It is rare to hear anyone argue against this. Of course, we are all sinners. We all sin, don't we? There are some who say that potentially at least, we are all saints, too. They say we are all capable of doing good deeds, of acting selflessly, of being a positive force in a negative world. Generally though, upon hearing this, fewer of us are immediately inclined to put up our hands and say, 'Yes. That's me.' Yet aren't you now doing something that, in its own way, could be considered saintly?
'Life,' so many philosophers inform us, 'is a journey.' 'We have come to this Earth,' say those same sages 'to learn a lesson.' How very wise. What a pity that they don't go on to explain where the journey is to and from; and that they so frequently fail to identify the precise nature of the lesson. What if we have enrolled in the wrong class? What if we are labouring under a delusion about the destination? 
 I'm illustrating the way in which you keep feeling ever more obliged to defend yourself against accusations and criticisms, actual and implied. This is partly due to someone else's attitude. You must be less sensitive to it. But it is partly, too, due to doubts deep down in yourself. These, you absolutely must ignore!

More? Or less? It has to be one or the other. It can't be exactly the same. You can't carry on just as you have been doing. The volume must go up or down. The speed must increase or slow. The intensity must rise or fall. So which is it to be? Remember, as you reach your answer, there will be opportunities later to make further adjustments. You're not setting an ultimate, irrevocable standard. You're just seeking a level at which you can feel comfortable for the time being. Such an accommodation is attainable!

How hard can it be to fly a space rocket? Or perform brain surgery? These are techniques that, once dutifully studied, are surely easy enough to implement. It's trickier to deal with idiosyncratic individuals who have inconsistent eccentricities! No amount of detailed explanation or complex logic can provide a reliable key to anticipating their moves or moods. Yet it just so happens that, intuitively, you know just what to do or say to relieve tension around a sensitive topic. 
What lasts forever? Mountains and oceans are not eternal. Sooner or later they will change beyond all recognition. Indeed, even the Earth itself had a beginning and will, one day, have an end. What are you and I then, other than living examples of what it means to be 'here today and gone tomorrow'. And what does that say about our preferences, personalities and problems? Where there's unnecessary stress in your world now, it has something to do with forgetting how brief and ultimately trivial a drama truly is
None of us like uncertainty. That's why we cling so closely to our suppositions. Beliefs, like opinions, give us a sense of comforting reassurance. People who try to prove us wrong become the 'enemy'. People who share our view are our 'friends.' They will support us in developing a view that takes away doubt and confusion and gives us, instead, a sense of understanding and clarity. But what if that's false? Better to allow ourselves to be doubtful than to fall for a tempting but dangerous delusion.

The pessimist calls the glass half-empty. The optimist describes it as half-full. So what does the realist say? That the glass contains 50 per cent liquid and 50 per cent air? Well, surely. But that glass, if it has recently been drunk from, may well be drained dry before long. While if it is in the hands of a bar tender, being held under an upturned bottle, it will surely be full very soon. Every full glass will eventually become empty again and every empty glass is surely destined in time to fill once more. Faith is not misplaced now.
You're travelling faster than you think! 
Where are you? And where would you like to be? And just how vast is the difference between those two places? Stop and imagine, just for a moment, that there's no great gap. You need not consider some journey of a lifetime that you might never successfully complete even if you were to try. You'd be appraising the situation more accurately if you could just envisage a couple of footsteps, taken in the right mood at the right moment. That, as you will see very soon, is all you have to do in order to be there!
Things that have the potential to confuse us one moment and delight us the next.The world is full of people who are looking for something. There they all are, searching high and low in their quest for... well, yes, there's a good point. Are they all looking for the same thing? Some, it would seem, don't agree. Others are looking to find out what it is they ought to be looking for. Even those who feel sure that they can fully identify their most vital objective are not so sure of their ability to discover it. Might there be a possibility that you are looking for something that you have already found? 
'If a job's worth doing, it is worth doing well.' So goes the wise old adage. That is all true if the job is worth doing but what if it isn't?We use strange ways to measure success and failure. We consider ourselves to be doing well if we are following a straight path towards a clear destination (provided, of course, that this is one that others also see as worth attaining). If there is an element of doubt or confusion surrounding our circumstances, we suspect that we ought to be apologising for letting ourselves and others down. Yet are not life's questions far more precious and potentially useful than life's answers? Be glad, of what you don't yet know.
Some mystics and visionaries have long been busily asserting that 'we create our own reality'. We make our world what it is by our secret wishes, private fantasies, innermost aspirations and perhaps too, our deepest fears.Unbeknown to our conscious minds, these impulses and imaginings weave webs that attract events toward s them in much the same way as the work of a spider inevitably draws a fly. So what are we supposed to do if there is something about our situation we don't much like? Start weaving a different web.Many of history's finest philosophies have suggested that the secret of success involves understanding the answer to one deceptively simple question. 'Where will I find what I need to know? And, according to lore and legend, the answer is confronting the blunt and bewildering. It is 'inside yourself'! 'In the event that you can't find chapter and verse in your own internal library of knowledge, your instinct will invariably be strong enough to lead you swiftly to the right place to get it.

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