Friday, 31 January 2014

Let us imagine that you have misplaced an object. Let us further imagine that you are being watched by someone who knows the exact location but is unable to communicate with you. Perhaps they are behind a soundproof, two-way mirror. They can't help you, unless you are willing to suspend any disbelief that you may have in telepathy and see if you can receive a suggestion that they are trying to transmit to your mind. Such is the level of openness you require if you wish to be helped by the cosmos,it means that leave the troubling matter for sometime and then think over it cool minded.Relax!
Life is not all about stress, struggle, suffering and sorrow. It is just that we tend to feel as if that's so when we are going through a tough time. Indeed, if we are not careful, we will maintain that opinion, even when the times are not quite so tough, because it helps us to limit our expectations. And when expectations are too high, the chances of disappointment increase... don't they? But better now to risk a slight chance of a let-down through being too hopeful, than to miss a real opportunity by being too pessimistic recognise that in an important situation, you have already done all that you can. In an attempt to expedite the result of a fishing expedition, someone were to start jumping up and down shouting various exhortations to the creatures below the water. Surely this would be much more likely to drive them away. Patience would be best option in every way in every situation!
 Beware of uncharacteristic and unnecessary self-doubt because it happens when one starts to argue with itself. What is so wrong with the choice you previously made? As those may not have been deliberately hidden but attention may have been drawn away by more obvious items and issues. Every one is quite capable of courageously championing new and exciting causes, in ways that are all but impossible to ignore. It's just that one may tend to think long and hard before nailing  colours to the mast. 
You have now thought long and hard it now becomes appropriate for you to see your journey through life in a different light. Where before you may have been restricted to a walking pace, it is becoming possible to saddle up a steed and gallop towards success.

 You may be able to cover a mile in four minutes but how long are you then going to spend panting and getting your breath back? Wouldn't it make more sense, just to walk at a healthy pace and then be able to function when you finally got to your destination?
 Beware the hidden cost of heroism.Heraclitus who once said, 'Our envy always last longer than the happiness of those we envy.' A century or so later, another Greek took this point further and made a distinction between jealousy and envy. Aristotle argued that jealousy may at least inspire some people to better their lot, whereas envy just inclines folk to scupper other people's plans.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

 we all often fantasise about being wealthy, looked up to or loved, what we actually want is to be secure, strong, self-contained and content. Our yearning for such an experience is the driving force behind our every move. We seek this when we are happy and when we are sad - yet it often seems that, the more we seek it, the more it eludes us. That's because we imagine it only lies in status or circumstance. But if you seek honesty, simplicity and faith in your emotional life now, all the rest will come.
It is usually more or less easy to analyse others and classify them according to personality. It is often more difficult to turn the searchlight on one's self in strict honesty, but that is what you must do in order to find out what improvement or change is necessary. One purpose in discovering your own personality is to know how you affect others. Consciously, or unconsciously, people feel your personality, and their reaction is a clue.

 There's nothing wrong with getting it wrong. There's nothing problematic about having a problem. If you really had nothing to worry about, you'd have something to worry about! Life is all about challenge. It is about growth, discovery, education and elevation. It is about the quest for enlightenment. It is about going beyond entrenched attitudes and opinions. Opening the mind... and the heart. 
If your behaviour or conduct is good,lord rules that domain and loves people.People of good conduct help in his command and received their reward by way of eternal bliss and joys.It is better to be dumb and deaf rather to speak impure words.People of good conduct secure universal welfare and universal fellowship treading the path of righteousness as good conduct is mother of righteous. Right and ideal way to behave is always recommended for everyone.
Who do not rebel for personal gains.They are in harmony and resolve all differences amicably.They fulfil their obligations towards their motherland,society and family because their actions are based on ethics. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Anything of which you are cognizant has a relative vibration within yourself. One who is quick to see and judge evil in other persons has the seed of that evil within himself. The God-like person of pure and high vibrational tone is always aware of the God-spark in all he contacts, and his magnetic soul vibration draws to greater intensity that vibrational force in those who come within his vibrational range.

Friday, 24 January 2014

 Many mystics insist that guardian angels are free spirits. They watch over us, not because they are obliged to but because they choose to. They are tolerant and broad-minded by nature. They have to be! They resent, though, having to take orders or being bossed about. Though they cannot communicate with us directly, they can drop subtle hints and they love it when we recognise these. Don't try to force the hand of destiny instead, just try to see that hand and understand where its finger is pointing.
“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born.”
― Albert Einstein

Beauty of Venice, Italy