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Life is synonyms of god and living life fully without complaints and regrets is worship, that is be thankful to god in all type of situations. Mirror like  concious reflect every thing clear, circumstances may be favourable or unfavourable but stay calm and doing all religiously is not an easy task. But no one has no other option,Be affirmative, be aware then situations will evolve into something new if you allow to happen. Do not resist.

 Other people demand your attention,time and sincerity. They force to do things as per their own comforts. But they themselves do not come out of their own comfort zone,this  upset you. Your energies lower down  as you are stressed. So create a feeling of contentment and relaxation, avoid unwanted people and situation as far as possible. Balance of mind body and spirit will boost your energies and you realize the truths and accept yourself as you are.

This acceptability is difficult but once you achieved this,you will be at ease every where. Because you are one with inner self,god. Acharya Mahapranja says , "Highest duty of life is to attain the state of awareness. A man who is not aware, can never practice SADHANA  AT ALL."


 As we want to lead a successful life,meaning full life here awareness is main factor in this wanting. We are responsible for our failures as we are not aware. Time is valuable,once you lost precious time, situation will not be the same again. Utilization of time  has to be learned first to be aware.

An infatuated person does not  assess the situation well so he fails to take appropriate timely action, In the wake of deep infatuation his discretionary concious  and intellect become so clouded that he can not take proper decisions in life. Illusions and ignorance cover their mind and body, The life is like hell for himself and others related to him.

The  person who works destructively and negatively in life is considered useless. And who worked creatively and religiously, his constructive type of work is useful and successful. Duty is awareness and awareness is duty. So Heaven and hell all is our  creation not gods, we have to reep what we have sown.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Being religious is a fashion. Trust in god and faith of ours can solve our problems of life and existence in this world, so is it our faith  or great moments of nothingness  we experience during some specific period?  Death is our destination and we are moving fast towards it. One day we will have to leave attracting  world and things, all enjoyments would be come to end in the end.
For example  we want to solve physical hardships by bringing or attracting prosperity, then on the other hand prosperity increased mental and psychological problems. You can see now every body is religious,following some path and labeled himself as a religious person ,or do visits shrines to get peace or something else.But if you are a religious person , and not loving human beings ,it is of no use. But if you are a loving person and care for all you are 100 % religious person- in my own point of views. We are living in complicated  era,where nothing  is easy. Peace is biggest challenge.
Rejuvenated and cleared all the dust that had gathered on the ancient wisdom of the cast. And presented it to the modern man – how can we make the events of day today life and things of life joyful. There is a fusion between old and new.  Once you have accepted as you are, you are at peace and filled with reverence for life in all forms,this vast existence open  its doors for you and you are content to be what you are, and questions like faith become irrelevant.Your job is being in harmony with existence and this is your true religion.
All of our deeds must be rewarded or punished,based on conservation of energy which acts as a universally enforced system of justice. Karma or actions whatever we do, by understanding the dynamics of Karmic force we can harness the same energy for achieving spiritually rewarding destinations. One can realize past activities by experiencing their fruits later.

People are happy when they are better off than others. But happiness diminishes with the money they earn as later on they work harder and harder to earn more, this give no time for leisure’s or rest.  So never  misled by money power. There must be flexibility in nature, learn to deal with different people and situations to avoid headaches and confusions of life. Learn the art of living and straightforwardness.
Let others know your capabilities and never blow your own trumpet. Cultivate strong presentation and conscious efforts to push yourself limelight ,Hardwork,loyality and intelligence are always rewarded. Use exact words to put your emotions into words. Emphasis on your capabilities and way to convey others your feelings. Ch


Worship is an expression of one's devotion, reverence and devotion and offering is token of love which  is not measured  in terms of material or financial value of offerings. Some offer costlier things only to show off. But god want only our love,true love and longing for god only. A sense of gratitude  is in our offerings to god.

Offering something is done out of love ,we gift many things to our loved one and receive lot of gifts and well know that love is not measured by the value of gift but keeping in mind the emotions,feelings of  giver. In the same way  we offer offering in form of flowers  or otherwise. To maintain dedication to the lord is -- worshipping. Being aware  of higher self is god presence felt by any one who trust the god,the ultimate truth.Our desire to love god is a form of worship.Knowing HIM and his nature,engaging body,mind and speech to purify body and mind through concentration constantly yield best results.One experience oneness with god.
You can not buy love with few rupees and love is not limited to the offerings,its deep rooted devotion is get noticed by us. same is in case of lord, lord measure only our love be it a flower or gold or any costlier jewel god has the same value for different offerings,the crux is - god is hungry for our love only,he badly want our love and not the offerings which has more value in our eyes.So the infinite worship can take you to the infinite god. In silence allow deeper  mind to awaken. Break the barriers of  our self imposed notions. When all the powers of the soul works together and concentrated upon the god, the soul has its highest employment.

In silence we remove all barriers, resolve  our differences and  create an environment in which  our energies can be the most creatively harnessed, free ourself from worldly attachments. At first you can not olerate stillnes of time in silence but after sometime you get used to and “Existence is perfect  nothing at all is needed, If you understand this then surrender is enough. No effort, no pranayam, no no yoga postures, no meditation- nothing. Just look within,look out, everything is so perfect that nothing can be done except celebrations”.—Osho 

Words should be pragmatic rather than theoretical------, Welcome the new day feel grateful that existence still trusts in you,there is still possibility that transformation still can happen. Start the day with a great decisiveness. And in the evening again feel grateful that day was given to you, for all that happen good or bad.
Love is not a business and  love is not a sin,love is your greatest virtue. Sharing it is a  joy. Don’t call it responsibility. Love makes you courages enough to assert your  uniqueness in a world wjere only the crowd respect those who belongs to the crowd…-Osho

Love has many faces but true love is rarely found .


Religion is among the oldest human institutions. Life without  religious faith and belief is devoid of meaning . Desire  to seek something other than ourselves,the ideal which is within each one of us. We get trapped in sense gratification and material comforts aqnd possessions,all around us.But what we actually get,disappointment and dissatisfaction.

 We all have special liking  for something or the other and rush towards it.We feel bad we do not get that,produce anger and clouded our vision and very often we get trapped in –forget higher values of life and right conduct. We want the thing at any cost,by any means right or wrong.just or unjust. After gratification o fone desire another replaced the later one.One get drunkard with success and delusions.

So desire is the barrier that separate man from god. Desire is devil.  Cure your desire’s and all delusions will disappear. And thinking of objects, attachment to them is formed,from attachment comes the longing and from longing anger grows,from anger comes delusions,and from delusion comes loss of memory and loss of memory ruins the intellect and from that the person perishes. So work,it is better to work than not to work, but when you work do not desire  its fruit because once desire comes you are caught,Our happiness does not depend on materials or any other conditions, only converting state of mind from worldly things to inner world will give us happiness.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Memories may be sweet or sour, but a powerful memory open the floodgates to success.It is up to you, how you use memories,use it or loose it.Powerful memories  set our life cycle active,while wandering in lanes of past memories either hurt us or cheer up our mood. Positive attitude improves your memories. Memories are based on our likings, the things we love sweet memories stored in mind,and what we do not like let go out of mind. It is our areas of interest. Pat attention to things which you want to learn, sharp memory absorb all in mind and at right time clicks. Bur poor memory effect our career and life.A slip of mind is forget the events.

Memories are an active process.The more you  watch ,details you observe,the more you think,reason and comprehend.The more you try to learn,the more you will retain and be able to recall later on.Memories are store house of  mind.Our interst   and importance of events  helps in storing memories about people,places and events. So pay  attention to events and store them properly in your storehouse,mind. A fresh-relaxed mind helps memory so learn with interest,recall the learned material at regular intervals to keep memory strong.

It helps in memorizing to locate things which are misplaced or lost, where you have seen them lat time,recall calmly go backward,you are more likely to remember where you have left.Control your emotions as you may lost control and can impair attention and concentration.It i the main reason of forgetfulness during exams due to anxieties or nervousness, try not to be depressed,depression can impair your memory. Depression breeds negativity which effect your mind and memory system.

Visualizing events in mind increase memory.Some have hearing memory good they learn easily what they hear.Memory is like a moving picture in mind, we can see,hear by recalling events.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Life is a series of challenges,we always have to decide -to do or not to do.There are different patterns and decisions  from moment to moment to ascertain and to maintain relationship with this world. Our every action is motivated by an irresistible instinct to be happy,and this seems to be the goal of our life.

But supreme state is of happiness, absolute contentment alone where all searches end. What is the need of all these activities which we perform whole of the life? All things must not good and pleasant. but our chase is for good and  pleasant.So unmindful of unpleasant and bad things keep moving on,the one who is already ready to suffer for higher pursuits is one who reaches the state of joy and bliss.

We want more materialistic things and for getting more corruption is due,honestly we do not able to accumulating wealth. Greater wealth is inner joy


SUCCESSFUL PERSONS ARE NOT EXTRAORDINARY,or special in any way but they have unwavering belief that they can accomplish anything- everything they want to be in their life. You can achieve like them if you refuse to accept any limitation on possibilities.Once you do this there is unlimited to be explored and achieved by you.

Our belief system assured us of God's presence and it is  a  reality, if we accept godly notion then god is  otherwise we would have  any other notion fixed in our mind, mind projects the things we like.
Every person has capacity to do all things,but if he lacked confidence, it is like we press brake- and brake our hopes,abilities to achieve things.So let go doubts,fill mind with hope,aspirations and new dreams. Stop inferior complex,and think you are god's child how can you be inferior to any one.Discord negative feelings.

We are what we think. Many of your thoughts may be day dreaming,but they hold you and it is enough. We deserve everything. Nothing inthis world would stop you if you put your talents with effective force to change dreams into realities.Nothing could stop you.

Only you an decide what type of person you wanted to be. Be positive and decide exactly where you end up. Clearer you are easier it would be to achieve anything you want.But it need self-discipline,values and higher ethical codes to go on and it will begin a chain reaction  to success as a whole.

Friday, 7 September 2012


Restlessness shows that time to change has finally come,so change according to you  taste and access. You create things and relationships as per your own perceptions. A healthy way  to lead a life is to make choices  is to not be hasty. When you are in freedom yourself expands and one day you become whole universe.

We often pray to fill the emptiness which brings  security and gives a sense of spiritual well being. Prayers are selective words we choose to express our helplessness and wishes to be fulfilled. Prayers sharpen the intellect and enrich our understanding,heart need to be open and follow the language of heart,which is silence. In fact silence has immense power which can send vibration to far far away-thousands kilometres do not matters.Thoughts carry  same powers as spoken words have.Prayer can be done in any language and more emphasis is on theme rather than grammar. God understand every language. Only theme of prayer should be clear for avoiding chances of error.

Here words are keys and to unlock a lock a specific key is needed.Prayer is Ibbadat that is worship and prayer,dua is  crux of worship and Namaz is offering time to god as we are always busy in worldly affairs. Roza is fasting,control body and senses, all religions have similarity,that is faith,worship and prayers.

Be your own light. Whenever we need some genuine craving for god,god sent a messenger at right time to guide.Our own clarity of mind , our own wisdom and who gives us confidence and perfection is our guide.Merely correct way of breathing can flush out 80 to 90 % of toxin out of body. and this practice is known as PRANA YAM - inhaling and exhaling breath with different techniques. Mind and breath is inter-linked.With proper breath control we can control our mind too!

Breath-control let go of every thing and  get much needed rest from all sort of troubling thoughts. Its availing innerself without any effort. You become aware of the reality and no more react to situations blindly and you experience the truth.  You become light and feel joy within, a state to happiness, and happiness lies in understanding your inner self which is being true to yourself before trying to know the outside world.

First know self,before wanting to know how,why  and for whom you want in your life. So spending time with self is exploring beauty inside. It is freedom. Getting free of all worries,tensions,you feel self complete and now you do things for self and not for friend or family,happiness and freedom goes side by side. Things happen for some reason and your reaction make it worse.  Doing things for self is not bad and it is selfishness of higher standard, for if you are happy only then you can give it to others,you give what you have. So if you are upset, you will spread only uneasiness.

Understand human values and take total control of own lives. This is freedom and  happiness as we are not controlled by people and environment around them. Try not to make hasty decision, influenced by  relationships,success or failures. This process is known as art of living.


For reaching god,you have to put all ideals away.whole future away and you have to lost your identity you define as I,Me Mine.Then there is a pure  emptiness behind  and in this virgin emptiness either you will get glimpse  of god or lost sense of self and enjoy this state which is emptiness or NIRVANA.

Human body you may call it a tree,spinal cord is trunk and hairs are  roots and different body parts are its branches and nervous system bear many enjoyable fruits,sense organs were forbidden the experience of sex,the apple at the centre of body. Adam is reason and Eve is feeling.When the emotion or eve consciousness in any human being is overpowered by the sex impulses,his reason  (Adam) also succumbs. Man has reasons and eve women has feelings,reason or feelings remain in  heaven of co-operative joy so long as the human mind is not tricked by the serpentine energy of animal propensities.

Every human has knowledge of good and bad. And the responsibility of each human is to restore his dual nature to a unified harmony of Eden. Balance of opposites runs the universe.Mind to keep the balance.


A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit  it".
We  are greedy for wealth and on the other hand we want to follow path of god.both contrast to each other. We do many things in the name of spirituality,seeking happiness  though reciting holy names or meditation or any other ritual,surly we get worldly things because god knows us well,he himself hide and give us money,name or fame so that we caught in these things,leaving behind god. As parents know their children well  and god had created us know us deeply.
We get fame and money forget god but when hangover subsides we again seek god again god give us something else of our liking and we are pleased to have that again forget god for sometime,then cycle of our life turns again,after many repetition we cry for god,god do not do this- please come to me ,come to me I want you-perhaps you better know my instincts that is why you are hiding yourself. Forgive me god and come to me!
Best prayers are always god's service and if we really desire nothing else--we should ask this to god repeatedly. Remembering HIM is an opportunity to love god for god's sake, surly he will reveal Himself to us. When we change at deeper level we get to know He is Me and Me is He. We are one, we are extension of source energy.We are directly related to God.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


.Never give keys of your happiness to others. Mend your ways before nature punish you. What we want,first need approval of others as a stamp of affirmation.Life has transformational power of love.Pent up emotions and lack of creative and relaxing activities translate into erotic human behaviour and lack of compassion towards one another,people find it difficult to make even basic sacrifices and adjustment in life.Moreover why we do what we do-- we have no time to think over this. Though we continuously struggling for a better state of life than present one. Our unending desires are main obstacle in the path of Salvation.As desire endlessly bombard  mind so it is impossible to retain calmness,Reciting god's name without internal involvement is like having doctor's prescription  without medicine, will not cure your illness. Your longing for god and cry for god only will take you to HIM

As a crying child gets full attention of his mother,if the child is playing mother may be busy in her chores but if child is crying,she will ran and hold her child-embrace him, " likewise   your real longing ou yfor Him will take you there. "No matter how sweetly, how elaborately  one explains,how expertly gives interpretation of the VEDAS, if the truth is not known,Salvation is not possible".

An expert person can discourse endlessly but god does not like such temple talkers,they are professional and he does so for his livelihood,where real craving for god is missing, though he may impress a large crowd but not god. It is like just talking  of light you can not lighten the dark room you need a candle and fire to burn the candle for light and candle has to burn itself to give you light,how intricate  the matter is but your efforts can make if possible.Here candle is your ego burn ego and get enlightenment by merging self to greater one.

Knowledge  is not enough for real knowing,you have to do some practical jobs otherwise your verbal knowledge will soon lost. You can not grasp the crux."Unless men increases in wisdom as much as in knowledge. Increase  in knowledge will be increase sorrows"--Bertrand Russell

Religion of this world is humanity,as we are human.Being a human means we have to shoulder responsibility to protect self and other humans. But we have tasted the wonder of higher levels,people who have attained higher positions they are like self proclaimed gods,imposing their own will on  others. And it is a surprise why other follow their dictatorship- that is due to ignorance,ignorance lead to blind faith and blind faith do blunders.

This is the main reason for so many gods and other godlike people. Have we not other choice except to follow some one blindly. Or it is cleverness of the human creature to overpower others on the basis of  knowledge and vast influence of knowledge.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


True happiness is hidden in guise of hard work.So roll up your sleeves and get your hand,head and mind busy.At least you will be getting satisfaction that you have done your duty,and that is most important for your  happiness.Time is right for actions always; but there is no time for hasty decisions.

Know your strength and areas of weakness,be flexible in your approach and investigate new lifestyles to leisures and pleasures,though your plans may not actualize the way you wanted.Replace them with newer one.But beware of ideas that brimming up new confidence may be unrealistic ones. Drop unrealistic and choose which can be attained easily.There is no harm in dreaming but dreams when you want to actualize,need your total involvement ,may consume a better proportion to life but in the end its results will give you inner satisfaction for creating something new for the world.Take care there is always a undercurrent which could sweep you  unless you are alert.

Nobody could  harm us, it is only your impatience,impulsiveness and refusal  to listen to the reasons and can sabotage your credibility. So try to find out loopholes and tie two loops before it turn into disaster. Everybody is always anxious to know the hidden truth\,reality in rumours so always give proper information or news to avoid any chance of distrust. As nobody want to be victim  or accept injustice,there is a little to gain from past affairs and injustice so forget past and prepare yourself to go any distance.You have to  put efforts to complete worthwhile not on irrelevant ones.

If there is no way,create it,find out any possible route to  further-in this process you may have regrets over wrong doing of other,other will receive their fair share later by god, trust god and do well is safe mode for peaceful life. So never over-react emotionally, put aside all regrets of past and move on as there is no other right choice or you may stuck yourself into mires,tie yourself  in bootstraps and fell down. Learn to handle situation carefully. Precaution is always the best.

Try to understand the hard fact why people should believe you,or  see the things the way you do unless there
is some new for them . Learn to distinguish  between gullibility and exploitation from genuine service to others.Don't involve in back stabbing.Face life boldly as leading  life is not a bed of roses. Keep in mind things and circumstances are different to different people,what is good for you may be bad or wrong for others.

Everybody wants the confession of undying love and when anybody feels ignored,even if such feelings exists only in one's mind only,it is as terrible as in reality,our imaginations make us to feel the loss real.So gifting someone your pure unconditional love may be the best way to lubricate the wheels of humanity. Om Shanti.


Enthusiasm moves the world.---  arthru James Balfour.
I prefer the folly of enthuasism  to the indifference of wisdom.--Walter Chrysler
None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.           Henry David Thoreau.
 throw your heart over the fence and rest will follow.     Norman Vincent Peale.
Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world,it beats the money,power and influence.   Henry Chester.
The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps the cool.    William McFee.
 enthusiasm is the mother of effort,and without it nothing great was ever achieved.    RalphWaldo Emerson

Monday, 3 September 2012


After a dark period, the light always returns; now you can face a new phase of renewal. This is the right moment as you will be able to regenerate yourself. There will be no resistance to your way towards success.

Trust god,the supernatural power which likes  to keep balance of opposites in this world, continuously  working for its creation. Wash your mind of negativities,fill it with love for god and positive thoughts,you will see world has changed for you because you have modified your own thoughts.

Our actions should match our deeds or people will pick wrong end of he stick and ran away. Art of recognising  false people and situation is must or repent later for the loss.Put your best efforts in every area of life never complain of inadequacies ,try to be at right place at right time it will automatically resolve many issues of your life. Actually we are responsible for our failures,so frustration and problem  will be clear after reviewing actions in meditation,primary stage of meditation is watching actions, our life style and actions defines our personality. Neat and tidy workplace be it a house or office is giving impression of your nature.Then transparency of actions  and  your communication skills will again define your character. When it is clear,what do you do and how do you do state clarity of mind. Lastly it is presentation world,how you present things,your ideas,motives--matter the most, it really makes a difference.So whether your are at office, home or social gatherings or  talking about relationships,be clear-transparent. It needs a lot of efforts and understanding.So what is needed and how you will provide it, when you are able to understand it perfectly- is a continuous process to revive every relation and your output in life.


The world is not same  to all persons,each lives in his own little domain...peace and harmony may reign in one's person's world ; strief   and war's in another's. But whatever be the circumstances of one's environment,it consist of both inner world and an outer world.The outside  world is the one in which your life engages in action and interaction.The world inside of your determines yours happiness and unhappiness.

Modern age is of  expansion and extension everywhere.People want to have at any cost, throwing caution to the wind and going unmindful of the consequences of the minor error of judgement can dash all their expectations to the ground. And in spite of their best efforts they find themselves stuck in mire and fail to cover any ground.Frustration is the result. At such time ,step back and observe the situations from a maintained distance ,then continue the process after break after properly assessing the situation,then intervene at right time so pulling back and rest for some time is not an bad idea.Evaluation of situation is practical approach.

What we do when things do not actualize the way we want? Or something bad happened in our life.Specially when someone do wrong to us or hurt us terribly,we say  evils begot evil. We try to console self, try to relieve of pains and sorrows.How we can summon intuition  on demand?If some special training is helpful why not try that? Everybody want a short-cut.Now  every body is stressed or depressed for not coping up day to day demands,busy schedule  and so on,new tools are very much in demand which includes Guru's,motivational leaders,yoga  all helping to find out negativity and then expels them out. All is satisfying our needs and curiousnesses. It is something which one can do himself,so catch attention now a days.When expansion and extension  body has betrayed us.Controlled breathing system relieve us of all mental chatter. It is tested and tried way in yoga.

Precaution  you have to take is not to bury you head  in sand -stop torturing self by overdoing.Open  your mind and eyes and look into the matter calmly- what do you need and ho to get what you need, that's all.Look at you life with  a different outlook.Stop monologues,stop conflicts and both are energy suckers. With crystal clear mind and thoughts set all,grip  firmly all practical angles. Change old patterns,take decision  wisely as it is always easy to slip and swept away by our own thoughts.Release negative thoughts,tensions, demands and restrictions posed on us by others,live your own life as you wish but in right way.

Life changed sometimes dramatically and unexpected way in little ways only when we keep watch on what is there within  fights?Be prepare for shocks and jolts of life as we feel bad when we are not prepared,life has its own course,flow with life being but fully aware of it. Stay focus. Be alert. And accept any change with patience,watch for right time to come and enjoy  your life.


Saturday, 1 September 2012


How you will define life in nutshell? A gift of god and repetition of events. Remember when you are expressing your views,feeling or ideas be careful and choose word appropriately so that it can not be used against you later on.It is up to you whether you make it an investment or total loss of time and energies. Freedom you have,do things you like and not to please the society or enslaved by habits. You have to pay for your all bad actions,as god too is helpless when we reap our karmas.We will get what we have sown.So  our own wrong action go against us and peace and happiness flew away.
Keep a  secret place within where silence rules.Where there are no mood  swings,inhormony or external disturbances.  And if there is any You would not be distracted. And when you are able to achieve this state,you will experience  peace ,love and every movement of your body is a holy ritual performed  at the alter of god.Your thinking will change and it’s a  proof of your connection  with god.Now you have connected with supreme cosmic power!
Do not let enter any unwanted disturbing thought. You must have  ambition of god first then you will be provided every  thing  you  need . You will feel freedom, peace and ever new joy within, there is no need to anywhere.
Have some precautions: never over analysis your feelings, motives-sowing of  discord and strife can be  avoided if you stick to priorities and values in life. Evil was made sweet to distract you,or to test your sincerity  for  self.Use your  discrimination powers to distinguish between poisoned honey and do which is in your  best interests,avoid hurts and choose which give you freedom. Good habits and good conduct gives us happiness,that lead to experience ever new joy.
Who thinks god all the time,can he do any wrong? Even it  happens, god knows our intentions so he put us on right path again. Give everything to god, and you will change  as the heavy baggage of karams,our actions we carry all the time,now relieved because we give all to god,now no need to worry-he will do the right,is our belief and world is based on our belief-sets. When god is in our thoughts- a deep peace we experience-he is giver,he will give me happiness or suffering-which is best for me only He knew it. Then you will find things which you wanted badly- would of no use,may become unnecessary as things are expression of our mental  state. Then even  pray would be a doubt as you are experiencing peace  not from outside,internal source giving you it.
When you are able to say” I have wronged no one “. You are one with god.


There are people who have confidence and think they can solve their any problem without interference of others specially GOD.Either they have lost their complete faith in god or prepared to die to experience whether such things really exist or not. Even some claims that they God-man,when there was a time when there were not false rituals, god-man or artificiality regarding God. Some say they themselves are God, they possess some magical powers.

There have always been false prophets and there will be. world is mixture of good and bad,one have to sort out and keep all opposites in balance, balance of opposites is required to world go run.Every good thing lost its freshness after sometime,we have to revive them
.If we have trust in self we can solve some of our problems but  big boss is God,we  can not make move without supreme power’s will.

If we are created then there might be creator too!So  if any one else claims to solve our bigger problems,he is misleading. How can we find true prophets,true messengers of god,who have some godly power indeed.Proper investigation should be made before so called god-man take advantage of us.,Invesigate his claims,test what he is saying,then move on further.

The seeker is to find out truth,can not afford  to set out with any preconceived ideas,he must be unabiased and ready to look into any matter presented to him with an inquiring mind. It may have conflicts with his own belief sets.

For fair judgement,god given intellect and reasoning powers should be used to squeezed the matter.And not trusted ideas inherited from others.For seeking god one must be humble,without it,it is impossible to reach the goal.Though we have limited understanding and reasoning power-how learned one may be-comparing to super power,we are tiny stars.

Even illiterate can reach him with their innocent mind  ,purity of heart and spiritual insights,while learned may not.Apply yourself,get all the education you can, but then,by god do something,don’t just stand there-make it happen.

They must recognized that man has to fight despite all odds- natural or otherwise-for his survival.He is a outgoing individual searhing for ways to satisfy his organic needs.Men’s lived world is full of struggle.In it only the fittest are able to  satisfy their desires and fulfill their needs.

Men become greedy,loses sights of compassions and as a result want more of more. Then he either become selfish or angry if does not get what he has wanted.They become egoist,filled with pride and power of his wealth made him godlike in his own thinking and start behaving like that. Others give in to his influence and powers.Then he see no one is as equal as he is.

Still these changes are at surface level,deep in everyone is fountain of bliss,only recognizing this will change entire secene.Aftrer realizing this ,competitive spirit is soften ,making him work not only for himself but for fellow beings,this makes him pure at heart,and this is spiritual bath,washed all of his sins,giving a new look inside-outside alike.


A saint who can import his super mental experiences is one in billions,he is very much like us doing all chores like us but he does so to survive and still internally connected to god.It is not possible for the ordinary one to do so,our mind never still. A guru is the representative of god for he creates,sustains knowledge and destroy the weeds of ignorance. A guru is like a soothing cool breeze to relieve us of wounds and burns of worldly tortures. He is dispels darkness  of ignorance.He  is realized one,wanted to remove your ignorance too.

The lord of the world is my lord ,my soul is the same as that present in all -and who give me this insight is guru. The one who is adorned by the knowledge of god,the one who can liberate us from this existence.The one who is ocean of knowledge.The one who guides us to Supreme.The journey that begins with devotee completes itself with god,god is not up in the sky-many  agents of god be fooling us. We trust them for the fear of god,that god will punish us. Satellites  have been in every nook  and cornor of sky, but could not find god,heaven or hell because- god resides within us  and heaven and hell   are our own creation at this earth.

Everyone is devotee and god together,but to realise this we have to start from devotee and  begin you journey to be god.

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