Thursday, 27 February 2014

Humbleness is the manifestation of an understanding heart, and sets an example of greatness for others to follow.

From time unknown it is found that we are crazy for our looks,we want to look young. But there is no doubt that one has to reach an age and a time when no treatment would work. At that time it would be best to remain contended and not to worry abut ones looks.
It is an era of Media,Exposure make  us conscious about our looks. We cannot stop the ageing process we can control by getting treated by dermatologist,getting the skin wrinkle tightened. A youthful look is desired by everyone. Healthy lifestyle and positive attitude toward life plus healthy diet and exercise 
Do not let your guard down.Stay alert.Do not ignore little things as they might be vital to whole scheme of things. sometime little things change the course of your life. You may be 100% accurate but sometime wait and watch things to happen. Be a good listener. Focus on self.Then you will discover who is really caring and who is pretending!
Money is fascinating,it is brighter than sun because people lost their senses in brightness of money. We love luxuries and comforts,want big cars and power,name and fame. All what we want is possible through having money.But too much of every thing is bad. Money is power and power is money.

`Strange enough that we have pain inside,we want someone to hear what we are bearing deep inside of our heart.There is a fear that who will hear?Searching here and there for liberation,a place where we may get peace!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, for the devotee may feel vain and self-satisfied, falsely assuming he is what he knows. There is a proverb that pride goes before a fall. A self-admiring person is apt to refrain from further effort.... Only he who is free from the sense of self-importance becomes richer and richer in spirituality until he is one with God.

Beauty of Venice, Italy