Saturday, 11 July 2015

Would you prefer some clarity?

Are you not surrounded by people whose comments are making no sense, and situations that baffle and bewilder? Would you prefer some clarity?You can't allow yourself to have too many divided loyalties. It looks too much as if one thing must be sacrificed for the sake of protecting another. By all means look for the middle ground, just in case a compromise is possible. If you find that it is, you can celebrate. Otherwise, the only way to make a tough choice, is to stop agonizing over it and just get it made. 
 Adversity often gives rise to impressive motivation. Nothing gets us up off our feet so fast as the feeling that if we don't do something soon, a bad situation may worsen.It  may seem as if life has recently become uncomfortably complicated but that doesn't mean you should be steeling yourself now for a further headache. Prepare to be blessed with a new encouraging insight into your situation that makes everything feel as if it has some positive potential after all. 
The world, it seems, is full of people who want things from us. They may only want us to buy a product, use a service or support a cause but they are keen to feel that they have got us on their side and can count on our loyalty. Socially and emotionally, similar principles apply,if you are keenly aware of needs, hopes and wishes, which somehow seem to involve you going out of your way to make a gesture of some kind. If that truly suits you, feel free. But remember, you are not as obliged as you may imagine.