Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Todays Affirmation:
I am Brave, I am Strong
Perfume of Success Thoughts
Blows in me, Blows in me
I am Cool, I am Calm
I am Sweet, I am Kind
I am Love and Sympathy
I am Charming and Magnetic
I am Grateful and Pleased with all
I Seek the Good in Everything
I wipe away all tears and fears
I have no enemy
I am the Friend of all
I have no habits
in eating, thinking, behaving
I am Free, I am Free
~~ Paramahansa Yogananda ~~

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

Do not accept the unacceptable, you are worth more! it is better to live honestly than accepting continuing unacceptable behaviour. One is ...