Thursday, 26 November 2015

Mysterious power

We are happy when things work out well. We gnash our teeth when they don't. If only we understood how questionable our judgement is and how inadequate our frame of reference, we would be far more reticent about allowing ourselves to express either joy or sorrow. We don't always know what's good for us. It therefore follows that we can't always know what's bad for us! 
It is one thing to have blind faith in a situation where all seems hopeless and no other policy can be pursued. But where there is such a thing as a genuine certainty, we are surely crazy to give this up in favour of some speculative venture. Be wise! 
The cosmos wants only the best for you. The great mysterious power that lies at the heart of all creation lives in your heart too. It expresses itself and its inspired, divine intention with every breath. 

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