Saturday, 15 April 2017


The main cause of stress today is we  are not working in god's conscious.  If we add god's conscious in whatever we are doing,we would never get tired. If we work for divine beloved our life will be filled with love and strength. Base of our life is co-operation,when we deny it we suffer.
Dedicate inwardly all day's activities to god and enjoy peace.Photo
We would be a yogi then, aware and awake in god's conscious. When I learnt I have cancer,all my worries melted away as the time to commune with god has come. Everyone has to face death sooner or later.Then nothing is to regret,everyday  comes with god's grace and I thank god for new day! This awareness and thanksgiving become a natural part of life and it is a kind f worship-remembring god and living in his presence.

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

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