Saturday, 29 April 2017


PhotoRemember the childhood game of Telephone? Children sat in a circle, and whispered a phrase to the person next to them... the process was repeated until the last kid spoke the words aloud. Invariably their phrase was hilariously different to the initial message. You may have been feeling as if life is one big game of Telephone - but with less amusing consequences! Yet, the experience has had its value. Use what you've learned wisely,As life pulls your can-strings tight... allowing you to communicate to someone you value, with the clarity you've been hoping for. So, once you've sorted the equipment, don't forget to concentrate on the message. Speak from your heart and the changes required for positive, emotional growth won't just be possible - they'll be inevitable. But, there's so much more to your story than your Sun-sign.Loving someone or knowing that they love you is not a licence to abuse or antagonise them. It's never okay to hurt someone's feelings, just because you suspect that you will be 'safe', even if you do. We all need to learn to show each other more respect, and to treat the people we're closest to with the same degree of deference and civility that we might show to a stranger. Photo

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

Do not accept the unacceptable, you are worth more! it is better to live honestly than accepting continuing unacceptable behaviour. One is ...