Sunday, 19 February 2017


PhotoWe belonged to no religious organization, sect or country, nor did we subscribe to any school of political or ideological thought. On the contrary,if  we maintained that these are the very factors that divide human beings and bring about conflict and war.If we reminded ourselves again and again that we are all human beings first and not Hindus, Muslims or Christians, that we are like the rest of humanity and are not different from one another.Photo We tread lightly on this earth without destroying ourselves or the environment having a deep sense of respect for nature. We have to renew man-made belief systems, nationalistic sentiment and sectarianism. At the same time, give new meaning and direction to mankind's search for truth- being relevant to the modern age, is timeless and universal. 

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

Do not accept the unacceptable, you are worth more! it is better to live honestly than accepting continuing unacceptable behaviour. One is ...