Sunday, 5 February 2017

You might imagine that if you had to get from one place to another with only your legs to carry you, you'd pick the most direct and efficient route. Nobody minds taking a detour if they're sitting in a swift and comfortable carriage. But even walkers find themselves needing to meander from time to time. What new journey have you begun? And how circuitous is the path you must follow? If it's the only option open to you, it remains the most appropriate manner in which to make your way. And you'll soon emerge on a straighter route. So, how can you navigate the pitfalls, grasp the amazing opportunities and truly make the most of the incredible year that lies ahead of you?Photo
Good listeners are worth their weight in platinum. When other people take a real interest in what we have to say, we suddenly discover that what we have to say has suddenly just become a lot more interesting. And when people feel that they've been properly, respectfully, heard, they become much more inclined to start listening more carefully themselves. Communication is a two-way process.
Mistakes are easy to make. And one mistake we all too often make, is to mistakenly assume that we've made a mistake! We look at a situation and think, 'There's something wrong here.' Then we start to blame ourselves for failing to do our research properly before we reached a decision. We get so caught up in psychological self-flagellation, we fail to see that things are not actually as wrong as we feared!


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