Monday, 6 February 2017


PhotoWhy do we do what we do? Usually because, at some time or another, we decided to do them. We made a plan. We gave a commitment. Or maybe we just expressed an interest and the next thing we knew, we had become so deeply engaged with a rhythm and a routine that it was seemingly impossible to break it. As you look at what you have become ensconced within, you may wonder if you have made the right choice. But we can cast doubt on just about anything if we try hard enough. 

Try to be more accepting.There may be bad times, when dark clouds hurtling through the sky and it's no good whining about a silver lining for we know from experience that they won't roll by and neatly shows how easy it is to create a convincing scenario from which all hope is erased, so need no further encouragement in seeing what's wrong with a situation. But if you can look a little more keenly at what's right about it, you may yet end up singing a very happy note.

Some believe that the cosmos has a plan for us and we can improve our position by heeding certain signals that the universe is trying to send our way. If we go along with what the universe wants, we are bound to benefit. Others say, 'We are in charge of our own destiny. So, if we simply tell the cosmos what we want from it, it will oblige.' But both statements can't be true, can they?  let's just say, you can choose whether to be passive or proactive. 

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