Sunday, 20 December 2015


To scrub all the shelves clean, take a hot dish cloth with some white vinegar and use this as a cleansing agent. Once you've wiped with the vinegar, use a cloth dipped in regular water to further wipe it clean and finally wipe it dry with a thick cloth. Use cloth napkins instead of tissue paper for everyday use.
Carry your own steel utensils on trips to avoid using thermocol, plastic and styrofoam
Eat ice cream in a cone so that the only waste product is a tissue paper .Carry your own water bottle. That way , you won't buy and waste packaged water bottles.
Hand over a 'homemade happiness' jar to each guest. A return gift always brings a smile on people's faces. The jar can have flowers, pebbles, sea-shells and a 'thank you' note. If you are into making jam or pickle, you can also buy small jars and put winter veggie pickles or jam, and pack it in style. Keep it small and beautiful.
Selection of unique glassware for each drink, along with a printed recipe in an easy-to-read, spill-proof format. Use your imagination for garnishes: garden-fresh herbs, seasonal fruits and edible flowers.Set aside your expensive Chinaware. Use disposable paperware.
Ask each guest to carry one dish with them. This way you will land up serving a buffet to your guests without pinching your pocket. Whichever theme you may choose, the crux of New Year's is to have a good time with people close to you.
Try organising a chic cheese platter with a variety of cheeses, fruits, complementary sides and crackers. It is one of the quickest and easiest appetisers, plus, it works equally well with vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Another fabulous cheesy option is tomato soup shooters with mini-grilled cheese. It's surpringly easy to make and looks delicious too.
Most people like to play an active role at a party. Harness this impulse to your advantage and create a mini hospitality team of your own. This idea works great when you have a good amount of people invited. Depute one person to look after another. Divide the task, this way, even you can sit and chill at your own party. The bigger the party, the bigger the hospitality team. This will lighten your burden in a big way.