Wednesday, 20 January 2016

'Happiness runs in a circular motion

 'Feel the spirit of the universe,and life will naturally take you where you need to be.
'Happiness runs in a circular motion. We should all be aware that joy is available to every heart at every moment. It may circle around us, being one moment behind and the next in front, but it is never far. To claim it, feel it, bask in it and be healed by it, all we ever have to do is choose it. You know what you need to choose 
Can other people really make us happy? Or sad? Perhaps we sometimes give them too much credit or attribute them with too much blame. Feelings only exist in one place... our own hearts. I cannot feel what you feel, nor can you feel what I feel. We can, of course, experience complementary emotions. We can also 'feel for' each other. But nobody can 'make' anyone feel anything.
 Peace, love and harmony.' That's what we want, isn't it? What else could we aspire to?. When our personal lives are contented and secure, we hardly care what other troubles we may face. With the right people by our side, we can solve any problem.