Friday, 1 April 2016


The universal truth is is that we like to be liked,we love to be loved.
Relations are strong when prepose is shared. But genuine respect,courtesy accompanied by love and kindness comes from deep reservoir of spirit. Who cares about this?We were born in a time when if something was broken, we would fix it, not throw it away
Everybody .
For healthy relationship say goodbye to past and live in present. Past is most dangerous for peace of mind as we used to live either in past or future.
Relieving self from past is freeing self, a kind of honesty and self unity which we tend to ignore.
We cannot undo past actions but we have chances to ratify the errors.
A common tendency is we want to have upper hand and settle the other for less or say we want others to compromise.
A great amount of courage,abundant thinking and creativity is required to not set for compromise, agree to disagree. Smilingly saying no when it is necessary.
This is so liberating, so freeing and it requires such a combination of humility and kindness with strength and courage. When it happened we are transformed and an intense bonding takes place where only love,regard and loyalty will be there.
But how you will express your love,kindness,honesty? You may have learnt a simple truth in a laborious way so how can other value your values? Its a painful sacrificial process but honesty and loyalty pay rewards. 
The power of universal truth is timeless self evident principles which belongs to all human community and present in every nation,society and religion.They remain unchanged.