Thursday, 28 April 2016


The rising popularity of nuclear families has plus and minus of its own. One has to settle near the workplace,it has become necessity so family which includes we two our two,has to be there. Where parents will be? When they need the most their family in old age. Every one has deep desire to live with his family.

We follow which suits us best,and not bad to follow where you have liking. The only thought that we will be old one day and same will be our state can bring some improvement in the society. Being old is enough when physical condition is not s good as was in young people,second depression of leaving status which one has been enjoying earlier.

Aged peole cannot look after themselves so they expect to be cred for as dependent on those they had card for life. Whereas children consider that property and other belongings are their own except parents. Anyway who wants a burden?

Long long ago there was a joint family tradition where parents had their signified role in old age to take care of their grand children and their family as head of the family. Now in nuclear families they had no role-only a responsibility-which children think old age home is better option,so they are now forced to shift there,leaving behind their hard earned belongings.

Separation from family,for any reason signals that aged are not integral part of family. This frees children from looking after them and in the long run they become burden. Some can manage their life with dignity but all are not fortunate so they shift to shelter running on charity.

And now parents also do not like to be a burden so they are planning for old age,one should plan for their old age. Its a better option. But what about emotional needs?As everyone needs to be cared and loved.Most of children want their parents to disappear from the home they built and family they nurtured!

Being old is enough. Pain of leaving home and family plus their suffering like eye problems,arthritis or heart problem etc. Then depression of losing family and poor condition of health. Not all blessed with good health.


Old age homes are good option, now paid old age homes are there-where one can stay with dignity. Remember god is always there to help every one,specially when everyone leaves you HE IS ALWAYS WITH YOU!

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