Thursday, 7 April 2016


Soul mates or soul call or soul----matter of inner wisdom. Soul is a spark of god making this body a temple. Some says friend is your need answered.He is your field in which you sow love and reap thanksgiving. In fact friend is to fill your emotional needs  but not your emptiness. Your soul call attract friend and soul mate.
All relations are related to souls.Soul is pure but lust for comforts murders the passion of soul. Comforts have hands of silk but heart of iron which enters your house as a guest,then becomes host and finally a Master.
Have you peace? Image result for images of soul and earth
A difficult question having simple answer, Our peace is not slave of comforts or luxuries. Contrary when you have all in abundance you lost your peace. You are busy in revealing your power.Your ego becomes  a prominent feature.
You are restless in rest. Remember life is a song in the silence of night.Inner beauty reflect outer beauty. You are an instrument of god,you deemed yourself a giver but actually you are witnessing the event.
Your work is making pace with the earth and soul of the earth. when you work you are a flute-turns to music.I  keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life so work with love.Charge your spirit with love for work. 
Your soul often turns into a battlefield upon which your reason and your judgement wage war against your passion and appetite. Be a pacemaker then!
Your pain is the breaking of shell that encloses your understanding,your pain is self chosen for heart knows in silence all the secret of your thoughts.
Still your ear thirst for the sound of your hearts knowledge and you would know all while busy in work-constructive work,helping nature and co-creating with nature is source of inner happiness.Know your thoughts,control your thoughts which is possible in god knowledge and understanding of earth. For earth is root of all creation.