Sunday, 3 April 2016


All of us a negative side/shadow. We need to shed our ego and see through it. Without reforming  we cannot be whole and true. The spiritual practice also goes by the name of shadow,working as a corrective to any tendency.Sweetness and simplistic lightness- shadow balance our thinking.
Shadow is also acknowledging the bitter  reality that people do terrible things to each other,may be due to their own belief system  or in the name of religion.
Accepting our shadows and having a holistic view of reality to build foundation for personal wholeness!
Kabir- Rahim and Sant Tukaram etc, these illuminated masters knew that our enemies hold the secret of our missing dark treasure,which we need to become whole and true. Their harsh words of criticism can become boon in disguise. That's when you shed your ego,to see contrarian view, and reform yourself with cheerful humility. That's the sure fine way of transforming the soul to heal the sin or negativity,to deprive evil of its power to us-------philosopher Martin Buber's phrase.
Keen a consultant editor to Psychology Today,demolishes what he calls a  SENTIMENTAL ILLUSION  fostered by NEW AGE  AND RELIGIOUS SCIENCE MOVEMENTS being spiritual does not mean having only positive thoughts,sweetness and light or maintaining a constant state of high esteem,he asserts.
Turning around to face the darkness within the self,reclaiming our projections and repenting our self righteousness is an ongoing discipline of spiritual life.Says  noted spiritual mentor SAM KEEN in his Hymens to an unknown GOD.

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