Tuesday, 5 April 2016


 Why does a river run one way, not another? The trouble with fear is that as soon as we start to allow our inner tap to turn on, we render ourselves vulnerable to a flood. A trickle turns, far too easily, to a deluge. Worse, the sink of anxiety soon begins to overflow. We can't just safely contain whatever's worrying us in a single, designated place. Others are affected, often in ways we neither wanted or intended them to be. Even that phenomenon, though, isn't always as bad as we fear it is.Photo
Naturally, you don't want to be stuck in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Who would want that? Yet sometimes, our very fear of ending up in such a position traps us in precisely the situation we would most prefer not to be in. Often, our greatest enemies are not people, organisations, arrangements or conditions, they are our own darkest thoughts. Once we recognize that, it is surprising how swiftly we can go beyond these. Freedom is something that you can now give to yourself.
Positivity. Isn't fear the new hope? Isn't gloomy-blue the new rosy-pink? Actually, some things stay forever in fashion. Some truths are timeless. The 'new black', just like the 'old black', is entirely, unnecessarily dismal and dark! The light and the bright are as right, right now, as they have ever been. Once we get a negative expectation into our head, it can be hard to shift.
The question to ask about  biggest concern is not what's new about it - but why you have fallen, once more, into such a tired old trap? You can yet spring free from it.Your heart  understands much more than your head.Sages, seers and gurus advise us all to take our thoughts away from the future and the past, so that we can focus on all the hidden magic that is contained within the present. That's jolly wise and enlightened.
 But the idea of 'being here now', can be a bit misleading. Isn't each moment like a hologram? Does it not contain, somewhere within itself, the essence of every moment that has ever been or will ever be?Photo
We imagine ourselves we could have won the game of life provided we were calm.Where will your thoughts lead you? What ideas will you entertain? What aspirations will you nurture? Which fears will take up more energy than they should?The answer-Practitioners of yoga and meditation stress the importance of slow, steady, breathing. They say we do too much, too fast. We wind ourselves up when we should relax.Some processes are natural and intrinsically right. We waste time and effort if we rail against them. Even when the cosmos obliges us to face facts that are hard to accept, we still must find a way to accept them. Frustrating though this may be, it can also be the source of such blessing. 
Summary is our own thoughts make us depressed or happy,learn to control thoughts is not as easy as said!