Monday, 16 January 2017

If you are not worried, you will be acting with confidence. Your confidence will be so strong that it will envelop you in a kind of shoe that automatically protects you. it's nothing to worry about.When you are in a hole, what should you do? Stop digging! Give up. Let go. Like a fly caught in a spider's web, the more you struggle the more you are going to become stuck. Don't exhaust what precious little room for manoeuvre you may have. Conserve your strength until the spider is almost upon you. Just as it is about to make its move, make yours. And somehow, miraculously, you will make good your mistake. No matter how scary the situation, you have just enough power now to make everything. it occurs to you that you 'just can't win'. Perhaps that's so. But you 'just can't lose' either. The trick, if you seek stability and comfort, is to stop worrying about winning. Don't think of a key relationship in terms of success or failure. Think in terms of learning and discovery. Respect the mystery. Rather than trying to solve it, try to salute it. Embrace the inconsistency. Celebrate the paradox. Nurture your sense of humour. All will be well. The pathway to the future, by contrast, always looks more like a wobbly tightrope hanging over a windy canyon. But destiny speaks with a strong, clear and inspiring voice. 

 Some folk seem to enjoy being perpetually dissatisfied. They are just not happy unless something is making them feel unhappy! They enjoy complaining and, if you attempt to solve a problem for them, they are likely to resent your interference. Then they will have to start searching, all over again, for something else to feel fed up about.