Monday, 9 January 2017


We hold pain and we do not like to release that pain.It goes through lots of pain to become what it is.IF you forgive someone you will feel better.But if you are holding pain inside yourself, you are depriving yourself of happiness. You can be happy by giving a permanent space to your pain. what you desire and start focusing on that rather than repeating bad experiences again and again.Choose happy incidences and repeat them.
People who have tried to commit suicide, they felt that no one cared for them. Though we are living together better to rely on self and be strong.Why we feel weak? Because we have been expecting someone else to do something for us. Because no one can act as per our expectation. We cannot fulfill own expectation 100%, so no one else can do that too and we cannot meet anyone's 100% expectation. No need to get yourself burdened with others expectations. 
One can stand erect only if there is an ideal in life.All life forms struggle for food, shelter, and progeny.
Another cause of pain is fear. Fear arises from doubt and from the unknown. Each one of us is fearful about one aspect of our life or another. Especially when we feel powerless to relieve Connect yourself with supreme and get power to overcome all fears and gain a lasting sense of peace and security.Our lives will be filled with safety, security, confidence, and trust, and we will be free to walk our path free of fear.