Thursday, 12 January 2017


There's more to life than being a grown-up. Being grown up is far better than being a child. Though we may feel under pressure to act a certain way and to conform, no one is going to send us to bed without any supper if we don't! As adults, we can choose whether to follow the rules. Don't let the fear of punishment for past hold you back from new possibilities. It's easy to feel as if we're alone, swimming against a tide of difficulty, lost on an ocean of indifference. Like an emerging turtle hatchling, we know we must press on to the sea, but our fins feel clumsy in the sand, and all we see are the potential pitfalls and predators ahead. 
We're not alone on this journey. And, life has always been this way. If you take the time to look around, you'll find others, willing to give you a helping hand. They can highlight the changes you need to make to be truly in your element.Sometimes, one subtle gesture can be worth a hundred emphatic, dramatic, declarations. We've just got to know when to raise your eyebrow - and who to look at when you're doing it! 
How hard will it be for you to exert your own power over a situation? That largely depends on how daunted we feel by someone else's apparent power.Experience teaches us that we don't have to seek change. It always finds its way to us. Stability is the experience we have to strive for. The moment we relinquish our desire to lead a predictable life, chaos comes flooding in like a river through a crack in the wall of a dam. You may feel as if you're struggling against a deluge - but, actually, you're safe to relax without fearing that everything will alter forever.
It's one thing to have a sense of responsibility, another to feel swamped by a burden of duty. Yet, if we take commitments seriously, it can be hard for us to remain on the right side of that dividing line, care deeply about someone or something. This, in its own way, is wonderful and right. But let the feeling take you too far and lose the ability to see where vital lines need to be drawn. If a small problem is becoming a big problem, try looking from another angle. 

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

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