Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Be strong and you'll naturally strengthen anything that seems weak! 'Make up your mind to be happy, Life is a merry-go-round. If you miss out NOW, Don't let it fret your mind, Love will come round in the end..And it's not just loving that can come back into our lives even once it has seemingly slipped into the distant past forever. Hope too, can return. And success. And power. What you wish you hadn't left behind. Walk forward bravely
The challenges and issues arising in life are all to do with lines, and where they need to be drawn. And with other definitions, boundaries and points of distinction. You don't need much assistance in recognising what these may be or where they may apply. It's more that you may need some support in acting on your understanding. Invite others to encourage you to trust your own judgement. 

Don't let yourself be a prisoner of your past, free yourself to create another chapter in life

Do not accept the unacceptable, you are worth more! it is better to live honestly than accepting continuing unacceptable behaviour. One is ...